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I Have MedicineCh166 - Submission


His voice reverberated in all directions.

Gongyi Tianyang and the others heard this, and their moods were complicated. fPHiQ2

This kind of Xiantian stage three, a Qingyun Inner Sect disciple whose strength far surpassed theirs, pitifully wagged his tail and strived to save his own life… But often times, while it was easy to die, it was extremely hard to endure, survive, and plan a follow-up. This person, who had such self-awareness and saw things so clearly, sought a path to survival so quickly. For a short while, it unexpectedly made one uncertain whether they should disdain or admire him.

Gongyi Tianheng glanced at him fixedly: “What’s your name?”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

The martial artist saw that there was some hope, and quickly replied: “Bai Qingyi.”

Tianheng waved his hand: “Tianyang, you guys move back a bit.” bW0EFu

Tianyang eyed the surrounding people, and ordered the other children to pull back with him, leaving a lot of space. At such a distance, their ears wouldn’t haven been able to hear the dialogue up ahead. After that, they turned around and didn’t watch Tianheng and Gu Zuo’s actions.

Gu Zuo asked, somewhat astonished: “Big brother, what are we going to do?”

Were they going to feed him poison or make him recite the Oath of the Heavenly Law?

Gongyi Tianheng murmured: “Drug Slave Brand.”


Gu Zuo’s heart trembled.

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At this time, he recalled that he learned such a method long ago.

From his point of view, <<Drug Slave Brand>> was basically a specialized method used to harm others. But if it was put another way, it was also a method that was exceptionally good at maintaining secrecy. Because pharmacists often had many secrets and few had the strength to protect themselves, the majority needed followers and bodyguards. And because followers weren’t necessarily loyal, they also couldn’t access the pharmacist’s deepest secrets. In that case, if one wanted a subordinate who could provide help as well as defend, what should be done? This was where <<Drug Slave Brand>> entered the scene.

After studying this branding method, a pharmacist could condense their own psychic power into an imprint. Once it was seared it into a martial artist’s unrestricted Tianfu Acupoint, it would be branded onto the other party’s soul. From that point on, the pharmacist would be able to clearly see every one of the person’s thoughts. Even the tiniest, crooked thought couldn’t be hidden from the pharmacist’s awareness. hK6gdw

Merely, the effects of this type of branding method were too strong, and the target that could be controlled could only be, at most, three realms above one’s own. If the realm was higher, even if the target didn’t resist at all, the Drug Slave Brand would only be able to persist for a short duration. It wouldn’t be able to become a permanent imprint. If the realm was too distant, the target basically wouldn’t receive the Drug Slave Brand’s control. Ultimately, the outcome would be either a failure or, more importantly, there would be a possibility of a backlash!

Gu Zuo snapped out of it.

Under the present situation, it seemed that using the <<Drug Slave Brand>> really was the most suitable choice.

After thinking things through, Gu Zuo looked at that Bai Qingyi and said to him: “If you want to live, you must receive my Drug Slave Brand. From this point on, you’ll be like my slave. If I permit you to live, you’ll live. If I permit you to die, you’ll die. I’ll know all of your thoughts. It’ll also be completely impossible to hide any of your actions from me… I know many martial artists who’d rather die than be willing to accept this kind of treatment. Are you willing?” 85BM3p

Bai Qingyi’s complexion shifted, and his eyes flashed with an intense struggle.

At first, he thought that he’d be controlled with medicinal poison at most, but he could’ve never thought that this would be the outcome. If every single one of his thoughts were all grasped in the other’s hands from now on, then what was the fun in living?

However, he was still unwilling to die just like this. He had very strong ambitions, and there was someone he also wanted to protect. How could he be willing to die for a woman who was like a poisonous scorpion?

Gu Zuo watched him waver, thinking about the cause of his entanglement. Gu Zuo felt that he’d better give the guy something to set his mind at ease: “You don’t need to worry about me snooping around your thoughts at all times. I have my hands full refining medicine every day, so how can I have that much leisure time? So long as your mind doesn’t move towards malicious thoughts against me and big brother, I naturally won’t find you to make trouble. Once you stir up any evil thoughts, I will naturally become aware of them.” GhRfdi

Bai Qingyi wavered even more fiercely.

If it was only like this… He closed his eyes, and then he unhesitatingly turned around and got down on one knee: “This Bai is willing to receive the Drug Slave Brand. From this moment on, I offer you my loyalty!”

