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I Have MedicineCh108 - The Xiantian Pill


After listening to Cang Yu’s words, Gu Zuo’s first reaction was… That lucky bastard!

Afterwards, he just felt embarrassed. 2wjLrA

There was nothing to be done. The impression Huangfu Zhanghao’s incredible luck gave him was too deep. Even though he later knew from the system that this was actually false luck lended to Zhanghao by his dear big brother, it still activated this conditioned reflex.

Gongyi Tianheng paused: “Brother Zhanghao already broke through to Xiantian, and also passed his inner sect assessment? This is really encroaching upon the territory of the extraordinary. It leaves people in admiration.”

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Cang Yu shook his head: “Brother Tianheng’s words are correct. Brother Zhanghao’s procedures for entering the inner sect didn’t have any problems. It’s just that I’ve also learned that within ten days of Brother Zhanghao applying to join the inner sect, someone came to his courtyard. Then, he didn’t take a step outside for a little more than ten days.

He continued: “Following that, he made a breakthrough to Xiantian, and closely after, he consolidated his strength. Several days ago, he smoothly passed his test and became an inner sect disciple.” X3d0EI

When these words were spoken, both Gongyi Tianheng and Gu Zuo recalled something in their minds: The Xiantian Pill!

Previously, the children of the aristocratic families and the royal family persistently cultivated in the Azure Dragon Pool. After they came out, they advanced to half-step Xiantian. Even though they went through the experience of the Hundred Countries Tournament, it was still impossible to breakthrough to Xiantian so quickly.

However, if they had the help of a medicinal pill, then it was different.

Merely, even though it was the Qingyun Sect, the Xiantian Pill should’ve also been very rare. Otherwise, there wouldn’t be any need to restrict the numerous outer sect disciples advancing to Xiantian by age. So long as one had a Xiantian Pill on hand, wouldn’t all of one’s problems be solved? c2uW8P

Yet, it was also because they speculated on the Xiantian Pill’s value that they could infer a bit more — In the sect’s heart, Huangfu Zhanghao was also very valuable.

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If not, Zhanghao wouldn’t have been given a Xiantian Pill immediately after entering the inner sect. Moreover, they let him rely on normal procedures to rapidly enter the inner sect!

At this moment, alarm bells were going off in Gu Zuo’s mind.

Huangfu Zhanghao was bestowed a Xiantian Pill. Wasn’t this proving that not only did the Qingyun Sect have the Xiantian Pill’s prescription, but that one could find the medicinal herbs to refine the Xiantian Pill on the Qingyun Continent? e2btka

Originally, he expended a lot of effort searching and collecting. Ultimately, he was still lacking one type of herb necessary for the first method of refining the pill. Now, it seemed that there was still hope!

But Gu Zuo quickly calmed down again.


The Qingyun Sect didn’t necessarily use the first method to refine the Xiantian Pill. Maybe it was the second method? In such a big sect as this, the number of Xiantian martial artists certainly wasn’t small. Finding a couple and having them donate their blood for a pharmacist to refine also wasn’t a difficult matter. ACZLwP

Gongyi Tianheng remained calm and collected, but his mind started to plot.

His little pharmacist was already a Xiantian realm, so he had a better grasp of refining the Xiantian Pill. It seemed that this matter of refining the Xiantian Pill also should be put on the itinerary.

Once the refining was successful, he’d first have Dragon One and Dragon Two promoted to the Xiantian realm — After all, if they weren’t stimulated and if they only relied on themselves, with their potential, he was afraid that it’d still take a long time for them to comprehend a breakthrough.

And what he lacked right now was time. LYgoDy

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Currently, the tip of this huge sect’s iceberg had already revealed a lofty and steep mountain. If he only spread a few minor connections, and became complacent without making a breakthrough for himself, perhaps everything he put forward right now would cause him to suffer a setback in the future.

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Kljctfcu gefoeiis rjlv ab Jjcu Te: “Dgbatfg Itjcutjb tjv remt j ragbxf bo iemx. Qf rtbeiv yf tjqqs obg tlw. Ktf rfma gfujgvr tlw lwqbgajcais, rb cjaegjiis tf’r kbgats bo atf rfma’r jaafcalbc. Qf ralii cffv ab kbgx abufatfg. Mlgra, ab mbwqifaf atlr bcf-alwf wlrrlbc, atfc kf mjc mbcrbilvjaf beg obecvjalbcr.”

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Cang Yu was a straightforward person, too. He promptly brushed aside those previous feelings of envy, and smilingly said: “What Brother Tianheng says is true. Since it’s like this, we’ll meet you tomorrow morning at the base of West Mountain to trek into the mountain together.” RD851k

Gongyi Tianheng said: “That’s fine.”

