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I Have MedicineCh88 - The Sect


After they got on the ship, Gu Zuo was put down by Tianheng. Soon after, he sensed a series of rumblings, which came from beneath the ship’s hull. The huge vessel jolted and swiftly flew away!

Its speed was incredibly fast! CrMHzE

His perception only felt that it wasn’t any slower than a modern airplane.

Even he, a person who experienced the convenience of the modern era’s advanced technologies, was a little surprised. It was only natural that those unsophisticated martial artists would be even more amazed — The vehicles they knew about simply weren’t able to fly. And since they could rely on their own physical bodies to float in the air after reaching the Xiantian realm, this kind of large ship could practically be considered a strange treasure!

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Gu Zuo silently thought: This is basically an initial show of strength… But it doesn’t matter if it is or isn’t. In any case, he’s finding those martial artists who’re even more cautious.

Those aristocratic young masters, whose appearance hid a deep arrogance, hadn’t participated in the Hundred Countries Tournament. Under the shock of this immense flying ship, not even the dregs of their sense of superiority remained in their current mentalities. QL7GqN

It was just that the Qingyun Sect was, nevertheless, extremely far away.

Presently, the journey’s flight had already taken a full three days time, but the destination still seemed far in the distant future.

Gu Zuo stood with Gongyi Tianheng on that expansive deck, watching the rolling clouds pass by.

This airship didn’t have a glass or metal exterior, but the wind from outside didn’t blow in. It seemed especially magical. GBtClP

During this trip, Gu Zuo’s psychic power detected that they had passed through several barriers… Although the distance travelled between these barriers was very long, there was no need for doubt. This was a matter that couldn’t be ignored.

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He immediately told Tianheng — This was also to gradually understand his big brother’s way of handling things during normal times as well as his meticulous lines of thought. This was about forming good habits.

Tianheng’s brows slightly creased as he seemed to ponder.

Just then, Gu Zuo suddenly whispered: “Big brother, it’s just like this! Can you sense it?” tGuCb8

Tianheng didn’t neglect what Gu Zuo said. Although he didn’t have psychic power to temper himself nor Gu Zuo’s keen perception, a martial artist’s active brain region would expand in the wake of increasing one’s power. One’s psychic power could also develop. In fact, one’s awareness to external crises was also related to psychic power.

Just previously, he didn’t make a fine distinction between the two, so naturally, he overlooked it. However, after being warned, he indeed discovered this difference.

He was more attentive than Gu Zuo when it came to observing this gigantic, passenger-carrying ship.

It seemed…its speed had slowed down a bit. 8ovawl

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Zfgfis, tf vlvc’a xcbk ktja atf vfajlir kfgf obg atf alwf yflcu.

Kljctfcu weaafgfv: “P’ii gfmbgv atlr wjaafg olgra. Ct Ieb, lo sbe tjnf j mtjcmf rbwfalwf, ajxf rbwf wbgf cbafr.”

Ycmf Xe Ieb tfjgv atlr, tf xcfk tlr ylu ygbatfg tjv rfa tlr tfjga bc atlr wjaafg. Lfcmf, tf cbvvfv: “P uba la.” IaDxAq

The two didn’t linger here for long. However, there were actually many of these things along this journey. Tianheng was often able to observe and experience this phenomenon.

Although he wasn’t able to discover the other rules, he gradually found several paths of resistance. And whenever they passed through these areas of resistance, the time used up was as much as doubled or tripled.

Only, the maximum didn’t exceed three times… He also took note of this discovery.

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Altogether, about seventeen days passed till the airship finally landed on a continent. C4ZTDW

Gu Zuo looked down, and found that the people coming and going on the continent really were as packed as ants. At a glance, they were simply countless.

The airship’s rest stop was in front of a mountain range.

What attracted one’s attention were pieces of fertile land. Each piece was subdivided into large and small sets, and the tracts of land were varied. Through a careful inspection, there were some manual laborers on those lands. Also, their qi and blood were active. The strength of each one wasn’t low, and their figures were very sturdy. Unexpectedly, they were all rather ferocious martial artists!

