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I Have MedicineCh147 - A Henchman’s Change of Heart


The Violet Tower was very famous in the Inner Sect.

As stated previously, because Inner Sect disciples could select their base of operations by themselves, they’d get a small valley or a large courtyard under normal circumstances. But those with greater strength and higher status weren’t limited to just this. YjbcJA

For example, martial artists at the Immortal Realm or above could directly obtain a small hill. At the same time, their identities would be Core Disciples — Every Immortal Realm who had stable strength would be a Core Disciple.

As for Apprentices, that was classified as a special identity that couldn’t be differentiated based on strength. But usually, so long as one was an Apprentice, there were few who were unable to reach the Immortal Realm.

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Having said all this, it was just to show that Xu Lingxiu was already an Apprentice to a Master. And his Master was the sole Golden-Level Pharmacist in the entire Qingyun Sect.

Correct. The disciple with quasi Golden-Level gifts naturally could only be taught at the Golden-Level! 4x8ZVa

The position of this Golden-Level Pharmacist was revered. Although he wasn’t a Grand Elder, he was the Pharmacist Hall’s Hall Master. The Pharmacist Hall under his control formed a circle in the Inner Sect, enveloping a large network of valleys. The innermost place was the Pharmacist Hall’s core. The ring-shaped region going outwards was a place where only pharmacist disciples, who could refine pills for Immortal Realm martial artists, could establish independent residences — Otherwise, they could only obediently “attend school”.

Xu Lingxiu was an exception.

He was the sole resident who could only refine Xiantian Realm pills. As for the residence he constructed, it was a small building.

The Violet Tower.


However, the Violet Tower wasn’t open to all disciples.

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Yes, Inner Sect disciples could come over to seek medicine, but they couldn’t enter. They could only pace around outside and be received based on Xu Lingxiu’s mood. And besides the ones Xu Lingxiu regarded as important, those allowed entry were some pharmacists with excellent skills.

Gu Zuo was able to obtain Xu Lingxiu’s invitation. Truth be told, if he really was only an ordinary little pharmacist, it would’ve been due to incredible luck.

It was just that Qian Hu could only wait outside. pMyLzf

After finding the place, Gu Zuo raised his head to look at that little building which was a bright purple color. He suddenly felt…that it hurt his eyes a little.

From looking at Xu Lingxiu’s clothes, one could tell that he really liked the color purple. But wasn’t this aesthetic just a little too unsightly? Even if he originally looked very charming, his looks couldn’t stand up to an eyeful of all that creamy purple!

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For a moment, he thought about withdrawing.

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Xe Ieb’r jylilas ab gfwfwyfg kjr nfgs ubbv. Lf qgbwqais gfmbuclhfv atja atlr qfgrbc kjr bcf bo We Olcuzle’r akb jaafcvjcar! Ktja ues kjr frqfmljiis reyrfgnlfca. Qtja kjr tf vblcu tfgf cbk? Qjr la ab jrrfga tlwrfio?

But this time, Gu Zuo guessed wrong.

The henchman attendant didn’t come to show off. On the contrary, he had a wide smile: “Is this Senior Sect Brother Gu? Our Senior Sect Brother Xu has instructed that if we see Senior Sect Brother Gu, we are to quickly bring you in. Senior Sect Brother Xu has been waiting for you for a long time. Haha…” P amAs

Gu Zuo: “…”

It felt like the one he saw last time wasn’t even the same person!

Senior Sect Brother this, Senior Sect Brother that — This guy’s face was too thick… However, maybe this was a henchman’s special skill.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Thinking as such, Gu Zuo nodded calmly as he followed the henchman into the Violet Tower. U6viMz

What was worth rejoicing over was that the interior of the building wasn’t plastered in purple. Rather, compared to the normal set up, it seemed very refined.

There were several people inside. Some in twos or threes sitting together, arguing animatedly — After carefully listening, they seemed to be discussing a fragmented pill prescription? Apparently, it lacked three medicinal herbs. After they researched one type, they got into a big dispute over the remaining two corresponding herbs.

