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I Have MedicineCh165 - Cut the Weeds and Eliminate the Roots


In the blink of an eye, the voice of that young girl wearing the fox fur coat fell mute once again. Her lips opened and closed, but not one word was uttered. Her facial expression contorted like her mouth was full of verbal abuses. It was a pity that no one could hear it.

Gradually, she discovered that no one paid attention to her, and angrily shut her mouth. Merely, the feelings of resentment in those eyes were still like poisoned arrows that shot at Gu Zuo. hTQliI

Gu Zuo: Haha, who’s afraid of her? This poisonous woman!

Actually, he still had a type of practical joke Trick Pill that could instantly disfigure a person. Based on his heart, he almost popped out this Trick Pill. But when he thought about it, this was a woman in the end. He didn’t know her specific identity, so he hadn’t done anything that would’ve led to the use of a breathing tube. However, if she hadn’t been muted and continued to hurl abuses, he might’ve committed the “mistake” of a major criminal. So, he made that move just now.

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Since the young girl wearing the fox fur coat couldn’t be communicated with, Gu Zuo ignored her. His gaze fell upon the other bodies of the few male and female Xiantians.

The other people’s lines of sight turned away somewhat. They were all unwilling to meet his gaze. tiLdWp

— Also, they were all captives right now. In addition, they weren’t like that young girl who didn’t realize her own situation. Naturally, their frames of mind were numerous and disorderly. They were unwilling to be the first bird in the flock to be shot down.

Gu Zuo was unconcerned with those thoughts. He just asked: “Who are all of you? What did you come here to do in the Cangyun Empire?”

The few men and women were unresponsive.

Gu Zuo was a little upset: “Those who don’t speak will be fed medicinal poison!”


The few men and women were still unresponsive.

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Gu Zuo: “…”

He felt that he probably wasn’t too suited in extorting confessions. After considering things for a bit, would it really be worthwhile to stuff a pill of medicinal poison into each person’s mouth?

After Gongyi Tianheng restrained himself from smiling for a while, he walked next to Gu Zuo. He placed both hands on Gu Zuo’s shoulders and said placatingly: “There’s no need to waste more medicinal poison, is there? So long as we don’t give them the antidote, they’ll naturally turn into a puddle of pus and blood in a short period of time. As for their identities, there’s no need to worry. Not much time will pass, and then we’ll just leave. Also, no one recognizes these people, so dying here doesn’t matter.” 7DbvRg

Gu Zuo tilted his head to look at him. It really didn’t matter? After that, he reacted very quickly. This was his big brother swindling them!

Tianheng smiled: Although this is to deceive them, if they really aren’t willing to talk, then they’ll be taken care of this way.

Gu Zuo nodded: Big brother’s always right.

Following this, the whole group stopped talking. fXE9lz

Under Tianheng’s gesturing, Tianyang went outside the gate to carry in another poisoned body belonging to a Xiantian martial artist. He was thrown to the ground with the other few people.

Hence, there were five men and two women. They all laid limply upon the ground, and they all had the same dark complexions. Most of all was the one who was poisoned the earliest. His complexion was pitch-black and it was like his entire body was enshrouded in a layer of black qi. His appearance was very frightening. More qi was going out than in, so it probably wouldn’t take much longer for him to die right in front of the others!

There was a quiet scene in the Beast Taming Field. There were only those people who gasped for breath more and more urgently.

Tianheng had a smile on his face. The wrath in Tianyang and the others’ eyes gradually turned to elation. Gu Zuo observed the reactions of the Trick Pill’s toxicity on living bodies — Trick Pills and Poison Pills weren’t subdivided. Poison Pills were very strange and Trick Pills often had poisonous characteristics. Once the two were combined, the results were worth looking forward to. 4aJomx

But it was also because Tianheng and the other’s responses were indifferent and strange that the atmosphere was so silent. In the beginning, those seven Xiantian martial artists could endure it, but as time went on, the faster they felt their own lives slipping away and the greater the feelings of dread produced.

This made them…start to tremble all over. It was unbearable.

At this time, Gongyi Tianheng asked Gu Zuo: “Ah Zuo, we’ve already waited for some time. How much longer till they turn into pus and blood?”