But since they were martial artists, could it be that they needed this kind of industrious…farming? fqSCAi

It truly left one puzzled.

Before Gu Zuo could figure it out, he saw Zou Qingyue manipulate something at the bow of the ship. The enormous vessel immediately descended, and came to a halt on a wide, open space.

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After a period of swaying sensations, the ship stabilized. With a cold demeanor, Zou Qingyue said: “All disciples, quickly disembark!”

Afterwards, Gu Zuo was carried on Tianheng’s shoulders again and followed the masses as they stood obediently beneath a mountain gate. z4ZCIU

That’s right. There was an incredibly enormous mountain gate here. The width could accommodate dozens of people walking in together. The stone tablet above read “Qingyun Sect”. These words were painted in iron and etched in silver. Its grandeur made it difficult to approach. It wasn’t known who wrote it, but it looked like a weapon was used to do the engraving.

In fact, those fertile lands the airship was on were all within the mountain gate. They were also surrounded by very many mountain peaks. Looking at close-range, Gu Zuo clearly saw that those farming martial artists were all wearing the exact same clothes.

However, Zou Qingyue didn’t give them the time to ask questions. She just took this group of people over to a courtyard that wasn’t too far from the fertile lands.

In front of the courtyard was a little hall. There were already many martial artists who were entering and exiting from here. 0YGzqc

Zou Qingyue first stopped her footsteps, and said to the other two Immortal realm martial artists: “For now, I’ll send them to the outer sect task hall to settle down. Will my two senior sect brothers go with me or hand in the mission first?”

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Liu Wuyuan hastily said: “Doing a mission must naturally be carried through. I’ll go with junior sect sister.”

Luo Yanfang saw him rush to take the first step, and promptly said: “This is only as it should be. This Luo will also go.”

Zou Qingyue nodded her head: “Then, I’ll have to ask my senior sect brothers to first explain to these new disciples. I’ll go to the task hall and meet with Instructor Li.” Hh4CKW

Once she finished speaking, she walked on ahead and entered that little hall.

Liu Wuyuan and Luo Yanfang turned their heads. Their attitude towards this group of martial artists was far less polite than how they treated Zou Qingyue.

First was Luo Yanfang, who said in a bad mood: “Okay. From today onwards, you’re all outer sect disciples of the Qingyun Sect. Our junior sect sister went ahead to bring you guys your disciple tokens and rulebooks. You better get a clear understanding of the situation between the outer and inner sects. Don’t make any mistakes and don’t make things difficult. Got it?”

Liu Wuyuan’s tone was a little better, but also didn’t go anywhere pleasant: “There’s something you need to remember when addressing others. Even if they’re younger, for any outer or inner sect disciple who’s stronger than you, you must behave and call them senior sect brother or sister. If you encounter an apprentice or core disciple, as well as a few elders, you must call them instructors or teachers. Pay attention to yourselves so that you don’t call them incorrectly. Otherwise, if you offend the previously mentioned people, you won’t be lucky enough to have a place to grieve. In addition, you can’t violate the sect rules. Or else you’ll be taken to the disciplinary hall for punishment. At that time, no one will pity you even if you die.” Htf0dn

The two mentioned the rules, the matter of not making mistakes, and so on. Numerous martial artists listened and didn’t dare ignore the tiniest bit of information. At the same time, their reverence of the sect increased even more.

At this time, Zou Qingyue walked out of the hall. She carried a rather big package.

Immediately following this, she stood in front of the martial artists and shook her silk-white hands, opening the package.

Tianheng only felt the scene blur before his eyes. Then, something heavy landed in his hand. It was a small, palm-sized wrapping cloth, which was delivered by Zou Qingyue. owBdtj

Gu Zuo saw that, apart from He Chengfeng, each of the top ten martial artists of the Hundred Countries Tournament had one.

