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Rebirth of the Supreme Celestial BeingCh80 - Young Master Summons


Fang Yu’s forehead was dripping with cold sweat, and he couldn’t help but pray in his heart that the wine bottle must definitely be trash.

“Tong Shidi, don’t tell me that there’s more to that lousy wine bottle than meets the eye?” A lackey asked. QAkymG

“I can’t tell for the time being, but it shouldn’t be anything valuable judging from its exterior.” Tong Le said indifferently.

He wasn’t trying to put on a pretence. He really didn’t feel any unordinary Qi from that extremely average-looking magic treasure.

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But, Chief Steward He’s ambiguous and strange attitude made that wine bottle seem a bit unpredictable.

Don’t tell him, that lousy toy was actually a good item? OHPkXx

Tong Le couldn’t guess the answer to that even after thinking about it for awhile, so he felt a bit unsettled.

No, he can’t just sit here to wait for the outcome.

Tong Le changed his mind and said, “Let’s go down to take a look.”

Downstairs, Lin Xuanzhi and Yan Tianhen had been invited by a smiling Xiao Lou to an adjacent resting area. Erj0dJ

Xiao Lou poured some tea for them, then blinked his eyes and said, “I have a feeling that the ware you gave me just now can definitely be sold for a very good price!”

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Lin Xuanzhi smiled warmly and said, “How do you know that?”

Even though his wine bottle was of a top-grade quality, he had consciously hid all the energies that could reveal its grade inside the wine bottle during the crafting process. This was the so-called “concealment of one’s brilliance”.

A magic treasure’s true prowess need not always be conspicuous. Only unfathomable magic treasures were more likely to be truly impressive magic treasures. 9t6UzK

Unless you use your Qi to probe this kind of magic treasure that concealed its brilliance, it would be very difficult to discover its actual grade.

Xiao Lou sat opposite Lin Xuanzhi and Yan Tianhen. He rested his chin on his hand as he said, “I don’t really know why either. Anyway, whenever I come across top quality items, I can tell how good it is just by touching it.”

“Really?” Yan Tianhen asked out of curiosity.

“Of course, why would I lie to you about that?” Xiao Lou said. kMhbaY

“Then tell me, what are the best wares here?”

“I don’t know about the ones upstairs because I’ve never been there and never had the chance to touch the items there, but out of all the items down here, the best one must be that forged engraving pen.”

Xiao Lou pointed at the forged engraving pen in a crystal box and said, “I had secretly touched the pen before when I was helping the steward move it, so I can pat on my chest proudly to assure you that it’s the best! Ai, but it’s just too expensive.”

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Wljb Obe, “…” Qts vlv tf tjnf ab erf atf kbgv “ecfzqfmafvis”?

Tjc Kljctfc atfc jrxfv, qehhifv, “Dea, rlcmf sbe’gf rb jwjhlcu, kts jgf sbe ralii ufaalcu ys rb wlrfgjyis tfgf?”

Xiao Lou’s face stiffened as his face fell.

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Lin Xuanzhi pressed down on Yan Tianhen’s hand and said, “Ah Hen, don’t say that. When you speak, you must know how to leave people some leeway and not expose their shortcomings so easily.” fjQ2AJ

Yan Tianhen knew that his tongue slipped, so he stuck his tongue out and said, “Ah, I’m sorry, I accidentally said the truth. I didn’t have any ill intentions.”

Xiao Lou, “……..”

Actually, he didn’t need to explain himself.

But Xiao Lou didn’t mind it. His clothes really were one of the most shabby-looking ones amongst all the waiters here. There were even patches here and there on his clothes, so one look at him and you could tell that he was broke. s62H9f

Xiao Lou sighed and said, “Forget it, you only spoke the truth anyway. I can feel out an item’s quality, but it doesn’t mean that I’d have the opportunity to feel it. Those first-class items won’t go through my hands in the first place, and I’m not in a position to decide whether or not I could receive the clients who possess those good items either.

Yan Tianhen empathetically nodded and said, “If I’m a big client, I wouldn’t look for you to receive me either.”

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“Why?” Xiao Lou looked at Yan Tianhen like he had just received a huge blow.

