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  • The named-at-random Zheng Chong: so on top of all the humiliation I had to eat, I couldn’t even get a unique family name??! This author !!! Lacking in professionalism!!!! Want to sue, want to kill!!!!!

    I really do feel for Zheng Chong, lol, such a poor, hardworking cannon fodder and yet… sigh, hopefully the events of that night won’t be a shadow for the rest of his life *shakes head*

    (Thank you for the chapter (~ ̄▽ ̄)~)

  • Heheh, am I the only one that felt weirdly thirsty on reading that last line? Huanhuan, call out again okay? (*^▽^*)??

    (Thanks for the chapter 😍)

  • Thanks for the chapter! I really loved how dumbfounded the MC was here XD

  • Thanks for the work up till now, Zryuu, and welcome to new translator Juu~~

    These last few chapters have been so much fun 😀

  • Haha… I’m not doing anything with this fist, oh, I’m not doing anything at all. Just come closer, Zhan Yanchao, come a little closer…

    (Thanks for the chapter, even though it abused my heart TvT)

  • I think ‘double-faceted’ works well enough. Thanks for the chapter 😍😍😍

  • Oh man I totally forgot! 061 firing open the shop page out of reflex was too good XD

  • Yup, this is indeed an A-classed world, huh, with A-class hurt /o. I can already tell it’s going to burn my heart to death in the best way ever.

    Thanks for the chapter (/^▽^)/

  • Thanks for the chapter~!

    Re trigger warnings, using them even for mentions of the big three or so things people usually recoil from (rape, violence/gore, underage) is okay. I can’t remember if you did warnings at the start of the novel, and I do think sometimes the author will even speak up themselves with a little reminder so you don’t have to worry about adding one.

    For me, though, I fed like just a “so and so raped such and such” isn’t worth warning for in a cnovel setting unless the MC or ML is involved. Graphic description is less common and so is more likely to take a reader by surprise, esp if the rest of the novel is pretty fluffy or lacking in conflict. Use your own judgment and don’t worry too much about getting it wrong, I kind of feel like anyone who got through the second arc of this novel can endure whatever comes next without too much prep.

  • Woooow, Lin Qian’s rage mode is too fierce! Too fucking satisfying!! I love how Zheng PingQing just stubbornly kept trying to rush back into the fight, too XD

    Also looking forward to what happens when all these no 12 students calm down, and they focus their brain holes on the progression of what actually happened to set Lin Qian off. Because it’s sooooo obvious the only reason he got into it was because his darling was injured, lol. Who knows how any of the students will make sense of it though.

    Thanks for the chapter (/^▽^)/