Gu Zuo just smiled. He looked to Gongyi Tianheng, with an inquiring intent.

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Tianheng faintly smiled: “Since it’s like this, you also don’t have to be overly courteous.” Waiting for Bai Qingyi to get up, his smiling expression became profound, “You’re very intelligent and very insightful. This is the reason why I spared you. It’s just that, no matter how intelligent or insightful you are, if you have the audacity to scheme against us like before with those people, I won’t spare your life as I’m doing right now.” a3ZpNb

Bai Qingyi was drenched in a cold-sweat: “Yes, this Bai understands.”

Gu Zuo also opened his mouth to ask: “I’m very curious. Why were you this quick to accept our demands?”

Bai Qingyi forced a smile: “Not accepting meant death. If I accepted… I won’t hide it from master. This Bai might’ve had some experience, but I’ve never heard of a method like this Drug Slave Brand. It’s clear that master must have many things hidden away. Also, this Senior Sect Brother’s presence is extraordinary, and within equal realms, his strength is even more powerful than I could imagine. If this Bai follows with all his heart, it won’t necessarily be impossible to obtain the future prospects he desires. Thus, this Bai is willing to give it a try.”

Gu Zuo understood clearly. vD5kpn

Sure enough, this guy was really insightful and intelligent. Perhaps, after returning this time, he could really succeed in acting as the proper spy. As such, this equated to planting a mole beside the He Clan brothers. Whether disclosing or scouting information, it would be very useful.

After that, Gu Zuo and Tianheng exchanged glances. Tianheng had a smile on his face as he nodded. Then, Gu Zuo said to Bai Qingyi: “Then, you mustn’t resist.”

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Bai Qingyi resigned himself: “Certainly.”

Following that, Gu Zuo entered a meditative state. The psychic power in his Tianfu Acupoint instantly boiled out. At first, it seemed rather gelatinous, but under the manipulations of the branding seal, it swiftly condensed to form an exquisite mark. As this mark became more and more distinct, the pressure on it also increased. Gu Zuo’s mind tensed somewhat and the space between his eyebrows heated up… Finally, a wisp of brightness burst forth from that place and calmly floated in front. mk dXV

Bai Qingyi had already made his preparations, but when he saw that Drug Slave Brand genuinely taking shape before him, his heartstrings still couldn’t help stretching taut.

Once this Drug Slave Brand entered his body, all his freedoms would be controlled by another person!

Yet, such matters had already reached this point.

Bai Qingyi wasn’t stupid enough to try anything funny at this time. He merely steeled himself and unwaveringly stared at that Drug Slave Brand. However, the true qi within his body was steady and his defenses against his surroundings were dropped. Everything was just like before. BRZT8P

The next moment, the Drug Slave Brand rushed out. In an instant, it sank into the space between Bai Qingyi’s eyebrows, and entered his Tianfu Acupoint!

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Bai Qingyi only felt that there was something in his mind. Then, his consciousness seemed to be linked by a slender thread. The thread’s other end was connected to the body of that teenaged pharmacist. He could sense something prying into his innermost being. His everything was laid bare before that thing; not the slightest bit could be concealed. He even sensed that if he dared to entertain any thoughts with the slightest harm against the other party, the other side could strip him of his life with a thought!

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This was also the first time Gu Zuo had refined a drug slave, and his mind felt slightly new and odd. However, he actually didn’t have any intentions of discussing this matter in Bai Qingyi’s presence. Rather, he told Tianheng about his own perceptions within his consciousness.

En. In fact, it was as he imagined beforehand. He was able to completely control Bai Qingyi. Regardless of what the other party was thinking, so long as he had the intention of prying, all of those thoughts would be heard by him. Moreover, within a certain range, he could transmit his own commands into the other person’s mind.

Not to mention, Gu Zuo thought that the function of this “private chat” was very interesting. He couldn’t help wanting to give it a try. After informing Tianheng, he “spoke”: Bai Qingyi, can you hear my words? 0XMcKy

Bai Qingyi was startled, and looked at Gu Zuo with a strange expression. He hesitatingly said: “…Master was talking to me just now?”

Gu Zuo pursed his lips: It’s me.

Bai Qingyi’s eyes widened. He hesitated for a bit, then thought in his mind: Master is talking to me?

Gu Zuo praised him a little, and replied again: Yes, it’s me. BO6DXK

Bai Qingyi ascertained his own guess. This time, he was truly astonished.

