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Rebirth of the Supreme Celestial BeingCh84 - Shixiong’s Arrival


Han Yuran looked like he was finally at ease, then hurriedly covered Yuan Tianwen’s mouth as he pretended to be angry and said, “Don’t utter such scary words so easily.”

Yuan Tianwen hugged Han Yuran and lifted him off his feet, then happily twirled him around a few times. He was so happy he looked like a fool. BL9d4k

Inside the room, Su Mo stood in front of the window with his eyebrows slightly furrowed. He looked at the Han Yuran and Yuan Tianwen who had the audacity to hug so openly in the middle of his yard.

A tall and handsome man stood behind him. He wrapped his arms around him and placed his chin on Su Mo’s shoulder, then rolled his eyes and said with dissatisfaction, “Why is it that the more I look at that rascal, the more I think that there’s some problem with him?”

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Su Mo casted a glance at him with a smile that didn’t reach his eyes, then said, “I don’t know if he has a problem, but I know that you definitely have a problem.”

Yuan Zheng stared at Su Mo and said, “What’s wrong with me?” mgBQJC

“Aren’t you unhappy because you’re thinking that the cabbage you had raised with your blood, sweat and tears had been ruined by a pig?” Su Mo said buoyantly.

Yuan Zheng rolled his eyes, then hugged Su Mo and shook him from side to side unhappily.

“Yeah, the darling son that I painstakingly raised while cleaning up his shit and pee has never even been bullied before. Yet he’s ruined by this kind of pig now…the Duan family’s kid is so much more interesting, why doesn’t that bastard son of mine want him?” Yuan Zheng complained.

“Oh come on, it’s not like you’re the one getting married. Our son is the one getting married. Don’t meddle too much.” Su Mo lightly tapped on Yuan Zheng’s forehead, then said, “If you don’t want to see him then don’t see him ba. In any case, I’ve already met him on your behalf. If the old Yuan family had relied solely on you for support, it would have probably fallen a long time ago.” icWaIK

“That’s why I’m relying on you ma~” Yuan Zheng was a big man who wasn’t afraid of being made fun of by others. He was actually acting like a spoiled child to Su Mo.

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Su Mo sighed, then said, “What sin have I committed…for me to fall into such a huge pit.”

“The moment you fell in, you can’t ever get out~”

“Forget it, I’ll just treat it as accumulating virtue and doing a good deed ba.” e2dOkm

The spiritual Qi in Gentleman’s Approach Inn’s Sky Room One was indeed rich; in the span of one night, both Yan Tianhen and Duan Yuyang had reaped quite a lot of benefits.

The next morning, Lin Xuanzhi and gang had just finished breakfast. Duan Yuyang then swaggered out of the room to go shopping on the streets.

On the other hand, Lin Xuanzhi and Yan Tianhen chatted in the room as they waited for Yang Dongmian.

Not long after, a visitor came to their door. 1QJaU9

At the sight of Lin Xuanzhi, Yang Dongmian smiled and said, “Lin Shixiong, I’ve gotten you what you wanted.”

Lin Xuanzhi’s eyes lit up, then said, “Hurry and take a seat.”

Yang Dongmian took out a turquoise bottle and placed it on the table, then said, “Shixiong, check it and see if it’s the item you requested for.”

Lin Xuanzhi picked up the bottle and opened its lid. A completely pure white Thousand-Year-Old Winter Silkworm’s frozen soul the size of his thumb was lying quietly at the bottom of the bottle. Lin Xuanzhi could even feel its coldness on his hands through the walls of the bottle. CZH9IO

This truly is a good item. It was authentic through and through.

Lin Xuanzhi gripped the bottle tightly, then closed it and said to Yang Dongmian, “Thank you very much. What does the cultivator who’s selling this Winter Silkworm’s frozen soul want in exchange?”

Lin Xuanzhi had a good understanding of how Yang Dongmian does business. The first type of transaction was where both parties would reach an agreement beforehand and pass their items to Yang Dongmian at the same time, then complete the transaction at his place.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

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Yang Dongmian said awkwardly, “Lin Shixiong, the other side only has one request, and that is to meet you.”

Lin Xuanzhi was slightly surprised. He said, “They want to see the buyer, or me?”

Yang Dongmian laughed bitterly and said, “That Shixiong said that the only other person who knows that he has this in his hands other than his younger brother, is you.” MUDauR

Lin Xuanzhi nodded and said, “I see.”

Yan Tianhen looked at Lin Xuanzhi, then tugged on his sleeve and said, “Dage, do you have any feud with him?”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

“I don’t, it’s just that…” Lin Xuanzhi felt a bit conflicted.

