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I Have MedicineCh171 - A Medicine Store’s Grand Opening


After dealing with the matter of the attempted assassination, Gongyi Tianheng and company returned to the small valley. He then went into secluded cultivation for a long time. With Tianheng’s IQ, he naturally understood that, although he successfully managed many contacts with various means, when all was said and done, most of this was based on the other party’s behavior as well as the benefits he himself invested in. It wasn’t really that reliable — It could be said that if the other side became completely hostile, he could only pack up his bags and flee.

The most important thing was still his own strength. Connections and other things would only temporarily pull all parties into an equilibrium, which would allow him to have a relatively smooth and steady period of growth. BoYcdk

After being busy these days, there shouldn’t have been any more evil intentions coming from all directions. Tianheng and Gu Zuo stayed within the valley for a long time and didn’t casually leave.

Tianheng was primarily doing his best to advance his realm, while Gu Zuo wholeheartedly refined medicine to nurse Tianheng’s health. No longer did Gu Zuo think about sleeping at night. Rather, he used all of his time to operate his cultivation method.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Fortunately, after Gu Zuo got used to being busy, Gu Zuo discovered the valiance of the <<Divine Medicine Cultivation Method>>. When he had enough control over his psychic power, the cultivation method could also naturally operate even while refining pills. Thus, the psychic power within his Tianfu Acupoint also obtained powerful tempering. Unwittingly, Gu Zuo’s psychic power, true qi, and medicine refinement all simultaneously improved because he was continuously increasing his power and capital.

Countless medicinal pills were refined from Gu Zuo’s hands. Besides a large amount of top grade Qi Linking Pills used to upgrade Tianheng’s true qi as well as the top grade pills distributed to the numerous Gongyi Clan children, Tianlong Guards, and slaves, the rest were gathered up by Dragon One to act as a reserve for Medicine of Life in the Inner Sect’s Business District. Dl4iYd

In the blink of an eye, a month passed.

The Scarlet Blood Rice in the field already had very few ears that showed signs of mutation. The others were all totally normal Scarlet Blood Rice. Under the effects of all sorts of medicinal decoctions, a batch could mature within three to five days. They were processed by the slaves and piled up within the barn. Later on, even the slaves could have Scarlet Blood Rice once every few days, while the Tianlong Guards and everyone else had it for every meal, warming their bodies and tempering their constitutions.

— Naturally, the one with the greatest appetite was the valley’s owner.

After the Gongyi Clan children surveyed their own constitution attributes, each of them received a low rank Golden-Level cultivation method that Tianheng obtained from the Martial Scripture Pavilion. They also got several sets of Human-Level martial skills that were very suitable for their current stage.


Because of their experiences with the Sect’s dangers, a powerful passion arose towards the upgrading their own martial strength. Right now, aside from essential meals, all their time was spent on cultivating. Within a short period of time, huge changes occurred.

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Because the ambient qi was denser here and he was working his hardest, Gongyi Tianyang, who was originally only Bone Forging stage three, broke through to the Meridian Condensing Realm a few days ago!

Tianyang’s aptitudes truly weren’t lacking.

With this encouragement, the other children who were Bone Forging stage three gathered their strength and rushed to advance — Top-notch medicinal pills that were never seen before, incomparably dense ambient qi, and exceptionally good sustenance and environment. With such good conditions, what reasons did they have to not improve?! c9Sm3e

Hence, aside from Gongyi Mingxia, a Blood Refining Realm martial artist, everyone else reached the Meridian Condensing Realm one after another!

Because the Tianlong Guards were all already Xiantian martial artists, besides cultivating, they also had lots of work to do and were very busy. However, under the hastening of numerous top grade pills, although they didn’t break through to Xiantian stage two, each of them condensed at least one Heavenly Spirit bone pearl. Their progress was similarly not small.

The slaves naturally got less resources than the true subordinates, but the disparity compared to when they roamed on their own was many times greater. The number of those who were previously unwilling decreased, and they handled matters with greater diligence. They understood that they should’ve still been in an observation period. It was impossible to compare to such trusted aides like the Tianlong Guards or relatives like the Gongyi Clan children. However, they also believed that, so long as they performed well and were loyal enough, they could obtain many more things.

