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  • This comment of his is going to bite FQJ in the ass in the future HAHAH

  • 💕 my main motivation for finishing the translations for this novel was bc of how good it was, so I’m glad to see others think the same~ this author’s works are really good but most aren’t translated, which is a real shame cause his novels are really well written!!

  • Omg thank you for this comment, it really means a lot to me!

    I’m not sure how I feel about Kaikai x Ou Qihang either, I’m rather ambivalent at this point, and so are a lot of the other Chinese netizens I think. Maybe in the future, when Kaikai is ready to open up, but right now I don’t really see him and Ou Qihang getting together anytime soon. Though it has been hinted at in one of the extras that Kaikai is slowly being worn down by OQH 👀

    And to answer your question abt whether the author is a guy, yes he is! Haha, the only male danmei author in the JJWXC sea

    The fighting scenes made my blood boil when I read it, but translating it was truly… a pain…… haha, bc I’ve never been the descriptive type in my writing. So I’m glad you enjoyed it~ DINGHAI IS A GEM!! That explores a ton of contentious issues with adventure + comedy added into the mix, while also littered with well fleshed-out characters like in Seizing Dreams 💕

  • Yeah, I thought ending the novel off with how they travelled to all the different dream places was a really nice way to end it :’) I’m looking forward to the extras!! I have a hunch that ZS and YH might adopt a kid and that’d be nice to see in the extras huhu

  • <3 thanks for the kind comment :’) I’m glad my translations helped perk your day, really makes the effort all the more worth it 💕

  • I’m glad you find my translations useful~ and I hope my translation is doing the original work justice //sweatdrop

  • I was grinning like an idiot when I translated these few chaps and sometimes I just walked away from my computer in embarrassment :’)

  • I’m p sure he was just using it as an excuse to reject Yu Hao. He’s not even interested in dating after all 🤨

  • That amused me so much LOL

  • Thank you so much!! This author does have one of the best writing I’ve ever seen in the danmei circle 🙂