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I Have MedicineCh148 - Xi Shuangyun


But even if it was like this, Gu Zuo also couldn’t rush over and tell Xu Lingxiu, “I have the complete version you need right here!” On the contrary, he could only withdraw his neck, and obediently sit down and continue watching.

This school of pill refining hand seals was much more powerful than the ones he’d seen before. It also was one that Xu Lingxiu had especially taken out to refine the Steadfast Heart Pill. It was clearly the highest level of hand seals that the Sect pharmacist possessed. If he spoke out, whether or not he helped, it would still provoke a lot of trouble. SaDJBy

He’d better, he’d better keep watching…

However, although the hand seal was damaged, the fragmentation was only some details of a section. A whole set of hand seals was, nevertheless, a complete one. Only on certain stand-alone hand seals would it have fewer changes. These few changes would prevent perfect handling of the medicinal power, and it wouldn’t be possible to create the maximum number of top grade pills.

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After that…

Another detriment was that, according to the <<Hundred Unorthodox Medicine Refinement Hand Seals>>, this Minor Seal: Silken Sky Medicine Refinement also had two compatible hand seals that refined medicinal decoctions and cuisines. Gu Zuo didn’t know if Xu Lingxiu was aware of them. V7O9bm

Not long after, Xu Lingxiu’s expression changed.

His hand seals worked faster and faster and his complexion gradually paled. On his forehead, thin beads of sweat converged and instantly dripped down.

The pill cauldron faintly rocked back and forth. It was clear that the medicinal powers were colliding with each other inside.

Gu Zuo watched speechlessly. When he normally refined pills, the medicinal power was always docile. The situation of an exploding cauldron was very rare. Even if it was going to blow up, it was usually only a matter of a split second. It had never vibrated like this before… Could the cause be due to the medicine refining hand seals?

VP 86e

It had to be said that his guess was the correct one.

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If an ordinary medicine refining hand seal had a defect, it would certainly lead to flaws when sorting out the medicinal power. The medicinal powers that came from different herbs wouldn’t receive enough placation, so agitating the pill cauldron would be an expected matter.

Because Gu Zuo’s medicine refining techniques were very comprehensive, the medicinal powers were very obedient. And if they didn’t obey, he simply wouldn’t be able to quell them and it would directly explode.

Xu Lingxiu saw that the pill cauldron rocked dangerously and didn’t dare neglect anything. He bit his lower lip, keeping his cool. His fingers were still stable and firm as he utilized his hand seals. p5jDxK

A little more than thirty minutes passed by. The pill cauldron slowly steadied.

Suddenly, the insides of that cauldron produced whistling chirps. A red pill shot out, and was captured by Xu Lingxiu’s extended hand in the blink of an eye!

Then, Xu Lingxiu sullenly said: “Only one pill…”

Xi Yangyun hurried over: “And the product grade?” nSTxgV

Xu Lingxiu said: “Mid grade.”

Xi Yangyun let loose a sigh: “Mid grade is already pretty good. Sure enough, Lingxiu’s work is much stronger than that of ordinary pharmacists.”

Xu Lingxiu still wasn’t too satisfied. This type of medicine was too difficult.

If it hadn’t been for the offered prescription and the procedures being seen through by his Master at a glance, he wouldn’t have known how long it’d take to research this on his own. Of course, raising the product grade to mid grade was already considered a vast improvement. After all, it had been such a brief period of time from obtaining the prescription, to studying it, and to the multiple attempts. 0hxgL9

As a result, Xi Yangyun wasn’t upset.

This was a long-term process. Were he to seek out other pharmacists, even if he paid enormous costs, they probably wouldn’t have had Xu Lingxiu’s heartfelt efforts.

The medicinal pill was immediately loaded into a jade bottle and handed over to Xi Yangyun. Then, Xu Lingxiu’s attention was placed onto Gu Zuo. He arrogantly raised his chin: “What did you think about that? How much of my pill refining process did you comprehend?”