Gu Zuo and Tianheng were still immersed in the hardships of cultivation. g9hUl6

The speed of the two’s progress simply couldn’t be compared to other people. Tianheng had the support of an unending stream of medicinal pills, and had already broken through to Xiantian stage three without a hitch. Originally, Gu Zuo didn’t do so purposefully, but through constant pill refinement, he somehow also became a Xiantian stage three pharmacist His psychic power condensed and increased once more.

Only, this still wasn’t enough.

It was just Xiantian stage three… When it came to this realm, it was only barely comparable to the average enforcement disciple. In the entire Inner Sect, it was just barely outside of the bottom rung!

Gongyi Tianheng sat beneath a tree, his whole body was encircled with a type of faint, reddish-gold radiance. YFL6x

The rays of light were vast and red-hot. It seemed as if it should’ve been like a scorching blaze, but it was purer and stranger than that. Like flowing gold and placid flames, it gave him a layer of divine splendor.

The amazing thing was that there were faint, reddish-gold lights on his head of black, unfurled hair. It seemed like exotic energy descended from the sky and poured into his body from the top of his head, condensing the power that entwined him. And if someone carefully observed, they’d discover that these reddish-gold lights permeated his body through every pore with each breath he took.

Such power was unprecedented.

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A shadow flashed by. Dragon Four kneeled before Tianheng, and respectfully said: “Young master, all the preliminary work for Medicine of Life has already been handled. The leader has asked if it will be opened in the near future.” PqdrDC

He didn’t dare get any closer because there appeared to be a force field ahead. It blocked all those who weren’t given permission. If they went forward, they would suffer an attack by some kind of power!

Dragon Four’s instincts told him that he wouldn’t have been able to resist this attack.

Tianheng didn’t open his eyes, and the power of his body still surged. However, a disembodied voice transmitted: “It can open in a few days. Dragon One will act as the owner, and Dragon Two will coordinate.”

Dragon Four bowed again: “Yes, young master!” 6PtdR

After that, the shadow flashed away and Dragon Four’s silhouette disappeared.

In a nearby medicine refining room, a streak of invisible psychic power spread outside. Then, it seemed to have found nothing wrong and retracted obediently.

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In the medicine refining room, a petite teenager sat cross-legged in place. Three pill cauldrons were suspended in front of him. Under each cauldron was a roaring inferno, and the insides of each cauldron emitted a rich medicinal fragrance.

In the teenager’s mind, he secretly repeated: Gotta hurry, gotta hurry… There’s no time, gotta hurry! Just one more pill cauldron! ULWo9j

Physical strength and mental strength moved together just like this.

The Inner Sect’s Business District was very large. Those who dared to open a store here were either disciples who had a robust power backing them in the Inner Sect or had a relationship of bribery, or they were an external force that adhered to Qingyun Sect or had a cooperation with it. In addition, the district was patrolled by enforcement disciples. In general, no one dared to make trouble here.

Today, there was a new medicine store opening up on the eastern street of the Business District. Although there was some advertisement, because there were too many of such businesses, it actually didn’t draw too much attention.

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The medicine store was called Medicine of Life. The store’s entryway was also about ten meters tall. It clearly wasn’t a power that was financially robust. There must’ve been hundreds of businesses like this medicine store along all the streets. After a glance, even a person passing by wouldn’t have had any interest in making a detour, and would just go to their own destination. xu0rIg

Ktf vbbgkjs tjv rfnfgji ofwjif jaafcvjcar ktb tjv jnfgjuf jqqfjgjcmfr. Ciatbeut atfs kfgfc’a atf asqf ab ujgcfg j qfgrbc’r afcvfg offilcur, atflg ojmfr mjgglfv kjgw rwlifr. Qlat j mjgfoei ibbx, la mbeiv ulnf bcf j xlcv bo jwljyif offilcu. Ktflg jaalgfr kfgf jii rlwlijgis j kjafg-yief mtfbcurjw. Ktfs rabbv lc ogbca bo atf vbbgkjs ilxf j ybvs bo mifjg kjafg, gfogfrtlcu jcv mtjgwlcu.

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There were also two burly Xiantian stage one men who guarded on the left and right. Their expressions were very solemn and respective. Additionally, there was a Xiantian guard in the corner of the store who had an intimidating face, as well as a shifty-eyed short man who stood behind the sales counter. It looked as if he was this place’s shopkeeper?

Of course, in the deeper, unseen nooks, there were several average-faced Xiantians in hiding. They were the people who secretly watched over this medicine store.

