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I Have MedicineCh98 - Ah Zuo’s Very Powerful


During the journey, Gu Zuo sat in front of Gongyi Tianheng. He felt as if he was a child being bundled up. It was simply impossible for him to feel any more embarrassed. It was too late this time around, so after this period of adventuring ended, he could only steel himself to devise a way to learn horseback riding!

— If it was due to being pragmatic, then it’d be fine. Unfortunately, it was because he himself couldn’t ride a horse… If he still couldn’t do it next time, he might as well stick his head in the sand and not venture out! QYnzfv

Tianheng seemed to notice Gu Zuo’s predicament, and didn’t tease him. He merely drew the reigns and used the fastest speed to hasten their journey: “Ah Zuo, try using your psychic power to ward off the penetrating winds.”

Gu Zuo: “What?”

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The roar of the winds was too great…

Tianheng lowered his head, and spoke into his ear. Y9eZXH

Gu Zuo understood.

The thoughts in his head moved. A thin layer of psychic power erupted from between his eyebrows and surged forth. In the blink of an eye, a transparent cover formed around him.

Tianheng could sense there was a membrane between him and the person he was embracing. The surrounding winds came and would blow his long hair, but his little pharmacist seemed to have been set in another space. He wasn’t affected by the winds in the least.

It looked like it was a success.


Gu Zuo also discovered his own achievement. He then found out that, while his psychic power was being steadily discharged, he wasn’t the least bit tired! Hence, he tried to explore his big brother’s body using his psychic power.

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Instantly, Tianheng discovered that something was touching him. Unfortunately, he couldn’t see it, only feel it… He found it to be a little interesting.

Tianheng guessed that it was Gu Zuo attempting something, and he didn’t resist. On the contrary, he restrained his qi energy. It could be regarded as “welcoming” him.

Gu Zuo received encouragement, and promptly increased the output of his psychic power. After a short couple of seconds, Gongyi Tianheng’s entire body was covered in a thin layer of psychic energy! hKR3I5

Tianheng couldn’t feel the wind.

But now he could feel that the warm body in front of him had reappeared in his embrace.

This was…two people enclosed within the same layer of psychic energy.

Gu Zuo obtained a new skill, and he felt very happy. However, it was inconvenient to turn one’s head around to talk while riding a horse. Thus, he said in his mind: Big brother! Can you feel it? 3FPW6m

Tianheng broke into laughter, but still gently replied to him: It feels very good. Ah Zuo’s very powerful.

Gu Zuo’s face blushed.

He had a slight feeling of fulfillment just now…

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One shouldn’t look upon this place’s scenery and regard it as beautiful. The wild beasts within weren’t so easy to handle. C7g0ys

At least, among the beasts roaming around here, there were grade four ones that were comparable to Xiantian. If there was an encounter, one’s life would be in danger.

Gongyi Tianheng reigned in the wild horse, and raised his head to peer out: “Ah Zuo, the map mentioned that this place is rich in Silken Mist Grass. Those that are one hundred years old or older are named ‘human-level medicinal herbs’. Each stalk is worth at least fifty gold, particularly if the ones obtained are in mint condition.”

Gu Zuo’s eyes shined: “One stalk is worth fifty gold? Then, wouldn’t ten stalks… What if it’s more than two hundred years old? What about three hundred?”

Tianheng looked him deep in the eyes: “However, the amounts of Silken Mist Grass that attain human-level are sparse. It’s also very difficult to find places where there are lots of Silken Mist Grass. In addition, there are still wild beasts protecting them.” ClQMPf

Gu Zuo: “…Then, we can only find them slowly.”

Tianheng faintly smiled: “At this time, maybe we can use Ah Zuo’s psychic power to give it a try.”

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Gu Zuo understood in a flash.

Ah, right. His psychic power could be weaved externally into a net, and could get a clear view of the situation within a certain range. Wasn’t it very suitable for finding Silken Mist Grass. 8nNqxB

Recalling the <<Human-Level Medicinal Ingredient Record>>, he accurately located the description and image of the Silken Mist Grass, and firmly memorized it.

Next was up to him.

Tianheng led the horse, following behind Gu Zuo uphill.

After casting the psychic net, because all detectable movement could be sensed within almost one hundred meters, any hidden wild beast could be avoided before it attacked. As a result, they were safe and sound, and the way forward was smooth. dURjFd

The map was marked with locations where Silken Mist Grass grew in abundance. Currently, they were about to reach one of these places.

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After winding around several small hills and passing through a near-undetectable crevice, the two came across a mountain spring.

There were dozens of square and circular stones in the spring water, scattered around with aesthetic randomness. And on these stones grew slender, small grasses. The grass was dark blue in color and was as thin as one’s hair. When it swayed gently in the wind, it gave a person a misty or foggy feeling.

Undoubtedly, it was the Silken Mist Grass. m2UY F

Gu Zuo didn’t know how many of them here reached that particularly ancient age, and didn’t dare go over there immediately. He quickly extended his psychic power to enshroud the entire mountain spring.

