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Rebirth of the Supreme Celestial BeingCh107 - You’re Shameless


Translated and Edited by: DMlations/Zryuu


After Lin Xuanzhi heard them chime in one after another, he said lightly, unmoved, “I have already made up my mind. If you want a place in the competition, then why not focus on your cultivation for the next three months? Two months later, before we leave, I can host another test. Anyone who meets the requirements then would all be eligible for the competition.”


Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

He had just finished speaking when a Lin family pupil shouted loudly, “That’s unfair! I won’t accept it!”


“That’s right, we won’t accept it!”


“If it was someone else it wouldn’t be so bad, but it’s Yan Tianhen…ai.”


“If you do that, would you be worthy of the trust that Fifth Elder had placed in you?”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.


“Xuanzhi, I’ve always thought that you were a fair and trustworthy. I really didn’t expect you to make such a selfish decision on such an important matter that concerns the life and death of our family! I’ve really misjudged you!” Lin Zezhi added fuel to the fire by saying this with a pained expression on his face as he pointed at Lin Xuanzhi.


“Yeah, Lin Xuanzhi’s too much! He, what’s that Yan Tianhen worth? Any kid who sees him would cry in fright. Isn’t that appearance of his a bit too much of an eyesore?” A Lin family pupil immediately said without filter.


“I don’t know what’s so good about that Yan Tianhen. At first, Lin Zhan treated him even better than he did his own son, and even died for him. Now, this Lin Xuanzhi is defending him in all respects, I’m really beginning to suspect that there’s something fishy about all this.”


Hehe, maybe Yan Tianhen is the furnace that Lin Zhan and Lin Xuanzhi are raising?”


“Yeah, someone has even seen before how the two of them would sleep together every night. They have such a close relationship that no one else can come between them.”


Tsktsktsk, I didn’t expect that they would have such an incestuous relationship. And they still dare to announce to the outside world that they’re brothers? So damn disgusting.”


Lin Xuanzhi’s gaze immediately reached its freezing point. He abruptly flicked his hand and a fan flew out of his sleeves, then at lightning speed, it sent the Lin family pupil who had been uttering vile words flying.

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With a loud bang, that pupil flew away and smashed onto the stone testing platform. After the sounds of breaking bones and tendons was heard, he spat out a mouthful of blood and stared in horror at the expressionless Lin Xuanzhi who somehow looked like Asura. Even his breathing had stopped.


A moment later, an intense pain spread throughout his body and that pupil couldn’t help but wail with an “aaaahhhhh”.


The crowd exploded in an uproar.


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Lin Xuanzhi actually attacked!


Also, what kind of magic treasure is that in his hands?! It actually managed to send a Refining Qi Stage fourth layer cultivator flying right under everyone’s eyes!


“Yangzhi Tangxiong, look at that item that Lin Xuanzhi is holding. Isn’t that the weapon he used to deal with you the other day?” A Lin family pupil said without warning.


Lin Yangzhi’s face stiffened and thought, this brainless idiot. He didn’t respond, and instead wore a gloomy expression on his face and said with a lot of anger, “Lin Xuanzhi, you dare attack a Lin family pupil in public right in front of the elders? Did you even take into account the rules of the Lin family, or the elders here before you made your move?”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.


Lin Zezhi nodded as well and sighed, “Xuanzhi Tangxiong, even if these pupils might say some inappropriate things, they are still a part of our Lin family. You could just let it in one ear and out the other, why use violence against them?”


Third Elder, who stood on top of the platform, also said with an angry face, “That Lin Xuanzhi is truly too bold, you wouldn’t know how much more domineering he might be in private. I really don’t know what Fifth Brother sees in that kind of person.”


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Second Elder narrowed his eyes as well, but he didn’t say anything and instead continued to observe the upcoming course of events.


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The moment he said this, the pupils whose cultivation level weren’t as high as the one who had just been sent flying all looked at one another, and their eyes unconsciously revealed a trace of terror.


Craftsmen aren’t cultivators who require the protection of others. In fact, it was the opposite. When they have very strong offensive magic treasures in their hands, even elemental cultivators wouldn’t dare provoke them easily.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.


It’s just that, no one expected that the Lin Xuanzhi who hadn’t even achieved a teal soul would have such a terrifying offensive magic treasure in his hands.