The short man waited for a moment, and spoke a bit dispiritedly: “The store’s been opened for a while, but there’s no business. How boring!” ZjVHq5

In the corner came a gloomy voice: “Those who don’t come will all regret it.”

The short man heard this, and his dejection turned to contentment: “That’s right. I, Old Bao, dare to guarantee that so long as someone enters, they’ll definitely leave behind a big pouch of gold and still won’t be willing to go out!”

In the corner, there again was some gloomy laughter.

At this time, some people really came in from outside. bvUxyl

Li Qinqin and Li Yuanyuan were a pair of twin sisters. Both were born with fair skin, and were arrestingly beautiful. They were also quite famous among the male disciples of the Outer Sect. Normally, they liked to socialize with their admirers, acting coquettishly to obtain some resources. Only, it was a pity that their natural talents weren’t too good. After entering the Inner Sect with great difficulty, they were already pushing thirty years old. Although a martial artist’s appearance wouldn’t easily age, for women like them who relied on their features to get what they wanted, the true qi within the body wouldn’t provide much radiance… They already looked a bit old.

Li Yuanyuan lightly sighed: “Big sis, there are as many beautiful women in the Inner Sect as there are clouds on the horizon. You and I don’t have any advantages at all. How can twenty-something year old ladies compare to delicate teenaged girls? What’s even more hateful is that if we can’t get enough resources, our strengths won’t go up and it’ll be hard to maintain our current appearances… What, what will we do then?”

Li Qinqin was also somewhat aggrieved. Her gaze wandered, and she faintly said: “Who said it wouldn’t be hard? If it was in the past, we’d be accompanied by throngs…by quite a few Senior Sect Brothers. Now, it’s just the two of us.”

The two sisters exchanged glances. Their moods were particularly melancholy. w8sqcV

After having entered the Inner Sect so long ago, they weren’t able secure a few cash cows. They had been ignored by everyone… For extraordinarily beautiful women like them, who enjoyed the gazes of men focused on their bodies, how could they be willing to let themselves end up with such an old and faded conclusion?!

After walking along the road for a while, the two sisters felt that the clothes sold on these streets weren’t pretty, that the handsome men weren’t handsome, and that the things in the restaurants weren’t tasty. In a word, they were overcome with a morose boredom. Nothing they did could raise their moods. Also, with a man by one’s side, one would spend the man’s money. When window-shopping by oneself, the person would have to spend their own money. How could the latter be as delightful as the former?

Most of all, the beautiful sisters discovered that there were practically no male disciples on the way who’d come to comfort them when they expressed their sorrows. It was very difficult to get a few to look at them some more. Nevertheless, because they were a pair of twin sisters, the sadness that filled their hearts practically overflowed.

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Li Yuanyuan’s large, round eyes swept back and forth, and then her gaze suddenly landed on a shop sign: “Medicine of Life? Big sis, a new medicine store has opened here.” l485RB

Li Qinqin also looked over. She said disinterestedly: “It’s just a new medicine store. Don’t get excited over nothing.”

Li Yuanyuan also wasn’t interested, but she felt that a woman needed to have vitality if she wanted to be beautiful. They’d been walking around other places for a while and there hadn’t been anything of interest. With something new, they could go in to have a look around to freshen up? As a result, she pulled Li Qinqin’s sleeve and dragged her into the medicine store.

Just as they walked to the doorway, the young girls wearing blue dresses on both sides greeted them one after another: “Welcome, honorable customers!”

Li Yuanyuan and Li Qinqin both startled. After that, they grinned. B9aj1h

Oh, it seemed a little interesting.

But overall, it was still boring…

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As they walked through the door, the two sisters saw the shopkeeper who was directly across from them. Suddenly, their small eyebrows furrowed.

What kind of a shop was this? Why hadn’t they found a person who was a bit better looking? The shopkeeper’s looks were shifty-eyed, and it would worsen a person’s mood. NTpzOd

Once inside, Li Qinqin wanted to leave, but Li Yuanyuan persuaded her: “We’re already inside. Let’s just take a quick look around.”

Li Qinqin pouted, and gave a worried, sweeping glance around the store.

There were four counters: Two in the middle and one on each side. There was a dazzling line-up of medicinal pills inside them. This also wasn’t something amazing because there were very many small medicine stores that were all the same — One didn’t need to look at the things arranged in the counters.

A glance to the left — Oh, a Qi Generating Pill. iWX2g8

A glance to the right — Oh, a Rejuvenation Pill.