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Gu Zuo thought about it, and replied in a serious manner: “A bit less than an hour more. If big brother doesn’t want to keep waiting, I can just scatter some poisonous powder on them. That’ll finish the job very quickly.” 3igZ6c

Tianheng seemed to think it over before nodding his head: “Since it’s like this, then…”

At this moment, without waiting for him to finish speaking, that young girl wearing the fox fur coat seemed to have gathered some strength to frantically jostle the young girl in the pink skirt next to her. Looking at the shape of her mouth, it should’ve been a prompt to reveal her identity. The pink-skirted girl was urgently shoved, but she didn’t have any strength. She opened her mouth and her face was distraught. The fox-furred girl’s pampered features were deathly pale, and she glowered at the other male martial artists. Her lips rapidly opened and closed. It seemed if she could gather a bit more strength, she would’ve immediately thrown herself over.

This was probably because the one whose real identity was the highest among these people was the fox-furred girl. When she was disinclined, the others could only stubbornly hold on. After she was inclined, they were also unwilling to take the initiative to speak — Because the person who talked first wouldn’t necessarily win the favor of that fox-furred girl, and there was a high probability that she would instead take her anger out on that person afterwards.

Yet, if the fox-furred girl was already this furious and no one spoke up, perhaps they would all bear her grudge. In the end, a male Xiantian couldn’t stop his mouth from opening: “We, we’re members of Qingyun Sect…” yqILXj

Gongyi Tianheng paused: “Oh?”

Another Xiantian martial artist hurriedly said: “You guys actually know about Qingyun Sect?!”

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Originally, they hadn’t spoken at all because of a very big reason. They were worried that basically no one here would know about the Sect — After all, the Cangyun Empire was a very small nation in their eyes. Those here who could enter the Sect could be counted on one’s fingers. The citizens of an ordinary country wouldn’t know about those secrets. If it was like that, even if they declared their identities to threaten others, what was the use?

But it was different now. The other party knew about the Sect, so there was leeway for negotiations! C7BEDl

Following that, several Xiantians unexpectedly strove to outdo the others:

“Since this Senior Brother knows about Qingyun Sect, would you be a fellow disciple? We are all people of the Inner Sect, so it’s inappropriate for us to massacre one another in this place.”

“Senior Sect Brother, Junior Sect Sister Qianqian has many comrades in the Inner Sect. If anything happens to her, then Senior Sect Brother’s life in the Inner Sect certainly won’t run smoothly. Please, won’t Senior Sect Brother reconsider?”

No discord, no concord! We haven’t caused any permanent consequences! Senior Sect Brother, please show us leniency!” V5qAvx

“If we had known earlier that this was Senior Sect Brother’s family, we certainly wouldn’t have behaved that way. We hope Senior Sect Brother will forgive us. We’ll certainly remember Senior Sect Brother’s friendship!”

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“Junior Sect Sister Qianqian’s elder brothers have an enormous reputation in the Inner Sect. Senior Sect Brother, please don’t make things worse for yourself… As for us, so long as Senior Sect Brother lets us off, we certainly won’t forget Senior Sect Brother’s favor!”

These people clamored over one another as they begged for forgiveness. Some words still had some threatening intent. They wasted many thoughts in order to save their own small lives.

That fox-furred girl raised her head. Her expression was intimidating and arrogant. In particular, when those Xiantians mentioned her elder brothers, her eyes flickered with malice. dYhbTN

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Gu Zuo watched all this, and flicked a pill of the antidote over.

Vegf fcbeut, atja obz-oeggfv ulgi kjr jigfjvs rqfjxlcu: “Lewqt! Zs rfmbcv fivfg ygbatfg lr atf Sjgat Ofjvfgybjgv’r atlgv qijmf jcv ws fivfra ygbatfg lr j Vxs Ofjvfgybjgv qbkfgtberf. Po sbe uesr jgf ajmaoei, atfc sbe’ii gfifjrf atlr sbecu wlrr ja bcmf. Po cba, atfc P’ii tjnf sbe uesr vlf klatbea j ugjnf!”

Gu Zuo furrowed his brows.

As expected, she still didn’t understand the whole situation — However, hearing her mention the identities of those two elder brothers, he understood where her confidence came from. LQW4EJ

He asked: “You think I’ll believe whatever you say? What are your elder brothers’ names?”

