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Befriending the Most Powerful Person

Befriending the Most Powerful Person 和武力值最高的人做朋友

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Author: 阿黑黑黑 (Aheiheihei)
Total Chapters: 170
Genre: Angst, Apocalypse, Dog Blood, Doting Love Interest, Fantasy, Horror, Interstellar, Power couple, Quick Transmigration, Supernatural, sweet, Transmigration, yandere
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Translators: VelvetRaven
Release Schedule: Sporadic


Shao Ci was bound to the ‘Befriending the Most Powerful Person’ system, where he had to target the person with the greatest fighting power. He was forced to complete many missions, ranging from sleeping with the target to cooking for the target, in order to go back into his original world. After crossing through, only then did he discover that as long as a more powerful person emerges, this unscrupulous system will immediately change the ‘capture’ target….


Male Lead 1: You are my beacon of light, shining in my life filled with darkness. I can only but bind you to my side, cripple your legs and force myself onto you, just for that glimmer of warmth you would give me.

Male Lead 2: Big brother, you won’t abandon me, right? You won’t give me up, right? Good, because if you do, I have no choice but to cut you into pieces and eat you up, so that your soul will always be with mine.

Male Lead 3: I love you, Shao Ci. I will follow you wherever you go, I will serve you whatever you need, I will protect you whenever you want. Just, if other people looks at you, I will have no choice but to kill them all, because they have no right to glance at my god.

Shao Ci expresses that he had no comments for the system.

Translator’s note: BL, fluff, angst, possessive lovers, cuddling, hot and smexy kisses, a very very cute shou and very very hot gongs >:)

A novel that will keep you hooked late into the night, crying into your sheets from the angst, and brushing your teeth every day from the amount of fluff.

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  1. Where can I find the older chapters?😢

    Can you give me the link?😦…

  2. I’ve been checking this series frequently over the past month, anxiously awaiting each Sunday, but there haven’t been any updates. Was this series dropped, is the translator having some troubles, or is it a probationary series to see if it will be picked up for real?

    Whichever it is, I’m still planning to draw fan art for this series for the contest.

    • Waaahhh your so talented!!! Hahah yes I picked it up today!!! If you want, go ahead and draw this novel and share with the rest of us!! I would love to see your amazing art pieces >.<

  3. Hueheu… I’ve been waiting for this to update. Thank you translator for picking this up😭😭😭💓💓😻😻😻

    • hahaha thank you for sticking around for this novel!!!! Love ya lots!!! Thanks for your support <3 I’ll continue to work hard 🙂

  4. i am not a fan of angst novel 😣 , but im really curious gaaaaah the dilema it’s killing me 😅, but im gonna read it anyway 🤣, thank you for the translation velvet chan 😘, sorry for my bad english

    • Hello UWU It’s going to be the same ML, and even the different guys chasing after Shao Ci are actually copies of the same person, so you can say that Shao Ci actually only has one lover >.< It’s revealed at the last chapter of the raws, that Shao Ci was actually in a machine and that the ML was the consciousness of the machine, so the lovers in all the worlds was actually the same person lol 🙂 HAPPY QUARANTINE TO YOU TOO LOL <3

  5. Hmmm, excuse me what do you mean by gongS?? (Probably it’s just me because English isn’t my first language, but can you explain?? ) Thank you!! 〜(꒪꒳꒪)〜❤️❤️

    • Ooohh are you new to BL? ‘Gongs’ is basically the Chinese term to refer to the male on top, like the male that’s on the giving end (basically the one that’s putting his d*** in). It’s the same as the japanese term ‘seme’. The opposite of gong is ‘shou’, where is the chinese term to refer to the one on the bottom (the one that’s getting his a** pounded). It’s the same as the japanese term ‘uke’

      Hope this helped hehe 🙂 Thank you for reading this <3 <3 <3

    • Aww i don’t know whether I should love you for liking BMPP so much, or I should worry about your daily life routines haha <3 Basically, cuz of the COVID situation, our government moved our June holidays to may, I’ll have a lot of free time and I’ll be able to update twice every week (once on Wednesday around 8.00 pm and once on Sunday around 8.00 pm too) during this May!! But I’m not sure once school reopens, cuz I’ll have lotsa homework to do, my guess is that I can update on Sundays around 8.00 pm too on normal days. The reason why I state that I update sporadically is that even I myself dunno when I can update, but I’ll try to update on Sunday hehe 🙂

      OMG i love your username haha >:) come be a hardcore stan of BMPP <3 Thank you for reading this, and I hope you enjoyed it UWU

    • hmm personally I don’t mind you translating this into Thai, cuz after all I’m not the author, but to be honest, I’m not very clear about all this translation and if it will involve copy rights and stuff, so would you mind waiting a while for me to ask the moderators about this whole translation stuff? I’ll get back to you soon <3

      OMG wow haha you’re from Thailand!!! When someone says Thailand I always think of elephants and the fancy jewelry that brides wear on their wedding day haha 🙂