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I Have MedicineCh99 - Two Days



Gu Zuo flipped up and stretched out a hand to grab a vine, directly swinging on it. tgBbe8

At the exact same moment, a silver drill burst forth from between his eyebrows right into the bloody mouth of a monster bird. That bird immediately became sluggish and its wings flapped madly. Immediately after that, two silver drills pierced its wings from the left and right. A further spray of three more drills utterly destroyed that monster bird!

Gu Zuo slid down the vine, gasping for breath as he dropped to the base of a large tree.

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Speaking of which, shouldn’t the innate qualities of one’s body be very good after reaching the Xiantian realm? How could he get tired after being chased by a mere grade four monster bird?

It truly left one speechless. HKBTO9

Gongyi Tianheng jumped down from a higher position. He’d been standing on an exposed branch all this time, watching over Gu Zuo’s safety. Seeing him smoothly dispatch a grade four monster bird eased his worries.

He praised: “Ah Zuo did it!”

Gu Zuo scratched his temples: “This time I used six Spirit Piercing Drills.”

Tianheng said: “None of them were wasted. It’s good like this.”


Gu Zuo knew this was his big brother encouraging him, but he still self-reflected: “If my first drill directly pierced through its beak or eye… Those last three drills could’ve been reduced to one or two.”

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Tianheng smiled: “Kill a couple more birds, and naturally you’ll be even more capable of grasping it.”

Gu Zuo thought as such. Just like medicine refinement, refining more would naturally give a clearer understanding of how to economize.

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He and Tianheng had already stayed here for as long as two days. From the first day when they coordinated to slay the mountain spring’s lizard beast, they already obtained two stalks of one hundred years old Silken Mist Grass. Then, they travelled to several other places rich in Silken Mist Grass — That is, places with lots of water. After slaying wild beasts again and again, the amount of one hundred years old Silken Mist Grass in their possession already reached twelve stalks up to this point.

One couldn’t say that this kind of harvest was bad. VwcFdi

However, what was worth being even happier about was that, from Gu Zuo not daring to confront grade four wild beasts and not knowing he could greatly injure and hinder them, he could now discern their strengths and weaknesses at a glance. Moreover, he dared to mount sneak attacks and hit-and-run tactics. His progress couldn’t be said to be small.

All the while, Gongyi Tianheng constantly accompanied him to provide support, and also played a big role.

Of course, Gu Zuo didn’t forget that this trip was to let his dear big brother gain experience.

Currently, Tianheng had six sets of bone pearls, and basically couldn’t be looked at from an ordinary person’s point of view. Under his hands, the so-called grade three apex wild beasts weren’t able to withstand a round against him. One couldn’t say that this would stimulate his fighting strength, or be the opportunity to let him break through to the Xiantian realm. MLRxUd

As a result, after Gu Zuo toughened up for a bit, he acted as support to let Tianheng fight grade four wild beasts!

Without psychic power, this cheat tool that could curve and change directions, Tianheng naturally couldn’t slay grade four wild beasts as dexterously as Gu Zuo — This definitely wasn’t saying that Tianheng’s fighting strength couldn’t be compared to Gu Zuo’s. Rather, he needed to fight them while close to their bodies or use weapons to battle them. The technical content of this kind of maneuvering was high.

However, it was because of this that Tianheng could sharpen his combat techniques, raising his skills little by little.

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The two obtained four or five Xiantian wild beasts, numerous Silken Mist Grass, as well as some other medicinal herbs Gu Zuo recalled. All of it was put into the storage space. B4aeY

Although they’d already been here for as many as two days, Gu Zuo felt that more Silken Mist Grass could still be found. Gongyi Tianheng’s breakthrough opportunity also hadn’t been found. They intended on staying for several more days.

Hence, the two travelled even deeper into the mountains. Naturally, they were even more prudent than before.

Gu Zuo held his breath and focused with rapt attention, extending his psychic power and maintaining a range of one hundred meters around them. Because the mountain roads were hard to climb, he gripped Tianheng’s sleeves even tighter. He didn’t dare to be even the slightest bit careless.