From their preliminary observations, its offensive abilities could at least match a Foundation Stage cultivator or above.


A lot of people gave up and retreated a few steps back.


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After all, it was just an entry permit, how could it be more important than their lives?


Ever since Lin Xuanzhi became a good-for-nothing, his personality had undergone a huge change and no one could guess what he was thinking. If this was like in the past, how could someone like him — who wouldn’t easily give others a handle against him and was always gentle and courteous to everyone he met — treat a Lin family pupil so viciously in public?


Lin Zezhi stared at the jade-coloured fan with a distinct structure and wondered in his heart — since when did Lin Xuanzhi have that kind of treasure on him?


That speed, that strength, that control…clearly, it was at least a high-grade magic tool!

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.


Lin Zezhi’s eyes twinkled and his calculative tendencies were brought to the surface. He said to Lin Yangzhi, “Yangzhi Tangxiong, I heard someone say just now that you suffered because of that magic treasure before?”


Lin Yangzhi looked at him askance indifferently, “That was utter nonsense without any basis, and you believed it?”


Lin Zezhi smiled and said, “Of course I don’t believe it. After all, Yangzhi Tangxiong is already a Foundation Stage second layer cultivator now, how could you be afraid of a mere Lin Xuanzhi?”


Lin Yangzhi puffed his chest out.


“However…” Lin Zezhi changed the topic, “When Lin Xuanzhi attacked the pupil just now, Yangzhi Tangxiong didn’t seem to have reacted in time. Is that magic treasure really so amazing that it can suppress a Foundation Stage second layer cultivator?”


Lin Yangzhi’s face turned frosty at once. He suddenly remember that when Lin Xuanzhi attacked just now, he didn’t intervene, which meant that he had allowed a low-level craftsman go wild unbridledly in front of a Foundation Stage second layer cultivator like him!


That was definitely a kind of belittlement towards him!

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.


Lin Yangzhi felt vexed at once. He narrowed his eyes and said to Lin Xuanzhi, “I’ve come forward to seek your advice.”


“Okay.” Lin Xuanzhi raised his hand and was about to take a step forward when a small, cold hand tugged on his sleeve from behind.


“Dage, don’t fight with him.” Yan Tianhen said.


Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

“Ah Hen?” Lin Xuanzhi paused. He turned around and looked into Yan Tianhen’s eyes, then said in a gentle voice, “Don’t worry, I know what I’m doing.”


Yan Tianhen shook his head, then his expression turned cold as he stretched out his other hand and pointed at Lin Yangzhi. He suddenly raised his voice, “You shameless person!”


Lin Yangzhi’s expression changed immediately, “Kid, you dare scold me?”


“But you are shameless. You’re older than my Dage, so you’re bullying your junior. You’re an elemental cultivator in the first place, and my Dage is just a craftsman, yet you still want to challenge him? That’s even more shameless of you! Also, who doesn’t know that my Dage had just been hurt gravely not too long ago, and his Dantian Qi sea hasn’t even recovered yet……do you understand what the word ‘shame’ means? Are your cheeks burning yet?” Yan Tianhen uttered a pei. His face was flushed red because of his anger as he spoke aggressively towards Lin Yangzhi.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.


Lin Yaer sneered, “Ugly idiot, don’t forget that Lin Xuanzhi was the one who was trying to slap his own face to pretend to be fat — he was the one who asked for challengers.”

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“Don’t tell me he wants to go back on his words?”


“That’s right.” Lin Zezhi smiled slightly and said in an unhurried manner, “Tianhen, I would think that Xuanzhi Tangdi has always been someone whose words carry tremendous weight. Since he has already said so, then whoever still stands at the end would be able to decide where that entry permit goes. So it is understandable for Yangzhi Tangxiong to have issued him a challenge.”


Yan Tianhen uttered a he and let go of Lin Xuanzhi’s sleeve. He walked over and stood in front of Lin Zezhi, then puffed his chest out and said loudly, “There is no need for my Dage to do anything. Didn’t they say that anyone who is of the Refining Qi stage fifth layer and above can join? Okay then.”


As he spoke, Yan Tianhen suddenly waved his sleeves and lightly jumped onto the high platform!


The people who were present all reacted differently to this.


Yo, don’t tell me that trash, Yan Tianhen, wants to give it a try too?”