“Because you look especially poor. And the salary of the waiters here are given out based on commission, so just one look at you and people wouldn’t think that you’re reliable.” mi6RqP

“What’s the use of changing my clothes?” Xiao Lou asked.

“Firstly, you’ll gain more confidence. Secondly, you’ll look like a more proper and amazing waiter. Create an imposing aura for yourself as a bluff first, then there will be clients who would be willing to look for you. After all, the clothes make the man!”

When Xiao Loud heard this, he nodded pensively. He had always loathed spending money arbitrarily, and had always thought that as long as his clothes were wearable it would be good enough for him. But, he never thought that his neglect of his own image would seriously affect his sales performance.

Xiao Lou looked at Yan Tianhen gratefully and said, “I’ll change my clothes when I go back. When I become a gold-plate salesman, I’ll definitely treat you to a good meal.” 4Sdw5W

Yet Yan Tianhen sighed again.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Xiao Lou asked out of curiosity, “What’s wrong? Don’t tell me you’re someone who doesn’t like to make a profit at the expense of others, and doesn’t like it when others treat you to a meal?”

“No.” Yan Tianhen said, “I just thought that the day I get to enjoy this meal of yours will never come.”

Xiao Lou, “…” lqBJ43

Lin Xuanzhi couldn’t stop laughing. Right now, he can imagine that after a few years, Yan Tianhen would definitely turn into a black-bellied man who could anger someone to death with just his mouth!

Before they finished drinking their cup of tea, Chief Steward had already rushed down hurriedly.

He saw the immaculate-looking Lin Xuanzhi adorned in a white robe with a cup of tea in his hands from afar. His eyes were unusually bright, and before he had even walked over he was already smiling widely with his hands clasped together as he said, “Lin Sword Immortal, it’s been a long time since I’ve seen you. Do pardon our small shop if there had been any shortcomings in our service.”

Yan Tianhen rolled his eyes and muttered softly, “You had obviously seen my Dage the first time you came downstairs.” WKtGPN

Chief Steward He heard his words clearly and couldn’t help but mock himself in his heart. He had also revealed a rare trace of embarrassment on his face.

Of course he had seen Lin Xuanzhi. But, even though Lin Xuanzhi was dressed neatly and you couldn’t nitpick on his appearance at all, you could tell that he didn’t have much money on him just based on the hair ornaments and accessories on his body.

Also, since Lin Xuanzhi had turned into a good-for-nothing, there wasn’t much value left in trying to butter up to him. So the Chief Steward He who was always busy with a myriad of affairs everyday naturally wouldn’t pay Lin Xuanzhi too much attention.

As the Chief Steward, He Shouchang naturally wouldn’t do something like chasing away or ridiculing customers. But he wouldn’t waste any time in warmly receiving Lin Xuanzhi either. The most he could do was to ignore him. hyo HW

But now, who would have known that Lin Xuanzhi would actually have such an eye-catching treasure on him.

Lin Xuanzhi took in the sight of Chief Steward He’s awkward expression, then lightly said, “Looks like Chief Steward He is quite interested in humble me’s item.”

When He Shouchang heard this, he quickly bowed slightly and said, “Lin Shaoxia’s item is naturally the cream of the crop. Not only am I interested, but our young master had also taken an interest in it as well.”

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Tong Le was pretending to pick out equipments and materials at one side, but in actuality his ears and eyes had always been focused on the situation over here. He had evidently heard Chief Steward He’s words, so he immediately turned around. WR6vyD

Lin Xuanzhi let out a faintly discernible sigh and said with regret, “Unfortunately, I came at a bad timing. Why not I come over to sell my ware next time when the young master is around?”

How could Chief Steward He let Lin Xuanzhi leave? He quickly said, “Nonono, there’s no need for you to come here another day. Our young master is waiting for Lin Shaoxia upstairs right now.”

Tong Le’s face immediately stiffened, then he asked coldly, “Isn’t your young master currently away from the pavillion?”

Chief Steward He was extremely embarrassed. He really didn’t want to do something like slapping his own face. Nt89ZC

However, Chief Steward He was mentally very strong. He grinned as he had a good grasp on the situation and said, “He was indeed not around just now, but I never mentioned when our family’s master would return. And just now, just as I went upstairs, our young master had just happened to return.”