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A glance to the front — Oh, a Qi Linking Pill.

Those were all commonly seen. The variety of products were those couple of types. The numbers rose and fell, but they didn’t change. The only bit of difference was that the majority were low grade, and a mid grade would be sold occasionally. By separating them by a level, it would make them seem very high-end. But the core of the matter was just that.

The two sisters held this kind of mentality, and absentmindedly looked towards the left-side counter. Pm6nL3

Sure enough, it was just as they thought: Qi Generating Pills, Qi Linking Pills… Nothing different.

Hold on. There were also Qi Accumulating Pills? As a matter of fact, this was a medicinal pill that martial artists at Xiantian stage six and above could take!

At this time, the two sisters perked up a little.

They took a few steps up to the front of the counter and saw that there were three levels inside. The lowest layer had the three types of pills, but it was marked with “Low Grade”. The middle layer likewise had the three types and was marked with “Mid Grade”. The uppermost layer had the fewest bottles, but they were vividly written with “High Grade”. KXUGM8

In other words, these medicinal pills really had high grade ones! It was simply inconceivable! Generally speaking, only a handful of large medicine stores in the entire Business District of the Inner Sect had high grade pills. To their surprise, it could also been seen in this newly-opened, small medicine store!

Li Yuanyuan grabbed Li Qinqin’s hand, and quickly said: “Big sis, let’s go look at the other three counters. If there are other medicinal pills, we can use this as a topic of discussion when talking with others.”

Li Qinqin thought deeply. She promptly lifted her dress, and walked over in small steps directly to the front of the second counter.

There were also three types of medicinal pills here. They were individually written: Rejuvenation Pills, Revitalization Pills, and Snowy Ginseng Pills. 8YAX4T

They were similarly divided into high, mid, and low grades. The differences were that they provided treatment and replenished the blood. For martial artists, those were all very useful!

The two sisters felt that their eyes were deceiving them. They rushed to the third counter. There weren’t that many types of medicinal pills this time around. There were Bone Replenishing Pills and Meridian Replenishing Pills. They were considered top-notch medicines for injuries! While they were still placed in different levels of workmanship, they were definitely a new type of medicinal pill. The sisters had never heard of them before!

At this point in time, the two sisters felt that their astonishment already couldn’t be described in words. Besides those large-scale medicine stores, were there any medicine stores that didn’t have duplicates in each of their counters? While there were no repeats, every type was so applicable! They had to say that even if a large medicine store had two or three medicinal pills that other stores didn’t have, they unexpectedly discovered three types here!

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In that case, what medicinal pills were in the last counter? How many types were there? fk9rY4

Li Yuanyuan whispered into Li Qinqin’s ear: “Big sis, I feel that just one type is very amazing…”

Li Qinqin’s expression was also a bit excited: “I also feel this way. However, this truly is a huge conversation starter!”

The two sisters were full of joy and expectation. They rushed to the final counter.

Then, sure enough, they only saw one type of medicinal pill. This pill’s name was the “Anti-Aging Pill”! QLzOTo

Hearing this name, the small hearts of the two sisters trembled.

The Anti-Aging Pill was also divided into three ranks. However, the business didn’t use low, mid, and high grades to stratify the pills. What the business separately wrote was “Five Years”, “Ten Years”, and “Twenty Years”. This kind of stratification was unheard of. In the end, what the meaning of this?

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A bright idea suddenly occurred to them. Li Yuanyuan had an abrupt guess. Li Qinqin communicated through their bond as twin sisters, and immediately had the same way of thinking.

The two of them exchanged glances, and didn’t resent the shopkeeper’s ugly face. They promptly rushed over and urgently asked: “Shopkeeper, what use does that Anti-Aging Pill have? What meaning do those numbers of years have? Speak quickly!” 6W9I T

Bao You stroked his own small beard, and waved his hand towards the outside of the doorway.

Suddenly, a young girl in a blue dress daintily walked over, and curtsied at the two sisters.

Bao You gave a vulgar smile: “Qingqing, have a proper chat with them.”

Wu Qingqing smiled happily and led the two sisters back to the counter of the Anti-Aging Pills. As they walked, she gave them an introduction: “As the name implies, the Anti-Aging Pill can halt a person’s features at their peak age. It’s the best spiritual pill that every woman in the world desires…” YRa3Oq

As someone under Gongyi Tianheng’s control, all the female slaves were “trained” for a long time prior to the medicine store’s opening. Not to mention anything else, they were taught each type of medicinal pill’s function and price, and how to make a person feel delighted to fish out their money. Their lips had become especially smooth and eloquent.

