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I Have MedicineCh146 - Secret Medicine


Although the present Gu Zuo didn’t need his pointers, the little crown prince had expressed his good will. What should he do?

Gu Zuo looked to Gongyi Tianheng. vHstDj

Tianheng said: “If Ah Zuo is willing, go get in touch with him.”

Gu Zuo pursed his lips: “Big brother’s meaning is…”

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Tianheng patted his damp hair: “He invited you, so you should go. As for the rest, do whatever you want. That Xu Lingxiu’s disposition is a little spoiled, but he doesn’t sound like a person who harbors evil intentions. Additionally, you should make friends with some pharmacist contacts.”

Gu Zuo hesitated. SOQkdi

In other words, he could go make friends… But he actually wasn’t too interested in making friends. Because he always wanted to return to the modern era, any companionship he developed with friends now wouldn’t last for long.

Tianheng rarely saw him hesitate like this: “What’s wrong, Ah Zuo?”

Gu Zuo thought about it, and said: “If I treat him as a friend and we need to leave the Sect in the future, wouldn’t that make me an unworthy friend?”

His impression of that little prince really wasn’t too bad.


Tianheng understood in a flash, and smiled afterward: “Ah Zuo, no banquet lasts forever. Even friends won’t necessarily be in contact all the time. If a person you’ve once made friends with ends up parting ways later on, you can only remember them in your heart. If you can meet them again, then you can greet them with a smile. The path of a martial artist is extremely long, and there’ll come a day when one must separate. Ah Zuo, you don’t need to be too worried.”

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Gu Zuo lowered his eyes: “En, I understand.”

In actuality, the one he was thinking about even more was this big brother of his.

When it came to making friends with Xu Lingxiu, it basically hadn’t even begun to take shape. But separating from his big brother was a matter that would inevitably happen in the future. He already considered his big brother as a close relative, they were doomed to exist in different worlds. Once he left, would his big brother miss him? TfwBoV

At the beginning, Gu Zuo never thought that he would’ve cared about his patron like this, but people weren’t vegetables. After his patron treated him like a little brother, his feelings for his patron grew deeper day by day.

Trust had long been handed over… Now, if he thought about his future departure, he would feel a little melancholy and unwilling.

Gu Zuo’s mood was gloomy.

By that time, would his big brother think that Gu Zuo had cheated him? There was definitely no way that Gu Zuo could always be his pharmacist, but he’d made such a promise from the very beginning. W1dguX

The maintenance and care of the Tiandu Body might’ve run through the entire martial path of his big brother… But at the time, he really didn’t understand that the treatment process would’ve been this long.

Gu Zuo heaved a silent sigh in his heart.

When his big brother said that a martial artist’s departure was very common, it made his mood somewhat complicated.

If only… If only… r2 tls

In short, he would carefully take care of his big brother up to the day that he left.

Perhaps when that time came, he would’ve already thought of a method to completely cure his big brother… Maybe.

No matter how smart Gongyi Tianheng was, it was impossible for him to guess what Gu Zuo was thinking at this moment. He only thought that Gu Zuo was still at a loss over the matter of making friends with Xu Lingxiu. He no longer spoke and slowly pondered.

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This was originally a small matter. He was convinced that his little pharmacist wouldn’t be perplexed for too long. sHBAnU

Sure enough, it wasn’t long before Gu Zuo had already raised his head and showed a smiling expression.

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Only, he felt that when he faced his big brother in the future, he needed to treat him even better. On this journey through another world, he didn’t want to make the person he was closest to in this world hate him after he left.

As a result, after walking out of the bathing room, Gu Zuo tugged at Gongyi Tianheng’s arm and dragged him to the study room. gQ 8tL

Following which, Gu Zuo furtively took out a large gourd and passed it to him: “Big brother, for you!”

Tianheng immediately responded: “The stuff refined using the mutated Scarlet Blood Rice…”

Gu Zuo nodded, his smile resplendent: “It’s something that came about after I referenced lots of medicinal decoction methods. However, it’s not a preexisting prescription, as its effects only require a single drop mixed into water. True qi is used as a catalyst to release its spread, forming a powerful type of bewitching vapor. And with the addition of the black Scarlet Blood Rice, the antidote targeted towards martial artists, it will only knock out wild beasts…

He continued: “Of course, using a single drop will only confuse grade four wild beasts. The number of grade four wild beasts controlled corresponds to the range of the vapor’s spread… If you want to knock out grade five wild beasts, you need two drops. If it’s grade six, then it’ll be five drops. Grade seven need ten drops, and the range of its spread will be especially small. It’s useless against grade eight and above…” EUAHp

Tianheng listened with interest to Gu Zuo as he talked frankly with assurance.

