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Rebirth of the Supreme Celestial BeingCh153 - Meeting Young Master Ji Again


Translated by: Zryuu

Edited by: Romana xNd4cZ

When Lin Zezhi went to search for Lin Liuchun, he met Lin Xuanzhi and Yan Tianhen right after he left his room, who had just returned from the outside.

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The four people bumped into one another. Bai Susu was the first to speak.

“I heard that you’ve been in the limelight recently.” Bai Susu said in a peculiar tone, “But, I don’t know if you’ve heard before that in Sky Peak City, the brighter one’s limelight is, the earlier they die. I kindly advise you to not be too arrogant and keep a low profile.” I27T8X

Yan Tianhen smiled, “Our limelight’s not really bright, it’s just average. In the future, we’ll let you truly understand what it means to ‘be in the limelight’.”

“You…” Bai Susu was slightly angry. She glared at Yan Tianhen and scolded. “Ugly idiot, damn cripple, a trash like you lowered the calibre of the entire Sky Peak City just by stepping through its entrance!”

However, Yan Tianhen didn’t get angry. Just as he was about to start rebutting, Lin Xuanzhi gently pulled him behind.

Lin Xuanzhi’s eyes were freezing cold, and his red lips parted slightly, “Ah Bai, Hu Po, bite her!” MGFTaH


Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Tiger cries instantly rang out from the door, and two roaring tigers lunged onto Bai Susu like bolts of lightning and pressed her down on the ground.

Bai Susu only saw two bloody mouths right in front of her that was aiming for her nose. The gazes of these cubs were fierce, and their teeth were sharp, so Bai Susu couldn’t stop herself from shrieking, “AHHH–!” Her cry penetrated through the air, such that everyone in the inn was attracted over.

Lin Zezhi couldn’t stand by and do nothing, of course. He quickly cried out right before the white tigers bit down, “Xuanzhi, hold on for a moment!” 4Byu I

Lin Xuanzhi said slowly, “Ah Bai, stop.”

Bai Susu could feel that right in front of the tip of her nose, two rows of sharp teeth clamped down with a crisp “crack”. When she opened her eyes again, the two tiger cubs were still standing on her chest as they stared at her with disdain. Their haughty look made people want to hit them.

However, at this moment, Bai Susu couldn’t think much anymore. She almost fainted out of fright.

Lin Zezhi broke out in cold sweat. It wasn’t easy for him to breath a sigh of relief. He calmed his nerves and said to Lin Xuanzhi, “Susu has always been one to shoot her mouth off and speaks frankly. Do pardon her this once, consider it as sparing her on the account of the Bai family.” TeKudx

Lin Xuanzhi sneered. “My family’s Ah Hen is a few years younger than her, but I’ve never seen him not understand what proper etiquette is, or start spouting nonsense as soon as he met other people.”

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Lin Zezhi felt like he had lost all face, but in order to protect Bai Susu’s life, he could only repeatedly say, “You’re right. We were in the wrong this time. Forget it this time ba. I’ll apologise to you on her behalf.”

“Tbe agfja atja mberlc bo sbegr qgfaas kfii.” Olc Wejchtl mjra j uijcmf ja Djl Vere, ktb kjr qjgjisrfv bc atf ugbecv, vlruera qijlc jr vjs lc tlr ujhf. Lf rtbeafv mbivis. “P’ii rqjgf tfg atlr alwf. Dea ilrafc mjgfoeiis, P’w rqjglcu sbe cba bc jmmbeca bo atf Djl ojwlis, yea bc atf jmmbeca bo Olc ojwlis’r Olc Ifhtl.”

Lin Zezhi looked up abruptly and stared at Lin Xuanzhi. Gradually, complicated feelings began to rouse in his heart. Esn7mw

Lin Zezhi supported Bai Susu up from the ground. He was about to speak when Lin Xuanzhi interrupted him.

“Since the Bai family has invited you, as half a Bai family member, you should go over.” Lin Xuanzhi said, “However, you can’t go over looking unsightly.”