He never anticipated that this new master had such an ability! But he thought it over and promptly understood the advantages this ability could bring them — Like this, his safety in acting as a spy was many times higher!

In this moment, he suddenly realized that he didn’t need to pass the test of time. He was certain that following this master and that Senior Sect Brother wasn’t the wrong thing to do…

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After experimenting, Gu Zuo asked Tianheng again: “Big brother, did you hear anything just now?” kySUKI

Gongyi Tianheng faintly shook his head: “Not once.”

Gu Zuo’s joy suddenly decreased by a point: “Ah, this is…”

Tianheng smiled and said: “Ah Zuo doesn’t need to mind. This ability stems from Ah Zuo, so Ah Zuo naturally acts as the medium. If I have any commands to give this Bai Qingyi, Ah Zuo can also pass it along on my behalf. It’s only somewhat inconvenient. Compared to those who don’t have this ability, we’re already much more powerful.”

Gu Zuo heard this, and was no longer dispirited. 1c5dLJ

Perhaps when his psychic power got stronger, he could change the “private chat” to a “group chat”?

Gongyi Tianheng ruffled his hair: “The top priority right now is for Gu Zuo to do lots of tests with this ability. Previously, if we were transmitting thoughts, there could only be a thousand meters between us. The transmission limits between Ah Zuo and that Bai Qingyi needs to be quickly figured out.”

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Gu Zuo obediently nodded his head: “I’ll pay attention to this.”

The matter was resolved. Bai Qingyi didn’t dare to disobey these two people. Currently, in order to convey his own loyalty, he’d already taken the initiative to go sort out the corpses of that He Qianqian and the others. L9B2bW

At this moment, Gongyi Tianheng raised his voice: “Tianyang, come here and lend a hand.”

Tianyang heard this, and promptly patted the wild rhino’s head. He turned around and spurred the beast over. The remaining Gongyi Clan children caught up one after another. Even Gongyi Mingxia jumped down and walked over to those corpses.

Because Tianheng used his martial power to kill them, the corpses were all intact. When handling them, there wasn’t any need to bury them or anything of the sort. Rather, the corpses, carriage, and other things were all heaped into a pile.

After this was finished, Gu Zuo walked in front of the pile and poured out some kind of fluid, which spilled onto the surfaces of those corpses. gWwMKI

Tianheng’s eyebrows twitched.

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This liquid…

Soon after, he walked over and stood next to Gu Zuo.

Gu Zuo smiled at him, his expression somewhat mysterious. 9rHak4

Tianheng watched as Gu Zuo took out a fire stone to ignite the corpses. Immediately following which, a line of fire gushed out of his palm and rapidly mixed with the corpses’ flames!

That’s right. That fluid wasn’t some special medicinal liquid, but the beast oil that Gu Zuo usually made for the purpose of refining medicinal cuisines. It was true that it could help the intensity of the fire, but it was impossible to use it to directly set fire to those Xiantian corpses. Gu Zuo only did this to conceal the fact that he could control the Earthen Core Flame and that the Earthen Core Flame was used to cremate those corpses.

Among the people here and now, Bai Qingyi knew many things, but he also wouldn’t tell anyone. The remaining children knew few things, and had only watched the scene of Gu Zuo playing pretend.

Under the power of the Earthen Core Flame, any evidence of these corpses was quickly burned to ashes. In the future, even if someone came over to investigate, it would be impossible to find any clues. qUtdZ2

Afterwards, Gu Zuo put away the Earthen Core Flame.

At this time, in front of everyone, not a single thing remained on the ground. It was exactly the same as before — What left everyone astonished was that some of the vegetation on the ground hadn’t been disturbed by the intensity of the fire.

Through the passage of time, people would pass through here and wild beasts would trample the ground. In this way, it would be even more impossible for someone to make any discoveries.

After putting everything away, the group of people didn’t linger here any longer. Uu51R6

Gongyi Tianyang and the others didn’t feel that Bai Qingyi’s change in allegiance was strange. They also didn’t have any complaints about it. In any case, at that time, this person didn’t become a “culprit” who humiliated them. Their cousin had certainly grasped any of his usefulness long ago. They just needed to follow behind their cousin, and remain quiet and obedient.

Merely, while they didn’t have a trace of fear towards that fire just now, a fear even more profound than legends arose in their hearts towards the pharmacist crowd, this type of high-danger occupation.