The fox-furred girl said with immense satisfaction: “He Chengwu and He Chenghong. You guys should’ve heard of them!”

After he finished listening to these words, Gu Zuo’s first reactive thought was actually… He Chengfeng.

He still remembered that during the Hundred Countries Tournament, his big brother was going to quietly hand over first place to He Chengfeng to avoid antagonizing anyone. After that, however, He Chengfeng acted maliciously and was given a hidden injury. Currently, it had been a long time since entering the Sect. They hadn’t made any discreet inquiries about the whereabouts of He Chengfeng who entered the Inner Sect first. Now it seemed that they had made contact with people of the Qingcang Empire instead? KzOcFN

This was to say, the name of this fox-furred girl should’ve been He Qianqian, a descendant of the He Clan. And the He Clan was the Qingcang Empire’s number one aristocratic family. If one were to discuss status, it should be similar to the Gongyi Clan in the Cangyun Empire. Also, the He Clan had been connected by marriage to the Qingcang Empire’s Royal Family for many years. If nothing unexpected happened, He Qianqian, with the backing of two genius elder brothers in the Inner Sect, would’ve been betrothed as a wife to the most outstanding Inner Sect child of the Qingcang Empire’s Royal Family.

If it was like this, He Qianqian would’ve grown up with a childhood where the stars cupped themselves around the moon. On the contrary, being raised to have this arrogant and despotic moral integrity wasn’t strange at all.

Gu Zuo was unsure, and looked to Gongyi Tianheng to wait for his big brother’s decision.

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Presently, He Qianqian’s identity had been laid out before them. In the end, what was the best way to deal with these people? cBsqOM

In response, Tianheng plainly stated: “So it’s like this. Since we’re all fellow disciples, it would also be unsuitable for me to bicker with the young miss. Ah Zuo, give them the antidote and have them leave quickly.”

Gu Zuo heard this, and his mind paused. However, he still obediently acted according to Tianheng’s words, and immediately threw a bottle into the hands of the Xiantian stage three martial artist whose strength was the highest and who endured the longest.

That Xiantian stage three martial artist swiftly swallowed the medicinal pill. After that, he gave the antidote to He Qianqian first. Next were the rest of the Xiantians. It didn’t take long for them to return to normal. Only, because of the previous poisoning and loss of qi and blood, they seemed somewhat weak right now.

He Qianqian thought that Gongyi Tianheng and the others were scared of her, and her face was full of arrogance. She brandished a whip in her hand at them, leaned halfway onto the pink-skirted girl, and left the Beast Taming Field. 5t9Sj7

The seven didn’t dare to tarry any longer here, and rapidly faded from the view of Tianheng’s group.

Once their figures couldn’t be seen anymore, Gu Zuo asked with some puzzlement: “Big brother, are we really going to let them go just like this?”

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He felt that this didn’t seem like his big brother’s style…

Tianheng grinned: “Ah Zuo, discharge your psychic power and have a look at their reactions. Listen if they still have anything to say.” 7t6Piv

Gu Zuo understood instantly.

Just as he said, how could his big brother make such a hasty decision?!

Tianyang and the others definitely didn’t understand what the two were talking about, but they understood that this matter wasn’t over. As for Tianheng and Gu Zuo’s decision, they only glanced at each other, but no one objected.

At this moment, Gu Zuo had quickly extended his psychic power, closely following that He Qianqian all the way ahead. J1baB2

Tianheng waved to Tianyang and several others: “You guys lead over the Armor-Plated Rhinos. We should leave this place.”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Tianyang and the others heard this, and naturally complied with the order.

As for Gu Zuo, the actions of He Qianqian’s group of people had already been completely “seen” by his psychic power.

He Qianqian had an arm to support her as she went out. She detected that her body was still unwell and her heart was in low spirits. She lifted the whip in her hand and aimed at the surrounding martial artists who still hadn’t dispersed. She ruthlessly lashed them several times until she saw bloody crosshatches on those martial artists’ bodies. Then, she leisurely sighed with a bit of satisfaction. qBRnE

After that, her mouth was filled with filthy curses: “Garbage! Garbage, garbage! They dare to treat young miss like this?! After going back, I must tell eldest brother and second brother! I’ll put them to death! Garbage! Absolute garbage!”