Lin Xuanzhi took out a rattle drum from his storage bag and handed it to Lin Zezhi, “I heard that the head of the Bai family just had another child. It’s your first time visiting, so it wouldn’t be good if you don’t bring a present along. This rattle drum is a top-grade magic tool that has both offensive and defensive capabilities, but it doesn’t require any Qi or soul force to control it. Why don’t you bring this to the Bai family, and see if that infant would like it.”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Lin Zezhi’s eyes reddened slightly. He accepted the rattle drum and held it in his hands, feeling the warm sensation that travelled from this magic tool made from warmth jade as the base, as well as the pure strength that only a top-grade magic tool would possess. aiN3rf

He had never thought that Lin Xuanzhi, who he had thrown rocks at while he was down, the one he was both jealous of and hated, would repay his wrongdoings with good. He not only refrained from using his status as the appointed supervisor to oppress and insult him, he even considered his needs in all sorts of aspects.

He seemed to understand in an instant why his fellow pupils judged Lin Xuanzhi as someone who “looked like an immortal” and was a “jade-like gentleman” before he turned into a good-for-nothing, and understood where his alias “White Jade Gentleman” came from.

Lin Zezhi bowed to Lin Xuanzhi and said, “Thank you very much.”

Bai Susu stood at one side, still in a trance. When she was dragged away by Lin Zezhi and passed by those two tiger cubs that even roared at her, she was so frightened she almost jumped downstairs in horror. o1afRC

After the two left, Lin Xuanzhi looked around at the crowd that was spectating the show and withdrew his gaze. He was about to return to the room with Yan Tianhen when someone patted his shoulder.

“Do you know who you just provoked?” A laughing voice travelled over.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Lin Xuanzhi smiled slightly as well, and turned around to look at the carefree and unbridled Ji Yunwei. “That can’t be considered provocation, I was just unwilling to let others humiliate us as they will. Brother Yunwei, your story has been circulating all around Sky Peak City today.”

Ji Yunwei smiled. “You can’t blame me for that. I didn’t intend to be so high-profile and enter the city from that route.” pDdXqB

Lin Xuanzhi looked at him profoundly, “Looks like quite a lot has happened to you too.”

Ji Yunwei nodded. He looked at Lin Xuanzhi, “I heard that you have undergone tremendous changes. Why don’t we have a chat while we eat and drink? When I left in a hurry last time, I did say that I would definitely treat you to a drink the next time we meet.”

“Then there’s no time like the present ba.” Lin Xuanzhi said.

“But this wasn’t a coincidence ah.” Ji Yunwei stroke his chin, “As soon as I settled in, I went around asking about you, and came right over after I caught wind of your whereabouts. I came here especially to find you.” ewzQ3W

Lin Xuanzhi was stunned, then smiled and clasped his hands. “I really am flattered.”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

“Hahaha, I’ve been here once before. But they said that the two of you weren’t around, so I came over to find you guys again.” Ji Yunwei smiled brightly. He turned around and greeted Yan Tianhen, “Little friend, I haven’t seen you in a long time too. Looks like your two tiger cubs can protect you now.”

Yan Tianhen’s eyes lit up and grabbed Hu Po, who tried his utmost to hide behind Ji Yunwei as soon as he saw him, then held Hu Po in his arms and tilted his head, “Yeah. They were still really dumb and weak at first, but after my Dage sent them to the Demonic Beast Institute, they turned strong in just two months. And they were even the local tyrants of the Demonic Beast Institute!”

Ji Yunwei instantly burst into laughter, “I know the two instructors of Qing City’s Demonic Beast Institute. I even received news from Qing Yuege a few days ago, who told me that he had finally sent two ancestors away. But some demonic beasts in the institute were so frightened that their temperament changed, and would hide in their nests all day as they didn’t dare to come out. He even asked me to go back and treat and counsel them when I have the time.” Bf6u10

Hu Po was dissatisfied at once and barked, “Ah Bai and I weren’t the ones who bullied them, they were the ones who bullied us at first. Also, the big demonic beasts on the mountains would suddenly come out to scare them once in awhile. The ones who couldn’t withstand that kind of fright are the ones who aren’t in the right mind!”

Ji Yunwei nodded and tilted his head, “See. Once you mention their glorious achievements, Hu Po becomes so thrilled.”

Hu Po, “…”

You liar QAQ! KzVMJg

Ah Bai laughed as he rejoiced in Hu Po’s misfortune, and roared in laughter.

The three people and one tiger were very amused, and they laughed as they walked out of the inn.

After seeing Lin Xuanzhi’s group out, the innkeeper stroked his chin and started pondering.

The waiter next to him asked, “Boss, are we still going to chase them away?” 9gDRLH

The innkeeper smacked the waiter’s head, “Do you not have the ability to discern anything?! Who said that we’re going to chase them away? Did you not see the person who came in just now?”

