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Rebirth of the Supreme Celestial BeingCh169 - Young Master Invites


Translated by: Ea

Edited by: thosch3i Rvd9EY

Lin Yaer’s words, however, did not garner the adulations that she’d expected.

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On the contrary, she received many sympathetic and contemptuous gazes.

If the Lin family members had heard those words before they’d discovered the inside information regarding craftsmen and alchemists, then they would have needed to swallow their anger and submit to Lin Yaer’s demands, but that was no longer necessary, as they were secure in the knowledge that they had a backing. ljh5PE

The feeling of being backed by someone was indeed cool!

Lin Yan was overwhelmed with joy and laughed, “Lin Yaer, do you know the total number of craftsmen participating in this Hundred Families Gathering?”

Lin Yaer frowned, “What does that have to do with me?”

Lin Zezhi also chuckled, “A total of twenty-four people, eight of whom are from the Bai family.” qIP7yh

Realization suddenly dawned on Yan Tianhen’s face, “That’s right, the Bai family has eight people, so at most, they can only occupy first place. Thus, even the worst person out of the remaining sixteen people will get 17th place.”

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“I’m afraid that even if Cousin Xuanzhi is the worst, he’ll still get 17th place.” A cold glint flashed through Lin Yan’s eyes. He looked at Lin Yaer, “You’d better go and look over the rules for the Hundred Families Gathering a few times before opening your mouth.”

Suspicions arose within Lin Yaer’s heart. True, she had never really understood in detail all the rules of the Hundred Families Gathering before, but what did that have to do with this?

Lin Yaer suppressed her doubts and spoke coldly, “I’ve said what I came here to say. Please give me a definite answer.” vZSmOa

Lin Xuanzhi replied, “Do whatever you want. The Lin family doesn’t mind losing a person like you.

He narrowed his eyes and continued, “However, if you insist on breaking off all relations with the Lin family today, then it will not be so easy to borrow the Lin family’s east wind in the future.”

He, the Lin family has no east wind worth borrowing yet.” Lin Yaer glared at Lin Xuanzhi, “The honourable me would like to see exactly what kind of sorry state the Lin family will end up in under your hands.”

Lin Xuanzhi said lightly, “Then you should polish your eyes and look forward to it.” GLRWOy

Lin Yaer cursed a single “shameless” as she whirled around and took off in a pique of anger.

Yan Tianhen spoke with displeasure, “She actually dared to curse at Dage. I think she’s the shameless one. What a waste of all the cultivation resources she took from the Lin family.”

One should know that although Lin Yaer and Lin Yangzhi were often away year-round, the Lin family had never cheated them of their portion of money and resources by even a cent.

But now, Lin Yaer would actually dare to say such a thing. E5b7Ng

Lin Zezhi frowned, “Lin Yaer didn’t have such a decisive attitude in the past.”

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As though revealing a secret, Lin Xuanzhi replied, “It’s very simple. She probably took advantage of this period of time to find a backer that can give her the courage to speak those words.”

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Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

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Lin Zezhi recognized the group of female cultivators and exclaimed in surprise, “Cloud Jade Sect?”

This was the most famous female cultivator sect in the Five Continents.

Its status was comparable to that of Sky Peak Sect, since the disciples of Cloud Jade Sect would often become Dao companions with those of Sky Peak Sect. Thus, the other half of many Sky Peak Sect elders often served in Cloud Jade Sect, so the two major sects could be described as in-laws. Should anything happen to Cloud Jade Sect, Sky Peak Sect would be the first to rush over with assistance. WiRjEV

Lin Yaer saw Lin Zezhi looking her way and gave him a haughty look.

Lin Zezhi, “…”

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He still felt that his own pretense of modesty was less annoying.

When a person is slightly better than you, you may envy him, but if the difference between you and him is akin to night and day, then even this shred of jealousy will disappear — because there is no need. After all, that person is far beyond your reach. 7XFdez

This was the case with Lin Xuanzhi and Lin Zezhi.

A female cultivator in Cloud Jade Sect told Lin Yaer, “Every person from the Lin family is watching you, one after the other.”

