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Love BL? Want to be part of a community and share your enjoyment with everyone?

Join us and grow the site! We have a web programmer to handle website problems and we are really excited about making this into a genuine community for BL. <3

  • Translator

    Projects that need translators:

    Have a novel that you want to translate but don’t like the hassle of managing a website? Or do you want to help with translating any of our current projects?

    The benefits:
    – All you need to do is translate, get it edited, and post your chapters – Previous/Next links, chapter links in TOC page, kofi/patreon buttons are automatically generated
    – We have an actual web developer! Yes! that means we actually know what’s happening when the site goes down and can fix it
    – You can supplement your income with ko-fi or patreon
    – We give cookies :3

    If you are already a translator and interested in moving your project over to Chrysanthemum Garden, there is probably no need for you to take the translator’s test. Just send us the URL to your current project in the contact form below so we can take a look! We’ll also move your projects over for you!

    If you wish to join an existing project, you are very welcome to do so! Please fill in the test and send it to us via the contact form.

    Translator’s Test
    Please don’t copy+paste the raw into google translate and just send it over. We are not against MTL translators, but we do want to have good quality novels that don’t miss the nuances that were there in the original language.

    We are looking for translators that can translate at least 1 full chapter a week.

  • Sorry, we're not looking for an editor right now.


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