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  • He can be thought of as a smart villain, LJS only problem is, in his own way, he’s just as narrow minded as the stupid pharmacist.

  • You know what I admire about this novel? The open and above board plot armor. It’s to the point that when plot armor doesn’t happen the story would feel wrong. It’s like when people openly and righteously use nepotism to promote a relative that has actual talent, everyone knows what happened but since the relative is great at the job no one cares. In this novel it’s set up so Tinheng has this tiandu body, so now that he’s survived his calamity heaven defying luck is on his side, except I don’t mind because the luck is requisite that Tianheng actually goes out and works for it. Open and above board plot armor is so refreshing 10/10
  • The fact that his sons are disappointing to the point that he keeps the golf club on him wherever he goes is hilarious.

  • Thank you for the translation. This chapter was super long. I’m glad Mingxia didn’t go out, it would have been to easy for someone to use her against Tianheng

  • I think somewhere in the back of her mind she thinks no one can touch her because she is GL sister. If she ends up dying for her betrayal she would be my number one candidate for a Darwin Award. And thank goodness she doesn’t reproduce, not that her genes are bad but she’s probably be crap at raising children

  • Ah stupid women give the rest of us a bad name. I thought she was over living her present according to the actions of the past, but here she is endangering the base and betraying her brother AGAIN. Crazed Cookies is right she could have saved him and had his memory wiped, but no she’s gotta find the stupidest way to do anything

  • Ah that was so refreshing. Finally a decisive MC who knows what to do in these situations. Should have known Tianheng wasn’t all talk. GZ also has his drug slave brand so this third tier passerby is also settled. This is great!

  • Hopefully the thunder device bursts his Dantian AND makes him impotent

  • I just want the sect master to fail his cultivation advancement or get qi deviation when he finds out DQY is dead.

  • on FOG [e-sports] 2 months ago

    To be fair nothing is like TKA. I haven’t found a gaming novel that measures up to it yet. To be even more fair, if I’m reading a danmei novel with gaming, I’m really not here for the gaming element.