Another female cultivator hooked her lips, “Us disciples from Cloud Jade Sect will always be the center of male cultivators’ attention wherever we go. Usually, when we go out to shop, we don’t even need to pay for stuff ourselves. There will always be those stupidly-entranced people who jump at the chance to help us pay for it.”

“That’s probably a realm only little Shimei can reach.” A female cultivator clad in a purple robe pursed her lips in a smile. ko7C9W

Lin Yaer’s heart moved, and she inquired, “Who is little Shimei?”

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The purple-robed female cultivator explained, “Our Junior Martial Sister Shen Rubing is a top-tier beauty. She is the di daughter of the Shen family from Middle Continent’s Sky Peak City. She has two older brothers who regard her as the pearl of their eyes, and she is even a very strong Hardened Body Stage cultivator herself. How many men regard her as their dream lover!”

Ideas arose in Lin Yaer’s heart, and she asked, “But doesn’t Cloud Jade Sect forbid men from going up the mountain?”

“Fool, they don’t allow men up the mountain, but don’t tell me we can’t go down the mountain?” A female cultivator in a lavender chiffon dress explained, “Cloud Jade Sect is in Cloud Light City, which is right beside Sky Peak City. We often come to Sky Peak City to shop. Sky Peak City is manned by many elite first-class families, so whenever the people here see our Cloud Jade Sect’s Daoist robes, they’ll know our identity. Even if we didn’t have those men fighting amongst themselves to pay for us, the shopkeepers will still give us discounts when they see that we’re from Cloud Jade Sect.” QjEZkG

“Ah, so there are such benefits.” Lin Yaer secretly decided in her heart that once she officially joined Cloud Jade Sect, she would come here at once to shop.

For female cultivators, the most important thing was “buy buy buy”.

“Don’t instill new disciples with this kind of idea where you obtain something with no effort. It’s not the proper Dao.” A cold voice came from behind the cultivators. When the group of female cultivators heard that voice, they immediately whirled around and glared at her like startled cats.

The female cultivator in a lavender dress narrowed her eyes as she critically sized up this woman dressed like a man. “And here I was wondering who it was. It turned out to be you, a nuisance to ten thousand people.” auc24j

The purple-robed female cultivator also covered her mouth as she laughed and told Lin Yaer, “This person is called Wan Linghua. She’s an abandoned baby our sect master picked up from the outside. Look at her, her appearance is so thick and brutish that you can’t even tell whether she’s a man or woman. She doesn’t even dress like a woman, yet she still wants to be our supervisor all day long.”

Lin Yaer knew from a glance that this person who looked like neither man nor woman was the object of ridicule within this crowd.

Naturally, she sided with these big sisters.

Lin Yaer nodded, “Indeed, I really couldn’t tell whether she was a man or a woman.” pk6r9N



The gaggle of female cultivators laughed.

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Wan Linghua ignored them. After all, this group of people could only open their mouths and force out a few sentences. w4c9at

Wan Linghua told Lin Yaer, “The sect master wants to see you.”

Lin Yaer spoke to the martial sisters from Cloud Jade Sect, “Then I will go with this Wan Shijie first.”

The female cultivator in a lavender dress-robe remarked, “Ah, if the sect master values you, then our little Shimei will have to be changed.”

The purple-robed cultivator blinked, “Just don’t know if little Shimei’s temper will take that.” HOlNt4

“Who knows.” Another female cultivator chimed in. “If we’re talking about who is most demonic, then I’m afraid that no one can match little Shimei.”

“That’s right.”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

An hour later, all the Lin family members who had a match today had finished their battles.

Even though Lin Yurou lost to a 79th-ranked family after taking the stage, the Lin family already won the 52nd spot, so the Lin family pupils were still in a good mood. 7RElqb

Lin Xuanzhi was just about to continue observing each family’s strengths and styles, but he was stopped by Bai Wuya, who came from the competition seat specifically to invite him.

“Craftsman Lin.” Bai Wuya informed, “My family’s Young Master invites you.”

Lin Xuanzhi smiled, “Your family’s Young Master is really impatient. The competition isn’t even over yet; is he afraid that I will run away?”