“Dage, if you don’t want to see him, then don’t ba. Let’s not take this item.” Yan Tianhen said. KDEa0m

“Nonsense.” Lin Xuanzhi casted a glance at Yan Tianhen and lightly tapped on his nose, then said to Yang Dongmian, “When do we meet?”

Yang Dongmian quickly said, “In awhile ba. After I send him a message, he’ll come down here.”

Lin Xuanzhi nodded and said, “Then I’ll have to trouble you.”

He had intended to bring Yan Tianhen out to shop, but since an old friend was coming, Lin Xuanzhi could only wait in the room. RExizp

After Yang Dongmian sent the message, he pulled a stool over and sat down. He felt puzzled as he asked Lin Xuanzhi, “There’s a question that I’ve always been wondering about. The two of you are fellow sect disciples, and your relationship with him isn’t bad, so why didn’t you approach him yourself and instead asked me to be the middleman?”

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Lin Xuanzhi smiled but didn’t answer, and instead asked another question, “Have you thought of your explanation for the whereabouts of the earth-level Return Yuan Sky pill to your buyer?”

Yang Dongmian suddenly broke down. He placed his hand on his chest and wailed in agony, “Ahhhhh fuck that, I’m not even worth as much as that pill if I were to sell myself. Why not you give me the bird and I’ll use it to account for the pill?”

“The bird?” Yan Tianhen held his cheek and took out the bald bird from his chest and said regretfully, “I think it’s dead.” YQBKCI

The bald bird’s eyes were shut tight. Both its legs were as straight as a rod and its whole body looked stiff, its wings were tightly clamped shut as well. One look at it and you’d think that it was dead.

Yang Dongmian was so startled he almost jumped. He patted his chest, then wailed, “Lin Shixiong, do you think our Profound Sky Sect’s mountain protection array is reliable and sturdy enough?”

“Well, it is reliable, and sturdy. But I do want to ask, the alchemist that you said used ten years to refine that earth-level medicinal pill wouldn’t happen to be Zhong Lishen ba?”

When Yang Dongmian heard that name, he almost fell off his stool. He looked around in horror and nervously said, “Lin Shixiong, you can’t say that name so easily, it’s very spooky!” AtdozW

Yan Tianhen asked, “How is it spooky?”

Yang Dongmian said seriously, “When I was a kid, as long as I said that name while I cursed someone he would definitely appear behind me.”

Yan Tianhen, “Are you sure you weren’t summoning a beast?”

Yang Dongmian, “…….” UZABIl

Lin Xuanzhi smiled, and the look he gave Yang Dongmian became even more profound.

When he heard that Yang Dongmian had gotten an earth-level medicinal pill from Sky Peak Sect, he had already guessed that the alchemist he obtained it from was Zhong Lishen. And now, he had confirmed his suspicious.

So who is Zhong Lishen? If we were to say that on the path of the craftsman, few could match up to Su Zixing, then on the path of the alchemist, Zhong Lishen is the top alchemist in this world. Even old timers who have been cultivating for many years can’t compare to him. Alchemists of his generation have all turned into cannon fodder fireflies under his limelight.

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This person’s talent was completely heaven-defying — when he was born, he had actually held a golden pill in his mouth! xcOmwD

Zhong Lishen has always had a smooth sailing life, and he was destined for great things. However, he had quite an eccentric temperament and wouldn’t show others a good attitude easily.

Originally, Lin Xuanzhi was wondering how to get acquainted with this Zhong Lishen so that he could ask him to help Yan Tianhen refine medicinal pills. But now, he did know how.

Yang Dongmian must continue to live on, he will be of great use to them in the future.

And at this moment, someone adorned in a waiter’s attire knocked on their door and walked in. uDQLU5

His head was lowered as he held a tray with many exquisite snacks on it.

Yan Tianhen’s nose twitched, then he said, “We didn’t order anything to eat.”

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The waiter walked over to Lin Xuanzhi and placed the tray on the table, then said, “Honourable cultivators, these are delicacies that my master has prepared for all of you.”

After the waiter finished speaking, he turned around and was about to leave when suddenly, the two amethyst white tigers who were originally in the bedroom rushed out at the same time. Yan Tianhen didn’t even have the time to catch them when one of them pounced onto the table and knocked the tray onto the floor, while the other tiger roared and pounced onto the waiter. k4vGRf

Lin Xuanzhi stood up abruptly, while the waiter actually flipped his hand and sent Hu Po flying with his palm. He revealed a fierce expression on his face and a sword appeared in his hand, then he thrusted it at Lin Xuanzhi without another word.

