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Rebirth of the Supreme Celestial BeingCh162 - Divine Devil Clan


Translated by: Ea

Edited by: Butter and Zryuu Pdlast

Lin Liuchun nodded, “For now, don’t venture outside Sky Peak City too often.”

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Lin Xuanzhi’s heart skipped a beat as he asked expressionlessly, “Why?”

Lin Liuchun frowned, “Just now, I heard people say that there’s something wrong near the outskirts of Yudai Mountain, which seems unsafe.” LzmMkC

“Did something happen?” Lin Xuanzhi inquired.

“As for the specifics…It’s hard to say.” Lin Liuchun thought over it for a moment, “But it’s related to the devil tribes. However, he cannot find you, so you just need to be a little more careful.”

Lin Xuanzhi thought in his heart, that is uncertain.

News sure traveled fast. He just didn’t know whether those people would come to suspect Ah Hen as well. YwWAiS

“The Hundred Families Gathering will begin soon, so we will not run anywhere else.” Lin Xuanzhi replied.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Lin Liuchun nodded as he motioned with his hand for Lin Xuanzhi to go upstairs, while he himself took a rare trip out the door.

In the room, Lin Xuanzhi gently placed Yan Tianhen on the bed.

Looking at Yan Tianhen’s small face that was covered with cracks, Lin Xuanzhi felt as though an invisible hand was firmly squeezing his heart into a ball. hW729I

“He is a Divine Devil. You should carefully think this over.” Soul Bead sighed.

“I know.” Lin Xuanzhi fixed his eyes on Yan Tianhen’s face as he reached a hand out to stroke his cheek, “I know that the number of secrets on him are numerous. I also know that his Mingyin body may not necessarily come from being endowed by the Dao of Heaven but may instead be due to him being a Divine Devil to begin with.”

All Divine Devils were born in the Great Mingyin World, a place with barren lands, rugged and strange rocks, and an overabundance of Ming Qi and Yin Qi. Any Divine Devil born in that underworld would naturally carry Ming and Yin Qi in their body — it was only a matter of how much.

Only then did Lin Xuanzhi suddenly understand that those seals on Yan Tianhen’s body were not purely to suppress the Ming and Yin Qi within his body, but also to prevent others from becoming aware of his identity as a Divine Devil. xqrCal

The Divine Devil clan was born with the ability to control ghosts, spirits, and all creatures who oppose Yang energy. They are bloodthirsty, fond of killing, cruel, and tyrannical, while also possessing a strong desire for conquest and have intensely envious hearts.

And yet, the Dao of Heaven also happened to endow the Divine Devil clan with unique advantages so their starting point was much higher than that of regular cultivators, making it difficult to fully eradicate them.

In the ancient Great Immortal-Demon War, the Jiushao Monarch Feng Jiuge, Divine Clan’s Lou family head Lou Lianhua, Divine Clan’s Yan family head Yan Chitian, Snow Mountain Jade Fairy Han Feifei, and others used their own bodies as the formation’s eyes in order to seal off the last Divine Devil. They simultaneously stimulated the spiritual qi in the four core directions of Heaven and Earth to activate the Heaven’s Eye Demon-Subduing Formation, perishing together with the Divine Devil Emperor as they sank into an eternal slumber within the enormous array. Only in this way did they finally manage to draw the curtains shut on the long-lasting Great War between Immortals and Demons, a war with heavy casualties for both sides.

Thereafter, the Divine Devil clan became a taboo, and also history. IsYzES

In the following ten thousand years, no person had ever seen Divine Devils appear in this world.

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Soul Bead was inexplicably showered with dog food, and felt so stifled that he was rendered speechless for a while.

A moment later, Soul Bead laughed coldly and spoke with an ambiguous attitude, “Right now, you’re only seeing his relatively-normal appearance so you can say those words. But when all the Divine Devil blood within his body fully awakens and he becomes a true Divine Devil, then you will change your mind.”

“How will I change my mind?” Lin Xuanzhi asked back.

“You will despise him, hate him, and perhaps even fear him.” Soul Bead laughed with a “he he” as he continued, “Worse still, you might complain that he deceived you, and try all kinds of methods to unite the masses and secretly kill him or seal him up in order to elevate your own reputation.” iIckru

Lin Xuanzhi was silent for a moment; he remembered how Yan Tianhen in his past life had looked at him with blind eyes as he begged Lin Xuanzhi to kill him.