After cursing like this for a while, He Qianqian still wasn’t satisfied: “After you guys return, find out those people’s identities and let me know.”

As she spoke, she clenched her fingernails to vent her anger.

The pink-skirted girl didn’t dare speak up. She lowered her head and endured He Qianqian’s use of great force, which left scratches on her arm. AosncR

The other few Xiantian martial artists saw the pink-skirted girl’s bitter experience. Although they also felt some pity in their hearts, they didn’t show it — The pink-skirted girl was called Hong Yi. Originally, she was a maid the He Clan had selected. Because her aptitudes weren’t bad, she had always served He Qianqian. Let alone being scratched a few times, being beaten down was a common occurrence. If she had asked He Qianqian for some leniency now, she would instead have been beaten even more ruthlessly.

A male Xiantian heard He Qianqian’s words, and said with a bit of flattery: “Junior Sect Sister Qianqian, rest assured. We’ll certainly find those people’s identities and gather up some manpower to catch them. Then, Young Miss Qianqian can vent her anger as she wishes.”

An additional Xiantian also said: “Precisely, precisely. With the two Senior Sect Brothers He supporting Junior Sect Sister Qianqian, what do a couple insignificant Inner Sect disciples amount to? They dared to disrespect Junior Sect Sister Qianqian, so they must be dismembered by horses!”

Following that, another two Xiantians flattered: BQZfdX

“Right, flay their skin and dig out their hearts!”

“Dismember by horses!”

“Carve them up, piece by piece, and feed them to wild beasts!”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

“When that moment comes, those Armor-Plated Rhinos that they captured will all be minced and cooked for Young Miss Qianqian to enjoy. Those things dared to not bow down to Young Miss Qianqian’s jade-like feet…” JUOpNk

When he “witnessed” everything here, Gu Zuo’s psychic power was almost stretched to the breaking point.

These Xiantians were too…disgusting!

For proper martial artists who could achieve Xiantian, shouldn’t they be the type whose willpower was rather valiant? How could they bend and scrape at the knee before He Qianqian like flea-ridden dogs?

It simply left one stupefied. XyAorY

Watching up to here, Gu Zuo originally felt that this was enough. However, his psychic power hadn’t reached its maximum range. He thought it over, and tolerated his loathing as he continued to observe.

At this time, there was a Xiantian stage three martial artist who opened his mouth with some hesitation on his face: “Young Miss Qianqian, I think this is just a misunderstanding. Since all of us are fellow disciples, the other side let us go. Wouldn’t it be better to just…forget about this matter?”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

He Qianqian was in a bad mood. She flicked her wrist to lash her whip: “What did you say? Are you disobeying me? I’ll tell my older brothers to properly teach you a lesson!”

That Xiantian stage three martial artist leaned his head to avoid the majority of it, but this left the side of his face with a mark. After that, he explained: “Absolutely not… It’s just that I feel that those two aren’t simple, and that we’d better not antagonize them…” iFHZ4I

Once he said that, there were the sounds of an additional three lashings.

The other few Xiantians also ridiculed:

“I see you’ve been scared out of your wits. Those two people were only relying on the might of the medicinal poison. If we’re talking about true strength, how could they be our opponents?”

“Even if they had a little skill, could they handle the two Senior Sect Brothers He? Don’t make me laugh!” vS IFO

“They insulted us just now, so how can we let them get away with it?!”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

“One should know that Young Miss Qianqian’s face can’t be tread upon so casually…”

All of a sudden, everyone was on the attack.

Without any other choice, the Xiantian stage three martial artist could only shut his mouth. rZwElq

In his mind, he laughed bitterly. The two Senior Sect Brothers He were indeed very powerful, but he felt that the fellow Junior Sect Brother who wore that sapphire, brocade robe was deep and immeasurable. He simply wasn’t a target who could be casually dealt with. Originally, both sides didn’t have any big losses, and stopping at this point wasn’t a problem. However, He Qianqian wasn’t willing to give up, so the ensuing matters would be hard to predict… This left him with serious worries that couldn’t be dispelled.

Gu Zuo finished “watching” and nodded his head.

Contrary to his expectations, there was someone who had realized. Only, it was a pity that this person didn’t realize enough.