Lin Xuanzhi kicked the table over with one foot, then took out the Ground Splitting Hammer and flung it at this killer.

The killer sensed the majestic surge of a Duangu realm expert’s Qi and immediately escaped towards the window.

But as he rushed out of the window, a small golden-black hammer followed behind him. He sped up while he escaped, but so did the hammer. cvynt9


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After a soft noise sounded, the killer’s head had been cut off.

The Yan Tianhen who was sprawled on the window met face to face with a cultivator who was floating in midair and wielded a sword in one hand.

Yan Tianhen, “……..ahhhhhhhh so cool ahhh!!!!” QExufy

Lin Xuanzhi pulled Yan Tianhen back. He saw the hero who had lent them a helping hand and was slightly stunned, then said, “Third Shixiong.”

Bei Cangmo nodded and waved his hand. Then Lin Xuanzhi pulled Yan Tianhen towards one side.

Bei Cangmo jumped into the room through the window. His light-coloured eyes swept over the disorderly room before he pulled a long face, then said, “You’ve offended quite a lot of people.”

Lin Xuanzhi lightly smiled and said, “Much thanks to Third Shixiong for your help.” MqZl2n

Bei Cangmo casted a glance at him, then threw the Ground Splitting Hammer that he had retrieved at Lin Xuanzhi. He said, “You’ve come all the way here to Profound Sky Sect but went out of your way to avoid me, did I offend you before or something?”

Lin Xuanzhi laughed bitterly in his heart and thought, I knew I’d be resented.

Lin Xuanzhi pondered for a bit, then said, “I just didn’t want to make things difficult for Shixiong.”

“Make what difficult?” Bei Cangmo stared at Lin Xuanzhi, then said, “Don’t tell me someone will cause trouble for me just because I want to meet my own Shidi?” IsjPH5

“You never know.” Lin Xuanzhi smiled, then said, “But, I would still like to thank Shixiong for your Thousand-Year-Old Winter Silkworm’s frozen soul.”

Bei Cangmo let out a cold hng, then said, “You didn’t pay me a visit yourself to ask for it and had actually dispatched that guy over instead. Do you look down on me, or do you hate me?”

“Neither.” Lin Xuanzhi thought that Bei Cangmo really was angry this time, then he said, “Shixiong, please take a seat ba.”

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Bei Cangmo looked at all the stools that were scattered all over the floor. ZjQViM

Lin Xuanzhi, “…”

Yan Tianhen very smartly picked up a stool and placed it behind Bei Cangmo.

Bei Cangmo sized up Yan Tianhen, then said, “This is that younger brother of yours whom you suspected was your father’s illegitimate son?”

Yan Tianhen let out an “ah”, then looked at Lin Xuanzhi with a bewildered expression and said, “Dage, I’m not Daddy’s illegitimate son, you’ve misunderstood.” dH4l h

Lin Xuanzhi felt like he couldn’t explain his mood right now in just a few words. He shot the expressionless Bei Cangmo a complicated look, then said as the edges of his mouth twitched, “Shixiong, if you have something you want to say, then say it. I can’t stay for very much longer. As you can see, I’ve only been here for a day and there’s already someone who wants to assassinate me.”

Aowu aowu!” Ah Bai cried out in agreement.

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Bei Cangmo’s eyes instantly turned cold, then said, “Who is it?”

Lin Xuanzhi shook his head and said, “I don’t know.” uVdH U

Bei Cangmo stared at him, “You really don’t know?”

Lin Xuanzhi said, “I really don’t know.”

Bei Cangmo paused, then continued, “Shixiong let you down for not being able to help you in the past.”

Lin Xuanzhi shook his head and said, “I know that Shixiong had already done your best, but Shixiong couldn’t have helped me.” 0 8WRv

Bei Cangmo said, “You still don’t intend to tell me who were the ones who had harmed you?”

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Lin Xuanzhi said, “It’s not that I don’t want to tell you, but I don’t even know who they are myself.”

T/N: Su Mo x Yuan Zheng are married couple goals, and it looks like Zhong Lishen is RSCB’s voldemort lmfao. Yay more allies!! u Klv8

And also, much thanks to Iantisl for the kofi!! I appreciate it a lot hehe

Translator's Note

a Chinese phrase used to describe the feeling of a Dad who’s marrying his daughter off…like…the cabbage he had spent so much effort to grow was eaten by a pig just like that or smth

Translator's Note

do you guys watch Chinese shows where their robe overlaps at the chest like a kimono, so there’s a small pocket there where you can put things in? That’s where the bird is…not like literally in his chest lmfao

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