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Rebirth of the Supreme Celestial BeingCh83 - Zhige’s Whereabouts


Profound Sky Sect, Broken Sword Peak, in a certain room.

Broken Sword Peak’s young peak master Du Qiying looked left and right as he held a sword that looked low-key luxurious, then revealed a satisfied and infatuated look on his face. This was the Zhige sword — the sword that belonged to Lin Xuanzhi. But after he had used all sorts of methods to throw Lin Xuanzhi out of Profound Sky Sect and turned Lin Xuanzhi into a dog without its master, this Zhige sword then belonged to him, Du Qiying. RTnxGV

“Du Shixiong.” Tong Le knocked on the door, then walked in.

“You’re here.” Du Qiying placed the Zhige sword on the table. He waved his hand at him and said, “Shidi, come and take a look. How should we remove the imprint Lin Xuanzhi left on this Zhige sword so that it can become mine completely?”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Although this Zhige sword had already fallen into Du Qiying’s hands, the Zhige sword is a top-grade magic weapon so the remnants of Lin Xuanzhi’s spirit in the Zhige sword wasn’t easy to get rid off. Also, the person who wants to remove the imprint on a magic treasure must have the ability to craft a magic treasure himself.

But there are only a handful of craftsmen who can do that. xpqlrv

Thus, Du Qiying still can not use this sword.

Tong Le looked at this godly sword that had already turned into a mere decoration and said, “When this sword was with Lin Xuanzhi, it had absorbed quite a lot of benefits and is evidently about to enlighten its sword spirit. If we were to force this sword spirit to recognise a new master, this sword might give up on itself completely and turn into a heap of scrap metal.”

Du Qiying’s brows furrowed, then he said unhappily, “Then what do we do? Don’t tell me that the sword I tried so hard to obtain is useless?”

“That’s not necessarily true.” Tong Le narrowed his eyes, then said, “Now, the best method I can think of is to melt Zhige first before recasting it into a new sword. That way, its sword spirit will disappear and Lin Xuanzhi’s spirit imprint will vanish as well.” Lqk4XV

Du Qiying looked at Tong Le, and a smile began to spread across his handsome face, “Tong Shidi, I’m afraid that within the entire Profound Sky Sect, only you will be able to do that ba?”

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Tong Le smiled slightly and said, “Yes, but I would need a good forged engraving pen first.”

Du Qiying nodded, then looked at the precious sword that made his heart itch and said, “Good items do deserve a good forged engraving pen. As long as Shidi takes a fancy to one, just let me know and I’ll find a way to help you get it.”

Tong Le said, “Shixiong, the pen I like is the one on exhibit at Hidden Tools Pavillion. If I have that pen, even if the magic treasures I craft aren’t up to par, it would be able to make up for its deficiencies. After all, that pen has a very dense fire spirit.” URmeza

Du Qiying recalled that forged engraving pen, then his eyebrows furrowed slightly, “That forged engraving pen isn’t cheap. I heard from Shimei that it’s sold for 100 000 gold.”

“Money isn’t the problem though.” Tong Le furrowed his brows and shook his head, then said, “I asked someone who was interested in buying that forged engraving pen. That person told me that he had already offered a million gold for it, but that family’s young master still wasn’t willing to sell it.”

He, Hidden Tools Pavillion’s young master is quite a big shot isn’t he.” Du Qiying’s expression darkened.

Within the entire Profound Sky Sect, the one who had the greatest reputation was no other than Lin Xuanzhi. And outside of Profound Sky Sect, the one who had the greatest reputation in Profound city was actually the young master who hardly ever shows his face. lMcWYO

Du Qiying had thought that after Lin Xuanzhi left, he would become the most well-known person in Profound Sky Sect. But who knew that this young master’s reputation would actually be even greater than his.

From Du Qiying’s point of view, that person who doesn’t even dare to reveal his face must be someone who’s not fit to be seen in public.

Tong Le revealed a longing look and nodded as he said, “Yeah, he really is very amazing and very rich, so he probably wouldn’t bother with that small sum of money ba.”

We’re sorry for MTLers or people who like using reading mode, but our translations keep getting stolen by aggregators so we’re going to bring back the copy protection. If you need to MTL please retype the gibberish parts.

Ge Hlslcu, “…….” xzqGpZ

Ge Hlslcu mbivis rjlv, “P rjs Kbcu Vtlvl, jgf sbe regf la’r jqqgbqgljaf obg sbe ab qgjlrf tlw lc ogbca bo wf?”

Tong Le smiled and walked over to Du Qiying. He bent down to give him a kiss on his face, then said in a coquettish tone, “Why does Shixiong want to eat this kind of vinegar? He Cailing Shijie has already become your fiancee, but I didn’t say anything about that.”