The remaining people were still flattering He Qianqian exhilaratingly. It wasn’t known how many poisonous plans and methods were coming out of their mouths, but it was all for the purpose of handling Gongyi Tianheng and the others. Moreover, they seemed to completely lack any feelings of repentance, and didn’t have any genuine intentions of seeking peace. Ultimately, the Xiantians all wanted to put them to death. xGOIAf

Gradually, these people left the maximum range of his psychic power’s envelopment. Gu Zuo recalled his psychic power, and then replayed everything he saw and heard to Tianheng in his mind.

Tianheng’s eyes flashed with a trace of cold intent: “Sure enough, a dog can’t stop itself from eating shit.”

Gu Zuo: “…”

Listening to such vulgarities coming from the mouth of a noble young master like his big brother, he felt it was a bit novel. TdSp0m

Tianheng’s eyes faintly drooped: “Since it’s like this, then we’ll cut the weeds and eliminate the roots!”

Gu Zuo quivered, and quickly said: “Yes, big brother!”

The direction those people used to exit the city had been clearly seen by Gu Zuo. Gongyi Tianyang and the others also made the proper preparations. A group of people immediately left the Beast Taming Field and went towards that direction.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Using Gu Zuo’s psychic power to manage the distance between each other, they kept to the rear, neither too far nor too close. Waiting until after those people left the city and reached a place with no signs of human habitation, Gu Zuo made a hand signal. gi0L2w

Gongyi Tianheng gave an order at once: “Pursue at full speed!”

Tianyang and the others all said: “As you command!”

Immediately following which, gale-force winds screeched past on both sides. Gu Zuo tightly clung to Tianheng’s arm to point everyone in the right direction.

It didn’t take long for the figures in front to appear within their lines of sight. YjJeK9

He Qianqian was pampered and finicky. During the whole journey, she used carriage within an inter-spatial tool, and the carriage’s speed wasn’t fast. When the sounds of this many Armor-Plated Rhinos galloping closer echoed out, there definitely wasn’t enough time to react.

The Xiantian stage three martial artist who previously had a bad premonition suddenly shivered. He secretly thought: Not good!

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He promptly wanted to escape this place.

But since he was under watch, how could it be so simple to escape? Let alone the people who were closing in on them from behind, there were people ahead. He himself was being obstructed in his spot by another Xiantian stage three martial artist. OcaMrK

The others also frenetically startled:

“What’s happening?”

“It’s them? Why have they come again?”

“Are, are they going the same way?” RmMzdS

“While they shouldn’t dare to do anything, let’s make way!”

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He Qianqian said with a sharp voice: “Why should we make way for them? We’ll go first!”

The worries in the previous Xiantian stage three martial artist’s heart grew thicker and thicker. He really wanted to block up He Qianqian’s mouth — No matter the occasion, she’d still be hollering! He didn’t believe that they were going the same way!

Although, what he really hoped for was that they were only going to same way… I95SUm

As those people talked, the grade six wild rhino leading the herd of grade four wild rhinos, which was carrying their master, was getting closer. The wild rhinos’ hooves continuously moved, and He Qianqian’s group was already encircled. Their way out was tightly sealed off.

Although He Qianqian was bossy and brainless, she could see that something was wrong. Her voice suddenly sharpened: “What are you guys up to? I am the daughter of the He Clan’s main branch! Are you guys trying to revolt?!”

The other people’s complexions turned unsightly. They spoke one after another: “We’ve already settled things with this Senior Sect Brother. Such actions now are somewhat unwelcome.”

Gu Zuo deadpanned: “Originally, for the sake of being fellow disciples, big brother had already decided not to bother about the affair just then. But we’re aware of what you guys have been thinking.” His face was expressionless, “If you’re all alive, you’ll certainly find us to make trouble. But if you’re all dead, perhaps there won’t be any trouble to speak of.” ndK7O9

Several Xiantians suddenly realized that things were far from good.

Ah, that was wrong. They had obviously travelled very far. Even if they really hadn’t intended on letting these people off, how did these people discover them? It was too strange… Yet, in the end, they were still guilty. Even though there were several people who held their tongues, their eyes wandered, allowing a person to tell that something was amiss.