Cang Yu grunted in affirmation, said his goodbyes, and left. Duanmu Qingrong and the others had come here, only to listen to Cang Yu and Tianheng’s discussion. They practically couldn’t get a word in. At this point, there weren’t any complaints, so after similarly saying their goodbyes, a large string of people shuffled out of the courtyard.

Dragon One promptly walked over and closed the door.

As for Tianheng, he looked over to his dear little pharmacist: “Ah Zuo, regarding the Xiantian Pill, you…” 3Crp7i

Gu Zuo was a little dispirited: “I’m still lacking one of the medicinal herbs for the first method. While I’ve collected all the herbs for the second method…”

He really wasn’t too keen on making Gongyi Tianheng bleed himself.

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Although he himself was now a Xiantian realm, a pharmacist’s blood couldn’t be used.

Because it was supposed to let a martial artist make a breakthrough, one could only use the blood of Xiantian martial artists to refine the pill. dyIZw

Tianheng looked at his expression and was aware the thoughts in his heart. After smiling faintly, he gestured to Dragon One to take out a jade bowl.

Dragon One quickly fetched it and presented it to Tianheng.

Gongyi Tianheng didn’t say anything. He only raised two fingers and lightly slashed across his other wrist —

In the blink of an eye, a trail of qi energy erupted, and like a sharp knife, it cut apart the skin there. At the same time, brilliantly red blood flowed out and pattered into the jade bowl below. Se54Pb

In a short while, the blood that had poured into the filled bowl was as much as half a liter.

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Gu Zuo looked at the blood that filled the bowl and his complexion reddened and paled.

He felt that this was worth its weight in gold… Was it really necessary to take his big brother’s blood to refine the pill?

This also was his first time thinking something like this: If I don’t succeed in refining it, then it would be fine. thQzO1

Otherwise, he would still worry that his dear big brother, who was actually very ruthless to himself, might bleed every day to refine more Xiantian Pills and just draw support from Snowy Ginseng Pills to replenish his blood.

Gongyi Tianheng smiled: “Okay, Ah Zuo, go quickly. You should always give it a try at least once.”

Gu Zuo wiped his face. He gently and cautiously took the bowl. Then, he hurried to the medicine refining room without turning back.

His voice could be heard from far away: “Big brother, eat a Snowy Ginseng Pill at once to replenish your blood. Ah, you better drink some Blood Rice Wine, too!” Y0pkWG

Tianheng watched Gu Zuo enter the room, and the edge of his smile deepened as he replied: “Okay.”

In the medicine refining room, Gu Zuo warmed up a medium sized pill cauldron. He quickly took out the eighty one kinds of medicinal herbs and sat before the cauldron.

Even though it was the second type of Xiantian Pill, successfully refining it also wasn’t so easy. The sequence each herb had to be put in couldn’t be wrong, and the step for using Xiantian blood to excite the medicinal properties was of the highest importance.

Gu Zuo took a deep breath, calming his state of mind. He intertwined his fingers and used the Fire Controlling Seal to regulate the flame. zFp7d4

The jade bowl full of blood was placed to his side. Under the faint rays of light, its reflection was splendorous and glossy.

He couldn’t make any mistakes. Regardless of the quality of the medicinal pill he could achieve, he absolutely couldn’t fail in refining it!

As a result, he needed to carefully blend his qi energy. He couldn’t impetuously go on refining because of his own state of mind…

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

After a good while, a bit more than half an hour passed. o6cxAG

Gu Zuo suddenly opened his eyes. The psychic power in his Tianfu Acupoint had already converged into his eyes!

Beneath the pill cauldron, the flame was raging. The pill cauldron also produced a slight sound. Gu Zuo didn’t hesitate as he grabbed a handful of medicinal herbs and threw them into the middle of that raging heat!

After some sizzling sounds, that batch of medicinal herbs had turned into dark green juice!

Gu Zuo’s hand seals changed incessantly. ujMND3

He’d become extremely proficient at using the minor seal Plucking Nine Stars long ago. Every movement seemed to generate a special rhythm. During this rhythm, even more medicinal herbs were cast into the cauldron, and were blended together with the previous medicinal liquid. Sometimes, there were distinct barriers, and other times, the liquids were mixed together once more…

Finally, after several kinds of medicinal herbs were thrown in, his mind suddenly shouted: Right now!

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

In that instant, Gu Zuo grabbed that jade bowl filled with blood and poured it into the pill cauldron!

