Rebirth of the Supreme Celestial Being

Rebirth of the Supreme Celestial Being 重生之至尊仙侣

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Author: 冰糖莲子羹
Total Chapters: 774
Genre: Adventure, Cultivation, Doting Love Interest, Rebirth, Second Chance, Xianxia
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Translators: Ea, Sarah, laplace, Zaki. Editors: Rose, Molly, Islanor
Release Schedule: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday


The genius cultivator Lin Xuanzhi didn’t let down the world in his past life, yet he only betrayed a single Yan Tianhen.

It was only when he had been backstabbed and killed by his closest friends, teacher and fellow disciples that he knew what kind of unforgivable crimes he had committed.

After he gained the huge opportunity for rebirth, the Lin Xuanzhi who had climbed back up from hell swore to cherish the person that he had betrayed in his past life.

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  1. Hello, i was just wondering what the pinyin name of the rebirth of the supreme celestial being title is? And also the authors name in pinyin? Sorry i dont know a single word of chinese so i cant read the authors name lols. Thank you and greatly appreciated!

    • Thank you so much for translating this adorable novel, i lopk forward for more chapters until the end.

  2. I have just read this novel three days ago and was finally able to catch up with the latest chapters.
    I am very grateful that this site translated this novel. DEEEYYYYYMMM AM SQUEALING SO MUCH HAHAHAHAHA!!!
    I look forward to more chapters of this novel with you guys!!!

    Hen-hen is such a cute cinammon roll. I hope Yuyang and YTW would patch their relationship, too bec I freaking don’t like Yuran.

    Hen-heeenn, our lovely bun, one of these days, you’d be devoured..ehmmm by your handsome dage bec of your innocent kisses. XD

  3. I really wanted to catch up to the current chapter but I don’t have the time D:

    The MC and ML is just heartwarming together

    I miss them… uwu….

    Thank you so much for the translations!!!!

  4. Its getting harder and harder to getting track off all the characters in this novel. May I suggest a character page to help out a reader?

  5. For some unknown reason i don’t really like stories that are told from the gong’s perspectives, but this one is so good that I unconsciously ignore it.

    The story line is interesting, although a little messed up, cliche and confusing, but overall, I really enjoy reading this story!

  6. Hello,

    first thanks for your good translation work. I accidently found out that you also translated The Promise Sealed With Our Lips. I enjoyed that enormously but sadly you obviously stopped at the end of vol. 1 Is there any chance of you continuing and doing vol. 2 as well? I really think it would be worthwhile. Or has another translator picked it up?

  7. Thank you for all the translations!

    I heard you were not going to translate after a few chapters, so can you please request any other websites willing to do the translations to continue the project please?

    But I’ll still prefer you doing the translations please..

    • Ea will continue with the translations, and we have also found another translator to replace me~

      Thank you for the support 🥰

  8. Hallo! I’m sorry, I’m new here.. I have a question, since I really like this novel, is there anyway for me to get the full translated novel before you finish to put It here on website? I’m sorry if I don’t know how it works… Do I can only wait until you finished posted everything in web? Em… If its like buying books, but its translated ebook, I still want it soooo much…

    Please advice,

    I’m very curious & want to learn 😊

  9. Hello! First of all; excuse my English. I would like to tell you that I want to translate this novel into Spanish, and I would like to draw on your English translation to translate it into Spanish. I really like your translations, really. What do you think? Can you grant me your permission? Obviously I will put the credits on your part. Thank you!

    • Hi! I’m really sorry for the late response. We’d be honored if you want to translate it into Spanish! Feel free to translate! You can just reply to this thread with the link to the Google doc/folder or website hosting the translation (or email me at [email protected]), and I’ll post a link to it on this RSCB home page! Thank you (and sorry again about the late reply)!

    • Apologies for the late reply! [very rough translations for volume titles right now]

      First volume is “Hundred Families Gathering” Chapters 1-264

      Second volume is “Profound Heavens Pointing the Way” Chapters 265-492 (227 chapters)

      Last volume is “Nine Lands: Myriad Dao Orthodox Sect” Chapters 493-774 (end) (281 chapters)

  10. Thank you dmlations for translating this amazing work. If you are finished with this novel, what is your next possible novel to translate> (Personally, I hope it would be the ‘Demon King and Reverend Martial’ novel because I was attracted to it by the one chapter you had translated)

  11. I’m totally in love with this novel, and translation is amazing, you can see the hardwork and dedication <3 I’m in episode 212 and still happy I have many episodes ahead already translated. I hope they didn’t drop it ….!!! ×.× heartbreak

    • Thank you! 🥰 Happy reading! The translation is still ongoing, and there are no plans to stop before we reach the end of the webnovel 😊

  12. this novel is a gay or what? or your translation really shitty one?

    • U fucking stupid or what? This is gay novel and you, who’s a scum that didnt appreciate efforts, better leave here than insulting other works.

  13. Honestly love this so much… when I get anxious about what’s going to happen next… well…. I’ve started over from the beginning 3 times… that way… I don’t miss anything and can enjoy those precious moments again… like when realizes someone’s been skipping rice for a long time…😢😢😢 anyhoo. Thanks for your hard work!!!

  14. Again… love this. Really want to see it made (and not into a bromance…) I almost picture YTH as having these moments like “Dage, please tell me so I can no we are in debt…” “well, we actually owe $$$$ per day…” “don’t tell me… it’s too much.” those moments make me think he’s got the same comedic response timing as K-2SO from star wars rogue one. lol

      • yes… like with today’s update… Yan Tianhen said, “But, you fell down just now.” just like a simple one line that caused Wan Yitong to show the – I imagine – 😐😐😐 face. lol THANKS FOR YOUR HARD WORK… I wanted to tell you that in discord, but i’m old and haven’t completely figured that out. hahaha

  15. Hello, sorry for the question, but I read this novel in Chinese until the chapter where LXZ and YTR are together (in a hot way) for the first time, and I don’t remember which chapter is. Can you help me with that? Because I’m going crazy looking XD.

    Thank you very much. And sorry if you find some errors in my comment, spanish is my first language.

  16. Thanks for the hardwork Author-sama😊

    Thanks translator also

    Many many thanks

  17. I am addicted. I adore Lin Xuanzhi and Yan Tianhen and their side characters. Every chapter brings something interesting. Usually I don’t like too long novels, but this novel’s every chapter is really worth reading.

  18. Hello! C an I translate this into Indonesian through your translation? And thank you for your hard work!

    • Hi! Ran is currently translating RSCB into Indonesian, so feel free to contact them on Discord at Ran #5969 for details on translating together. Thank you for reading RSCB! 🥰

    • Hello! Ran is currently translating RSCB into Indonesian, so feel free to contact them on Discord at Ran #5969 to discuss how you want to translate together. Thanks!