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I Have MedicineCh106 - West Mountain Ghost Hunting


Gongyi Tianheng pretended to not understand: “Oh? I’d like to hear the details.”

Fu Manduo pointed to the medicinal wine and said: “Besides those medicinal pills, every month still needs five hundred jars of Blood Rice Wine, with each jar filling twenty cups. For one jar of wine, I’ll bid one thousand five hundred gold. How’s that?” RTP075

Gu Zuo’s eyelids jumped.

Wasn’t that seven hundred fifty thousand gold?

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On top of the million plus gold in medicinal pills… Wasn’t this business close to two million gold?

Moreover, this amount was just in one month. 0B6iSc

That Fu Manduo’s courage was huge!

As for the five hundred jars of wine, it wasn’t worth mentioning to Gu Zuo. The one he used was the kind of large vat that could fit one hundred jars. In fact, with five large vats, the total time spent wouldn’t reach a single day to complete it. If one wanted to improve the flavor, then it would be put aside for ten days. Every day he would come to use some hand seals to refine it, making the alcohol even sweeter.

— The longer it was stored, the tastier it would be.

But no matter what, this really wasn’t troublesome at all.


Gongyi Tianheng listened, and pretended to hesitate: “Making Ah Zuo brew five hundred jars in a month also isn’t impossible. It’s just that this really is too exhausting. Because the storage time is brief, I’m afraid the taste will also be a little lacking.”

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Fu Manduo sighed: “Lacking in taste? This flavor right now is absolutely splendid!” He looked at Gu Zuo again, his appearance very cordial, “Junior sect brother Gu, if you’re willing to work hard, I certainly won’t treat you unfairly… So…”

Gu Zuo urgently waved his hand: “It doesn’t concern me, I obey the young master!” Then, he hesitated a little, “…Eh, will you treat the young master well?”

Fu Manduo smiled at once: “Naturally, I’ll treat junior sect brother Gongyi well.” He looked to Gongyi Tianheng with a strong smile, “Junior sect brother Gongyi is lucky to have this kind of personal servant.” wAzb3J

Tianheng also smiled as he shot Gu Zuo a glance: “Ah Zuo is known as my personal servant, but actually, he’s my surrogate younger brother. It’s just that people like to talk. He insisted on acting unfamiliar in the presence of outsiders. Ah Zuo treats me with sincerity, and I treat him just like a biological younger brother. If others want to bully him, then it’d be the same as bullying me.”

Gu Zuo heard this and felt like his head was smoking.

He knew that this was Tianheng deliberately increasing his importance in the presence of Fu Manduo, but he also knew that his big brother’s words weren’t that much different from his actions.

As a result, he was very, very embarrassed. KFaAML

Fu Manduo listened to this and looked pensive. At that moment, he gave another toast to Tianheng and also offered Gu Zuo a cup: “Junior sect brother Gu, having this kind of craftsmanship is truly very amazing. It’s very admirable! Junior sect brother Gongyi, having this good surrogate younger brother, you shouldn’t hide him away. Had this Fu and his fellow sect brothers known earlier, wouldn’t we have shown more consideration to junior sect brother Gu? The junior I’m watching over is a pharmacist, and his future achievements can be assumed to be great.

He continued: “I have here a voucher affiliated with the inner sect’s medicine refinement hall. Junior sect brother Gu is currently a nominal disciple. With this voucher, even if it was a disciple waiting to fill a vacancy in the medicine refinement hall, they could obtain some shelter. When junior sect brother Gu’s evaluation level reaches low grade pharmacist, you can automatically become an inner sect medicine refinement hall disciple. You won’t have to go through any other assessments… Consider this a gift to commemorate our first meeting. Junior sect brother Gu must not refuse it.”

Gu Zuo looked at Gongyi Tianheng like he didn’t know what to do.

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There weren’t many vouchers in Fu Manduo’s possession. Providing this voucher right now was to check Tianheng’s various methods, his unrevealed trump cards, as well as Gu Zuo’s hidden value.

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The moment Tianheng spoke these words, he was extremely satisfied. He clinked glasses with Fu Manduo. This was sealing another business deal. NTyKAm

After the meal, Fu Manduo used an inter-spatial tool to collect all the goods. Drunken and blurry-eyed, he then went to leave.

But before he left, he winked his eye and gave a meaningful smile: “Junior sect brother Gongyi, you need to achieve Xiantian early and enter the inner sect… When that moment comes, haha.”

He didn’t say anything after that. He turned around and left with large strides.

Tianheng watched him leave, and ruffled Gu Zuo’s hair: “Ah Zuo, you’ll need to work hard again.” plPQW7

Gu Zuo shook his head: “I’m also cultivating.”

In his heart, he silently added a sentence: Cultivating and moneymaking, I can’t neglect either one.

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This day wouldn’t resume its tranquility so quickly.

The sect’s harvest mission was handed in and the business with the inner sect brother was completed, but another batch of people had come to the door. d6qYfk

After Dragon One opened the door, seven or eight people were seen coming in together.

The one who headed them had a height of three meters. He was tall and sturdy, handsome, and had an outstanding presence. Wasn’t this an old acquaintance?