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This kind of Gu Zuo, when he mentioned things he was an expert in, had a radiance in his eyes that was extremely bright.

It was very eye-catching.

Gu Zuo still continued talking: “…I gave it the name Bewildering Beast Mist. What does big brother think?” AMvUI5

Tianheng listened, his expression a little subtle. But he quickly nodded his head and said: “Very fitting. Just as there are countless types of prescriptions for medicinal pills, they’re usually simple and to the point. Ah Zuo, this name also follows the trend.”

Gu Zuo gave a few hollow laughs.

He knew this was his big brother’s way of speaking tactfully. This name really was too unsightly.

Tianheng put away the gourd of Bewildering Beast Mist. With this thing, his other plan could be implemented. It would cut down the time for him to become a notable player in the Inner Sect. MZmPuH

After that, Gu Zuo spoke again: “Big brother, that was the first thing.”

Gongyi Tianheng snapped out of his musings. With a satisfied mood, he smiled and asked: “Then the second one is?”

Gu Zuo laughed mischievously as another gourd appeared in his hand. He shook it, making a ratting noise inside, which were from numerous, hard medicinal pills.

Tianheng took it, and poured out a pill onto his hand. vRlQkp

The cyan medicinal pill seemed like a blue-green jade stone. It looked very beautiful. Merely, within this beauty, if one peered into it long enough, it would make a person feel a bit strange.

Gu Zuo said: “Big brother, inject your true qi and throw it out.”

Tianheng’s brows shifted, but he did as requested.

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His speed was very fast. That cyan pill was instantly smashed onto the ground, and immediately exploded! s4mD9p

In a split second, a gout of cyan “raindrops” shot out in all directions. Tianheng was prepared early on and used true qi to block it. However, what he didn’t anticipate was that even though he used true qi, when those “raindrops” made contact, the true qi was corroded and it directly infected his body!

Soon after, his true qi was like a flood unleashed as it rapidly disappeared. Unexpectedly, compared to the first time he smelled the mutated Scarlet Blood Rice, it was melting several times faster!

Tianheng somewhat helplessly took another small porcelain bottle Gu Zuo tossed over. He poured out a black medicinal pill and ate it. The effect of those “raindrops” instantaneously vanished. However, he still lost more than seventy percent of his true qi — As one could well imagine, if a person with such robust true qi like him ended up like this, how would other normal martial artists fare? Wouldn’t they just dry up in the blink of an eye?

This kind of Trick Pill was truly too ferocious! ym7469

Gongyi Tianheng inquiringly looked to Gu Zuo.

Gu Zuo stepped closer: “This is called the Qi Melting Pill. For those at Xiantian stage eight or above, it’s useless. But it’s an indiscriminate attack for all martial artists below that. Even Xiantian stage seven martial artists can only endure for a little bit longer. They’ll weaken particularly quickly. It’s a self-defensive Trick Pill!”

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Speaking up to here, he supplemented: “However, this isn’t useful against wild beasts. I focused the refinement to make the effects even more concentrated. The toxicity is even stronger.”

As Tianheng looked at this gourd of medicinal pills, he listened to Gu Zuo’s voice. There were probably about two hundred pills inside, which wasn’t very much. But it was very useful — Perhaps it wasn’t useful to him, but for Dragon One and those who followed them, it was an exceptionally good method of self-defense. Most of all, it could be considered a timely rain during this early period of establishing himself. BiVlTj

Gu Zuo saw that Tianheng seemed to like it, and immediately threw over all the other porcelain bottles. Undoubtedly, they contained the antidote to the Qi Melting Pills.

Gongyi Tianheng reached out a hand once more.

Gu Zuo stared: “What?”

Tianheng smiled: “What about ones that target pharmacists?” QdmDlG

Gu Zuo slapped his head, and tossed over two more porcelain bottles: “The red bottle targets those of the true qi realm below Xiantian stage eight. The gray bottle is the antidote. It’s just that the amounts are small; there’s only ten pills. The name… Just call them Qi Melting Medicinal Pills.”

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This world’s dangers were mainly still due to martial artists. As for pharmacists, excluding the small minority who were extremely vicious and evil, the others were generally quite safe.

As a result, for the Trick Pills that targeted pharmacists, he only used a smaller number for refining practice.

After seeing his dear big brother take all the pills, Gu Zuo revealed his empty hands: “This time I really have nothing else… Those are all the medicinal pills.” dqKhCA

Tianheng smiled as he extended a hand to vigorously ruffle his hair: “Ah Zuo has already done an excellent job.”

