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I Have MedicineCh91 - Pill Fundamentals Association


For a split second, Gu Zuo grimaced from the pain in his heart.

Gongyi Tianheng’s smile deepened: “Since Ah Zuo’s feeling so distressed on my behalf, I’m sure you’ll earn lots of money for me someday.” 9LWpwK

Gu Zuo thought deeply: “Big brother, I will certainly give it my best!”

More pill refining! More medicine refinement!

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

It really was whenever one needed money that there always was never enough…

After the two discussed this matter of making money, what they first needed to do was go to the Pill Fundamentals Association. MAOk4t

Bringing Dragon One and Dragon Two, a group of people quickly left the sect.

The location of the Pill Fundamentals Association was Qingyun City. Just from hearing this name, one would realize it was a city that was near the Qingyun Sect. Many industries within the city were inextricably linked to the Qingyun Sect. Even if they were foreigners who genuinely wanted to purchase those industries, they couldn’t ignore this huge monster. Otherwise, they’d certainly be unable to develop smoothly.

Within Qingyun City, the position of Qingyun Sect disciple, even outer sect or nominal disciple, would automatically be different when compared to common martial artists.

When Tianheng and the others walked down the streets while wearing their sect uniforms, they received the attention of several people. The merchants of some stores were similarly courteous to them.


Gu Zuo thought to himself in his mind: This could be considered as the fox exploiting the tiger’s might

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Under Tianheng’s lead, it didn’t take long for the group to arrive before a chamber of commerce.

This time’s Pill Fundamentals Association was held at the Fengyun Chamber of Commerce, which was a medium sized chamber affiliated with the Qingyun Chamber of Commerce. And just by looking its name, one knew that the Qingyun Chamber of Commerce belonged to the Qingyun Sect.

The floor area of the Fengyun Chamber of Commerce wasn’t small. Sheltered by the numerous surrounding stone enclosures, one could catch sight of the expansive venue after entering. Encircling this venue was close to one thousand densely-packed seats. 9pZK7d

The venue was like a chessboard, and was divided into a lattice. In each square was a large pill cauldron.

With one look, Gu Zuo discovered that the qualities of these cauldrons weren’t inferior to the ones his big brother gifted him. Yet, these were merely the standard pill cauldrons the chamber of commerce provided. If it were the personally customized pill cauldrons of the Qingyun Continent’s pharmacists, then what levels would they be at?

But no matter what, just based on this, one could see that the techniques of the Qingyun Continent’s pharmacists certainly weren’t lacking.

Tianheng held a voucher in his hand. According to the numbers on its surface, he brought Gu Zuo and the others to take their seats in the front and off to the side. Here they could clearly see the pharmacists on the venue. It could even be said that the view was great. GFWr0e

Gu Zuo was a bit nervous.

He came to broaden his horizons, but it was only after going to this Pill Fundamentals Association that he truly understood the quality of his own foundations and the things the system gave him.

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Before that, however, he didn’t forget to sigh in lament: “One seat is twenty thousand, so one thousand seats are twenty million… The Fengyun Chamber of Commerce conducting a single Pill Fundamentals Association is truly too lucrative.”

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Mbgufa jybea la. Pa kjr yfaafg cba ab atlcx abb wemt.

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At this time, people were continuously entering the seating area. Then, the Pill Fundamentals Association officially began. l9YzOe

The so-called Pill Fundamentals Association was actually a crowd of pill refining masters comparing notes and exchanging information. After this, they would demonstrate the refining of several kinds of pills for the paid audience.

If one wanted to be a pharmacist, one needed to have medicinal beads. As for the countless techniques for medicine refinement, a person definitely wouldn’t be able to learn them after watching once — One needed to supplement this with all kinds of mnemonic chants to have a hope of learning them.

As a result, even though they were on the sidelines, at most, the spectators could only gain some realizations from within. If they wanted to suddenly learn those pill refining masters’ secrets, it was something that would never happen.

At the same time, the pharmacists were invited on stage by the attendants of the Fengyun Chamber of Commerce. Naturally, they also paid some price — The pharmacists capable of being invited were mostly mid grade pharmacists. In order for them to take one step further, they had to consume a lot of resources. Sometimes, they had no choice but to earn some extra income, too. ldiocR

— In the venue, there was a group of scarlet robed pharmacists who walked over from one side.

After they came to those pill cauldrons, they sat down cross-legged one after another.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

A beautiful woman appeared beside the venue. Her bright eyes narrowed perfectly and her timely smile was sweet. She was an outstanding young lady. Right now, her role was actually the host of this Pill Fundamentals Association. Following the association’s process, she would give some commentary for the numerous guests who came to watch.

At this time, the woman first introduced herself according to the usual practice: “I, Miss Cheng Wanyao, will be hosting this assembly today for everyone here. As everyone knows, we pharmacists can be divided into many ranks according to our different strengths. The weakest are uncertified, but the certified are divided into low, mid, and high grade pharmacists…” vXRpxE

The words she said now were indeed general knowledge.

“But these so-called three grades of certified pharmacists should in fact be combined into what is collectively known as human-level pharmacists. So the medicinal pills refined are thus divided into low, mid, high, and top grades…”

When Gu Zuo heard this, his heart jolted.

He couldn’t help transmitting to Tianheng: Big brother, this place also has four grades, just like you said. UOyS16

Tianheng faintly smiled: It’s a coincidence.

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It was only because the medicinal pills his little pharmacist refined were roughly between mid, high, and top grades that he differentiated them from the shoddier medicinal pills refined by common pharmacists.