After exiting the city, Bai Qingyi and Gongyi Tianheng’s group went their separate ways. What he had to do now wasn’t to display his devotions toward his new master, but to rush back to the Qingyun Sect as soon as possible. He needed to quickly join the forces of the He Clan brothers. If not, when the time of He Qianqian and the others’ disappearance lengthened, which would raise suspicions in the He Clan brothers’ hearts, it would be extremely difficult to infiltrate and act as a spy.

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Tianheng gave Bai Qingyi a Life Extension Pill. 9x1TsI

This pill was one that Gu Zuo refined with the Dual-Faced Flower a long time ago. At that time, he made twelve low grade Life Extension Pills, four mid grade pills, and two high grade pills. Among the twelve low grade pills Gu Zuo handed over to Tianheng to handle, each pill could extend a lifespan by as many as eighty years.

At this moment, the one that Tianheng gave Bai Qingyi was naturally a low grade pill.

However, after getting this low grade Life Extension Pill, Bai Qingyi would have another bargaining chip to swiftly enter the He Clan brothers’ core circle.

Bai Qingyi was immensely grateful, and his heart was strongly affected. VKRGdn

At the same time, his loyalty towards Gu Zuo and Gongyi Tianheng gradually became more sincere.

Thus, his spirits were raised when he thought about acting as a spy.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

When they returned to the Gongyi Clan, the numerous children were travel-worn. However, the growth of each person made the clan members sigh ruefully.

During this adventure, the three people who performed the best had already been determined. They were Gongyi Tianyin, Gongyi Tianhe, and Gongyi Tianxiao. If, at first, they behaved similarly, after going through the matter of He Qianqian’s quarrel, Tianyin appeared even steadier. txqjP5

The Clan Head Gongyi Yan saw these outstanding and exuberant children, and his heart was full of praise. The first thing he did wasn’t to ask about their achievements. Rather, he immediately ushered them in and set up a feast to welcome them back.

Of course, the people who could come this time were the same batch of people who were brought into the core the last time.

After drinking and feasting, Tianheng stood up and proclaimed: “Tianyin, Tianhe, and Tianxiao. You three will follow me back to the Qingyun Sect.”

Soon after, three handsome teenagers got up from their seats. In front of the numerous children, they saluted deeply: “We understand. We won’t disappoint Senior Brother!” ham6Ic

When the three placements were meted out, the branch elders and clan members of the three children were wild with joy. Although Tianheng had once said that more children would be brought along in the future, everyone knew that, under the circumstances of equivalent ages, the earlier they went the better. And once a person’s age exceeded a certain limit, it was inevitable to choose someone who was younger. A person who was somewhat older would thus miss this opportunity — Currently, the three chosen people were all about the same age as Gongyi Tianyang. Sixteen to seventeen year olds were the best to teach. After entering the Sect, with Tianheng giving pointers and providing shelter, their future prospects were worth looking forward to!

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Gongyi Yan was also very happy.

His son, Gongyi Tianheng, was the Gongyi Clan’s stroke of luck.

Now that more children were embarking upon the path of even stronger martial arts, he was incomparably proud of his eldest son, who had set this matter into motion! So long as his eldest son was around, his future children would all have brilliant prospects! 1E7Zn6

Having a son was like this. He seriously wanted to drink for three days and three nights to express his carefree heart!

After Tianheng encouraged the remaining clan members with a few words, he cast out three tokens in front of the numerous children. These tokens were proof of a nominal disciple’s identity. With these in hand, Tianyin and the others were considered to have an official position within the Sect.

Soon after, Tianyang and Mingxia also obtained a token in front of everyone. They looked at the token in their hands and loved them too much to put them down. Many Gongyi Clan members also got closer to take a look. For a time, everyone was harmonious and extremely happy.

Gu Zuo watched this scene, and his eyes held a bit of envy and his heart unavoidably had a trace of sadness. PgdE3e

He thought about his family far off in another world. He thought about how he didn’t know when he could return. He thought about how he’d miss his big brother here when he returned. His state of mind was suddenly complicated and depressed.

All of a sudden, a pair of tiny arms hugged Gu Zuo’s thigh. He lowered his head to look and discovered there was a plump four year old… Wasn’t this his big brother’s younger sibling, Gongyi Tianteng?

The little guy was very chubby, but likely to keep an expressionless face. That type of solemn expression seemed extremely cute. And his treatment of Gu Zuo had always been very intimate.

