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Rebirth of the Supreme Celestial BeingCh233 - Celestial-Level Medicinal Pill


As soon as Su Mo saw the corners of Yuan Tianwen’s mouth droop, he knew that his wife had probably run away. In order to prevent his son from making a fool of himself in public, Su Mo quickly took Yuan Tianwen to the courtyard of the Yuan family in Sky Peak City.

Once the door closed, Su Mo heard Yuan Tianwen utter a “Dad’ while sounding very aggrieved before he even asked him about what had happened, then two drops of tears fell. RHhoqQ

Su Mo, “…”

Su Mo’s heart ached terribly. He reached out to pull his tearful son in his embrace, then gently patted his back like when Yuan Tianwen had been a child acting spoiled to him.

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“Dad, he doesn’t like me anymore.”

Yuan Tianwen’s voice was muffled, “He said that my courtship is a sort of burden to him; he begged me to stay away from him and not disturb his life anymore. Am I that horrible?” Vlo72U

“Dad, I already know that I’m wrong, I’ve already changed, I’ll treat him well all my life and compensate him for it–”

“But why does he still not want me?”

Yuan Tianwen was like a child who had been abandoned. He was incredibly upset, and though he was clearly an adult, he now revealed a childish and pitiful side of him.

Su Mo sighed in his heart and could only console him by saying, “Time will reveal a person’s heart; Yuyang probably can’t accept it for now. Why don’t you stop pestering him for this period of time and make him feel vexed. When the two of you calm down in a few days, things may turn around.”


Yuan Tianwen sniffed and pursed his lips, his head drooping, “What if he still ignores me?”

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Su Mo sighed and rubbed his son’s head. “Then you’ll have to let go.”

Yuan Tianwen was resolute, “I don’t want to.”

Su Mo’s head hurt a little. “If he ends up liking someone else someday…” 56O ZB

“If he likes one, I’ll kill one.” Without even thinking about it, Yuan Tianwen said stubbornly, “If he likes two, then I’ll kill a pair.”

Su Mo, “…”

“Then I’m afraid he’ll hate you to death.” Su Mo said with great emphasis.

“I’d rather that he hates me to death than ignore me.” Yuan Tianwen felt disheartened and frustrated, like his heart was being cut up with a knife. His Yangyang was so kind and outstanding, there must be a lot of people who like him. WoIdqL

If he relaxed in pursuing Duan Yuyang, then before long, Duan Yuyang would probably get harassed by some other hussy.

“This won’t do. Dad, give me a magic treasure or medicinal pill that can suppress my cultivation level quickly. I want to go in and find him now.” Yuan Tianwen asked impatiently.

Su Mo rolled his eyes, feeling like his son had completely grown askew. He and Yuan Zhengming were both people who could change their trains of thought, so why was their Yuan Tianwen so hell-bent on being stubborn?

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Su Mo’s tone brooked no arguments, “You just made a breakthrough in your cultivation so your realm is still unstable, you can’t act so recklessly. Stay at home and take a few days to stablize it before talking about anything else ba.” xMi5c8

“Gjv!” Tejc Kljckfc ibbxfv nfgs jczlber.

“Pa kbc’a yf bo jcs erf fnfc lo sbe mjii wf Xgjcvwj.” Ve Zb’r jaalaevf kjr olgw. “Ktlr lr cbc-cfubaljyif. Po sbeg gfjiw ojiir jujlc, tbk klii sbe tla bcf ktfc bcf mbwfr, jcv tla j qjlg ktfc akb mbwf?”

Tejc Kljckfc kjr jybea ab gfoeaf ktfc tf revvfcis atbeuta atja Ve Zb’r kbgvr wjvf j iba bo rfcrf.

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What if his family’s Yuyang ended up liking a cultivator who’s stronger than him? 15CGmD

There’s no need to think about those in the future, there’s already a Lin Xuanzhi nearby. He felt an immediate sense of urgency to improve his cultivation level.

Yuan Tianwen clenched his fist and nodded, rubbing his eyes, “I understand.”

Su Mo suddenly realised something very important.