At this moment, these people still wanted to quibble: “Why are you charging us under false pretenses? This Junior Sect Brother must have a misunderstanding!”

There was even He Qianqian. Although her eyes still flickered with a malicious light, her mouth said with difficulty: “This young miss has already resolved this matter. What are you guys still upset about?” ja5kpn

However, Gongyi Tianheng still didn’t say anything.

Just when one of the Xiantians suddenly sprung up and to attack Tianheng first, Tianheng had already dodged it. A fist punched through the Xiantian’s chest, pummeling him into a meat patty!

The Xiantians were dumbstruck. They never anticipated that a Xiantian stage two martial artist wouldn’t last a single move under Tianheng’s hands. It was clear that this guy was also just a Xiantian stage two martial artist. Why was the discrepancy between their strengths so huge?!

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Immediately following that, dense panic arose in their hearts. Previously, their mouths flowed with rhetoric. They blew their own horns, believing that Gongyi Tianheng was only someone who held a slight advantage with the medicinal poison. Now, they were silenced by their fear. They didn’t dare speak a single word. hgi43F


Flee, flee, flee! They needed to run away quickly!

Right now, let alone flattering and ingratiating themselves to He Qianqian, they were only thinking about saving their own small lives. Even if it was that Xiantian stage three martial artist who fawned over He Qianqian, he wouldn’t dare to openly confront Tianheng. Because he understood that, although he was a bit stronger than a Xiantian stage two martial artist, killing an opponent with a single punch was absolutely impossible for him.

And the one who ran the fastest was naturally that Xiantian stage three martial artist who had long foreseen the danger. DTxkF5

Only — Could he escape?

Gu Zuo patted the grade six wild rhino he rode upon, which swiftly blocked the Xiantian stage three martial artist. The remaining grade four wild rhinos grouped up in twos and threes. At this moment, the Gongyi Clan children, who had restrained their bellies full of hate in the Beast Taming Field, were invigorated. They formed a blockade, busying several Xiantian martial artists so they couldn’t get away.

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Tianheng seemed to have turned into a few streaks of oppressive shadow. With a long spear grasped in his hand, he flew to the first person he picked in the blink of an eye. Spear images criss-crossed, swiftly obstructing the fleeing Xiantian. Although these Xiantians intended to soar away to evade the numerous wild rhinos and find a way out, Tianheng could also fly in the sky. He was similarly capable of immediately intercepting them!

Only a few moments had passed, and quite a few of the Xianians had all been executed. Gongyi Tianheng’s spearpoint changed directions, heading directly towards that He Qianqian. yrLEJg

The emotions in He Qianqian’s eyes was severe. Unexpectedly, during this time of imminent peril, she immediately dragged over the pink-skirted Hong Yi to block her front!

Hong Yi let out a blood-curdling scream. The young flower withered away.

Without waiting for He Qianqian to throw aside Hong Yi’s corpse and get a breather, Tianheng, whose movements were still unhurried, swung his arm. The spear in his hand suddenly barreled forward. Next, it pierced through Hong Yi’s position and, likewise, skewered He Qianqian who hadn’t run far!

He Qianqian’s eyes widened. She never thought that she would’ve died in this place. Merely, no matter her reluctance or unwillingness, her brief and loathsome life still came to an end. Y1dC2w

She was unequivocally dead.

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The two women were already dead. The last one remaining was only a Xiantian stage three martial artist.

He had been constantly dodging, doing his best to get far away from Gongyi Tianheng. Only, he’d gotten entangled in a battle with some wild rhinos, which was how he could’ve survived up until now. But now that everyone was dead, it was finally his turn.

Tianheng turned his body and suddenly appeared in front of him. Following which, his spear moved and the position of that spearpoint was already advancing towards the Xiantian stage three martial artist’s neck to pierce it — wjvMNQ

The martial artist abruptly ducked, and shouted in a loud voice: “I beg you! I beg you! No matter what, please leave me my small life! Senior Sect Brother, please have mercy!”

Gongyi Tianheng was unmoved and still attacked incessantly.

