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  • Wei Tian’s boyfriend who doesn’t want to be mentioned by name and the person who contacted Yao Yuguang… Well, well… If that mysterious person isn’t named Xu Bai… Tingting, you better investigate Wei Tian clearly, so as to find out about your distant relative and his bad deeds towards your family’s baby…

  • I wonder.. does Tingting know about the choice between “I love you” and “borrow money”? If no and he learns about it, he will be sooooo disappointed. But still, he’s too cute!

  • on Very HappyCh43 - Eyes 1 day ago

    I’m not a psychologist, but I agree with your opinion. It seems like TingTing watched his parents dying and this memory is hunting him, which is why he can’t sleep and his condition is worsening. The rest of his family also seems to be rather bad. So a depression could also have developed.

    In this case a happy little angel like baby Zhao is his only salvation.

    Somehow my heart is bleeding for those two poor babies…

  • Lu Renyi: I was wrong. Even my name is a mistake. <– is this a hint? Because of the meaning of his name? If so, what’s the translation of “Lu Renyi”? And why is Baby Tang not attending? His little wife is being bullied! (without him even knowing) j

  • “sweet, honest, silly boy” ??? Who are you talking about? Baby Zhao? What nonsense. He’s a wolf pretending to be a fox, disguising himself as a harmless rabbit… And I love it 😀

  • Let me translate the last 5 paragraphs:

    Baby Zhao: If you want me to stay by your side forever, marry me!

    Baby Ting: Alright.

  • My family has a good-looking president with a cute personality and <– yes!! He knows! I knew it. That little dumpling is too cunning. Now go and catch your husband, hurry up!

    None of you can take me away from Ting Ting. <– Who would dare to even try? Little baby is a rabbit who eats his opponents whole without spitting out even bones and all the time he’s smiling happily..

    On another note, I absolutely love his fans. They keep quiet most of the time or are polite while thanking… They are adorable!

  • No Problem, I was binge-reading the whole story until yesterday, otherwise I probably wouldn’t have remembered it..

  • Baby Ting Ting: You have to call him queen! <– queen = EMPRESS!

    Normally it’s always the ML chasing his little wife, I have to say it’s rather refreshing to see a wife chasing his husband.. I like it 😀

  • eh? really? But wasn’t it said in one of the earlier chapters of this arc, that at least Gan Yu was a real person of that world, based on Xiaochi’s research?

    But then again, 061 has done this once before, so it isn’t that surprising…

    Yep, our dear ML is mentioned in the dictionary under the category of “being OP”… sigh