Sure enough, he discovered at least five valiant qi energies within the spring water.

Gu Zuo furrowed his brows.

Once Tianheng saw this, he knew Gu Zuo already found something. He softly asked: “Ah Zuo, what is it?” uJbrTP

Gu Zuo was at a loss: “Big brother, among those wild beasts in the water, four are comparable to perfect Houtian and one is comparable to Xiantian… We’re only two people, and the water is also their battleground.”

Tianheng understood: “How’s the qi energy of that Xiantian wild beast?”

Gu Zuo grew more confused: “I want to say very powerful, but also not too powerful…is the feeling I’m getting. It still doesn’t have big brother’s imposing strength. But in the end, that’s a grade four wild beast. I don’t know if my judgment is accurate or not.”

Gongyi Tianheng slightly murmured: “Four grade three wild beasts aren’t worth raising an issue about. Although that grade four wild beast needs to be minded somewhat carefully, it isn’t something that can’t be dealt with. p5qSiJ

He continued: “Ah Zuo, you’ve already reached the Xiantian realm, just in time to practice some of your other Xiantian skills. After I give the signal, you directly fire your Spirit Piercing Needles at the grade four beast. I’ll quickly slay the four grade three beasts. You only need to delay it for a bit, and I’ll be able to coordinate with you to kill that grade four wild beast… Ah Zuo, do you have the courage?”

Gu Zuo thought about it. It seemed like…there were no problems.

It was rare for Tianheng to assist him in improving himself. His heart was in a jumble: “I do!”

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Tianheng gave a faint smile. bYa5qC

Very quickly, Gu Zuo informed Tianheng of the positions of those four grade three wild beasts. Soon after, he witnessed the smile on Tianheng’s face slowly dwindle. The qi energy of his entire body also slowly vanished.

However, this vanishment wasn’t about silently becoming a stone. Rather, it was a violent method of internal suppression so the wild beasts wouldn’t sense any oncoming crisis.

Suddenly, a voice echoed in Gu Zuo’s mind: Fire!

For Gu Zuo, it was almost a natural reflex as he released the intangible image of a silver drill. While in its flight path, it became tangible, and directly pierced the thing hidden in the mountain spring, the strongest wild beast! SCGgYc

A fierce and miserable howl echoed afterwards.

Countless waves suddenly appeared in the mountain spring and rolled across the shore, raising a surge with formidable momentum.

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At the same time, an immense, unrestrained shadow abruptly shot out!

This was a wild beast similar to a lizard with a long, barbed tail and an inverted triangle-shaped head. There was madness in the beast’s pair of malevolent eyes. EIy6 2

It was ruthlessly provoked and its tail suddenly lashed out insufferably.

The sounds of its strikes were unending, and the roiling clamor would give a person a headache.

In a spurt of energy, Gu Zuo released a silver drill once more, and as before, it was aimed at that wild beast’s head. This time, however, that lizard beast unexpectedly swept its tail across instinctually, whipping it right at the silver drill!

The silver drill was sent flying by that whip. JqtEur

Yet, in the end, this silver drill was condensed using psychic energy. Under Gu Zuo’s conscious control, it turned and circled around from behind, right into the wild beast’s skull! The drill immediately exploded!

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The sounds of the explosion rumbled.

The wild beast’s skull was perforated with a bloody hole, making it even crazier!

As soon as this happened, it opened its big mouth and suddenly scuttled forwards in a lunge — It would endure this suffering. It would first tear apart this wretched human! But, the shadow of another human suddenly arrived. A palm slapped down on the bloody hole of its skull. ATe7u

In this instant, by using the small crack in that bloody hole, the lizard beast’s head was thoroughly broken apart. The entire body plunged into the water, creating a huge splash over a wide area.

This person was undoubtedly Gongyi Tianheng. After he beat the lizard beast, he calmly dropped onto the shore. There wasn’t even a hint of a bloodstain on his body.

Gu Zuo had some lingering fears. He just watched the lizard beast pounce at him. That ferocious maw with its bloody stench practically appeared right before his eyes in a flash. His psychic power stirred and almost unleashed over a hundred silver drills in an attempt to bombard that lizard beast. Fortunately, the timely appearance of that big brother of his prevented him from using close to half of his psychic power so quickly.

Gu Zuo raised his head and saw four slightly smaller lizard beast corpses floating in the spring water. They were obviously the offspring of that grade four lizard beast. In the span of a couple of breaths, they were killed by his dear big brother. And as his big brother said, he rushed over and saved him just in time. PlzoCJ

At this moment, he couldn’t help breathing a sigh of relief.

…Sure enough, his combat awareness was still far worse. His reaction speed was also not fast enough.

Afterwards, Gu Zuo raised his spirits again.

This time’s adventure was a huge opportunity! NmjETx

He would do his very best!

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If you're reading this, this translation is stolen. Please support our translators at chrysanthemumgarden.com


Translator's Note

嘚瑟 – De se, being proud of one’s achievements and showing off to someone else, especially to a friend or loved one.

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