“Your cultivation level shouldn’t have had this sudden breakthrough. Don’t tell me you did that thing again with someone in the Pill Limit Mysterious Land?” BIAVFO

Yuan Tianwen was a little embarrassed as he nodded under his Dad’s intent stare. “It was Yangyang.”

Su Mo was stunned, then smacked Yuan Tianwen’s head. He didn’t know if he should cry or laugh as he resented his son for not being as smart as he should be. “My silly son, do you have a pit in your brain? He was willing to do that with you at that kind of time, yet you actually still doubt that he has no feelings for you? What on earth are you thinking in that brain of yours?”

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Yuan Tianwen was still immersed in his sorrow. “But he said that he did that to beg me to spare him.”

“And you believed that?’ 4WIQut

“Why wouldn’t I?” Yuan Tianwen pursed his lips. “He already said that himself, and he even said it a lot of times with a really firm attitude.”

Su Mo frowned slightly. Based on the wisdom he had gained from the additional years he spent eating rice and growing smarter compared to Yuan Tianwen, he guessed a few possibilities.

“What about this, focus on stabilising your cultivation for now.” Su Mo pondered. “I’ll dispatch some people out to investigate if Yuyang has encountered any trouble.”

“What do you mean?” When Yuan Tianwen immediately paid attention when he heard that Duan Yuyang might be in trouble. 6vcUs

Su Mo stroked his chin. “Since he’s willing to be physically intimate with you, he naturally likes you, but he insists on shutting you out with such a firm attitude… I’m afraid that there’s more to it than meets the eye.”

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Yuan Tianwen wanted to continue inquiring about it, but Su Mo wasn’t willing to say anything to disturb Yuan Tianwen’s mind before confirming the truth, so he just exhorted him to seize this good opportunity after he had just advanced to stabilise his realm. As for the rest, Yuan Tianwen could just leave it all up to him.

In the Pill Limit Mysterious Land.

On the second day, when Yan Tianhen woke up, he just saw Duan Yuyang, whose head was drooping with a fistful of grass in his grasp as he stared at the lake while deep in thought. Yuan Tianwen’s whereabouts were unknown too. cOXsmv

Yan Tianhen ran over and sat beside Duan Yuyang. He looked around, asking, “Where’s Yuan Tianwen?”

Duan Yuyang was expressionless, “After eating everything up, he patted his ass and got the hell out of here.”

Yan Tianhen was stunned, then immediately retorted without thinking, “You’re lying, he won’t dare.”

Duan Yuyang glanced at him askance, wondering why enlightenment suddenly dawned upon this kid. “How do you know?” XLCY4r

“Yuan Tianwen ah, one look at him and you can tell that he’s a henpecked husband, so he wouldn’t have the guts.”

Duan Yuyang couldn’t help but laugh. “He’s such an overbearing person; if he’s henpecked, then I’m afraid that there won’t be any henpecked husbands in this world anymore.”

Ai, you don’t understand.” Yan Tianhen said very seriously, “This all depends on the individual.”

Duan Yuyang was amused by Yan Tianhen’s little adult look and nodded repeatedly. “Yes yes, my family’s Ah Hen is right.” bH5eyp

Soon after, Lin Xuanzhi returned and brought along Ah Bai and Hu Po, who had gone to play around god knows where last night. “They’re about to go mad from running around so much, they’re never home these days.” Yan Tianhen scolded each of the tiger cubs with a stern expression and knocked on their heads. “If you guys dare run around so recklessly again, then beware, I may not give you guys anymore demonic delight fruits to eat for a year.”

This threat was absolutely fatal to demonic beasts. Ah Bai quickly nodded and wagged his tail, as if trying to please Yan Tianhen.

Lin Xuanzhi said, “I surveyed the place. The Pill Limit Mysterious Land will probably be closed in advance, we should make plans as soon as possible.”

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Originally, Duan Yuyang had come into the Mysterious Land for its treasures, but he didn’t expect that Yuan Tianwen would get kicked out by the Pill Limit Mysterious Land after following him, so his thoughts of searching for treasures dulled at once. lfC2AH

“When do you plan to leave?” Duan Yuyang asked.

Lin Xuanzhi answered, “In 7 to 10 days. The Pill Limit Mysterious Land will definitely collapse. We have to leave before it does, otherwise we’ll be trapped here forever.”