Walking for around several hundred meters, the map’s mark of the next spot rich in Silken Mist Grass was quite hidden. They still hadn’t found it, but Gu Zuo suddenly perceived some clamorous sounds, forcing him to halt his steps. lo8D1Y

Gongyi Tianheng paused: “Ah Zuo, what’s the matter?”

Gu Zuo frowned: “Big brother, can you hear…someone shouting?”

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Tianheng heard him say this, and listened carefully. But in the end, his psychic powers couldn’t be expressed. The range of what he could sense couldn’t compare to how vastly Gu Zuo could cast his psychic net. Thus, he could only indistinctly feel danger somewhere. He couldn’t perceive anything more.

After pondering for a bit, he said: “Ah Zuo, point me in its direction, and we’ll go have a look.” pxLrCs

At first, Gu Zuo felt that it had nothing to do with them, and that avoiding the way to the other side was the right thing to do. However, since his dear big brother said so, he must certainly have some kind of notion.

Thus, after Gu Zuo carefully “listened”, he pointed a bit to the right: “Just over there.”

Tianheng fished Gu Zuo up and carried him under his armpit. He pushed off the tips of his feet and flew out.

Gu Zuo habitually switched to a comfortable position and continuously gave directions to prevent Tianheng from going the wrong way. SO2FNQ

After approaching that direction by seventy to eighty meters, the mountains could no longer block the duo’s line of sight. Tianheng could naturally see the flickering shadows of people close to one hundred meters ahead.

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It wasn’t surprising. Not only did they flit across the tops of many forest trees, the mountain road also wasn’t flat. There was a distance of nearly two hundred meters between them when Tianheng sensed unseen danger. Gu Zuo’s psychic power could only perceive sound, so it was to be expected.

At this time, there weren’t too many things to hide behind. Gongyi Tianheng carried Gu Zuo and crouched down behind a mountain stone. The source of that noise was clearly seen by them.

It was two men and two women fighting against a gigantic lion whose body was wreathed in flames. That lion was clearly a grade four wild beast. Moreover, its qi energy in question was close to grade five! As for the four men and women, although there was one man and one woman who were Xiantian, the other two were only peak Meridian Condensing stage three. When confronting that lion, it was naturally extremely dangerous, and they received many wounds. SC1tU0

In the previous two days, Gu Zuo and Gongyi Tianheng had never encountered a wild beast that was close to grade five like this. If they confronted one, they didn’t know what the outcome would be.

Gu Zuo saw that there were some injured among those four. Although his heart couldn’t tolerate this, he still looked towards Tianheng.

He was used to this unbearable feeling, but he still didn’t express his opinions on whether he could rescue them or how they should be rescued.

Tianheng placatingly pat Gu Zuo’s head, his gaze still locked on that fight between the four people and the lion. There wasn’t any mention of saving, but there also wasn’t any mention of not saving. tiEr8W

He just seemed to be observing something.

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  1. Thanks for the chapter (o゜▽゜)o☆

    Looking forward to seeing what happens next. I especially want to know just what the ML is observing >.>

  2. Thank you for the chapter!

    Is the ML observing a sheathed package that full of thorns? And in decision on perfect ways to chop it off to tease our MC?

  3. Our MC is becoming an excellent combat support class, in addition to crafting support. This period of time in the sect is also where we see our MC often be more capable than the combat prodigy ML.

    Translation suggestions:

    The continuous launching of the three drills utterly destroyed that monster bird! –> A further spray of three more drills utterly destroyed that monster bird!

    He’d just traversed over the tree branches and appeared, watching over Gu Zuo’s safety. –> He had been standing on an exposed branch all this time, watching over Gu Zuo’s safety.

    I ultimately wouldn’t have used three drills, only one or two. –> …those last three drills could have been reduced to one or two.

    The current Tianheng had six sets of bone pearls –> Currently Tianheng had…

    Its appearance was close to seventy to eighty meters in height, but that mountainous form couldn’t obscure the two’s lines of sight. –> After approaching that direction by 70-80 meters, the mountains could no longer block the duo’s line of sight.