With such a squishy thing close by, Gu Zuo’s previous mood was immediately cleaned out. He couldn’t help reaching out to carry Tianteng. After feeling the weight in his embrace, his mood improved even more. MRSyB3

“Tianteng?” He reached out a hand to rub Tianteng’s cheeks, “Why did you come?”

Gongyi Tianteng lifted his small face, his chin stretched taut: “Big Bro Ah Zuo.”

Gu Zuo’s little teenaged heart melted some more: “Tianteng found me. What’s up?”

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Tianteng pouted: “I missed Big Bro Ah Zuo.” KwGVgp

Gu Zuo was somewhat amazed.

He remembered that he hadn’t had too many interactions with this child… However, he was still very happy to have obtained the little guy’s fondness. As a result, he just smiled and imitated Tianheng’s normal appearance, ruffling Tianteng’s hair.

Gongyi Tianteng still had a blank face, but he didn’t avoid Gu Zuo’s groping hand. His eyes also faintly shined.

Off to the side, Tianheng saw this, and the smile in his eyes deepened. vcrYq8

His little pharmacist and Tianteng got along rather well. Tianteng also liked Ah Zuo quite a lot. This, naturally, couldn’t have been better. Also, when Ah Zuo previously heard about the matter of Tianteng’s body tempering, he wanted to look for an even better medicinal pill to help Tianteng set a sturdy foundation.

Gu Zuo and Tianteng were kindred spirits.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Once upon a time, Gu Zuo treated Gongyi Tianheng rather reverently. When facing Tianteng, even though he felt the other was very cute, he didn’t dare act presumptuously and was very cautious and solemn. But it was different now. Gu Zuo already viewed Tianteng as a close relative. It wasn’t just a case of fondness by association. He looked upon Tianteng with an even gentler attitude of the heart, and experienced the other’s closeness.

As a result, Gu Zuo adored Gongyi Tianteng very much, and got used to stuffing a small bottle into his hands. u82jYA

— Of course, the bottle didn’t contain the Tiger’s Roar Pill Decoction. Rather, it was a little something that he refined; a Trick Pill that could be used for self-protection. Its use was very simple. One only needed to spend a bit of strength to throw it on the ground. After that, it would burst forth with a plume of smoke like a hand grenade, which was capable of causing martial artists at the Xiantian Realm and below to lose their abilities to resist.

Originally, this thing was really useless to Gu Zuo. However, if it was given to Tianteng, then it would be a different story — It happened to suit his age, and using it wasn’t troublesome. And this type of medicinal pill, which was placed within the Trick Pills, had an even stranger point. Its antidote was on its outer shell!

In other words, once Tianteng used a hand to extract a Trick Pill and toss it out, the instant his fingers touched the Trick Pill, it would be the equivalent of taking the antidote. After he threw out the Trick Pill, it would completely deal with the enemy.

To Gongyi Tianteng, this really couldn’t have been more secure. It also couldn’t have been a more suitable “plaything”. And with Tianteng’s training, after Gu Zuo clearly explained the Trick Pill’s marvels, he certainly wouldn’t misuse it. yhQIno

Sure enough, Tianteng was very happy. He grabbed that small bottle and fiddled with it. His tender face showed a faint, red glow: “Thank you, Big Bro Ah Zuo.”

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Gu Zuo thought he was very cute, and couldn’t help slipping him several more bottles. They contained top grade Qi Generating Pills and Rejuvenation Pills. Although they were useless to the current Tianteng, they were very good for him to reward others or to exchange for other things.

At this point, Gu Zuo had found that he’ll give medicinal pills to whoever he had good feelings towards… Speaking of which, this habit was formed while tending to Gongyi Tianheng. As a pharmacist, this also didn’t seem bad? In any case, medicinal pills, these things, were always urgently needed. It also wasn’t something that a martial artist would decline…

On this side, Gu Zuo carried Tianteng and didn’t feel listless as before. When he took another look at the harmonious scene of the Gongyi Clan’s people, the expression in his eyes carried some warmth. SV9faP

No matter what was said, while his arrival into this world was abrupt, his luck was pretty good after all.

He watched the side of Gongyi Tianheng’s face…

En, it should be said that his luck was very good.