The waiter rubbed his head, feeling aggrieved, “Isn’t it boss who asked me to chase them away ma. You even said that after the Lin family offended the Bai family, they definitely wouldn’t be able to get around in Sky Peak City anymore. The Bai family may even come knocking on our doors to thrash the place, and you said that you were afraid of them implicating us…”

Pei!” The innkeeper said with a darkened face, “Get your ass back to work. Talk less and work more, and be polite to the Lin family.”

If you're reading this, this translation is stolen. Please support our translators at chrysanthemumgarden.com

The waiter hugged a wine bottle and walked away, feeling wronged. MqzyTa

The innkeeper narrowed his eyes and thought, Although that Lin Xuanzhi is a troublemaker, he’s also someone who knows how to make friends with the right people, like Ji Yunwei. He was the young master of the Ji family, the legend within the elite beast tamer family. He was a legend from the moment he was born, and until now, he still is a legend. That was a special honour that none of the young masters from other families have ever had. Also, Ji Yunwei and Lin Xuanzhi don’t seem to be mere acquaintances. Ji yunwei had already come to his shop thrice within a short span of time, and he didn’t expect that Ji Yunwei had come to look for Lin Xuanzhi!

To be able to open an inn in Sky Peak City, one would naturally have the backing of a family. Al though this “Yunlai Inn” doesn’t have the backing of an elite family, it was still one of the businesses of a first-class family in Sky Peak City. So the shopkeeper here naturally wouldn’t have bad judgment.

The boss of Yunlai Inn immediately decided to observe for a longer while.

Drunk Immortal Restaurant. YHiBE

Ji Yunwei treated them to a meal, and delicacies were served one after another, and quickly filled up the table.

“Young Master Ji, all the dishes you ordered have been served.” The steward of Drunk Immortal Restaurant grinned as he stood at one side, and personally set the table for Ji Yunwei.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

He was a distinguished guest who even the owner of the Feng family said that he would like to entertain properly.

One must know, whether or not a business dealing in the trade of demonic beasts would succeed all depends on Ji Yunwei. SvFZAn

Ji Yunwei nodded, “Serve us your best wine.”

The steward smiled, “Our best wine is called Drunk for a Thousand Years. Once this wine is drunk, one would fall asleep for a long time, and perhaps after waking, the day would have changed and the stars would have shifted, the vicissitudes of life passing by.”

Lin Xuanzhi said, “I’m afraid that we’re not fit to drink that kind of wine today. Coincidentally, my Jiadi and I have just bought a vat of Scorching Sky flower brew from Heaven and Earth Winery now. Why don’t you treat the meal, while my younger brother provides the drinks. What do you think?”

Ji Yunwei’s eyes lit up and he smiled, “Then, please do. The wine at Drunk Immortal Restaurant are all provided by Heaven and Earth Winery as well, so the taste should be about the same. Also…” 7vCBtd

Ji Yunwei made eyes at him and said enigmatically.“The wine at Drunk Immortal Restaurant is a secondary consideration. The best thing about this place are their wine cups — they really are godly cups ah, tsk tsk.”

If you're reading this, this translation is stolen. Please support our translators at chrysanthemumgarden.com

Lin Xuanzhi smiled, “How different could wine cups be?”

Ji Yunwei said solemnly, “In the hands of a craftsman, a wine cup can be as different as it gets. You’ll know after you try it.”

Yan Tianhen covered his mouth and laughed as he looked at Lin Xuanzhi. ebg9Nv

Ji Yunwei said, “Little Tianhen, if you don’t believe me, just take a sip to try later and you’ll understand.”

Yan Tianhen nodded desperately. “I believe you, I’ll definitely believe you.”

The steward of Drunk Immortal Restaurant clapped his hands, and young women dressed in simple and splendid attired walked in gracefully with trays in their hands.

On the trays, there were three small wine cups that looked exquisite and beautiful. There were even all kinds of strange patterns embedded inside, and the engravings all looked very natural, as if they were the work of the Heavens. 5PsaNi

“This is the new batch of wine cups that our Drunk Immortal Restaurant has just obtained, and these three are the best-looking ones we have.” The steward placed the cups in front of Ji Yunwei, Lin Xuanzhi and Yan Tianhen, then smiled, “It’ll definitely be an absolutely different experience.”

Credit to padam for this hilarious strip she edited hahahhaa


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