In the blink of an eye, the dark red blood combined with the ball of medicinal liquid, dyeing it a gorgeous color. And this color was extremely beautiful and full. Unexpectedly, a kind of bewitching luster appeared. A person would be left deeply attracted by its unforgettable appearance. Awf2sN

Gu Zuo increased the fire’s strength, and he repeatedly used Plucking Nine Stars!

That medicinal liquid also violently shuddered!

Suddenly, it split in two… That splendidly red color abruptly faded due to this division.

Towards the end, the two balls of medicinal liquid in the pill cauldron were like pearls as they spun around and around, rolling ceaselessly. And with each loop, they condensed even more. nioUA6

At last, the cauldron produced a long and drawn-out humming sound.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Two brown medicinal pills shot out. Gu Zuo used the Pill Receiving Seal to quickly collect them!

Finally, they each entered a clean jade bowl from the left and right.

Gu Zuo lowered his head to look. Indeed, there were two medicinal pills. And from inspecting their aptitude, they should’ve reached high grade. Merely, it was unfortunate that no medicinal qi was generated. H9hSo8

This showed that when refining this time, Gu Zuo’s technique wasn’t at all perfect. The entire process wasn’t under his total control, and so the medicinal properties didn’t achieve their full potential.

Gu Zuo carefully observed a medicinal pill, and sniffed it.

It had a strong medicinal fragrance, and when one smelled it, it gave a refreshing feeling… Whether it could let a person breakthrough or if it was a genuine Xiantian Pill, that was hard to say.

Because, according to the words of the pill catalog, the Xiantian Pills of the first and second methods should both have a kind of faint violet color. T5B1Wv

With his own thinking unclear, Gu Zuo decided to go out and let his big brother take a look.

Thus, after Gu Zuo entered the room, Gongyi Tianheng had Dragon One and Dragon Two pack a few things in preparation for their departure to West Mountain tomorrow.

As for himself, he pondered over the matter of Huangfu Zhanghao.

Just a moment ago, he had the Xiantian Pill on his mind, but on the contrary, he overlooked this person. Now that he thought about it, Zhanghao’s aptitudes and strength was similar to Duanmu Qingrong and the others, who were at most just nominal disciples. Now, after entering the outer sect, someone devised a way for him to enter the inner sect. The genuine cause was Zhanghao’s jaw-dropping luck. npVFar

— Or to say, it was his “innate luck”.

Only, Tianheng couldn’t guess if Zhanghao was being watched by a certain power from the inner sect or from the whole sect through tacit acceptance.

If it was the former, then it was still okay. If it was the latter… What use did a person with exceptional innate luck have to the sect?

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Recalling the system’s words, Zhanghao’s innate luck originally manifested from him. Tianheng couldn’t help furrowing his eyebrows a bit. zrqPZd

Innate luck was really advantageous to him. However, if it wasn’t for the shield Huangfu Zhanghao, one could imagine the things he could do. Perhaps, just like the current Zhanghao, Gongyi Tianheng would be rigidly stared at by someone, too.

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Translator's Note

掀起 (Xian qi – upsurge), 惊涛骇浪 (Jing tao hai lang – raging waves and stormy seas).

Translator's Note

有千钧重 – Literally fifteen thousand kilograms, to attach something with great importance or a heavy burden.

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  1. Poor MC, so conflicted about whether he wants to be successful at making the XT pill or not. Alas, he’s probably prophetic in that his big brother is gonna be repeatedly bleeding himself to make these pills in the future. There are 200 dragon guards in total to consider, after all… XD

    Translation suggestions:

    The entire process wasn’t under his overall control, so the medicinal properties didn’t exhibit perfection. –> The entire process wasn’t under his total control, and so the medicinal properties didn’t achieve their full potential.

    Medicinal Pill Catalog — This should be lowercase since GZ is not referring to the the title of a book, but just the reference books he has in general.

    Zhanghao’s aptitudes and strength was similar to Duanmu Qingrong and the others. Originally, he was at most just a nominal disciple. –> …similar to DMQR and the others, who were at most just nominal disciples. (The nominal disciple here in in this paragraph can’t be talking about HFZH obviously, since he’s an outer disciple, so it’s more likely talking about his peers from Cangyun.)

  2. Thank you for the translation!

    There’s something I don’t understand. Likely I’ve forgotten or missed some important info, but I thought GT hadn’t advanced to Xiantian yet, so his blood couldn’t be used to produce Xiantian pills. 😳

    Or does GT think the breakthrough is imminent and want GZ to practice concocting such pills? To get the hang of it, so to say? 🤔

    • GYTH was born with the Tiandu Body, so his flesh and blood is Xiantian. However this led to complications resulting in his illness.

      It was suspected that his blood could be used before, but there was a lack of herbs.

      Read chapters 60 and 61 to refresh your memory. 🙂

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