Yet, anyone could tell that these were just words used to fool its listener.

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As the party who was involved, Tong Le only felt like he had been tricked and humiliated. He really hated Lin Xuanzhi to the core now, but he didn’t dare to fall out with Hidden Tools Pavillion. So he only swept his eyes over Lin Xuanzhi and said, “Since the young master had coincidentally returned, then I can go meet him.”

“I’m afraid that won’t be possible for now.” Chief Steward He revealed an awkward expression, then said, “When our young master is does business in person, he doesn’t like having others around who would disturb him.” R2SvJI

“You–” Tong Le narrowed his eyes, then pointed at Lin Xuanzhi said, “How is he qualified to have the young master receive him personally? Don’t tell me, that lousy wine bottle of his can actually be better than my wares?”

Chief Steward He smiled and nodded, then said, “Craftsman Tong’s wares are high-grade magic tools, so naturally they are already very good items. But the wine bottle that Lin Shaoxia has is a top-grade magic tool!”

“What, top-grade magic tool?!” Tong Le’s eyes immediately widened, then said, “Are you sure you didn’t get it wrong? Don’t be deceived by him!”

“Craftsman Tong, it’s fine if you doubt me, but doubting the credibility of Chief Steward He’s judgment is a bit too much ba.” Lin Xuanzhi suitably interrupted and lightly placed a cap on Tong Le’s head. 1fFBO

Sure enough, right after Lin Xuanzhi finished speaking, the smile on Chief Steward He’s face vanished in an instant.

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He placed both his hands in front of him and said with a straight face, “Craftsman Tong, I might not be very capable, but I’ve been in the business of appraising magic tools for close to a hundred years. Whether or not it’s a good item, or what its grade or level it is is something that I can determine with just one look and touch. If Craftsman Tong doubts my judgment, then in the future, you should pass the magic tools you craft to another appraiser ba!”

Tong Le instantly realised that his slip of the tongue had offended Chief Steward He, so he immediately said, “That wasn’t what I meant, I hope Chief Steward He won’t misunderstand.”

Chief Steward He only uttered a hng and didn’t say anything else, then brought Lin Xuanzhi and Yan Tianhen upstairs. qPbaXc

Tong Le had a sinister look on his face as he stared at the Lin Xuanzhi who walked past him.

While the latter only gave him an apathetic look, as if he was looking at someone he didn’t know.

Tong Le’s heart was instantly filled with envy and reproach — it was Lin Xuanzhi who had twisted the meaning of his words, which made him offend Chief Steward He.

You must know, even though Chief Steward he was just a steward, his judgment and connections are unattainable by ordinary people’s standards. Even the senior disciples and elders of Profound Sky Sect would treat Chief Steward He with utmost respect and courtesy. JoT5uF

And right now, all of the guests in the shop had heard Chief Steward He’s words, so they couldn’t help but kickstart a lively discussion.

“Did you hear what he said? Chief Steward He said that the item that Lin Xuanzhi passed to him was a top-grade magic tool!”

“Chief Steward He’s judgments have never been wrong. Whatever he says must be the truth.”

Sss— a top-grade magic tool! He actually passed him a top-grade magic tool!!!” ThNb0V

“His family is indeed wealthy. Lin Xuanzhi is a mere cripple now, yet they could still bear to give him a top-grade magic tool. I’m almost jealous of him now.”

“Haha, what are you jealous of? No matter how well they treat Lin Xuanzhi now, he’s but a trash who can no longer cultivate. After a hundred years he’ll turn into a handful of loess, while we can still live a carefree life!”

“That’s true, but, that’s a top-grade magic tool! You probably can’t find more than a few of those throughout the entire Profound Sky Sect.”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

As he heard the discussion around him, the fury that Tong Le was suppressing dissipated quite a bit. vURdzx

What they said was right, no matter how much face Lin Xuanzhi was receiving today, he’s only a trash that can no longer compete with him anymore. He may be able to take one treasure out, but don’t tell him that he can take out two, or even three of them?

But, the fact that Lin Xuanzhi showed up in Profound city is something he must tell the others.

Translator's Note

sound of air sucked between the teeth

Translator's Note

a handful of loess refers to one’s grave

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