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Gu Zuo: “…” yQg2xA

If he said he understood everything, wouldn’t people feel that he was too outrageous? But if he said that he didn’t understand too clearly, how much would he need to say to demonstrate his own abilities without making the little prince sense that something was wrong?

Really difficult.

Ah, this was harder than refining a cauldron of Steadfast Heart Pills himself!

Xu Lingxiu frowned: “What? You didn’t understand anything?” xNwLbB

Gu Zuo quivered: “No, I’m only thinking about how to word it…”

If he really said that he didn’t understand anything, then that was just too weak!

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After thinking it over, Gu Zuo chose his words. For example, he sensed that when several movements were used, the medicinal fragrance was particularly rich. He also mentioned which hand seals he felt were very abstruse, and that some trajectories were very powerful. When the pill was refined, he sensed a very dense aroma… In any case, he just gave compliments and expressed his own doubts. During his doubting, he didn’t forget to indicate the essential points in that set of hand seals.

This really racked his brains. DGCX5r

The result brought about was still pretty good. Xu Lingxiu was obviously pleased, and he nodded aloofly: “Your foundations are okay and your questions refer to key points. You’re much better than those pieces of trash outside. No wonder Elder Huo praises you; he says you’re hardworking and tenacious.

He continued: “Because you’re this age, being able to refine Qi Linking Pills is also really good. If you read more of my books here and keep refining, although you won’t surpass me, there’s no question that you’ll trample over the other trash in the future.”

For a moment, Gu Zuo was speechless.

These words were indeed both unbridled and…pompously conceited. xPkBrM

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But regarding the disposition of the little prince, he already understood how he should respond. He promptly said: “Senior Sect Brother Xu’s words are fair. Many thanks, Senior Sect Brother Xu!”

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We Olcuzle kjr rbwfbcf ktb ilxfv tfjglcu xlcv kbgvr. Xlnlcu tlw ojmf ilxf atlr cjaegjiis ujnf tlw j nfgs ubbv lwqgfrrlbc: “Vlcmf la’r ilxf atlr, pera mbcalcef kjamtlcu wf gfolcf qliir. Pa’r atf qgfrmglqalbc sbe ujnf. Ciatbeut sbe mjc’a gfolcf la gluta cbk, sbe’ii ujlc j yla bo fzqfglfcmf lo sbe kjamt ibcu fcbeut.”

Gu Zuo didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. He could only repeatedly say “Yes”.

Following that, Xu Lingxiu recovered his true qi and continued refining pills. Gu Zuo still sat next to Xi Yangyun, while watching Xu Lingxiu use the familiar hand seals. Bo c80

He watched and he watched. Gu Zuo had no alternatives.

If it was just watching, then his time would all be wasted… But if he didn’t watch, Xu Lingxiu’s kind regards would be wasted. Thus, he sat here just like this, and simply started operating his cultivation method.

Condensing bone pearls was something he could still do.

It could be said that the medicine refining process was very dry and dull. However, this time, Gu Zuo simultaneously watched and accumulated. On that side, Xu Lingxiu didn’t dare to be absent-minded. Xi Yangyun was very nervous, and the jade-green clothed young man had a composed expression… Unexpectedly, it didn’t seem that boring. oi5q7m

Some time passed and the second cauldron was completed, but there was still just one mid grade pill.

During the entire process, Xu Lingxiu only had the tiniest of imperceptible improvements. However, this tiny amount was enough to make the majority of pharmacists envious.

After several cauldrons were refined, Xu Lingxiu’s speed wasn’t slow. Even if those who Gongyi Tianheng recruited had already learned attribute cultivation methods and hand seals, they were far inferior to him.

Originally, Gu Zuo’s attitude to him was ordinary, but after watching for long enough, he felt a bit of admiration for Xu Lingxiu. dbkJXW

Xu Lingxiu’s gifts really weren’t weak.

Unwittingly, a whole morning passed by.

