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Rebirth of the Supreme Celestial BeingCh30 - Scared Silly



“Lin Xuanzhi, what are you doing?” Duan Yuyang couldn’t help but ask. OBz7Dt

Lin Xuanzhi single-heartedly devoted himself to applying his medicinal powder onto Yan Tianhen’s wound. It was only after the wound immediately closed up and de-swelled under the elixir before he turned towards the self-aware Duan Yuyang who was standing at a side.

“Thank you Duan young master for sending Jiadi1 back home even though it’s already this late.” Lin Xuanzhi said.

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A question mark appeared above Duan Yuyang’s head. He furrowed his brows, baffled, and looked Lin Xuanzhi up and down before he said, “What the hell are you trying to do?”

“What do you think I’m trying to do?” Lin Xuanzhi asked him back. tAmU3E

Duan Yuyan choked, then didn’t hold back as he said, “You’re waiting for honourable me to leave before you bully Tianhen? Honourable me is telling you now, I’ve already seen through your crafty schemes, so today I’m staying here no matter what and won’t leave!”

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Yan Tianhen was afraid that Lin Xuanzhi would get angry, so he hurriedly said, “Yuyang Ge, thank you for sending me back today, but you should go back home soon or else your Dad will worry.”

“Tbe gjrmji…..” Gejc Tesjcu kjr rb jcufgfv ys Tjc Kljctfc tf jiwbra ijeutfv. Lf xlcvis boofgfv ab tfiq Tjc Kljctfc bnfgmbwf atlr mglrlr, yea ab atlcx, atlr gjrmji kjr jmaejiis tfiqlcu Olc Wejchtl mtjrf tlw jkjs.

Duan Yuyang had the temperament of a young master, he wouldn’t stick his face to other people’s cold asses2, so he immediately sneered and said, “Fine, I’ll leave. When you get beaten up or sold or bullied don’t count on honourable me to come save you.” c6wbjn

Qtfc tf olclrtfv, Gejc Tesjcu aegcfv jgbecv jcv kjixfv bea bo atf sjgv.

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“Gejc sbecu wjrafg.” Olc Wejchtl’r mifjg nblmf gjcu bea.

“What? You wanna fight?” Duan Yuyang stopped in his tracks, then turned his head and rolled his eyes at Lin Xuanzhi. He held his head up high and said, “Honourable me had never been interested in bullying the weak. It’s beneath my dignity to lift a finger against a Refining Qi stage second layer good-for-nothing like you. But if you insist on fighting like you do in that martial hall, then honourable me won’t mind helping you loosen your joints.”

Yan Tianhen was slightly angered, his face darkened and was about to say a few words for Lin Xuanzhi when he heard Lin Xuanzhi say with gratitude, “Huarong3 can’t thank Duan young master enough for the many times you offered Jiadi a helping hand. If you were to need any help in the future, I would undoubtedly go through water and tread on fire for you without complaint.” NAiOpH

After he spoke, Lin Xuanzhi even took a bow.

Duan Yuyang was so frightened his soul almost scattered. He took a step back and said with a face full of shock, “You you you–have you gone crazy?”

He had just casually lifted a hand to help Yan Tianhen, that kind of effort was nothing to him. And yet it actually incited such a huge bow from Lin Xuanzhi, as well as words that sounded like a promise!

You must know, this person is Lin Xuanzhi! qeSvO8

Even though Duan Yuyang and Lin Xuanzhi didn’t interact much previously, but anyone in Qing city must have heard of all kinds of flattering words about Lin Xuanzhi.

What about his lofty and unyielding character, how he’s a gentleman with a jade-like disposition4, how he’s the best person in the world……

In short, Lin Xuanzhi definitely isn’t the kind of person who would easily bow to give thanks and be so serious about this kind of matters.

Duan Yuyang was scared silly. wpCHm8

Yan Tianhen was also scared silly. He was at a loss for what to do as he stood behind Lin Xuanzhi, his chin had almost dropped to the floor.

His Dage, hadn’t he always looked down on Duan Yuyang?

Previously, when Duan Yuyang had sent him home, they had also met by accident then. At that time, Lin Xuanzhi had coldly sneered at him, “You mix around with this kind of garbage?”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

But it had only been a few days, and now Lin Xuanzhi is actually treating Duan Yuyang with due respect, this was just too weird! 2xaZs8

Yet Lin Xuanzhi didn’t care how much shock he had brought to these two people. After his bow, he stood up straight and once again turned into the unyielding and sturdy cypress he usually was.

Lin Xuanzhi said, “It’s already this late, so we won’t ask you to stay for tea.”

“Who wants to drink your tea, what’s wrong with you, you scared honourable me to death!” Duan Yuyang was seriously afraid that Lin Xuanzhi had been possessed. His eyes were full of doubt as he looked at Lin Xuanzhi warily, then he threw Yan Tianhen a look that said ‘good luck, you’re on your own’ before he sneakily slipped away.

1. Jia = family, Di = younger brother; Jiadi = my family’s younger brother. Calling someone “your family’s etc.” is a very affectionate way to refer to the person
2. The actual phrase is to stick one’s hot face to someone’s else’s cold butt/ass. It means that you’re very enthusiastic about doing something for the other person but that person is like meh whatever I don’t need your help
3. Huarong is LXZ’s alias, similar to how Hua Cheng in HOB has an alias as well. His full alias is Yuxian Huarong iirc, it’ll be revealed why he’s called this in the later chaps
4. To have a jade-like disposition is to be gentle, brilliant, reserved, self-aware, magnanimous, someone who treats others warmly and to deal with affairs like a warm, spring breeze. I have no idea why a jade is associated with all these dispositions/qualities………it’s a rock ?_? n2Qmsl

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  1. Lots and lots of people going to be shocked silly by the change of our mc…
    and of course the most I looked forward to is the reaction of that scum fiance.

  2. …it’s a rock ?_?
    No. It’s coatsaver. 😀😀😀😀
    Ignorant me always equates jade with “shiny green,” so a “shiny green person” and loaded to booth.
    (I know it has different colors but my brain filter is wonky…and extremely rotten. 😀)
    Thanks, dm-brah.

  3. I love how our stoic young master is not concerned in the least about what people think of his changed behaviour.

    Thanks for the great translation 😁😁

  4. Oh I like HIM. When he was first introduced, I wondered if there is more then meets the eye. Surprisingly there was. How rare.

  5. Buhaha! I don’t know what’s funnier, your “it’s a rock” note or the scene of DYY fleeing 😂😂😂

    Thanks for the chapter!

  6. Jade… Is a noble… Er, ‘noble’ rock… Kinda like a revered gem (???) in China and could also be considered spiritual… Tho tbh most jades I’ve seen are as spiritual as your regular pebble. But they are quite nice, cool to the touch //wait is that marble I think it is ummmmmmmmMMMMM