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“From what it looks like, I think so.”


“Isn’t that too much of a joke? Is he going on there to make a fool of himself?”


Within the heated discussion, only Lin Yan wore an expression that made it seem like he had known this would happen.


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Lin Yan looked at Lin Xuanzhi, and was startled by Lin Xuanzhi’s frosty expression. He slowly shifted towards Lin Xuanzhi’s side and said, “Xuanzhi Tangxiong, you don’t look too good.”


Lin Xuanzhi stared at Yan Tianhen’s receding figure as he walked over to the testing stone, “Before this, were you already aware of it?”


Lin Yan touched his chin and nodded, “Don’t worry. According to my observations, Yan Tianhen should be a Refining Qi stage fifth layer cultivator by now. He definitely won’t disgrace you.”


A variegated mixture of feelings arose in Lin Xuanzhi’s heart. All he wanted to say was, it is exactly because he is a fifth layer cultivator now that I can’t be at ease.

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When did Yan Tianhen become a fifth layer cultivator?


Why did he hide it from him all this while?


Would that《Partial Arts》really be able to promote such terrifying advancement within such a short period of time?

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Lin Xuanzhi’s answer was, impossible.


However, he has seen Yan Tianhen’s cultivation level progress at an astonishingly rapid rate before.


And, that had happened after Yan Tianhen fell onto the devil’s path and became a demonic cultivator!


As he saw Lin Xuanzhi’s face turn increasingly ugly, which made him seem more demonic and ghost-like than he was human, Lin Yan didn’t dare to speak anymore.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.


On the platform, Yan Tianhen walked in front of the testing stone under everyone’s gazes.


He stretched his hand out and placed his right palm on the black testing stone, and didn’t have any superfluous movements.


Suddenly, a tremendous Qi flowed out from his body and rushed straight into the testing stone.


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In Lin Xuanzhi’s consciousness, a voice filled with surprise called out.


“That kid is already a Refining Qi stage fifth layer cultivator now? How did he become this amazing after not seeing him for a few days?”


Lin Xuanzhi’s teeth almost shattered from clenching it so hard. He quickly asked, “Can that testing stone discern demonic Qi?”


“Of course it can!” After Soul Bead finished talking, he was immediately stunned, “Don’t tell me he’s cultivating the demonic path?”

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Lin Xuanzhi suppressed his voice, “It’s very possible.”


Soul Bead said, “If he were to expose himself, it would impact you greatly. That kid is too impulsive, does he not want to live anymore?”


Lin Xuanzhi asked, “Do you have any way of concealing it?”


Soul Bead said, “If you had fed me 100 high-grade spirit stones every day from the day you woke me up until now, I actually would be able to throw out a diversionary skill to help him trick this bunch of idiots.”


Lin Xuanzhi took a deep breath, then slowly exhaled, “I’m afraid that we’ll have to abscond.”


Soul Bead, “…….”


Demonic Qi and Qi are two completely different types of Qi. Even though they both have five elements, and their spiritual roots were divided in the same way, demonic Qi can easily be discerned by a testing stone — demonic Qi naturally carries an intense Yin Qi, and the testing stone may even cause the user to suffer a backlash.

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Lin Xuanzhi secretly held his breath.


At the same time, he grabbed the magic treasure in his hands tightly as he waited for an opportune moment to save Yan Tianhen and escape.


But…with this many elders here, it was almost impossible to pull off.


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However, something unexpected occurred.


A light green wood Qi and a bright red fire Qi slowly appeared on the testing phone; the light green flowing light was mixed in with a red colour as it began to spread upwards from the bottom of the testing stone, before it finally stopped at the position that indicated a Refining Qi stage fifth layer level.


“Dual elements — wood and fire!” Second Elder’s eyes suddenly widened, “The necessary spiritual roots for an alchemist!”


Translator's Note

Furnace in cultivation novels refers to using someone’s body through dual cultivation to help improve their own cultivation. Very derogatory, because you can kind of use a furnace whenever you want and you’ll be improving your cultivation level at the expense of the furnace, whose cultivation will drop instead. But it’s usually used to refer to female cultivators lol, like sucking up their Yin energy to aid cultivation

Translator's Note

Seeking to impress others by pretending to be more capable than one actually is

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