“Dage, if you want to absorb that celestial-level medicinal pill, how long would it take?”

Based on what had happened in his previous life, Lin Xuanzhi estimated, “Five days at least.” HM2YVB

“There’s plenty of spiritual Qi here, and the medicinal Qi is mellow too. If you absorb it in this Mysterious Land, the effects will certainly be better. Why don’t Dage absorb the medicinal pill first within these few days ba?”

Lin Xuanzhi shook his head. “I don’t think I can.”

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“The news of how the Hepta-Brilliant Sacred Fire and celestial-level pill are in our hands has probably spread around. I’m afraid that there will be a lot of people looking for us in the next few days; it’ll be too dangerous.” 1 hVJ6

Yan Tianhen thought that that was true, so he nodded. “Or we can just leave now? There’s already enough spiritual plants for use in our storage bag.”

Although Yan Tianhen liked money quite a bit, he wasn’t greedy. He was content to have gotten what he needed.

Duan Yuyang had collected a lot of spiritual plants as well, and there was a sense of sorrow in his heart from having to part with Yuan Tianwen for a long time which made him even less willing to continue staying here, so he also thought that it was better to leave earlier.

Lin Xuanzhi said lightly, “The two of you should leave first, I’ll stay here. There are still some things I have to do.” 9D38KW

Yan Tianhen immediately frowned. “Dage, if we’re leaving, then we’re leaving together. Why do you want to stay here?”

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Lin Xuanzhi rubbed Yan Tianhen’s head. “There are some personal affairs I have to deal with, I can’t leave for now.”

Yan Tianhen looked at Lin Xuanzhi, a bit upset, “You just promised me that you wouldn’t hide anything from me in the future, but just one night has passed and you’re already going back on your words.”

He looked so aggrieved that Lin Xuanzhi couldn’t help but feel regretful. UX16Jy

Lin Xuanzhi was someone who was too introverted and good at hiding things. There were many things that he would rather grit his teeth and swallow his blood for rather than let others bear it for him.

However, it seems that he should change this trait of his, otherwise Yan Tianhen may just get even more worried and start letting his imagination run wild.

After some deliberation, Lin Xuanzhi decided to be frank.

“This celestial-level can only exert its greatest effects in the Mysterious Land. After leaving the Mysterious Land, not only will its effects be greatly diluted, but it also won’t be conducive for absorption.” Pj0Np9

Yan Tianhen’s expression was a little ugly. “Dage actually didn’t plan on telling me about something so important.”

Lin Xuanzhi sighed. “You have to give me some time to change.”

Yan Tianhen softly uttered a hng to express his dissatisfaction, but this dissatisfaction lasted only a few seconds, “In that case, I’ll protect Dage in the process. Dage should take advantage of this period to quickly absorb the medicinal pill.”

Lin Xuanzhi was still worried that Yan Tianhen would be put in a spot by others and get into some sort of accident while he was in seclusion. HijWlq

According to Shen Chenggeng’s sinister and poisonous nature, he would definitely gather a large number of people and chase after him in this Pill Limit Mysterious Land. However, Yan Tianhen’s attitude was extremely firm on this. He definitely wouldn’t let Lin Xuanzhi stay here alone. Lin Xuanzhi could only agree after giving it much thought.

As for Duan Yuyang, he claimed that he had nothing to do even if he went out anyway, and he didn’t want to bump into Yuan Tianwen either, so he decided to stay and protect Lin Xuanzhi too.

Since there was no time to lose, the three of them immediately let the two tiger cubs lead the way in this forest and found a shallow cave that could barely be used as a place for seclusion.

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However, even though they said it’s cave, it was actually just a huge pit that had caved in. Aside from being a shelter from wind and rain, it had no other use. Besides, its interior could be seen at a glance from the outside, and other than the words ‘crude’, there was no other word that could be used to describe it. T IKqz

Editor’s Little Theatre:
In the latest twist of Supreme Celestial Beauty… How will our contestants do in a dark and wretched environment? Will their beauty shine through the mud and gloom? Find out next time on Supreme Celestial Beauty!

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