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  • I actually appreciate Xiangyi’s character, I don’t LIKE her but I appreciate the realism in her sometimes being unable to differentiate between two timelines, and her psychosis. She basically has ptsd and has to relive the situation all over again. Her reactions are realistic, her refusal to reflect on herself is what makes her a b!tch

  • on How A Queen Was Made 3 weeks ago

    Ah a queen shou instead of a cute one. Must read! I will wait til there are about 20 chapter to start

  • on I'm Not HumanChapter 61 4 weeks ago

    It took a while because I passed out from blood loss due to the instant kill cutenesses at the end of the chapter. grabs tissue to stem nosebleed

  • Thank you for all your hard work 🙇🏽. It’s been a pleasure to take this journey with everyone

  • Wait, I’m confused. Are we still getting the back story of what happened to the original host, or has the MC memory been erased somehow? Why is he not acting like he knows the boyfriend is scum somehow? I need to go back and reread from the beginning of this arc, I think I skipped a chapter😂

  • Lol 😂 the “Mu Vic is six years old” gamer tag was almost as priceless as Vic adding his age in months. “Im only 6 years and 218 months old” it took a good 10 seconds of staring for it to click 😆

  • Nosebleed so cute. It was hard to breath at points but I got through it. And now we see the return of the original Chu Chu

  • Ah so we don’t get to see ZYC maimed by the Zerg then burned to death. What a waste. His repentance means nothing to me. People who willfully destroy a life with their own hands just because they can really are scum

  • sigh I hate capricious masters as a form of comedy relief/plot point. If all this crap is going to teach YTH something fine, but the master can’t just use YTH as a medicine boy and not teach him. Such an irritating character

  • Ugh ZYC is a disgusting aberration and his older brother is a disgusting enabler. Zhan Yanling is an idiot as well. He knows the history between the aberration and Ji Zuoshan, why would he try to force JZS to Accra former abuser? Is he trying to mentally scar a promising alpha just so the useless little aberration can learn something? Nepotism truly is the ruination of most enterprises.