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I Have MedicineCh143 - Results


[Name: Scarlet Blood Poison]

[Type: Multi-colored, black, and gray] m20HPO

[Delivery Mechanism: Oral ingestion or nasal inhalation]

[Medicinal Effects: Multi-colored is a toxin which can render someone unconscious or eliminate qi and blood. Black is a martial artist’s antidote. Gray is a pharmacist’s antidote. Wild beasts lack an antidote.]

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[Range of Function: Wild beasts — Ineffective on rank eight or above. Human race — Will not cause death to true qi realm stage eight or above.]

[Range of Potency: Can be controlled through liquid concentrations.] SuJU7C

[Note: When the concentration is at its highest, there are no changes in the effects on wild beasts, but it can directly cause death in humans, who are the most susceptible to being poisoned.]

Gu Zuo silently summarized all of his research discoveries. At last, he obtained a positive response from the system.

[Side Mission 2: 100% completion rate.]

[Mission Reward: <<Gu Zuo’s Research Reports>>]


Gu Zuo blinked his eyes.

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Research reports?

[Besides the item books the system has gifted, after the host has discovered something new, the research results can be recorded in this collection of reports. It will be set aside for the host to look over at any time.]

Gu Zuo understood. ATiJWX

The system really was considerate. It had even thought of this.

After that, he took out the research report and flipped through it. Sure enough, the entire experiment’s process had been recorded meticulously. It was comprised of the repeated tests’ dosage amounts, yielded results, and even the corresponding medicinal pills used to recuperate the energy of those martial artists and pharmacists. The degree of recovery was also recorded clearly.

Although Gu Zuo’s psychic energy was currently getting stronger and stronger, which ensured a highly retentive memory and allowed him to remember what he did during the tests, he was still in a foundational period. If he became even more powerful in the future and wanted to leave behind a bit of an inheritance to the later generations, these test records would become very important. Most of all, some of his thoughts would be revealed during his research, which would be very enlightening… Cough.

Gu Zuo felt his face was a bit big. nlNKVL

Be humble, be humble.

The mission had been completed at last, and the medicinal qi had been saved. Gu Zuo had no inclination to continue staying here. He looked again to those metal berths and pursed his lips.

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Okay. The circumstances that those notes mentioned…were the ones about how the highest concentrations would result in death…

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So, here came the problem.

Gu Zuo was about to leave the medicine refining room, and he wasn’t sure if he was going to come back later on. So how would this medicine refining room be dealt with? If someone came in and saw this, he was afraid that it wasn’t going to be too good.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Gu Zuo, who was already used to concealing things, was a little confused and a little hesitant. 8QxS1

Just as Gu Zuo was thinking about how to deal with the desiccated bones, Gu Zuo’s sight fell upon the area beneath that pill cauldron… On the Earth Fire.

After that, he clapped.

Ah, right! He could use this!

Gu Zuo sprinted over and crouched down to look at that Earth Fire. eWVIj3

Although ordinary materials had no way to collect the Earth Fire, the alleyway outside supposedly had special materials manufactured that basically made it impossible to take out the Earth Fire. However, within the medicine refining room, there were some pharmacists who could use certain methods to change the Earth Fire’s position!

Gu Zuo was one of those pharmacists.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

In addition, Xu Lingxiu had previously given him a chunk of Fire Essence Stone. And this Fire Essence Stone still wasn’t finished burning…

The next moment, Gu Zuo took out a piece of jade stone from his storage space. dL2yrs

He thought of a way to slice this jade stone into thin strips. Following which, he extended the “chopsticks” to grasp that chunk of Fire Essence Stone in the Earth Fire.

After the Fire Essence Stone was removed, it was still burning with flames. Weren’t the flames burning on the stone and absorbing the fire energy within precisely the Earth Fire?

Gu Zuo didn’t dare dally in the slightest. He quickly carried the Fire Essence Stone in front of the first pile of dried bones, and raised the grasping chopsticks.

In a split second, several sparks fell onto the dried bones and a flame was instantly formed. Moreover, it rapidly engulfed the dried bones and burned it to ashes. 26 DC1

Gu Zuo was very happy when he saw it was useful.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

He quickly went to the second corpse, third corpse… There wasn’t too much Earth Fire on the Fire Essence Stone, but fortunately, he didn’t need too much for cremating. It didn’t take long for all the corpses to be ignited. Finally, it was the last body. When he came before the Xiantian stage eight martial artist who hadn’t died yet, he paused his footsteps.

