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I Have MedicineCh122 - The Xiantian Pill’s Usefulness


A group of people quickly and smoothly returned to the Qingyun Sect. The pupils of those two enslaved martial artists shrank as they realized that the person who purchased them was unexpectedly a sect disciple. Consequently, their remaining unwillingness had also somewhat wavered.

After entering the outer sect disciple’s courtyard, Dragon Two opened the door in welcome. He saw that there were an additional two fellows behind the young master who clearly weren’t guests. He couldn’t help sizing them up with an icy gaze. Once his vision fell upon the others’ necks, he immediately understood. RI 3us

As it turned out, they were slaves.

But as a Tianlong Guard, he and Dragon One would be watching the two of them closely so that they wouldn’t dare try anything funny. Once they were re-educated, only then would they serve the young master.

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Dragon One and Dragon Two exchange meaningful glances.

They had a tacit mutual understanding, and both made a decision. UAEzw7

Besides, Gongyi Tianheng definitely wasn’t a person who liked beating around the bush. The purpose of the purchased slaves was clarified long ago. Naturally, at this moment, what should be done would be done.

Thereupon, he gestured to Gu Zuo.

Gu Zuo got the hint, and a jade bottle appeared in his palm. What was held within was the so-called Xiantian Pills he recently refined.

Tianheng took the jade bottle and poured out the two brown medicinal pills inside. 3yzNeC

Qian Hu and Liu Bao saw this and put up their guards.

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They were also veteran mountain bandits. Many matters didn’t need explanations, and they could understand with one look.

Sure enough, Tianheng said: “These are two crudely-made Xiantian Pills. The effectiveness after taking them is unknown, but it’s not life-endangering. The two of you will each take a pill and test the medicine. If you’re lucky, you might be able to use this to break through to the Xiantian realm.”

After listening to these words, the two enslaved martial artists had their gazes flicker and their hearts surge. BGjY6f

Xiantian Pill? They once heard of it. The Xiantian Pill was a distinguished violet, and this color was incorrect… However, this person said it was crudely made. Could it be that this thing was successfully refined? On the contrary, if there was a nonzero percent chance of breaking through to Xiantian, they would stake it all. What’s more, even if they refused, they were controlled by someone else. How could they seriously refuse? They might as well be straightforward. Only, they hoped that what this person said about it not injuring them wasn’t a lie.

Thus, as their centers twisted into knots and their hearts jumbled, Qian Hu and Liu Bao reached out a hand to take their own pill. They would’ve hesitated had they not already made up their minds. They directly popped the medicinal pill into their mouths and swallowed it.

In the blink of an eye, that pill turned into a surging flow of warmth straight down their throats. Then, it circulated through every nook and cranny of their bodies — It passed through countless meridians, a multitude of pores, and the body’s bone pearls.

The burning hot medicinal power covered both of their bodies, causing each of their bone pearls to shake and resonate. Amid the din, a terrifying qi flow rumbled out, continuously battering those originally obstinate Heavenly Spirit Acupoints! NZb8Uy

This was indeed the Xiantian Pill! That Xiantian qi flow really was helping the two obtain a breakthrough opportunity!

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But the young master hadn’t ever been like that. Rather, he would spend gold and silver to purchase unruly slaves like these… With such empathy, how could they not be willing to sacrifice themselves?

Gu Zuo saw this, and couldn’t help giving a thumb’s up in his heart: Big brother really could buy people’s good will. It was no wonder that Dragon One and Dragon Two were so hell-bent.

Gu Zuo asked himself: If it were him, without this ability, perhaps even if he knew to confer benefits, it would’ve been impossible to be as calm and composed as Tianheng, where it seemed like a matter of course.

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After that, the attention of the two focused on the enslaved martial artists who just took the Xiantian Pill. PlAO7n

It was seen that their complexions had become flushed with energetic blood vessels. It was as if all of their meridians were swelling up, practically separating from the body. It was very frightening.

This was clearly the function of the medicinal pill. But when all was said and done, what was the function of this pill? Would these two enslaved martial artists have their wishes fulfilled and break through to the Xiantian realm?

While waiting, Gu Zuo asked the system: In the end, do you know if this kind of Xiantian Pill I refined has any use?

[It cannot be predicted when refined with the blood of the Tiandu Body.] BlHqdi

Gu Zuo’s face crumpled.

He then understood.

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The Tiandu Body and what not were really too hard to deal with.

Fortunately, the Xiantian Pill’s medicinal effects were displayed very clearly. Besides the reactions of the two enslaved martial artists’ physical bodies, the top of their heads also emitted a wisp of white mist. It rushed straight out just like a dragon snake, as if it were connecting to some profound mystery. pLBwPu

Meanwhile, Qian Hu and Liu Bao’s facial expressions weren’t as painful as before.

About half an hour passed.

Unexpectedly, they both let out a big shout simultaneously. It was like there was a rolling river inside of their bodies, surging with torrential waves and bursting with the sound of thunder. It had an impressive gravitas.

Suddenly, a certain acupoint produced a cracking sound. It was a bone pearl rapidly spinning; it was the sound of it pressing into the flesh! kQSGHI

Qian Hu opened his eyes first and spat out a mouthful of turbid air.