A sudden pain drilled into his heart as he replied, “Never.”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Soul Bead sneered. “It seems that you really did wrong him very much in your past life.”

Lin Xuanzhi narrowed his eyes, “Therefore, I will make it up to him in this life.” mKzjI4

Soul Bead said, “I really envy him for having a good brother like you.”

Lin Xuanzhi shook his head, “That’s because you don’t know how hateful of a person I was in my last life.”

Soul Bead sighed, thought of something, and spoke with great sorrow, “People are indeed different. If there ever comes a day when you despise him, fear him, and even want to kill him, then you must not secretly think of ways deceive him, leave him, and band together with other cultivators to study methods to kill him while keeping him in the dark about all this. You might as well directly tell him the truth. After all, Divine Devils are also a sentient species with a heart that can experience all emotions, including joy and sorrow.”

Lin Xuanzhi shook his head, “That day will never come.” EBcVJU

“Don’t be so sure of yourself.” Soul Bead’s voice swayed erratically, “The Dao of Heaven will not allow it.”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Lin Xuanzhi paused, then commented, “You seem to be speaking from personal experience.”

Soul Bead, “….”

Soul Bead silently disappeared. jPrKnD

Lin Xuanzhi became more and more puzzled about the Soul Bead’s origins.

It couldn’t be that this Soul Bead had personally experienced the Great Immortal-Demon War?

It was hard to say. If this was really the case, then wouldn’t the Soul Plate be an old monster who had lived for ten thousand years?

However—- cym CH

Lin Xuanzhi gazed at Yan Tianhen indulgently, pinched his small nose, and asked, “You little thing who always causes me trouble, what else can I do with you?”

A single teardrop fell onto Yan Tianhen’s cheek and slid down his cracked face in a crooked path.

If Yan Tianhen was a Divine Devil, then when he captured Yan Tianhen in his previous life, he had probably already given up all hope, which was why he would rather die than use a Divine Devil’s powers to fight back against him, against them —- because at that time, the seal on Yan Tianhen’s body had already been released, and he should have fully awakened his Divine Devil blood.

Lin Xuanzhi’s mood was extremely complicated. Right now, he just wanted to treat this person in front of him better. 7ekD8Z

Sky Peak Sect.

“Shifu, we have a big problem!” A short youth hurriedly rushed in.

A man, who possessed a youthful face despite his white hair and beard, was standing in the center of the hall. Huangfu Jin and Leng Jixue stood beside him.

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The white-haired Daoist asked, “What happened for you to be in such a hurry?” pwM0Ir

“Chao Ge, what happened?” Leng Jixue asked as he looked at the youth.

Chao Ge took a deep breath, panic appearing in his eyes. He gazed at the three people, “Shifu, two Senior Martial Brothers, the leader of a mercenary group came to Sky Peak Sect just now and asked to see the sect master. I happened to pass by and brought him in. He said that when he was training in Yudai Mountain, he witnessed with his own eyes the scene of mountains of skeletons rising up. He also saw a crimson-robed silver-haired man who, within a short time, sucked the blood dry from five disciples wearing our sect’s business branch robes and dragged them underground to become fertilizer for flowers!”

The white-haired Daoist’s expression changed slightly, but there was no surprise in his eyes.

Leng Jixue frowned as he looked at Chao Ge, “Have you gone to investigate the incident he described?” WBLcSX

“I’ve investigated,” Chao Ge took a deep breath, “I went to the business branch to check; those few disciples’ soul cards have all been extinguished, and their souls were not reincarnated, but instead absorbed.”

For a while, no one in the hall spoke.

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“Shifu, could this be the birth of a demonic cultivator?” Huangfu Jin asked with a frown.

The white-haired Daoist gave Huangfu Jin a complicated look and shook his head, “The prophet of Profound Sky Sect once told me about the destiny he predicted.” vueNa2

“Prophet?” Leng Jixue asked, “What kind of person is this?”

“A fortune-teller who pries into the Dao of Heaven in order to predict the future.” The white-haired Daoist lightly explained, then continued, “He said that the Star of Monarch’s Blessing had fallen, the Dao of Heaven changed its course, and the Star of Demon’s Blessing is slowly ascending from the East. Within ten years, the Divine Devil clan will make a comeback, and furthermore, they will first revive in the Five Continents.”