The Cangyun Empire’s ninth prince: Cang Yu. After entering the outer sect, they hadn’t kept in contact for a long time. When this first month had ended, he took the initiative to pay a visit.

Gu Zuo stared blankly. UclXL6

He remembered that, at that time, His Highness the ninth prince had thought highly of his dear big brother. He also mentioned that when they entered the outer sect, they needed to help each other out and so on. However, after entering the outer sect, he was busy working non-stop and there were many things he had to handle. His big brother also had to sort out relationships and establish contacts. For this entire month, there unexpectedly wasn’t any dealings with this group of people who came from the same Cangyun Empire.

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Why did the ninth prince come now?

The people behind Cang Yu all shared some resemblances, and they should’ve been those people from royal family. In addition, there was the beautiful girl, Princess Yaomin.

At this moment, he faced Gongyi Tianheng and cupped his hand: “Brother Tianheng, long time no see. How’ve you been?” flgVLu

Tianheng was also very succinct: “Indeed, it’s been a while. Everything’s good.” Then he said, “Ah Zuo, set the tea. Ladies and gentlemen, please sit.”

Cang Yu and the others all sat down.

However, Cang Yu had yet to speak when someone else knocked on the door outside.

After the door opened this time, the ones who came in were Duanmu Qingrong and the four children of the Duanmu Clan. They were also equally courteous, and merely discussed pleasantries. It was just that they were slightly inferior to Cang Yu. wXhaBL

Gu Zuo was puzzled.

What day was today? Why did they all come here to find his big brother?

As if agreeing with Gu Zuo’s words, once Duanmu Qingrong finished his somewhat awkward exchange, there was the sound of a third round of knocking.

After opening the door, the Sima Clan’s two people arrived, and the Helian Clan’s sole representative Helian Xingye also arrived. cv3tFh

Gu Zuo: “…”

In any case, the Duanmu Clan didn’t bear any disagreements with the Gongyi Clan. However, the Sima Clan and the Helian Clan stood together; especially the Helian Clan, which had a dispute with the Gongyi Clan. These people from the two clans also came. Ah, what the hell was happening?

What was even stranger was that while all these clans had arrived, only Huangfu Zhanghao, this fellow who treated Tianheng well just like Cang Yu, hadn’t come.

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Was there something wrong? E9iwJr

At this time, the courtyard couldn’t have been said to be packed tight, but it was extremely lively.

Gongyi Tianheng unhurriedly sat down on a stone bench. He called on Dragon One and Dragon Two to help Gu Zuo serve everyone tea, and somewhat bizarrely faced the ninth prince and said: “Brother Cang Yu, you all… One doesn’t visit a temple without a cause?”

Also, to say that this was paying a visit, where they crowded together one after another, was also too strange.

There was certainly something going on here. ypmno5

Cang Yu also wasn’t without his guesses on this situation. However, he never expected the Sima Clan and Helian Clan to come over, too. At this moment, he somewhat pretended to mutter to himself, preparing to speak forthrightly with Tianheng.

The other clans also didn’t express their opinions.

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This was because they knew that among those here, the ninth prince Cang Yu was even more familiar with Gongyi Tianheng.

Cang Yu asked: “I wouldn’t know if Brother Tianheng has seen the newly opened West Mountain Yellow Announcement?” PKEWzG

Tianheng startled slightly: “I actually haven’t heard of it…”

It wasn’t that he hadn’t frequently sent people to inquire about news. Rather, he was busy with establishing an even more harmonious relationship with the inner sect’s Fu Manduo and the others. Exhausting one’s thoughts was unavoidable, so he didn’t handle such matters himself.

Naturally, some news wouldn’t be known in time. One needed to wait a moment for someone else to deliver it.

Cang Yu wasn’t surprised: “The West Mountain Yellow Notice was opened less than fifteen minutes ago. It’s a one-time event mission. If it wasn’t for an opportune chance, we also wouldn’t have known.” vYjpDd

Gongyi Tianheng nodded his head: “That West Mountain Yellow Notice’s objective is?”

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Cang Yu replied: “It’s West Mountain Ghost Hunting.”

Tianheng really hadn’t heard about this kind of thing.

Gu Zuo felt even more surprised. jdUy1i

Ghost hunting? What ghosts? Don’t tell me that this world really has ghosts?

Or… Is this ghost not that kind of ghost, but some other weird thing?

Cang Yu quickly gave an explanation about what this was about.

It was really…a sort of monstrous organism. YdVBOE

This organism’s name was “Earth Ghost”. One could say it was a wild beast, but it wasn’t like wild beasts since its flesh absolutely couldn’t be eaten. Even martial artists would say that it was poisonous. One could say it was a “human”, but it didn’t have any intelligence. It completely relied on instinct to cause destruction.

He also didn’t know how this kind of thing showed up. After Cang Yu saw the notice, he only roughly understood, and knew that this thing was found throughout West Mountain. If it wasn’t eliminated, then the entire West Mountain would be overrun.

Thus, this West Mountain Ghost Hunting had become a one-time mission, and was given to the outer sect’s disciples to complete.

If it was completed particularly well, the sect would bestow a reward. It would also exempt the compulsory tests for some outer sect disciples entering the inner sect. nR0rat

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Translator's Note

无事不登三宝殿 – To visit someone with an ulterior motive.

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