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Liu Bao followed closely behind and similarly sprayed out impurities. There also was an unusual light within his eyes.

The feeling of their bodies was completely different from just a while ago. In addition, their skin was covered in a layer of thick grime just like the time when Gu Zuo broke through. The filth within had taken the opportunity to be discharged, becoming something like a muddy shell. So long as one moved, it would crack open.

After a long groan, the two got up. They had both broken through to the Xiantian realm at the same time! iWqnZl

Merely, their expressions looked a little unsightly. Because, although the effects of the necklace on their necks had been drastically diminished after reaching the Xiantian realm, they discovered that a feeling of strong fraternity to Gongyi Tianheng had arisen from the bottom of their hearts.

Under this feeling of closeness, let alone injuring Tianheng, even if Tianheng felt a little unhappy, they would involuntarily wish to take their lives to please him.

This was too bizarre.

It was as if their lives and minds had been dedicated to Gongyi Tianheng, making him a close family member, the target of their firm convictions, and their master whom they would never dare disobey. HlYpjF

For the two sworn brothers, Qian Hu and Liu Bao, who’d yet to acknowledge their allegiance to Tianheng, how wouldn’t this have scared them out of their wits?

— This was certainly the function of the Xiantian Pill they just took!

Tianheng’s mouth let out a soft sound of surprise.

Gu Zuo wondered: “Big brother, what happened?” xfeQLT

Tianheng looked pensive: “After Qian Hu and Liu Bao’s breakthroughs, I suddenly felt there was a bloodline’s connection between them and me… Their life and death is in my grasp. Compared to using the necklace’s punishment to make them docile, it seems that so long as I think about it, I can drain their blood dry, shatter their bone pearls, and kill them!”

Gu Zuo was stupefied: “Xiantian, Xiantian Pill…”

Tianheng gave an unhurried sigh: “It’s probably because of this reason.”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

The two had never thought that, while this refined Xiantian Pill was really useful, it also had this kind of a side-effect. ZNLV2b

In other words, so long as Tianheng’s blood was used to refine a Xiantian Pill, if the pill was given to others in the future, wouldn’t they have unconditionally loyal subordinates — Slaves, even?

This kind of medicinal pill was really too bizarre!

However, in the end, Gongyi Tianheng had much to think about.

After the brief amazement, he had a lot of questions stored in his mind. LO5gzd

For example, while the pills refined from his blood right now had this kind of use, if he cultivated to Xiantian and took that blood, would there be a difference? Also, while he didn’t feel that the addition of only two slaves was a burden, if many Xiantian Pills were refined and he controlled many slaves, where were his limits? After advancing to Xiantian, would there be a transformation?

For the time being, all these and more couldn’t be resolved.

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Gu Zuo took a deep breath and pushed down the shock from the bottom of his heart.

He recalled the <<Drug Slave Brand>> in his possession. In terms of its effects, he was afraid that it was equal to the Xiantian Pill that was refined from the Tiandu Body’s blood… After thinking about it, he felt it was very terrifying. yt6nHQ

Seeing the unusual use of the Xiantian Pill, Tianheng didn’t have much to say. He only walked in front of the two enslaved martial artists whose faces were filled with reverence and whose eyes brimmed with a struggling unwillingness. A slender finger lightly pressed against the Thunder Talisman Necklaces a couple times. There was the sound of a latch clicking, causing the necklaces to release and fall to the ground.

Qian Hu and Liu Bao’s shackles had been opened, but an invisible shackle was even more frightening than a visible one. It not only constrained their physical bodies, but even their minds had been converted to Gongyi Tianheng.

These two sworn brothers unwillingly saluted Tianheng.

Yet, Tianheng said: “Ah Zuo is considered my adoptive younger brother. In the future, you two will treat him the same way you treat me.” vHLfNB

Qian Hu and Liu Bao heard this and begrudgingly agreed.

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No matter how vicious and untamed they were, they had no choice but to surrender to the power in their blood vessels.

Off to the side, the spectators Dragon One and Dragon Two gradually came to realize the usefulness of the Xiantian Pill. They knelt before Gongyi Tianheng: “Young master, we are willing to follow you and Pharmacist Gu every day. If the young master enters the inner sect, we earnestly request the young master for this pill!”

Tianheng understood their intentions. After nodding slightly, he said: “This pill has already been tested, and it definitely isn’t poisonous. Only the side-effects are a little strong. Are you seriously determined to do this?” hxtRpO

Without the slightest hesitation, Dragon One and Dragon Two said: “Yes, young master!”

T/N: Retroactively changing Drug Slave Binding to Drug Slave Brand.

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Translator's Note

四肢百骸 – Si zhi bai hai, the four limbs and hundred bones.

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  1. In western fiction, this kinda slave drug would be serious nightmare fuel only used by villains and such. For xianxia, nobody blinks an eye if the hero uses it.

    Anyway, didn’t see any translations that need corrections this time.

  2. Moral problems aside, I’d be curious if the effect (I mean, this… uh, unswerving loyalty) is permanent or if it’s going to wear off in the future…

    Thank you for the chapter ❤