Being able to meet such a big brother. w5JOSc

After Gu Zuo set aside the Tiger’s Roar Pill Decoction and the other medicinal pills refined for the Gongyi Clan, he went to give pointers to the numerous pharmacists raised by the clan. Naturally, he also gained many favorable impressions throughout the clan.

Only, reaching this point in time, their matters were almost completely finished.

Because their purpose for returning was already achieved, Gongyi Tianheng wasn’t prepared to linger within the household for too long. Once everything was settled, he led Dragon Three to Dragon Seven, who’d taken the Xiantian Pill and had already advanced to Xiantian. He also brought along Tianyang, Mingxia, and the others, and departed Cangyun City.

At the same time, that grade six Armor-Plated Rhino was given by Tianheng as a present to his own father, Gongyi Yan since the Gongyi Clan already had a beast to guard the clan — It was only just below the grade seven Cirrus-Cloud Eagle possessed by the Royal Family. CIUx07

Gongyi Yan, Liu Suyan, Gongyi Zhuoyue, and several others bade them farewell outside the city. Their hearts were extremely reluctant to part with them. Most of all were the Clan Head husband and wife. Currently, the only one remaining beside them was the youngest child. Their other sons and daughter went to struggle on the journey along their own martial paths. It was hard to voice the worries in their hearts.

Tianheng understood the moods of his numerous relatives. He faced them and paid his respects. Soon after, he had Gu Zuo release the flying boat from his storage space, and jumped aboard.

This boat was simple and crude. It could accommodate only a few people, but the dozen or so people at the scene could all smoothly enter.

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Tianyang and the others had never seen such a peculiar flying boat, and were very inquisitive. They also especially looked forward to that Qingyun Sect. SoY0TG

Yet, after the flying boat rose into the sky, these still-curious, youthful martial artists all suffered hardships. Their scalps were blown by the piercing cold, their hair was practically plastered to their faces, it was difficult to breathe, and their cheeks were all blown stiff. Those appearances truly cut sorry figures.

Mingxia sat next to Gu Zuo. The surrounding winds were mostly blocked by Gu Zuo using his small body. On the contrary, she wasn’t as miserable as her clan brothers.

At this moment, Gongyi Tianheng unhurriedly said: “Spread your true qi over your bodies. It can be used to slightly obstruct the winds.”

Gu Zuo felt the bitter press of the wind, and silently restrained his smile. vmyNul

So to say, his big brother’s mischief sometimes wasn’t only directed towards himself… This time, he was with Tianyang and this crowd of people. This was also considered sharing one’s trials and tribulations.

The flying boat travelled along its route quickly. After this, Tianheng sat between Mingxia and Gu Zuo. His hand gently laid upon Mingxia’s shoulder, while the other hand beckoned Gu Zuo to sit in front of him. With a detached embrace, he used his own true qi to protect the two.

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Originally, Gu Zuo was someone who could protect himself. Unfortunately, there were many people here, so it wasn’t a good idea in the end.

The flying boat flew very swiftly. yakBrK

Although Tianyang and the others got to experience the pain of being squeezed while passing through different continents along the way, there was also a feeling of being opened to a new world. As they travelled farther away, the ambient qi seemed to become a bit denser. For these teenagers, who were on their first trip to distant lands, this was another addition to the pile of marvels.

Unwittingly, many days passed.

Then, the Qingyun Continent’s location was right before their eyes.

Gongyi Tianheng’s voice came steadily: “Tianyang, do you all understand what I explained before?” X0Jjr8

Tianyang replied: “I understand.”

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Tianyin and the others’ recollective abilities weren’t bad. One after another, they expressed their own understanding.

Immediately following which, the flying boat finally forced its way into the Qingyun Continent. In the blink of an eye, dense ambient qi blasted them in the faces. It was as if an even more beautiful view with magnificent mountain ranges were laid bare before the unsophisticated eyes of the Gongyi Clan’s group.

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    In any case, at that time, this person didn’t become a “murderer” who humiliated them. — Probably “culprit” would be better than “murderer” since no one got killed.

    This little guy was very chubby, but had a very likable, wooden face. –> The little guy was chubby, but likely to keep an expressionless face.

    He reached out a hand to grope Tianteng’s cheeks — Try “rub” instead of “grope”, the latter is a bit suggestive. =P

    Embracing nothingness, he used his own true qi to protect the two. –> With a detached embrace, he used… (basically, he has his arm extended around GZ but without any physical contact)

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    Gu Zuo: surprised Pikachu face

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