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Rebirth of the Supreme Celestial BeingCh52 - Baseless Rumours



Yuan Tianwen nodded, then sighed and said, “This was probably because I didn’t fulfill proper etiquette on my part. But, why would Yuyang want to unite our families through marriage1?” BXGbdo

Su Mo looked at his foolish son like he was looking at an utter fool, then rolled his eyes and said, “It’s not that he wants to unite our families through marriage, he did so because he had taken a fancy to you. He’s probably interested in you, after all, two years ago the Duan family had already……ai, never mind, let’s not talk about that. I think Duan second elder’s dissatisfaction with you had already began ever since then.”

“Dad, what are you talking about?” Yuan Tianwen didn’t really understand what his Dad was trying to say.

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Su Mo shook his head and said, “Let’s not talk about the past. I do really like Yuyang, but, the two of you are probably not fated to be together.”

Thus Yuan Tianwen didn’t continue his questioning. Instead, he sighed and nodded as he said, “Duan Yuyang has also changed so much. He was pretty cute when he was a kid, but now it’s like he’s a completely different person. Today I even heard some people talk about him who said that he was famous in Qing city for being a hedonistic, rich second generation who would act like a tyrant on a daily basis. His heart isn’t in cultivating at all.” eyf9tQ

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Su Mo said, “This Yuyang kid is actually quite pitiful. When he came to stay with our family in the past, I had thought that he was a pretty good and polite kid. Those gossip that you hear, just let it go in one ear and out the other. What’s more important is that no matter how awkward it may be, you need to fulfill basic etiquette. Since you’re already in Qing city, if you don’t visit the Duans, then you’re the one at fault for being rude.”

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Su Mo shook his finger and said, “Wait for awhile ba. I think for the next few days, not many from the Duan family would be willing to see you.”

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These two days, as long as Lin Xuanzhi left his residence, others would gesticulate at him and say the same things about him — that Lin Xuanzhi’s brain had probably short-circuited; he was actually crazy enough to annul such a good engagement.

And an equivalent proportion of people felt that Han Yuran had finally managed to jump out of a fire pit2. C0mNOf

So what if Lin Xuanzhi looked handsome? For cultivators, one’s appearance is just a piece of skin; if one was strong, it would be akin to adding flowers to a brocade3, but if a weak person had that kind of appearance, it could very well be a calamity for them instead.

It’s not that there weren’t anyone who didn’t have any ideas about Lin Xuanzhi, and there were even more cultivators who wanted to adopt him as a bed warmer. It’s just that, Lin Xuanzhi was at least still part of the Lin family; even if the Lin family had completely given up on him, they would definitely not let anyone humiliate him in that way.

After all, humiliating Lin Xuanzhi, was equivalent to humiliating the entire Lin family.

Han Yuran’s birthday banquet was discussed with great fervour throughout the whole of Qing city; aside from Lin Xuanzhi’s act of annulling the engagement, the generosity and protection of Yuan young master, Profound Sky Sect’s Breaking Sword Peak’s young peak master Yuan Tianwen, had also undoubtedly become the hottest topic of discussion. 2iw jK

“That day Yuan young peak master had already proposed a marriage to the Han family, but because Han young master had just received quite a huge blow at that time, he didn’t agree to it.”

Ah? If it was me, I would’ve definitely been so happy that I’d be jumping around on the spot and would be too excited to eat for three days and three nights!”

“Yuan young peak master is so handsome and carefree; plus, he’s the cultivator who has the best prospects of his generation and is of noble lineage too, what is Han Yuran dissatisfied with?”

“It’s none of your business, you guys just wait, Han Yuran will definitely be won over by Yuan young peak master sooner or later.” krdvxj

“That Lin Xuanzhi can be said to have only done one thing right, which was to annul his engagement with Han young master. At least he knows where he stands, or else, for someone like him to fight with Yuan young peak master? Hehe……”

Lin Xuanzhi wasn’t even slightly affected by the baseless rumours that were circulating outside. He had engrossed himself in cultivating every day and couldn’t extricate himself from his obsession.

1. Not sure if this was clear, but in like…past times (?) it was common to unite families through marriage, so one could offer a marriage proposal in the hopes of becoming in-laws with the family for their status etc. So in this case YTW thought that the Duans proposed a marriage because they wanted to become in-laws with the Yuan family, and his Dad was like wtf r u dumb he wants to marry you cause he LIKES YOU
2. Jumping out of a fire pit = escape from a living hell
3. Decorating something that’s already pretty

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T/N: Firstly, YTW’s title is way too damn long sometimes. Secondly, yes!!! Su Mo!!!!!!! Why is your son so stupid!!!!!!!!!!! SLDz51

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  1. Light a candle for YTW’s EQ. He treats his special people well but can’t actually figure out who they are.

    Thanks for the great translation ♥️

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    But then again mc had been ridiculed since he becomes weak so maybe the rumor won’t matter as much? I’m waiting for mc to deal with his own family, since the ex scum-fiance was off-limit at the moment. I’m waiting for mc to spoils his didi, but unfortunately he sets his priorities straight so that’s too bad. I’m also waiting for Yuan Tianwen to add some IQ in his brain but since he himself didn’t know he was a fool that’ll be impossible.
    Thanks for the chapter!

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