But at the present time, they mysteriously and inexorably fit together.

Cheng Wanyao continued to show her knowledge base: “Human-level pharmacists are already capable of providing the necessary medicinal pills for martial artists at the Immortal realm and below. These kinds of medicinal pills are also collectively known as human-level medicinal pills. But if a martial artist advances to the Atomic realm, human-level medicinal pills become useless to them. What they require are golden-level medicinal pills. And to successfully refine golden-level medicinal pills, one needs a golden-level pharmacist.” zIZUGw

At this moment, Tianheng and Gu Zuo both recalled that among the relevant item books given to Gu Zuo by the system, besides the medicine refinement hand seals, almost all of them had “Human-Level” written on the covers. Wasn’t this proof that after Gu Zuo’s strength continued to rise according to its requirements, a new mission would be issued where he’d have the opportunity to obtain a medicinal pill prescription at the golden-level or higher?

They just didn’t know how vast an inheritance the system possessed.

Gu Zuo’s heart was still very resolute.

The system first said it would make him into the most outstanding pharmacist. After that, he could rely on his own power to return to his original world. However, he’d seen Immortal realm martial artists. They obviously didn’t have the ability to traverse worlds. This proved that if he wanted to return, the heights he needed to reach were even greater. He basically finished reading all the content within those human-level item book series, and he similarly never found any clues. zFfYX2

In that case, something definitely existed above human-level.

Although he didn’t know whether golden-level was the end point… He’d just have to wait until his medicine refining standards reached golden-level.

Gu Zuo couldn’t share these words with Gongyi Tianheng.

Even though he now regarded Tianheng as his adoptive big brother, it was still out of the question. YxZPcq

An assortment of thoughts came and went. And on the venue, those scarlet robed pharmacists had already started lighting the fires under their cauldrons to warm them up.

Cheng Wanyao’s introduction carried a hint of excitement: “This time, our Fengyun Chamber of Commerce has especially invited three mid grade pharmacists and ten low grade pharmacists from the Pill Fire Society to demonstrate the methods of pill refinement for our guests. From this moment on, I ask everyone not to make any noise to avoid causing a disturbance…”

Gu Zuo focused his full attention on the methods of those pharmacists.

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He saw that the three closest pharmacists were already setting about their tasks. duJxa1

Their bodies were slowly overflowing with red-hot qi energy, which formed a thin layer of red mist around them. Their hands and fingers intertwined, neither quickly nor slowly, as they started some fantastic hand seals.

The fires beneath the pill cauldrons were stoked more and more. Those cauldrons also produced low keening sounds before the cauldron lids suddenly began rattling. The three pharmacists reached out their hands, grabbed a stalk of medicinal herbs, and directly threw them into their pill cauldrons!

After only hearing some sizzling sounds, the stalks of medicinal herbs were already melting under the high temperatures. They turned into light green droplets and adhered to the walls of the cauldrons.

Immediately after that, the second and third stalks were also cast inside, and were similarly liquified. Then, several kinds of medicinal herbs that appeared rather strange were sequentially thrown inside. In addition, some were ground into power before being cast into the pill cauldron. kqS8yL

In the blink of an eye, the flame beneath the pill cauldron flared, engulfing nearly the entire cauldron.

Those pharmacists’ fingers shuttled back and forth like the wind. Several swipes later, each and every hand seal used were all imprinted upon the medicinal herbs within that pill cauldron.

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Those droplets of liquid gradually started to blend…

Gu Zuo let out a long sigh. N9A8ws

Without a doubt, what these pharmacists used were all pill refining techniques.

Yet, compared to his own, those hand seals were indeed unfamiliar and much more simple and crude. Not to mention his Minor Seal: Plucking Nine Stars, those hand seals were even inferior to those unorthodox pill refining hand seals.

But these were still pill refining techniques.

After about half an hour passed, the three mid grade pharmacists activated their pill receiving seals at the same time. The white qi above the pill cauldrons flared up. After more than a dozen buzzing sounds echoed from within, numerous medicinal pills catapulted out! uRmHyX

Like numerous marbles, they clattered into the jade bowls held in the pharmacists’ hands.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

The three mid grade pharmacists reservedly raised their heads, indicating they were done.

When the spectating guests saw this, they couldn’t help generating a clamor.

As expected, those pill refining methods were extremely miraculous! zOuiZ4

All of those methods were truly too profound!

Those shouting were salivating at the mouths. They were thoroughly envious…

Cheng Wanyao saw the pill refining was successful, and a happy smile appeared on her elegant face. She hastily gave instructions to another party on the side: “Send them out quickly.”

Thus, three graceful girls walked out, and cautiously and prudently took the jade bowls from the three pharmacists. In front of everyone, they let them all have a look. tOzigx

Once Cheng Wanyao saw it, she said with a smile: “They are worthy of being mid grade pharmacists. Each of them refined nine Qi Generating Pills, reaching a perfect nine out of nine. In sequential order, their grades are:

“One low grade pill, six mid grade pills, and two high grade pills…”

“One low grade pill, five mid grade pills, and three high grade pills…”

“One low grade pill, five mid grade pills, and three high grade pills…” GxtA1m

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Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Translator's Note

狐假虎威 – Hu jia hu wei, to use powerful connections to intimidate people.

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    Seldom were the times money was truly needed… –> It really is whenever one needs money, there’s always never enough…

    they would reveal the refining process for several kinds of medicinal pills to the audience who paid to get in. –> After this, they would demonstrate the refining of several kinds of pills for the paid audience. (reveal the process implies more info was being given than there actual was)

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