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  • I find it hard to believe GZ feels psychologically pressure from human experimentation when it’s just an afterthought after he psychically blows up someone’s head, after poisoning a bunch of other people to death. LOL

    No translation notes this time. 🙂

  • Just a moment ago, our naive little MC is thinking he’ll never be like these guys. And then a bit later, his first response at essentially killing someone with his own hands for the first time is to just worry about his lab technique and contribution points. Tsk. What can I say? He’s gone native. :p

    Translation notes:

    Here there were pharmacists and Xiantian stage eight or Immortal Realm martial artists who’d committed great evil. –> Here there were pharmacists, XT stage 8, and other martial artists under the Immortal realm…

    Suddenly, he opened his mouth: “Are you?” –> “It’s you?”

  • Are people in your area just all staying home, or are did you actually get a positive diagnosis? Stay safe!

    Translation notes:

    It seemed he really wasn’t fickle or sleazy. –> fickle or ungrateful kind of person.

    Nevertheless, the cleverest of people were those who were isolated from the world. –> Therefore, it was for the best to isolate the place from all people.

    Gu Zuo reminded himself not to overdo it. –> GZ turned [his head] away.

  • Our little MC is such a face-con. 😛 Also, our ML shows he’s capable of stealth in plain sight! As oppose to MC who is just naturally forgettable, at least to XLX, lol.

    Translation notes:

    Weren’t the words of this Senior Sect Brother Xi clearly making Gu Zuo out to be the gluttonous lion? Still, the urgency really made it untenable. –> …clearly inviting GZ to demand an exorbitant price [to be the gluttonous lion]? It seems their urgency overrode all other considerations.

    Speaking too much had the suspicions of taking advantage of someone’s difficulties, but he was also unwilling to speak too little. –> Asking for too high had the suspicion…also unwilling to ask for too little.

    Of course, looking at such worried appearances as theirs, if the asking price was even higher, the other party definitely wouldn’t agree. –> …the other party definitely wouldn’t immediately reject it. (ie. they might still go higher)

    This was also considered acting natural, in a way. –> This was to avoid the suspicion of unfaithful bargaining. (ie. XLX avoids being seen as memorizing the full recipe and not pay for it)

  • Wow, that’s a fast update. Now I have the mental image of our ML eating qi pills from a bowl like they’re rice. XDXD

    Translation Notes:

    Whether he didn’t use them or saved them, both would draw covetous stares. –> When he didn’t use them or saved them from use, it was out of fear of drawing covetous eyes.

    Contrary to what one might expect, there wasn’t anything of interest. –> Though it provided a certain unique taste [in scenery].

    “Lingxiu, you shouldn’t often others for no reason!” –> offend others

  • There’s about 10 chapters of so here which are at the shorter length, before going back to the super long lengths again. Anyway, our MC is tunnel visioning a bit here. As precious as the prescription is, it’s not like it’s useful for his people, so they don’t really lose anything selling it! Even if the buyer eventually starts selling the pills, the rate of making them is so low that it’s not really competition.

    Anyway, translation notes:

    If a martial artist wasn’t able to achieve Xiantian and his heart had a congenital defect, he could repair it completely using the Steadfast Heart Pill. –> If a martial artist hadn’t achieved XT yet and…

    At the minimum, the patient would need to continuously take the medicine three months before their lifespan was predicted to end, taking at least one pill a day –> taking one pill at least once every other day

    The prescription was only precious. There definitely wasn’t any danger. –> It was just a precious prescription, it [the prescription] wasn’t dangerous.

  • In xianxia land, the rice eats you! Also, despite our MC still thinking of himself as a modern boy visitor to xianxia-land, he has obvious gone native to the extent that he doesn’t even bat an eye at the concept of experimenting on animals and humans with deadly poisons.

    Translation notes:

    Without him, running the store would always need some service personnel. –> If nothing else, running… (无他 here is slang shorthand for without anything else)

    In the blink of an eye, some grains on the rice ear were already chopped into two pieces. –> Instantly, one particular grain on the rice ear was chopped in half.

    Nowadays, there are many poisonous substances circulating around and the victims must be informed. –> Of the many poisons out there, there is information on them nowadays, all because of their victims providing the knowledge.

  • Ah, there’s always a canon fodder around to be rude and get smacked for.

    Translation notes:

    he arrived in front of the building complex two hours ago. –> several hours ago (as in multiples of 2 hour blocks)

    What’s more, he was also anxious about his first time going out alone in this world and not reaching his intended location. –> he was also anxious about his first outing alone, and whether he did anything incorrectly.

  • Well, it won’t happen for a while yet. Our MC is on the road to growing stronger! He just hasn’t had any need to test his abilities as yet, because our ML does a really good job of protecting him.

  • Our ML is showing off again…

    Translation Notes:

    It’s to be expected that Li Duanshui would hold a grudge. If it was left to me, I would also hold a grudge. –> 舍不得 is more like “begrudge” or “reluctant to be too heavyhanded” than “hold a grudge”

    Those heavily injured disciples who were flung to the side were still lying on the ground. Li Duanshui understood that it was because of his arrival, but at this moment, he didn’t pay them even a little bit of attention. –> The heavily injured disciple who was flung aside was still lying on the ground. He clearly acted on behalf of LDS, but at this moment, LDS didn’t pay the slightest attention to him. (this is talking about the patsy who started this all)