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I Have MedicineCh96 - Growth Hastening Medicinal Decoction


Gongyi Tianheng smiled but didn’t speak.

With regards to attribute testing, he also didn’t know the cause, but when he did the test, he sensed that the six sets of bone pearls in his body were simultaneously humming. 5qUlDm

It was as if each set of bone pearls contained a peculiar qi energy… Now, he could perceive this qi energy. He could even ascertain that once he smoothly broke through to Xiantian, the understanding of this qi energy would become clear.

Gu Zuo couldn’t help secretly asking the system: What’s going on with big brother? What’s going on with me? System, give me an answer. I’ll give medicinal qi in exchange.

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[The cultivation method created by the Tiandu Body is the one most suited to himself and can accommodate any attribute. Currently, the host and patron’s realms are insufficient, so the attributes can’t be verified.]

[Host’s constitution attribute hasn’t completed its evolution. For the time being, no comments available.] 1VcfqS

[Indebted to the host, for your patronage. Ten strands of medicinal qi in total.]

After a whooshing sound, there were ten fewer strands of medicinal qi in the storage space.

Gu Zuo: “…”

Up until then, he still didn’t understand. l g4Ur

This kind of answer sounded very profound, but actually, it wasn’t useful to him at all.

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Tianheng noticed Gu Zuo’s slightly wronged expression. After listening to his grumbling, Tianheng couldn’t help ruffling his hair again: “We’ll figure it out. Ah Zuo, don’t get upset.”

Gu Zuo, with his hair messed up: Actually, I’m not broken up about it, big brother.

After the two spoke for a bit, Gongyi Tianheng called Dragon One and Dragon Two over. Originally, the two were being questioned by those three pharmacists about their employer’s temperament, style, and so on. When they heard their summons, they naturally came over in a hurry. IWwDd4

Gu Zuo stuffed the jade stone into their hands and asked them to test it out.

It didn’t take long for the results to appear.

Dragon One had the metal, earth, and water attributes, and the earth attribute was the strongest among them. He usually handled matters calmly, so it should’ve been through this aspect’s influence. Mentioning this, the martial skills he previously learned also somewhat held the earth attribute’s steadfastness. So this aspect was probably the same cause.

Then it was Dragon Two. His attributes were water, earth and wood, and the water attribute was the strongest among them. Water was fickle and transformative. He could learn numerous eccentric skills up to this point thanks to this attribute. He distinguished himself and became Dragon Two. This was probably a bonus. 4WqMyN

Tianheng faintly nodded his head.

Now that they determined the two’s attributes, when he chose cultivation methods and martial skills in the future, he’d certainly keep them in mind.

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The aptitudes of these three people were good, but weren’t too high.

Gu Zuo considered a few ideas and thought of two cultivation methods.

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Coincidentally, although Fang Zhiyao and Wang Cheng’s attributes leaned towards fire, their other attribute carried a bit of metal. It just so happened to suit the <<Method of Three Turns Golden Flames>>. The additional Zhang Mingyuan was the oldest, and his experience was sufficient. His attentiveness when pill refining was his forte. So maybe he could practice the <<Myriad Threads Cultivation Method>>. ny0PYV

Tianheng heard his report and nodded.

Just like that, it was settled.

At this moment, Gu Zuo acted his identity as Tianheng’s personal servant boy. Normally it was Dragon One and Dragon Two who acted as his official messengers. Now it was his turn to perform.

Hence, he just said: “The young master possesses several cultivation methods, and just so happens to have ones that suit you all. One suits Pharmacist Fang and Pharmacist Wang. It’s called…” JPbcWu

At first, the three pharmacists held ordinary attitudes towards Gu Zuo, but when they heard Gu Zuo’s words, their eyes suddenly widened and they didn’t dare neglect him in the least.

Most of all, when Fang Zhiyao and Wang Cheng heard the mnemonic chants, they were very excited.

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Ordinarily, the ones they practiced were all street trash-like cultivation methods or the ones that independent pharmacists could obtain most easily. However, they never expected that after following this employer, besides getting that pill seal they were anticipating, there were still cultivation methods that could compare to the Pill Fire Society’s ones!

Attribute cultivation methods weren’t ones that ordinary people could practice. Apart from those pharmacists in the Qingyun Sect, on the entire Qingyun Continent, only the Pill Fire Society and a few hidden organizations were capable of possessing medicine refining clan heirlooms. Ordinary people would never encounter them. G875M

And unexpectedly, now they could practice one?

This was simply inconceivable!

Although these pharmacists didn’t know that this cultivation method was even stronger than the Pill Fire Society’s cultivation method, this was merely the limits of their scope of knowledge. Once they practiced it, they’d slowly discover the difference.

So long as they continued to cultivate, and didn’t attempt any betrayals… uoMrnE

On one side, Fang Zhiyao and Wang Cheng’s hearts were beating wildly. On the other side, Zhang Mingyuan was a little disappointed.

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From what he heard, the cultivation method suited the other two. As for himself… Because of this state of mind, he simply forgot that their employer owned “several” cultivation methods.

It wasn’t until after Gu Zuo recited the Method of Three Turns Golden Flames, that he spoke once more: “This is a cultivation method that suits Pharmacist Zhang. It’s called…”

At this time, Zhang Mingyuan reacted, quivering in excitement. 8fsQYJ

To his surprise, there was still another cultivation method that also suited him!

At this moment, the three pharmacists had fully accepted their new stations to their employer.