Leng Jixue and Huangfu Jin glanced at each other at the same time.

“How can this be?” Leng Jixue asked, puzzled, “Shifu, I once read an account from a book in the library, which said that the last Divine Devil was already suppressed within the Heaven’s Eye Demon-Subduing Formation ten thousand years ago, and the Venerable Ones of the World personally suppressed the seal, so there is no possibility of him breaking through the array. Furthermore, even if he broke out today, he has already been suppressed inside the formation for so long that he should be very weak and will not pose a danger to us.” EbKyds

Huangfu Jin also nodded, “The Divine Devil clan indeed hasn’t appeared in the Nine Lands in the ten thousand years following that last demon-suppression battle. At that time, the Four Powerhouses simultaneously sacrificed themselves in order to completely annihilate the entire Divine Devil clan. Naturally, that made it impossible for those demons to have any chance of surviving.”

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“You two are still too young.” The white-haired Daoist shook his head, his eyes filled with anxiety, “The Divine Devil clan is cunning in nature. They will wear human skin to stir up the public as demagogues. They’ll bewitch cultivators and make merry with them, thus giving birth to descendents containing the bloodline of Divine Devils. The blood of the Divine Devils will remain dormant within those descendants’ bodies and be passed down through the generations. Therefore, a sudden mutation leading the emergence of a pure Divine Devil is not impossible.”

Huangfu Jin’s expression was ugly. If that was really the case, then they would be in a great deal of trouble.

“Shifu, Shixiong, then what should we do now?” Chao Ge asked uneasily. 2VOBdc

The white-haired Daoist narrowed his eyes, “Since that Divine Devil has already reached Sky Peak City and even attacked our Sky Peak Sect’s people, this is clearly a provocation to us…Ah Jin.”

“Yes.” Huangfu Jin answered.

“Send someone to investigate and verify.”

“Yes.” 8vuqis

“Jixue.” The white-haired Daoist instructed, “Appease the people on Sky Peak Sect’s side. No one is allowed to know about this matter until the sect master has made a decision.”

Jixue nodded, “Rest assured, Shifu.”

Chao Ge stamped his feet and said anxiously, “Shifu, those mercenaries have already spread the news long ago.”

“As long as we don’t admit it, no one will take it seriously, and it will forever remain a rumor.” Leng Jixue looked at Chao Ge, “The Hundred Families Gathering is almost upon us. It’s not certain whether it actually is a Divine Devil or not. We can’t panic from mere rumors and mess up our own formation.” jdNeVq

Chao Ge nodded and sighed bitterly.

The white-haired Daoist nodded, “Jixue is right, I will look for the sect master immediately and see what he decides.”

Yan Tianhen slept for three days in a row before waking up. As soon as he opened his eyes, he saw Lin Xuanzhi sitting cross-legged beside him.

If you're reading this, this translation is stolen. Please support our translators at chrysanthemumgarden.com

Yan Tianhen blinked his eyes a few times as he massaged his muddled head and sat up. nQOjkD

Lin Xuanzhi withdrew from meditation and slowly opened his eyes. He smiled at Yan Tianhen, “Lazy little cat, you’re finally willing to get up.”

Yan Tianhen shook his head and asked, confused, “What happened to me?”

Lin Xuanzhi explained, “You attempted a new technique and lost control, exhausted all your spiritual Qi and fell asleep. You have slept for three days.”

Yan Tianhen received a scare, “Three days?” Sr7Pop

Lin Xuanzhi nodded as he patted Yan Tianhen’s small face. “Put on your clothes, get out of bed, wash up, and go eat.”

“Oh, oh.” Yan Tianhen obediently got up and put on the robes that had been placed beside the bed. He kept trying to recall what had happened before. However, in his impression, he could only remember using the Yin fire dragon to kill a few cultivators and couldn’t recall anything after that.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

“Dage, I seem to have turned silly.” Yan Tianhen said anxiously, “I can’t even remember how I exhausted all my spiritual Qi.”


Editor’s Little Theater:
Butter: Once upon a time, Soul Bead was also a heaven-defying beauty with immortal looks like peerless jade, clear skies, and crystal waters.
Butter: Then, everything changed when the fire nation attacked.

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