Bai Wuya’s expression didn’t change, “My family’s Young Master has never been an impatient person, but ever since he met Craftsman Lin, he has only ever been impatient with matters regarding you. So, you’re correct—my family’s Young Master actually is afraid that you’ll run away before you even realize it. If another fancy strikes you, and you went back into closed-door cultivation to craft a few more magic tools, then it’ll be even harder for him to find you.” pHbAB2

Lin Xuanzhi couldn’t help smiling, “Looks like your family’s Young Master is really attentive to me.”

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Bai Wuya’s expression darkened, and he replied with profound meaning, “Young Master cares about you, only because you also care about him.”

Yan Tianhen heard something unpleasant and interrupted, “When has my Dage ever put your young master in his heart?”

Bai Wuya’s gaze quickly swept over Yan Tianhen, and his heart began to thump faster — this wasn’t a person, but a walking treasury. RTFZGE

Ever since Bai Wuya noticed that Yan Tianhen’s entire person was covered in treasures, he could no longer look him in the face.

Expressionless, Bai Wuya asked Lin Xuanzhi, “Well, are you going or not?”

“Bai Young Master has personally invited me, so naturally I will go.” Lin Xuanzhi glanced at Duan Yuyang, and under Duan Yuyang’s gaze, which glittered with the thought of gossip, he said, “I entrust Ah Hen to you. I will return shortly.”

Having said that, he took out a voice-transmission bell from his storage bag and handed it to Duan Yuyang, “I will hear you from my location when you shake this bell. If you encounter any problems, you can inform me through it.” 7kt3 H

Duan Yuyang shook the bell and heard a slight ringing sound from Lin Xuanzhi’s waist. He couldn’t help laughing, “Interesting. Just for this, I will have to take good care of your Didi.”

Bai Wuya’s eyes almost popped out of their sockets — look, did you see, it’s another fucking top-grade magic tool!

Casually gifted to someone just like that?

Bai Wuya finally understood why Bai Yichen specially emphasized that they must maintain a good relationship with Lin Xuanzhi even though he wasn’t rich: not only was this person very strong, but he was also a very generous friend! j7F2Rd

A hundred such friends would not be too many at all.

“Ah Hen…” Lin Xuanzhi was just about to say something when Yan Tianhen gave a hmph, turned his head, and gifted Lin Xuanzhi a view of the back of his head.

Bai Wuya was secretly stunned as he thought, This Yan Tianhen doesn’t have a good temper either. If he had this kind of Dage, he would surely behave himself everyday. Where would he dare to lose his temper?

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Lin Xuanzhi smiled somewhat helplessly and went with Bai Wuya. 5In4Q8

Duan Yuyang looked at the backs of the two departing figures and held his chin, “Henhen, I’ve found that Bai family’s young master is interested in your Dage.”

Yan Tianhen scrunched up his small face, “My Dage is not interested in him.”

Duan Yuyang nodded and couldn’t help feeling amused, “Henhen, why do I feel that you’re acting quite strange towards your Dage?”

Yan Tianhen looked at Duan Yuyang, “Strange how?” 5Ma2Or

Duan Yuyang pinched Yan Tianhen’s small nose, “Even if your Dage was interested in that Bai young master, you still shouldn’t have reacted this way. You look like a little kid who ate too much vinegar.”

“I did eat vinegar.” Yan Tianhen pouted, “After so much difficulty, Dage is finally kind to me. If a Bai Yichen suddenly appears out of nowhere, then perhaps Dage will turn away from me and be kind to him instead.”

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Duan Yuyang couldn’t help laughing. He patted Yan Tianhen’s shoulder, “Little Henhen, this thought of yours is not right. In the future, your Dage will take a wife and have children, and he will definitely have other family members. You must allow him to show kindness to others.”

Yan Tianhen was stunned. 4BXquC

“Moreover, just because he expresses kindness towards others doesn’t mean that he will no longer be kind towards you.” Duan Yuyang continued to speak earnestly and meaningfully. “You are too possessive of him, which is actually not good for you.”

Translator's Note

Lin family’s name (fame, reputation, status, backing)

Translator's Note

Daughter of first wife

Translator's Note

Little Shimei is so influential that she holds the unofficial position as their leader, but there could be a new leader if the sect master likes Lin Yaer

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