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Rebirth of the Supreme Celestial BeingCh48 - The Plum Tree Withers in Place of the Peach Tree



After Han Yuran left, Yuan Tianwen didn’t continue meditating. Instead, he furrowed his brows and pondered for awhile before he waved his sleeves to summon his penta-coloured crane, then rode it towards the Lin residence. 2HC3IW

As they looked at the penta-coloured crane that had taken to the sky, the Han Yanran and Han Yuran who were standing at the highest point of the Han family’s mountain peak revealed a smile that expressed their satisfaction with the success of their scheme.

Han Yanran gestured a thumbs up to Han Yuran, then said, “Dage’s really amazing, you only used a few words to instigate Yuan young peak master to take action. He should be on his way to kill Lin Xuanzhi now ba?”

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“Killing him isn’t guaranteed, but a warning will definitely be in place.” Han Yuran said.

Han Yanran furrowed her brows and said, “What can a mere warning do.” sIdA5r

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“After this warning, if he dares provoke me again, then the matter wouldn’t be resolved as easily as today. Also, to get him to provoke me is but a simple matter.” A cold glint flashed through Han Yuran’s eyes, then he said, “Lin Xuanzhi actually had the audacity to humiliate me like this, I definitely won’t let him off so easily.”

A greedy look appeared on Han Yanran’s face, then she said, “We definitely need to think of a way to obtain those two tiger cubs. And that Mysterious Ice Jade hairpin too, that’s a really rare treasure ah.”

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“We can’t.” Han Yuran shook his head, then said, “Yuan Tianwen might have the ability, but he’s not the kind of person who would do that sort of thing. If I request that of him, he would definitely be unhappy with me. Before we get married, I must be extremely careful — like I’m treading on thin ice.”

Yet Han Yanran wasn’t concerned in the slightest. She said, “Dage, you are his saviour ah. If it wasn’t for you, that time when he had undergone a Qi deviation and wasn’t of sound mind, his body would’ve already exploded and he would’ve died then. Dage, he’s basically trying to satisfy your every whim now, so why do you need to be so careful around him.”

Regarding this, Han Yanran was actually a bit puzzled. She felt that her Dage was way too cautious and timid which made them lose a lot of opportunities to obtain the tiger cubs. SRuZs

Yet Han Yuran only shook his head and said, “What do you know.”

If he really was the one who had saved Yuan Tianwen, then why would he need to waste so time on Lin Xuanzhi?

He could still vividly recall the scene that day. When Han Yuran had passed by by chance, Yuan Tianwen’s true saviour who had helped him overcome his Qi deviation had already left, while Yuan Tianwen had passed out on the ground unconscious.

Originally, Han Yuran had intended to kill him and take his treasures, but before he had the time to do so, Yuan Tianwen suddenly grabbed him. zboXlT

At that moment, Han Yuran thought that he was probably going to get killed. But, what he didn’t expect was that Yuan Tianwen would pull him into his embrace and say in a hoarse voice, “So this is what you look like. Since you’ve already become my beloved and my saviour, we naturally have to become Dao companions.”

At that time, Han Yuran was afraid that his true saviour would return, so he kept quiet and didn’t agree. As a result, after he had waited for two days, that person still hadn’t returned. So Han Yuran changed his plans.

He silently admitted to being Yuan Tianwen’s saviour, but he didn’t leave with Yuan Tianwen. Yuan Tianwen didn’t try to force him either. But after he returned to Profound Sky Sect, he somehow managed to reserve a spot for Han Yuran in Profound Sky Sect to become one of the sect’s disciples.

Han Yuran’s status in the Han family immediately rose rapidly. Furthermore, Yuan Tianwen gave Han Yuran quite a few rare and precious gifts which were greatly beneficial for his cultivation. After tasting the sweetness of being pampered, Han Yuran quickly fell into the trap of Yuan Tianwen’s pursuit…… 10QI2e

It’s just that, until now, Han Yuran has not dared to get too intimate with Yuan Tianwen.

Yuan Tianwen evidently wants his saviour, as such, they must be linked by some sort of dual cultivation telepathy.

The moment he gets intimate with Yuan Tianwen, based on how strong Yuan Tianwen is, he’ll immediately figure out that he isn’t the person that he was looking for. By then, it won’t be an easy matter to resolve anymore.

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Yuan Tianwen was someone who was born with a silver spoon in his mouth so he rarely experiences setbacks. If he knew that someone had deceived him regarding such an important matter, and even took advantage of his feelings… then, Yuan Tianwen would definitely not let that person off easily…… q IGAf

Han Yuran’s schemes ran through his mind; he needs to gets his hands on those two spirit beasts and complete the Dao companion ceremony recognised by the heavens with Yuan Tianwen first. After that, even if Yuan Tianwen discovers the truth, he wouldn’t be able to lay a finger on him.

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