Gu Zuo happily rubbed against Gongyi Tianheng’s palm. After he finished rubbing, he reacted. Previously, he definitely offered those treasures to let his big brother know how hard he worked. Why then had he started to reflect on his inadequacy? Big brother’s ability to invisibly lead a person into a ditch… It felt like he was choking on sweets.

Tianheng finally patted his shoulder: “Ah Zuo, rest early. Wait till tomorrow to go to the Violet Tower.”

Gu Zuo asked: “Then, what about big brother?” YWpQgy

Tianheng said: “I still have some matters that need attending to.”

After that, Gu Zuo diligently returned to his room, and sat on his bed to operate his cultivation method.

Recently, perhaps due to his frequent medicine refining, every time his true qi depleted and recovered, he could operate his cultivation method faster than before. As a result, he’d already condensed two more bone pearls. The distance to breaking through to Qi Breathing stage two only required one more bone pearl.

He didn’t need to rush right now because his cultivation speed wasn’t slow. Moreover, it really complemented his medicine refinement… So long as he stayed on track, success would naturally follow. zd6l03

Meanwhile, Gongyi Tianheng hadn’t returned until it was relatively late. Gu Zuo finished his practice and went to the window to look outside. He only saw Tianheng with his hands clasped behind his back, standing beneath a tree. His moon-like beauty outshone the moon itself, and his robe sleeves faintly swayed in the nightly wind. His words were deep, low, and far away… It didn’t reach his ears.

In front of Tianheng were quite a few black shadows. Of course, they were the Tianlong Guard Dragon One and Dragon Two, as well as a crowd of enslaved martial artists. In this night, they all respectfully listened to Tianheng’s commands.

Gu Zuo watched this for a moment, before yawning.

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Soon after, he turned around to lie on the bed. He closed his eyes and went to sleep. RvB1lY

The next day.

When Gu Zuo woke up, what he saw when he opened his eyes was his big brother’s supremely handsome face… He pinched his own face and ruefully sighed. He probably wouldn’t grow up to become a Prince Charming like his big brother.

However, as a man — Even if he was only a teenager right now — Who would want to become an ordinary person and not a Mr. Perfect?

It was a pity that he was still far behind. bF64eL

He didn’t know if the Houtian cultivation was effective…

After some chaotic thinking, Gu Zuo met Tianheng’s opened eyes and greeted him: “Morning, big brother.”

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Tianheng smiled: “Morning, Ah Zuo.”

It was as if all of the morning sun’s splendor had converged onto his facial features. JdhjHE

Gu Zuo didn’t dare look too much — Staring at a man in a daze wasn’t a matter worth flaunting.

He climbed out of bed and promptly put on his outer robes.

He needed to go to the Violet Tower later, but before that, he first needed to make his dear big brother a meal. Then, he’d also refine a medicinal decoction for Tianheng, and watch him soak in it for a while.

When he thought about it, there were lots of things to do. XqNhOy

However, these matters were ones that Gu Zuo was familiar with. Even when multitasking, he was busy, but not overwhelmed.

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Not long after, food was on the table. Gu Zuo scarfed down his meal and scampered to a smaller room to refine a decoction for Tianheng. Currently, he didn’t need to soak in this thing every day, but he definitely couldn’t miss it when it was the required time. Moreover, Gu Zuo had upgraded the prescription by several ranks.

Once these matters were all finished, Gu Zuo turned around to head to the Violet Tower.

At this time, Gongyi Tianheng called out to him. kng42C

Gu Zuo: “Big brother?”

Tianheng’s gaze was gentle: “Take Qian Hu along with you… He knows the way.”

Gu Zuo revealed a happy smile: “Okay!”

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Translator's Note

天下无不散之筵席 – Reunions are relative, but separation is inevitable.

Translator's Note

及时雨 – Ji shi yu, timely assistance.

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    Translation notes:

    His impression to that little prince would be really poor. –> His impression of that princeling really wasn’t too bad.

    Gu Zuo went to another world by chance. He wasn’t willing to make the person, whom he had the best relationship with in this world, hate him after leaving. –> On this journey through another world, he didn’t want to make the person he was closest to in this world hate him after he leaves.

    However, it’s not an original prescription because its effects –> it’s not a preexisting prescription, as its effects

    It would cut down on a lot of the time he spent occupying the Inner Sect. –> It would cut down the time for him to become a notable player in the inner sect. (占有一席之地 = gain a position of prominence)

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