Pc jcs mjrf, Ge Hlslcu jcv tlw kfgf pera ufaalcu ktja atfs cffv ogbw fjmt batfg, rb atfgf kjr cb cffv obg flatfg rlvf ab ufa pfjiber.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

The edges of Du Qiying’s lips curved up. He pinched Tong Le’s chin and pulled him into his arms, then asked, “Do you still want that forged engraving pen?” GnMsKA

Tong Le nodded sincerely and said, “Of course I want it, it’s the best forged engraving pen I’ve ever seen. Also, once I have it, I’ll be able to help you deal with this Zhige sword. It’s like killing two birds with one stone.”

“Ok, but I need to ask you a serious question. Do you think the forged engraving pen or that young master is more important?” Du Qiying revealed a strange smile.

“Of course it’s the forged engraving pen.” Tong Le answered without any hesitation, “That young master…to put it simply, I’m merely curious about him, so of course he wouldn’t be as important as that forged engraving pen.”

“Looks like you’re still quite clear-headed.” Du Qiying smiled, then said, “Since that’s the case, then I’ll have to use some special means to get that young master to hand the forged engraving pen over himself.” HuYOJ4

“How?” Tong Le looked at Du Qiying in surprise.

Du Qiying had a triumphant look on his face, but he didn’t divulge his plans.

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Tong Le didn’t ask any more questions. He knew that Du Qiying must have a special background, and he’s likely linked to the upper echelons of Profound Sky Sect. Or else, with how they had schemed to harm a heaven-defying genius cultivator who could be called the Light of Xuanwu, the elders in Profound Sky Sect wouldn’t have let them off so easily.

It’s just that, Tong Le couldn’t guess the specifics of Du Qiying’s background. VcdzxR

But then again, he didn’t need to know. He only needed to know that Du Qiying can bring him endless benefits and that would be more than enough for him.

Tong Le smiled and said, “Then I’ll wait for Shixiong’s good news.”

Du Qiying pinched his face and said, “When you went down the mountain today, how did the sale of your wares go?”

“The sales of my wares has always been good. But, something big happened at the foot of the mountain.” When he spoke of this, Tong Le’s expression turned grave, then he said, “Shixiong, guess who I met at Hidden Tools Pavillion?” bMHzad

“It can’t be Lin Xuanzhi, can it?” Du Qiying said casually.

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Tong Le revealed a strange look.

Du Qiying saw his face and was stunned, then said, “You’re not going to say that Lin Xuanzhi actually returned to Profound city ba?”

“He really did come back.” Tong Le laughed bitterly. quDenX

“He actually dared to come back?” Du Qiying immediately sneered, “Isn’t his skin a little too thick? Doesn’t he feel ashamed at all?”

“He’s far from feeling ashamed, and had even come prepared.” Tong Le said, “Today he had actually taken out a top-grade magic tool that crushed me ruthlessly hands down. And he even made me offend Chief Steward He on purpose!”

“What? A top-grade magic tool?!” Du Qiying almost jumped up, then immediately asked, “How could he still have that kind of item? Didn’t they say that the good stuff his short-lived Dad left him have mostly been squandered away?”

Tong Le shook his head, then laughed bitterly, “I don’t know what’s going on either, and I don’t know if the top-grade magic tools in his hands are limited to those few that he had shown. Also, he came all the way to Profound city that’s tens of thousands miles away to sell it, I really don’t know what he’s thinking.” 8qafKv

What can he be thinking about?

What else can he be thinking about!?

He, others may not understand Lin Xuanzhi, but I understand him very well.” A thick sense of hatred spewed out from his eyes, “He’s just someone who likes to be in the limelight. He’s probably afraid that if he’s gone for so long, those who had flattered him in the past would forget about him.” Tong Le thought about it for a bit, then nodded and said, “He really is in the limelight now. I think everyone in Profound city already knows that he’s returned, and that he had even brought a top-grade magic tool along with him.”

Du Qiying suddenly lost all interest in teasing Tong Le. He tried to suppress his rage as he asked, “Aside from Lin Xuanzhi, who else came with him?” Q YhKy

Tong Le said, “Just some ugly idiot who doesn’t look like a cultivator, he’s probably a personal attendant that Lin Xuanzhi bought from somewhere.”

“Just those two?”

“Just them.”

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Du Qiying narrowed his eyes, then said maliciously, “You don’t want to walk a path paved in Heaven for you, but decided to throw yourself into a hell that didn’t even have its doors open. So what if you’re in the limelight now? I was kind enough to spare his life last time, but this time, he’s not going to be so lucky again.” ju1SRz

Tong Le smiled and said, “After Shixiong kills him, I’ll just pick two of the magic tools he carries around with him.”

“You’ll get your share.” Du Qiying smiled as he lightly scratched Tong Le’s nose, then began to figure out how he should deal with Lin Xuanzhi.