When Xu Lingxiu wanted to refine the next cauldron, Gu Zuo’s psychic power suddenly perceived an near-inaudible groan coming from a room… It was a feminine voice.

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Almost at the same time, Xi Yangyun jumped up and the expression of the jade-green clothed young man underwent a change. zfEIQ4

Although Xu Lingxiu was the only person who didn’t detect it, he could see the other’s reactions. As a result, he quickly aborted the motion he was about to start: “Is Shuangyun having another flare up?”

Xi Yangyun almost didn’t have enough time to respond. He had already burst into that room in a rush and the jade-green clothed young man followed close behind. Even Xu Lingxiu did the same.

Gu Zuo watched them all go in and roughly understood two things.

Number one: The perceptivity of Immortal Realm martial artists was really strong, and didn’t lose out to his psychic power. Number two: The one in that room was the patient who needed the Steadfast Heart Pill. He didn’t expect that she would be in Xu Lingxiu’s Violet Tower. DTzdAH

After that, there was a problem.

They had all gone in, so what about him?

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Xu Lingxiu had lots of things outside and Gu Zuo waiting by himself wasn’t too good. However, if he followed them in, he wasn’t too familiar with them either! Wasn’t that also not too good? That was also the girl’s private chamber…

After thinking it through, Gu Zuo decided that he shouldn’t sit here. k1W7N9

But very quickly, Gu Zuo didn’t need to hesitate.

Because the jade-green clothed young man hurriedly stepped out from inside: “Junior Sect Brother Gu, I’ll have to trouble you to help me carry some water.”

Gu Zuo naturally didn’t object. He followed the young man and turned to a side room.

It was clear that the side room was especially constructed where the interior was connected to a mountain spring. So long as a bamboo pipe was pressed down, a lot of water would stream out and fall into a wooden basin below. UdAl4J

The jade-green clothed young man handed over a basin to Gu Zuo, while he himself continued filling the second basin. Gu Zuo held the water-filled basin, turned around, and hurriedly went to that room.

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Reaching the doorway, Gu Zuo didn’t dare barge in and immediately yelled at the entrance: “Senior Sect Brother Xu!”

Xu Lingxiu didn’t turn his head: “Come in!”

Gu Zuo didn’t delay any longer and promptly entered. ISVW0E

Xi Yangyun sat next to a bed, one hand embracing a girl. Xu Lingxiu was at the other side, busying with something and acting as fast as lightning.

Seeing Gu Zuo come in, Xi Yangyun urgently said: “Junior Sect Brother Gu, would you please pour the water into the bath tub?”

Gu Zuo naturally did as he was asked at once and he rapidly poured the water in.

The jade-green clothed young man also arrived. Once Gu Zuo saw him, he didn’t dare gawk, and quickly went to receive the water. aDR7Gk

After several rounds like this, two people rushed about. Not long after, the bath tub was already eighty percent full. At this moment, Xu Lingxiu said: “That’s enough!”

Gu Zuo hurried back with the basin, and the same went for the jade-green clothed young man.

When Xu Lingxiu walked in front of the bath tub, he threw in some medicinal pills and other things into the water. Then, he used some hand seals over the water.

Upon seeing this, Gu Zuo silently gasped in surprise. GzpLAq

This was the complementary hand seal for refining medicinal decoctions! It seemed Xu Lingxiu also knew a thing or two in this aspect. Right now, although the style of his refinement still had lots of flaws, at least it was on the right track.

The bath tub’s water quickly changed color, becoming a faint white. The jade-green clothed young man conscientiously walked out. Gu Zuo stared blankly before hastily following him.

The males left in the room were only Xi Yangyun and Xu Lingxiu.

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The door of the room closed. DLBF9o

Gu Zuo kept watch with the young man at the entrance.

The atmosphere between the two was a little awkward.