What was he to do about this body?

Gu Zuo closed his eyes. qaLfWC

When he opened his eyes, two sharp Silver Awls flew out and directly pierced into that Xiantian stage eight martial artist’s head! The explosion rumbled.

Without the shield of true qi, even if this martial artist’s psychic power was very strong, he wouldn’t have been able to make use of it. Without any way to guard against it, he could only let that Spirit Piercing Awl show off its power.

Merely, he was still hanging on by a thread.

Gu Zuo steeled himself and continued to shoot. He wasn’t stingy at all. In a short minute, he discharged as many as dozens of Silver Awls, which had practically exploded the martial artist’s head into a pulp. Then, he slowly let out a sigh and stopped. XMh4m6

At this time, Gu Zuo directly thew the Fire Essence Stone onto the martial artist’s body.

The blazing flame was ferocious. But perhaps because the Earth Fire itself was a type of Wondrous Fire and the Xiantian martial artist’s body was originally very clean, during the combustion process, there weren’t any stenches released besides the crackling of the fire. However, because a Xiantian martial artist’s physical body was very strong, the higher the grade of the Xiantian martial artist, the slower and harder it was to burn the corpse.

After a long one or two hours, the corpse was burned to bone ash.

The energies within the Fire Essence Stone were used up. It had also become a lump of gray stone. Ir63mF

Gu Zuo let out a long sigh.

It was finally settled.

The medicine refining room had been restored to its former emptiness. And as for Gu Zuo, he was done and could now go back.

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In the future, only if there was a special need would he return to this place. v51OBw

The psychological pressure was too great. There was nothing else.

When all was said and done, he still hadn’t formed a habit of effortlessly experimenting on living people… Even if those living people were bad guys who couldn’t have been any worse.

After walking to the doorway, Gu Zuo removed his disciple token.

The door opened wide and he turned to walk out. AgI3rO

However, just as he walked two steps, Gu Zuo stopped again.

He was looking at the disciple token’s remaining, pathetically few, contribution points. He was a little regretful.

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In the past, he always thought that his dear big brother, who practiced martial arts, burned through money and could eat a lot… Ah, but now it looked like he himself — In order to complete a mission, to verify a type of poison, he made those test subjects into single-use disposables. Ultimately, he was the true “money burner”! SW5Ztr

After calculating it all, he was able to squander more than his big brother.

Yes, Gongyi Tianheng used up a lot of gold, but Gu Zuo had wildly burned though contribution points.

From getting rich quick overnight to immediately becoming a pauper, the gap between them didn’t even reach one day for Gu Zuo — He was practically sweating all over.

After staring foolishly into space for a while, Gu Zuo shook his head and quickly walked ahead. NyWd20

This time, he had his head lowered. Yet, he hadn’t walked too far before he almost bumped into a person — Why was it Xu Lingxiu again?

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Over the past several days, Gu Zuo felt that he and this Xu Lingxiu really had too much of a…predestined affinity.

Xu Lingxiu clearly didn’t expect to run into Gu Zuo again.

He looked at this hurried pace of his, raised his eyebrow, and said: “It seems you’re still alive.” 2lMLN8

Gu Zuo nodded his head with embarrassment: “You also…” He was thinking wrongly. He maneuvered, “…You’re also working hard.”

Xu Lingxiu sneered.

Gu Zuo tried to find a topic: “The Fire Essence Stone was very useful. Thank you very much.”

Xu Lingxiu raised an eyebrow again: “Come to the Violet Tower for a visit tomorrow. I’ll take a look at your level.” RSbyu0

After he finished speaking, he walked away without turning back.

Gu Zuo was left behind…


T/N: While uploading new chapters, I’ve been trying to go back through the old chapters to correct some terminologies. (I’m way behind schedule for this.) One such change is for Gu Zuo’s psychic attacks. The weaker attack is now Silver Awl and the stronger attack is Silver Needle. The comprehensive skill is called Spirit Piercing Awl. VgqG7F

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Translator's Note

毁尸灭迹 – Hui shi mie ji, using fire to destroy a corpse. An idiom meaning to eliminate the proof of one’s crimes.

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