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Most of all, there basically wasn’t any need to exaggerate to the girls who came to buy the Anti-Aging Pill. So long as it was mentioned, it would evoke enormous interest in the other party.

Wu Qingqing took one glance at the faces of the Li Sisters. When she saw the impatience in their eyes, she knew they’d certainly be big customers. She remained calm and collected, and swiftly started to dupe… Ah, that wasn’t right. She was giving them a commentary on the merchandise.

Li Qinqin and Li Yuanyuan just listened to the start, and there was already lights shining in their eyes. AKR5I6

Li Yuanyuan’s cherry-red lips faintly trembled: “Five years… Ten years… Twenty years… Is what you’re saying true?”

Li Qinqin firmly grasped Li Yuanyuan’s hand, and almost pinched hard enough to give several red marks. But even though Li Yuanyuan was being pinched, she didn’t feel any pain. She was completely focused on that Anti-Aging Pill!

Wu Qingqing could comprehend the moods of these two sisters because, after she and the others were purchased and required to memorize the effects of these pills, they were also stupefied by the Anti-Aging Pill. But now, her master was merciful, and charitably gave them a high grade pill per person. It was able to maintain her youthful appearance for twenty years. It was only natural that her mood was very calm.

As a result, she smiled and replied: “Our honored guests haven’t misheard. The Anti-Aging Pill can restore a woman’s complexion to the time when she was at her peak. It will also maintain that corresponding age. Moreover, this type of medicinal pill doesn’t come with any side effects. Only, one takes the low grade pill the first time, the mid grade pill the second time, and the high grade pill the third time. After the third time, it will have no effect.” She thought it over, and warned them, “In addition, it has no use for martial artists at the Immortal Realm and above.” 2arJxW

Li Yuanyuan didn’t care about that last part at all. She took a deep breath: “It goes without saying that a woman at the Immortal Realm and above has a permanent complexion. There’s no use at all! Quickly tell me how much money an Anti-Aging Pill from the three grades costs!”

Correct. The most important thing was whether one could afford it! She would buy it even if it cost a family fortune!

Wu Qingqing smiled. What they needed was the fervency of young women!

So she gently and softly said: “A low grade pill is fifty gold, a mid grade pill is a hundred gold, and a high grade pill is two hundred gold.” 9HaQA

Li Yuanyuan’s heartstrings, which were originally stretched taut, immediately loosened: “This… It’s actually not expensive.”

Li Qinqin had already started to count the money.

Although they didn’t have too many golden banknotes, there was still enough to purchase the Anti-Aging Pills. Since this pill could be taken three times, that was the same as having to buy two more pills! Fifty, one hundred, two hundred… Right, that added up to seven hundred gold! They really had enough money!

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The sisters also weren’t stupid, and didn’t haggle over the price at this time. They were only thinking about their appearances recovering to their peak after taking the Anti-Aging Pills. Couldn’t they immediately find another rich, good-looking guy? Who cared about the trifling investment now? If they haggled over the price and the business didn’t sell it to them, they would be finished! pZW9tF

As a result, Li Qinqin simply couldn’t have been happier as she handed the money over. She swung her arm and stuffed seven one-hundred golden banknotes into Wu Qingqing’s hand. Wu Qingqing’s movements were also swift. The moment she was given the money, she took out the medicinal pills from the counter. Three bottles per person, and no more than one pill per bottle.

The two sisters took the Anti-Aging Pills and were going to leave, when Wu Qingqing enthusiastically encouraged them to stay: “The two young ladies are so beautiful that getting the Anti-Aging Pills is but adding flowers to a brocade. However, this medicinal pill’s price isn’t cheap. Wouldn’t the two young ladies feel more assured by taking the pills here?”

The two sisters of the Li Family heard this, and had an even better impression of Wu Qingqing. They had similar lines of thought. Although this store didn’t seem like a scam, what would they do on the off-chance that it was? In addition, they could’t wait any longer!

Li Yuanyuan’s face was moving and tragic: “Big sis, just let me test the medicine first as your little sister!” 68ulcO

Li Qinqin grabbed Li Yuanyuan’s hand: “Okay, little sis!”