Xi Yangyun, who had interacted with Gu Zuo, was considered a familiar face; Xu Lingxiu, who had given Gu Zuo “pointers” was also considered familiar. As for the jade-green clothed young man, practically no words had been shared between him and Gu Zuo. The two had cooperated for a time as “water porters”, but after that?

Moreover, Gu Zuo discovered that he simply didn’t even know the young man’s name… HtZdGj

Perhaps because he was also thinking about this problem, the jade-green clothed young man took the initiative to speak: “This lowly Senior Sect Brother is Lu Jiusi. Just now, Junior Sect Brother Gu has worked very hard.”

Gu Zuo forced a laugh: “Ah, Senior Sect Brother Lu… It was no trouble at all.”

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An awkward silence.

After meeting Xi Yangyun several times in a row, Lu Jiusi had been by his side every time. It seemed that their relationship should’ve been very good. Gu Zuo didn’t know why, but he felt that it would be for the best if he didn’t get too close to this person. URkeBJ

Previously in the modern era, because he’d come across many faces, his perceptions were very sharp. After he started developing his own psychic power in this world, it had grown even sharper — Of course, this kind of sharpness wasn’t omniscient, and it also wouldn’t allow him to see through everyone at a glance. However, if it really was telling him not to get close, then it’d be for the best that he trusted his instincts and didn’t approach. After all, a wary heart was indispensable.

For Xi Yangyun, Xu Lingxiu, and Lu Jiusi, when encountering the first two, it was like meeting ordinary people. There weren’t any special thoughts about getting close to them nor were there any bad feelings. Only this Lu Jiusi produced a type of estrangement from the bottom of his heart. Gu Zuo didn’t know if he felt that he was scheming and crooked, or if he was dangerous, or something else… In short, it was relatively vague.

Lu Jiusi’s appearance was still very elegant, like a jade tree facing the wind. If it weren’t for his intuition, Gu Zuo felt that his impression of the guy would’ve been pretty good.

As for right now, since he could remain silent, he kept silent. sxPgEz

However, that Lu Jiusi still tried to strike up a conversation with Gu Zuo: “Junior Sect Brother Gu looks very young. Have you joined the Pharmacist Hall?”

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It wasn’t good for Gu Zuo not to reply, so he just shook his head: “No. I obey my young master.”

Lu Jiusi sighed: “Junior Sect Brother Xu regards you favorably. If your young master really cared about you…” Speaking up to here, he seemed to have sensed something, and paused, “You… Ah, what a pity.”

Gu Zuo: “…Young master takes really good care of me.” jPERng

Did such obvious attempts at sowing dissent imply that he wouldn’t figure it out? Sure, he wasn’t seventeen yet, but did he look that stupid? Was Lu Jiusi discriminating against Gu Zuo’s IQ or in fact his own?

In actuality, Lu Jiusi really was…discriminating against Gu Zuo’s IQ.

In his eyes, Gu Zuo was a meek yet talented teenager, whose character was very good. Instigations wouldn’t bear any fruit, but if he could do so, why not? In any case, Gu Zuo didn’t look smart. Once or twice probably wouldn’t have any effect, but teenagers were intemperate, and if he said it enough times, he didn’t believe that GZ would still not care. Gu Zuo would regret it. When that time came, Lu Jiusi would extend another olive branch. Laying the foundations now was for the bargaining chip in the future.

Gu Zuo’s thoughts were right. Lu Jiusi had his own secrets. oYmP6z

Only, these secrets were concealed very deeply. He had hooked many people in the same circumstantial way that he had tried to hook Gu Zuo. And as for those people, many had already become a part of his team.

At this time, after listening to Gu Zuo still defending that “young master” of his, Lu Jiusi didn’t continue to instigate things. He was looking down on Gu Zuo’s IQ, but he didn’t consider Gu Zuo to be weak-minded. He knew the theory behind reeling in a catch, and that leading Gu Zuo in circles was the proper course of action.