Yuan Tianwen brought Han Yuran out of Su Mo’s room.

The cool breeze at night felt very comfortable as it blew on their faces. vIV0Cc

Yet Han Yuran didn’t look too good. He was hanging his head and just one look at him and you could tell that he was in a bad mood.

Han Yuran said, “Tianwen Ge, Daddy doesn’t appear to like me very much.”

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Yuan Tianwen held his hand and comforted him by using his finger to rub the back of his hand. He said, “Daddy shows that cold face of his to anyone he’s not familiar with, but in reality, he should be quite satisfied with you.”

“Really?” Han Yuran raised his head and looked hopefully at Yuan Tianwen. XDkTMZ

Yuan Tianwen nodded his head, then revealed a slight smile and said, “Of course it’s true. Hasn’t Daddy already given you that Sound Transmission spiritual pigeon of his to you as a gift for your first meeting with him?”

Sound Transmission spiritual pigeons fly very fast, and they are very small and nimble. They are rarely noticed by others when they are flying, and are thus good tools for transmitting information.

It wasn’t easy to raise a Sound Transmission spiritual pigeon, because this kind of spiritual pigeon can only recognise the roads it had travelled and the sceneries it had seen.

And this spiritual pigeon had accompanied Su Mo during his travels from the south to the north when he was young, and can be considered a witness of Su Mo’s journeys. In Su Mo’s words, this spiritual pigeon can reach any corner within the Five Continents. 6y7Xb9

However, when Su Mo gave this spiritual pigeon to Han Yuran as their first meeting gift, he had not mentioned any of this.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Han Yuran touched the white pigeon on his shoulder and revealed a joyous yet shy smile on his face.

Even though he had not seen Yuan Tianwen’s father tonight, he had heard that Su Mo was the one in charge of the Yuan family right now.

And he had meant what he said; his meeting with Su Mo this time went quite smoothly. Su Mo wasn’t as difficult to deal with as he had imagined. After asking him a few simple questions, he didn’t try to make things difficult for him at all. r0fWlG

Looks like Su Mo indeed dotes on Yuan Tianwen very much. Even though the Han family is but a small family, Su Mo didn’t mind it at all.

Also, Su Mo was truly generous. The difference between him and the Lin Xuanzhi who only knew how to pretend to be someone he wasn’t was akin to the difference between the heavens and the earth.

“Yuran, since we’ve met both of our parents, and your father and my family both think that our fate was bestowed upon us by the heavens, then why not we choose a day to hold our Dao companion ceremony and get married.” Yuan Tianwen’s eyes were burning brightly as he looked at Han Yuran. Strong desire could be seen burning in his eyes.

Han Yuran was stunned for a moment, then he got extremely nervous. typENV

If he could drag it out a bit longer, he would, but…after he calmed himself down, Han Yuran nodded and said, “I had been dragging this out because I hadn’t settled my private matters before. But now, since Tianwen Ge mentioned it, I won’t refuse you any longer.”

Yuan Tianwen’s eyes brightened and he couldn’t help but grab Han Yuran’s hand as he said, “Are you serious? So you agree to marry me? And you won’t change your mind?”

Han Yuran’s eyes were filled with love as he smiled sweetly and said, “Of course I’m willing. But, I don’t know if you’ll still treat me this well after we’re married.”

Yuan Tianwen immediately swore solemnly to the heavens, “I, Yuan Tianwen, swear to never abandon my Dao companion in this lifetime. I will stick together with him in life and in death, and would never bully or let him down a tiny bit. If I break this oath, I will be struck by lightning and my fate with cultivation in this life will end!” KSFDm2

T/N: And now we know where LXZ’s sword went~ also, Han Yuran, no one appears to like you very much. Fortunately YTW made the oath to his Dao companion and not to you \( ̄▽ ̄)/

Huehue I found this short excerpt that I thought was really pretty and wanted to share it~ it’s from a novel called 遇蛇:

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He’s a demon; he doesn’t need the soft beds and cotton mattresses humans use.
He has no constraints: even if he lies by the road, he can fall asleep; even if he guards a withered branch, he can cultivate.
The world was vast and boundless — nothing could be easier for him than finding a place to live.
But a hundred years ago, he had not known Shen Qingxuan, so he could loiter about the world;
and a hundred years later, after Shen Qingxuan was buried,
he could only drift from place to place, like a vagabond.

Translator's Note

erm wtf lmfao low key luxury is actually a thing. But in this case he’s probably just talking about how the sword had a quiet sense of elegance to it?

Translator's Note

get jealous

Translator's Note

Xuanwu or Xuandi, also known as Zhenwu or Zhenwudadi, is a deity in Chinese religion, one of the higher-ranking deities in Taoism. He is revered as a powerful god, able to control the elements and capable of great magic. He is identified as the god of the north Heidi and is particularly revered by martial artists.

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