The martial artist didn’t retaliate, and only did his best to dodge. He was battered and exhausted: “I tried persuading them earlier! I have no intention of making Senior Sect Brother my enemy! I’m willing to serve Senior Sect Brother! I’ll do anything, no matter what! I, I only met them on the road by chance… I’m basically a passersby—”

Originally, it was only because of this encounter that he wanted to give a good impression to the He Clan brothers. He didn’t think that they’d step on a hard piece of stubble while treading over people in a small country. This luck was too terrible! Unfortunately, when he discovered something was wrong and tried to persuade them, no one listened to him, which led to their deaths. v 5NIp

Even his guts turned black with regret…

When he heard these words, that spearpoint came to a halt in front of the martial artist’s neck. Its strong winds sliced a thin, bloody line, but it didn’t really injure his vital point.

Gongyi Tianheng’s palms were very stable and the spearpoint was very steady. He looked at that martial artist, and raised an eyebrow: “But you know all about this matter. Only a dead person can keep secrets.”

That martial artist’s heart panicked, but his mind turned quickly. He promptly said: “I can go spy on the He Clan brothers for Senior Sect Brother. If they have any movements, I can tell Senior Sect Brother. If they make any unexpected discoveries, I can also disclose information for Senior Sect Brother. I’ll even cover for Senior Sect Brother! Originally, I’ve already had lots of contacts with their forces, and I’m always being tested to accept their invitation. This time around, I went out adventuring to look for a final “invitation gift”. I also followed He Qianqian in order to ask her to put in a good word for me. Once I return, I can rely on a treasure to become the He Clan brothers’ subordinate. At that time, I’ll be very useful!” dMksXu

In the wake of the martial artist’s words, Tianheng’s expression slightly moved, like there was a feeling that he was convinced. But he immediately said, somewhat vexingly: “If you’re deceiving me here, the result is that you’ll inform the He Clan brothers after returning and sell me out. What then?”

The martial artist said decisively: “I can consume a slow-acting poison, and I can also receive any methods of control! I only…want to survive. I don’t want to be buried alongside He Qianqian!”

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Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

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Translator's Note

不打不相识 – An exchange of blows may lead to friendship.

Translator's Note

众星捧月 – Zhong xing peng yue, to view someone as the core or to revolve around someone.

Translator's Note

五马分尸 – Wu ma fen shi, a person’s limbs and neck are tied to five horses galloping in different directions.

Translator's Note

狗改不了吃屎 – Bad habits are hard to change.

Translator's Note

斩草除根 – Zhan cao chu gen, to destroy something in its entirety.

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  1. Ah that was so refreshing. Finally a decisive MC who knows what to do in these situations. Should have known Tianheng wasn’t all talk. GZ also has his drug slave brand so this third tier passerby is also settled. This is great!

  2. I’m not mourning He Qianqian, though this is definitely going to cause some problems down the line, I think. The plot thickens!

    Thanks for your hard work translating!

  3. Tough place for unnamed cannon fodder to be in. But I’m sure ML had a plan to use him from the beginning.

    I like how the author didn’t leave the poison flower alive to cause more trouble. No mercy!

    Thank you

  4. I love how big brother was so strong and kickass, but I have a feeling this situation might come back in a bad way..oh well, big brother will handle it

    Thank you for the chapter!

  5. Waahh~ dumb cannon fodders being killed so mercilessly. Tianheng so evil😂🤭

    Thank you for very much for the chapter😊❤️

  6. I want dog food, like we’ve already reached chapter 165, but there is still no realiztion of feelings even by any of the subordinates…

    • from someone who had already read ahead, the romance in this novel is actually supeeeeeeeeer slow so you might want to stick in for a long long time

      • Yea, this is the real slow burn 🔥 even though its rare and far in between but the sweetness is unmatched😊

  7. Poor guy, just went with the wrong people. So glad that terrible young miss have what she deserved! Hope this corpse don’t bring to much trouble!!

    Thank you for the chapter!!


  8. Well, at least they killed her fast 😆

    Thank youu for the chappie

  9. Ah, now this is more like standard xianxia. 🙂

    Translation notes:

    Gradually, she discovered that no one understood her, and angrily shut her mouth. –> she discovered that no one paid attention to her

    Hence, there were five men and three women. — Actually, I think the author’s typo is here. There should be only 2 females in the group, and 7 people total.

    The eight didn’t dare to tarry any longer here, and rapidly faded from the view of Tianheng’s group. –> The seven people…