Hence, Lu Jiusi idly chatted with Gu Zuo. He spoke of the benefits and sights of those official Inner Sect disciples as if he was merely giving his Junior Sect Brother an introduction. If Gu Zuo really was as Lu Jiusi imagined, then while Gu Zuo should’ve been devoted to Gongyi Tianheng, he would’ve also developed feelings of envy toward those sights.

As for Gongyi Tianheng? Juq36c

Lu Jiusi didn’t even consider him.

Tianheng was nothing but an inexperienced youngster who’d just entered the Inner Sect. He should’ve had a bit of strength, but he was only Xiantian stage one. However, Lu Jiusi was already a mid Immortal Realm martial artist! How long would it take for Tianheng to mature? If Gu Zuo followed Lu Jiusi, his strength would be nurtured. How could Tianheng compare to that? Moreover, Tianheng wouldn’t necessarily develop smoothly. The Inner Sect wasn’t said to have a disciple perishing every day, but at the very least, there would be deaths every month.

A martial artist’s life wasn’t worth even a little bit. Only those who presently had a strong foundation deserved to be relied upon. So-called investments were only for the high-positioned to bestow upon the low-positioned. And it wasn’t profitable for a low-position person to follow a similarly low-position master who only had a slightly better status.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

As a result, Lu Jiusi felt that he could sway others to join him. Zg3twd

Just like every time before.

But at this moment, what Gu Zuo was actually thinking about was —

He wondered if that big brother of his had finished the arrangements last night. Would he have done something today? If he did, what were the results? Which wild beasts would his big brother have chosen to return with? It should’ve sold for a load of money…

Lu Jiusi’s point of instigation had long been thrown to the back of his mind. SdlmEb

Let alone that Lu Jiusi hadn’t been obvious in his attempts at bribery, even if he had been, Gu Zuo wasn’t interested. It wasn’t just due to the issue of trust, or that he needed to hide his precious secrets. It was just one point — Did Lu Jiusi have Gongyi Tianheng’s Tiandu Body? Did he have Tianheng’s IQ? Was he as considerate to Gu Zuo as Tianheng? Could he cherish Gu Zuo the same way Tianheng did? Could he trust Gu Zuo as much as Tianheng did? Was his luck as robust as Tianheng’s?

It was totally impossible.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Besides, the current Lu Jiusi really could beat up Tianheng, but it probably wouldn’t be long before Tianheng wouldn’t even have an interest in beating up Lu Jiusi.

Gu Zuo was no fool. ZwSdi3

He could definitely live longer following Gongyi Tianheng compared to following Lu Jiusi.

With the two keeping their own thoughts, they idly chatted for a while. When the door opened again, a dense medicinal fragrance disseminated from within.

This kind of response made it clear that they could come in.

Compared to just then, it was even more stifling in the room. eTnfES

After Gu Zuo came in, he keenly smelled a faint stench of blood, which was hidden within the medicinal fragrance that had yet to disperse. While his eyes didn’t wander, his psychic power extended. He quickly discovered that the milky white medicinal power in that bath tub had been absorbed, but the originally clear water was dyed a light-red.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

On the bed, a girl who looked about the same age as Gu Zuo was lying halfway on Xi Yangyun’s chest. A thin, brocade blanket was drawn up to her chest. The brocade blanket’s colors were vibrant, but this kind of vibrancy made the girl’s complexion all the more pale. There wasn’t a hint of red in her cheeks.

However, although the girl’s face appeared sickly looking, her beauty was still unmatched.

Gu Zuo inwardly gasped in admiration. ocThju

In the modern era, he’d seen many good-looking celebrities. In this other world, he’d also seen the lovable and charming Gongyi Mingxia, the gorgeous Princess Yaomin, the heroic Xun Suying, and the indomitable Rui Min… But none could compare to the ethereal beauty of Xi Shuangyun.

Moreover, although Xi Shuangyun had a delicate temperament, she had dared to practice martial arts in the past and hadn’t shown any weakness after coughing up blood. Her nature wasn’t weak at all.