Zou Qingyue was still very responsible and diligent. She gave an explanation for them: “This is a Fangcun Cloth. It’s connected to a square meter space for your everyday necessities. All ordinary outer sect disciples are issued one each.”

An inter-spatial tool!

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Many martial artists immediately reacted. Ak3C1Q

In the major families they’d come from, a clan would have at most one or two such devices. They were all held in the grasps of the clan’s most important people. However, their ages were still young. It was basically impossible to get one from the clan. As for the top ten martial artists who just entered the sect, they unexpectedly got one. It was truly inconceivable! Despite it being only one square meter… It already could hold very many good things!

When those nominal disciples-to-be saw Tianheng and the others, it was seriously hard to constrain the envy in their eyes.

An outer sect disciple’s treatment would truly leave a person red-eyed with jealousy! The sect deserved to be called a sect. Sure enough, its depths were unfathomable…

Once the crowd of martial artists calmed down, Zou Qingyue continued to speak: “In the Fangcun Cloth is one bottle of Qi Linking Pills and three bottles of Qi Generating Pills, which serves as an outer sect disciple’s monthly stipend. In addition, there’s one outer sect disciple token and ten nominal disciple tokens. Those require a drop of blood to recognize its owner. You junior sect disciples can use those nominal disciple tokens to attract helpers. But nominal disciples don’t get a monthly stipend, and need to be taken care of by the junior sect disciples themselves.” Bwcsdr

At this time, Tianheng and the others had opened their Fangcun Cloths. As expected, there was a pile of tokens, and several other odds and ends.

There were three Qi Linking Pills within a porcelain bottle, and five Qi Generating Pills in each of the other three bottles, making fifteen in total. The purity was pretty good, so it was considered very generous. From another perspective, this proved Tianheng’s speculation. This shocked many martial artists as their minds repeatedly conjured up hypotheticals.

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However, Zou Qingyue didn’t patiently listen to their wild guesses. She eventually said her final piece, which was also the most important one: “Those books serve as the rules for the clan’s disciples. You all must learn them by heart. Don’t be negligent and violate the sect rules. That bag of seeds are for you all to plant Scarlet Blood Rice for consumption. You’ll receive this rice once a month. Fifty percent of each harvest will be handed over to the sect, and the rest will be returned to you all.

“If the harvest is bad, you must hand over at least ten kilograms of Scarlet Blood Rice. If there’s not enough, you all must make up the deficiency by yourselves. Otherwise, an outer sect disciple will be demoted to nominal disciple after three months. This person’s subordinate nominal disciples will be stripped of their titles and expelled from the sect! This is an outer sect disciple’s main mission. All of you will remember this at all costs!” gwWzvZ

In the blink of an eye, the crowd of martial artists were in an uproar.

Unexpectedly, there was still this kind of thing? After they entered the sect, they needed to do such missions!?

Those aristocratic young masters all had faces of incredulity.

They came to the sect for the sake of practicing martial arts and to pursue the supreme martial path. They didn’t come to do this kind of work! r2fVb8

Gu Zuo was also very dispirited.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Right now, he roughly understood two things:

First, one must farm to be a martial artist;

Second, an outer sect disciple’s life began with farming… 7xqo2I

T/N: Thanks, Charysa, for the corrections.

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Translator's Note

铁画银钩 – Tie hua yin gou, a piece of calligraphy whose strokes are robust and beautiful.

Translator's Note

方寸 – Fang cun, a square inch. Kept the pinyin for aesthetics.

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    Gu Zuo discovered that his psychic power’s perception had apparently passed through several layers of barriers… –> GZ’s psychic power detected that they had passed through several barriers.

    There are some things that need to be addressed first. Even if they’re younger, so long as they’re stronger than you outer and inner sect disciples, you must behave and call them senior sect brothers or sisters. –> There’s something you need to remember when addressing others. Even if they’re younger, for any outer or inner disciples who are stronger than you, you must behave and call them senior sect brother or sister.

    In this big world, a clan would have at most one or two such devices. –> In major families that they had come from, a clan would have at most one or two such devices.

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