Gu Zuo silently recited in his mind: The White Phoenix Pill’s final three medicinal herbs are Pauper Seeds, Heavenly Star Grass, and Earthen Creek Roots. They got the Earthen Creek Roots wrong, so they naturally won’t figure out the Pauper Seeds and Heavenly Star Grass…

But he didn’t speak these words out loud. pQVXmZ

In any case, they weren’t familiar. More studying would be beneficial to improving their own strengths.


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Once he went back, he could check the Medicine Pavilion’s Consultation Pillar to see if it had this mission.

The henchman attendant who was leading him ahead was still very polite. Gu Zuo was quickly guided to the second floor, and then to the third floor. While Gu Zuo passed through the second floor, he discovered that there were even more pharmacists here. Because there were lots of books, it seemed that a good deal of people were all quietly reading. Jato0Y

Gu Zuo also wanted to take a peek.

Only… He still needed to go see that little prince.

After reaching the third floor, Gu Zuo finally saw a familiar face.

There weren’t many rooms here. Directly ahead was the main hall, which was arranged with quite a few pill cauldrons. The frontmost person gazing at the flames and refining pills, wasn’t that Xu Lingxiu? Sgc9jx

And the two beside Xu Lingxiu were also very familiar. One was Xi Yangyun, and the other was the jade-green clothed young man.

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Gu Zuo smelled the pill fragrance emanating from that large cauldron, and his mind moved.

Wasn’t this…the odor of several medicinal herbs in the Steadfast Heart Pill? This Xu Lingxiu was currently refining the Steadfast Heart Pill?

The henchman attendant also saw the matter at hand. He only delivered Gu Zuo to the third floor. He himself didn’t dare go over, and descended in an orderly fashion. RAncX4

Only Gu Zuo was left here to wait. He didn’t know if he should go in or wait at the entrance.

A person sticking out like a sore thumb naturally drew the attention of the people inside.

Xi Yangyun turned his head first and smiled at Gu Zuo: “Junior Sect Brother Gu has come? Quickly come in!”

Gu Zuo paused, but went in as directed. He sat beside Xi Yangyun, not too close and not too far. OP06EC

Xu Lingxiu was completely immersed in pill refining. He clearly had no time to talk with Gu Zuo. Xi Yangyun’s disposition looked very amicable, and he took the initiative to pull Gu Zuo into a conversation: “Junior Sect Brother Gu can first watch Xu Lingxiu refine pills. He rarely undertakes a task in the presence of others. If you watch, you should be able to comprehend some things.”

Gu Zuo hesitated a little: “Senior Sect Brother Xu wouldn’t mind?”

Xi Yangyun smiled and said: “Since he invited you to come, naturally he won’t mind.”

Gu Zuo nodded and looked over: “Many thanks for the reminder, Senior Sect Brother Xi.” 8CKx5N

To be honest, he was also a little interested.

Xu Lingxiu should’ve been considered one of the groups within the Qingyun Sect that grasped the most profound techniques and methods, right? Perhaps watching how he refined medicine could really give him some enlightenment.

Right now, he still hadn’t observed other people’s methods too much.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Over yonder, Xu Lingxiu fully exhibited his hand seals. His fingers shuttled back and forth, leaving onlookers dazzled. WfRMz6

Normally, he was a prideful, no good teenager. But at this moment, his face didn’t have that type of arrogance. Instead, it had become dignified and focused. One couldn’t help but say that he really was a diligent pharmacist.

However, Gu Zuo felt a little helpless.

Because when he looked over at Xu Lingxiu’s techniques… He also knew them.

Coincidentally, it was a mid to upper grade hand seal in the <<Hundred Unorthodox Medicine Refinement Hand Seals>>! jLI7PU

But what left him at a loss was that the one Xu Lingxiu used seemed…

It seemed incomplete.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

T/N: The next chapter is the start of another long batch of double-length chapters. This batch will run from 148 to 183. Expect a slower updating speed.

Thanks for the corrections, Charysa. tRhddV

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