Wu Qingqing: “…”

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This wasn’t going to be a separation of life and death…

After that, Li Yuanyuan poured out that low grade Anti-Aging Pill, and with an all-or-nothing mindset, she swallowed it. HkLQhd

In the blink of an eye, a sweet fragrance, like that of a spiritual fruit, went down along her throat. Her nose seemed to smell a pervasive perfume. This kind of feeling was almost like falling into a dream, and she couldn’t help closing her eyes… Indeed, it was too comfortable!

Some time passed, and the feeling gradually waned. Li Yuanyuan opened her eyes, and what was right across from her was the unfathomable emotion in Li Qinqin’s eyes.

Li Yuanyuan’s heart thumped: “Big sis?”

She wasn’t disfigured, right?! VrxsNK

Then, she saw that Li Qinqin’s face showed an incomparably excited expression!

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

The next moment, Li Yuanyuan’s hand was stuffed with a face mirror by Li Qinqin. She looked at that mirror — And was immediately blinded by the flowery, young girl inside.

Such delicate skin, such a rosy complexion, such a firm and sleek face, such a rippling and affectionate expression!

Without a doubt, there was no need to say it out loud. She really had recovered her beauty as a sixteen year old girl… cSp7zR

Li Qinqin looked at how beautiful her little sister had become. She herself impatiently swallowed a low grade Anti-Aging Pill.

Hence, Li Yuanyuan’s eyes clearly saw her older sister’s skin instantly become lustrous and supple. Those faint, near-indiscernible lines at the corners of her eyes disappeared. Her hair became even more glossy, and her lips became even more dark-red. Those dozen or so years seemed to dissipate in a split second, leaving behind an enchanting and dainty young girl!

This Anti-Aging Pill was truly, truly too effective!

She thought about the future, and how she could maintain her current appearance for at least thirty years. She felt the value was far more than the money spent. It simply exceeded her expectations! 6i8fNT

Afterwards, Li Qinqin also took a look at the mirror, but before the two beauties were done, a scream of surprise echoed from the doorway.

It had come from a woman.

Wu Qingqing promptly walked over, and pursed her lips into a smile: “Pardon me, what does this customer require?”

This was also a twenty-something year old woman. She looked like someone who was strolling by. The result was that she just happened to witness Li Qinqin, who’d undergone huge changes and had instantly become several times more beautiful. She couldn’t control her amazement. KJywin

She promptly grabbed Wu Qingqing’s hand: “May I ask what medicinal pill they took?”

Wu Qingqing’s smiling expression deepened, and she softly said: “This type of medicinal pill is called the Anti-Aging Pill…”

That woman unwittingly followed Wu Qingqing to the front of the counter.

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Behind the counter, in a corner of the medicine store, Bao You and the other men all showed strange expressions. dH5lgx

This business was…

They previously felt that female martial artists were either valiant and formidable or lovable and charming. While their dispositions were all different, each one had a sense of beauty. Yet, they’d never seen a woman’s fervency when it came to confronting her own appearance.

And this type of bizarre feeling deepened when even more women passing by accidentally witnessed the women in the medicine store “changing faces” and couldn’t help walking in, too.

Sure enough, the Anti-Aging Pill was a best-seller! It was selling very fast! ofuHPn

The few blue-dressed girls who had been welcoming guests at the doorway were also grabbed by those women. Each and every one of them introduced the women to the circumstances of the medicinal pills. In the wake of more and more women entering the store, the people outside discovered the situation and also went in… Gradually, it got to the point where there was more work than one could handle.

“What’s going on ahead? Why are there so many women?”

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“It seems that a new medicine store has opened up.”

“A new medicine store? It actually attracted so many female martial artists?” klXJ3f

“Say no more. All those women seem to have gone crazy…”

Among such discussions, apart from the women, some men also curiously entered that medicine store. At first, they were heading towards those women, but when they took a sweeping glance at the counters, they had a sudden change of interest.

Furthermore, those male martial artists who had originally been accompanying the women also entered the store. Because they were bored of waiting, they looked at the counters and their moods abruptly changed with one look…

Unexpectedly, the medicinal pills here were so comprehensive and special! Bm2ZQX

T/N: I’ll be retroactively changing Market Street to Business District.

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Translator's Note

半老徐娘 – Ban lao xu niang, a middle-aged but still attractive woman.

Translator's Note

冤大头 – Yuan da tou, someone with more money than sense.

Translator's Note

嘴皮子 – Zui pi zi, to speak in a smooth, easy way that may appear insincere.

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