If it wasn’t for the heart defect, she should’ve had many achievements.

After seeing Gu Zuo, Xi Shuangyun smiled at him, her voice very light: “I heard what big brother said… You’re Junior Sect Brother Gu… The prescription you gave… Thank you…so much.” rlndEN

Talking was very strenuous for her, but the feelings of gratitude in her bright eyes were also very clear.

Gu Zuo shook his head: “Senior Sect Sister Xi is being courteous. It was just a business transaction. Senior Sect Brother Xi has already given me enough rewards, and helped me out a lot.”

Xi Shuangyun smiled softly like a serene orchid in an empty valley, blossoming a faint and delicate fragrance.

Off to the side, Lu Jiusi saw this smiling expression and his eyes flashed with awe at her beauty. He took a step forward and inquired with deep concern: “Is Junior Sect Sister Shuangyun doing better now? Do you still feel unwell?” YWmAds

Xi Shuangyun’s smile weakened: “Thanks, Senior Sect Brother Lu…for your concern. No problem.”

Lu Jiusi was still very attentive: “Rest assured, Junior Sect Sister Shuangyun. We’ve already found the prescription and stockpiled lots of medicinal ingredients. With Junior Sect Brother Xu here, we’ll certainly cure you!”

Xi Shuangyun gently nodded her shapely head: “En.”

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Gu Zuo found it a little funny. bfTutL

This was considered to be a falling flower yearning for love, but the heartless brook rippled on, right? Little Sister Shuangyun didn’t seem to have a favorable impression of Lu Jiusi. Based solely on this, he was just praising her eyesight. As for Xi Yangyun and Xu Lingxiu, did they not notice, or did they not object to Lu Jiusi’s crush?

Gu Zuo quickly realized.

Because Xi Yangyun candidly smiled: “Lu Jiusi is correct. Shuangyun’s certainly going to be alright. In these times, you’ve also worked hard to find medicine for Shuangyun.”

Xu Lingxiu curled his lips: “I’ve also worked hard. Is no one going to thank me?” G3RZCu

Xi Shuangyun’s smile became much more heartfelt: “Big Brother Lingxiu is just like…my big brother. For, for Shuangyun to have lived up until now… It’s all thanks…to you…”

Xu Lingxiu furrowed his bows, and gently placed a hand on her: “If you can’t keep talking, then there’s no need to speak! Diligently recuperate!” He coldly harrumphed again, “It seems you still have a conscience!”

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Gu Zuo promptly saw the relationships between these people.

Lu Jiusi was in the middle of pursuing Little Sister Shuangyun. Moreover, because of his good behavior during the little sister’s illness, he’d already obtained the permission to woo her from “Brother-In-Law” Xi Yangyun. Xu Lingxiu and Little Sister Shuangyun had grown up together since childhood. Their relationship was like a biological brother and sister. Xu Lingxiu wasn’t Lu Jiusi’s love rival. However, Little Sister Shuangyun didn’t have the least favorable impression of Lu Jiusi. If the other behaved even better, it wouldn’t have added any points in her eyes. Me2F0k

This could only raise Gu Zuo’s curiosity.

Little Sister Shuangyun didn’t seem to be someone who’d be ungrateful. She held such dislike for a suitor who was refined, courteous, and steadfastly loyal. Did she discover something?

Amid this curiosity, Gu Zuo turned himself into a piece of plywood onstage, and stood obediently in the background.

What he found even more curious was that since Little Sister Shuangyun didn’t like Lu Jiusi, why didn’t she tell Xi Yangyun and Xu Lingxiu, who cared about her so much? He wasn’t convinced that those two wouldn’t care if Little Sister Shuangyun brought this up. 0EbkfA

T/N: Thanks for the corrections, Charysa!

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Translator's Note

欲擒故纵 – Yu qin gu zong, in order to capture, one must let loose.

Translator's Note

拉花有意流水无情 – One side is willing, but the other is indifferent, usually about unrequited love.

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