Regardless of the employer’s origins, it was only because he had such cultivation methods and that masterful pill seal, and because he had the courage to dare let them learn those things without using too many extensive tests, that they accepted him wholeheartedly.

What’s more, a new employer providing a cultivation method was tantamount to the grace of a new lease on life. Naturally, they were dead-set on it. vZN8tH

After the pharmacists obtained the cultivation methods, they didn’t delay in the slightest and each of them charged into their own rooms, forgetting to sleep or eat. They all changed their own street trash cultivation methods to brand-new attribute cultivation methods — Pharmacists had this slight advantage over martial artists. After selecting a type of cultivation method to practice, if a martial artist wanted to revise, they’d first need to abandon the previous one before they could switch cultivation methods.

And pharmacists, after encountering a better cultivation method, could directly carry out the substitution, and this wouldn’t negatively affect themselves…

The pharmacists soon left in a bustle. Gu Zuo went to immerse himself in cultivating, too.

As for Tianheng, he was thoroughly tempering himself. He prepared his best to raise his strength as quickly as possible. nRyHdX

Gu Zuo already advanced to Xiantian. He also couldn’t fall too far behind…

More than ten days later.

Gongyi Tianheng continuously operated his cultivation method. The bone pearls connected throughout his body hummed endlessly like the echoes of a wind through a ravine. However, he could only accumulate true qi more and more vigorously, without any way of taking the next step of condensing a bone pearl in a Heavenly Spirit Acupoint.

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Naturally, this delayed his advancement to Xiantian. XjlW6A

Tianheng halted his cultivating, and opened his eyes.

…Maybe he still needed a little stimulation.

Gu Zuo walked by, holding the neck of a jade bottle. There was an excited smile on his face: “Big brother!”

As soon as Tianheng saw him, the corner of his mouth hooked up: “Ah Zuo, what’s gotten you so happy?” 9agvPH

Gu Zuo immediately handed the jade bottle over: “I’ve refined a medicinal decoction that’s able to speed up the growth of the Scarlet Blood Rice!”

Tianheng stared blankly.

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Gu Zuo was very joyous: “Scarlet Blood Rice can only be considered a human-level medicinal herb. In <<Human-Level Medicinal Decoction Formulas>>, there’s a Tiger Balm-like decoction called the “Ever-Growing Decoction.” It can greatly speed up the growth of human-level medicinal herbs. As Scarlet Blood Rice doesn’t belong to those special attribute medicinal herbs, using the Ever-Growing Decoction can make it mature within five days!”

Tianheng realized why Gu Zuo was so happy, but he intentionally gasped: “Does Ah Zuo dislike big brother for eating too much?” 5vgdxH

Gu Zuo’s smile froze stiff: “…”

Undoubtedly, he was very tactful during normal times. Why was his dear big brother so blunt this time around!?

This feeling was like a person talking behind someone’s back and getting caught red-handed in the end…

Gongyi Tianheng’s smile deepened, and he reached out a hand. It went without saying that he was going to ruffle his hair again. However, in a moment of inattention, the hand came upon his face. After that, Tianheng softly pinched his cheek in a very natural fashion: “Ah Zuo, don’t be mad. Big brother is just kidding around with you.” xo2e0i

Gu Zuo let loose a sigh, and helplessly endured: “I don’t dislike big brother…”

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At most, it was just some grumbling.

Oh, when did this big brother of his become so mischievous? It just about scared him to death.

Because of Gu Zuo’s performance, Tianheng let go of his previously somewhat melancholy mood for not being able to break through for a long time. Afterwards, he resolutely stated: “Since it’s like this, Ah Zuo can refine lots of this medicinal decoction. Hand it over to Dragon One and Dragon Two, and have them take care of using it. There are lots of talkative people here, so it’d be better to establish a place in the courtyard to grow Scarlet Blood Rice. We’ll only use a little bit of the decoction in those black fields outside. Don’t handle things too differently from the surrounding fields… UmfBCt

He continued: “Wait until after those three pharmacists make some achievements before using their names to promote this kind of decoction.”

In the blink of an eye, he thought of many ways of displaying the medicinal decoction’s functions to make lots of money… As for the matters of generating revenue, he was still very meticulous.

Only, this time, Gu Zuo didn’t come over just to give him a treasure. He also wanted to ask Tianheng to go soak in the medicinal decoction again. The Tiandu Body was very troublesome. One shouldn’t look at how the current improvements to the meridians allowed for cultivation. While Gongyi Tianheng’s strength was this formidable, the structural integrity of his meridians couldn’t keep up with his power.

If this continued, Tianheng wouldn’t be able to persist in long-term, high-intensity battles… P kGRd

T/N: I had half a mind to just call the chapter Miracle Grow™ or something.

Thanks, Charysa, for the corrections.

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Translator's Note

万缕千丝 – Mo lü qian si, ten thousand strands and one thousand threads.

Translator's Note

万金油 – Wan jin you, a real-world medicine called Tiger Balm. Its uses range from alleviating insect bites and burns to joint pain and chest congestion. Think of it like a generic jack-of-all-trades type of analgesic.

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    • What they mean here is that when a martial artist switches cultivation methods, they have to give up all the arts the previously cultivated under the previous method, and essentially go back to 0 fighting ability, before switching to the new method and cultivating arts under that. Kind of like in a RPG game if you want to switch classes, you have to give up all the skills from the previous class.

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    So long as they were able to continuously cultivate, no betrayals should arise… –> So long as they continue to cultivate, and don’t attempt betrayal…

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