I Have Medicine

I Have Medicine 我有药啊【系统】

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Author: 衣落成火
Total Chapters: 1085
Genre: Cultivation, Fantasy, Martial Arts, Xianxia
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Translators: Tetractys
Release Schedule: Sporadic


Gu Zuo: Are you sick?

Gongyi Tianheng: You have medicine?

Gu Zuo: You’re sick!

Gongyi Tianheng: If I say I’m sick, can you cure me?

Gu Zuo: If I say I have medicine, would you want it?

Gongyi Tianheng: However much you have is how much I want.

Gu Zuo: However much you want is how much I have.

Gongyi Tianheng: Then bring it all out.

Gu Zuo: …

Simply speaking, a scaredy-cat shou transmigrated and had to think of a way to survive. He had a golden finger called Medicine Refining System, but unfortunately, he didn’t have the ingredients needed to refine medicine and level up.

A great young master to an Empire’s preeminent Clan had a super high IQ, but his talent for cultivation was low. Unfortunately, pill refiners were too hard to develop, and weren’t restricted to his personal service. But he could acquire plenty of ingredients.

Two people, one was sick and one had medicine. Therefore, the one who was sick kept the one who had medicine, and everyone was happy.

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  1. Aaah, just when I thought there was no other BL hole to immerse myself in, out you come. Welcome, welcome. Thank you for saving the ‘sanity’ of an addict. I’m binge-reading this. So cute! \(@ ̄▽ ̄@)/

  2. Ahhh I love this novel. Happy to see Tetractys join this site. Hopefully more viewers can also enjoy 💖💖💖

  3. Whee, welcoming this novel to CG. It’s been a really interesting read so far, hope Tetractys can hang in there for the full stretch ヾ(≧▽≦*)o

  4. Awww yeah! I’ve actually read some of this before… Thanks for translating this!

  5. eh? eh eh eh eh?! this novel was picked up ? i thought other side had this? Tetractys-sensei, did u join this page for the project? in that case, congrats! its a very big novel, im glad u have more support! this garden is awesome

  6. OMG IM SO GLAD YOU PICKED THIS UP!! I’m so worried for my brain cells when I tried to MTL (tho didn’t had the time now) because no one seems to pick this huge book (I mean, huge, more than a thousand chapter book) but thank goodness!! Really, thank you

  7. Thanks for translating this beautiful novel! I’m very happy when i know you picked up it.

    Ano, Tetractys Sensei ….

    May i ask you to give me permission for translating this novel into Indonesian?


  8. Translator, can I question? I just want to know if you can make the updates 1chpater as possible? Because I’m so addicted in it. Grrh!😆😙

  9. The synopsis doesnt give the novel justice. So far its much much better than expected. (I’m at chapter 145, binged in 2 days)


    Thank you so much for translating this! ♥

  10. Damn this is gonna take a while to finish lmaoo i can’t wait! Thank you sm for picking this up, hope you can hold on until the end☄❤

  11. Sorry translator if this would offend you but I don’t really like the release speed… Its too slow! I appreciate the quality of your translation but I can’t help but complain of its release speed due to me wanting to continue reading this really good story

    • If you’re complaining about translation speed, it shows you’re not grateful for translating work itself. If you really can’t wait, translate it yourself. If you complain about the terribleness of MTL, guess you better learn Chinese. Otherwise, just be patient especially since these translators are doing this out of their own volition and love for the works. It’s difficult and time-consuming work, so appreciate what we’re getting smh.

  12. I just started reading this yesterday and I’m already caught up with the latest releases!! It is so good!!!! thank you so much for translating this 😊

  13. hello, I personally like this story very much but because synopsis I weren’t that inclined to read it, only because I were a little bored I decided to read an episode and really enjoy it now. sorry to say to the one who made it but it was so clear and it got me confused. unfortunately, I’m not a great writer and cant to offer any alternatives but maybe other funs can? it is a great story till now and I hope more people will appreciate it too.