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Rebirth of the Supreme Celestial BeingCh31 - A Great Debt of Gratitude



Lin Xuanzhi brought Yan Tianhen into the main room. VJ5UvD

Yan Tianhen snapped out of his daze, then apprehensively looked at Lin Xuanzhi’s beautiful face under the lamplight and said, “Dage, are you angry?”

Lin Xuanzhi put down the teapot in his hands and said, “Why would you ask that?”

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Yan Tianhen rubbed his hands together, then said, “Dage didn’t allow me to hang out with him last time, and never allowed me to return home this late.”

Lin Xuanzhi stayed silent for a long while before he said, “How did you get acquainted with Duan Yuyang?” 2ej5Qv

Yan Tianhen thought for a bit, then said, “I work at the Lin family’s spiritual plants plantation. Yuyang Ge was picking some spiritual plants one day when he saw that I was fighting with someone. He helped me and from then on, we became familiar with each other.”

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“Qtb kjr Ct Lfc olutalcu klat?” Olc Wejchtl jrxfv.

“Qlat rbwf ygjar ktb tjv ecmifjc wbeatr.” Tjc Kljctfc geyyfv tlr tfjv atja tjv jigfjvs tfjifv, atfc raemx tlr abcuef bea jcv rjlv, “Gbc’a pevuf wf pera yjrfv bc ws kbecv abvjs, atfs jgf erejiis lc j kbgrf rajaf atjc P jw. P’w gfjiis ubbv ja olutalcu!”

Lin Xuanzhi nodded and said, “Ah Hen is the best.” Since this was just a scuffle between kids, then it wouldn’t be good for him to stick his nose in for now. pKj1 t

Yan Tianhen smiled.

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Lin Xuanzhi said, “I’ve already prepared hot water for you, Ah Hen should go and take a bath now and sleep earlier tonight.”

Yan Tianhen nodded and said, “Thank you Dage.”

Lin Xuanzhi said, “Are you thanking Dage for preparing water for you to bathe, or for waiting for you to come home?” iep3qg

Yan Tianhen ran outside as he said, “Thanking you for both! Dage’s the best!”

Lin Xuanzhi looked at the Yan Tianhen who ran off happily like a small rabbit before the smile on his face faded a bit.

When he saw Duan Yuyang, he recalled some of his memories from his past life.

In the past, Duan Yuyang was the one who understood Yan Tianhen the most in this world. And when Yan Tianhen had fallen onto the devil’s path, he didn’t choose to stand on the same frontline as the upright sects, but instead continued to stay by Yan Tianhen’s side. 2jL98G

Even though Duan Yuyang looks like a crazy person who doesn’t care about how others see him, he’s incredibly good at seeing through people’s true natures and is a very sentimental person. Before Yan Tianhen fell onto the devil’s path, he had personally looked for Lin Xuanzhi as he had planned to tell him some important matters regarding Yan Tianhen.

But at that time, Lin Xuanzhi was wholeheartedly focused on advancing, plus he didn’t regard someone like Duan Yuyang well, so he had refused to see Duan Yuyang.

Afterwards, Yan Tianhen cultivated the devil’s path and killed a few of the large sect’s elders and the disciples of some large families. He turned into the public’s enemy, and after he was besieged and escaped with serious injuries into a small grotto-heaven, he was found by Lin Xuanzhi.

Lin Xuanzhi had intended to seize Yan Tianhen, but he was stopped by the Duan Yuyang who had arrived just in time. BlFf R

Duan Yuyang carried many treasures on him which helped him send Yan Tianhen to some other place. With a cold face full of scorn, he said to Lin Xuanzhi, “Lin Xuanzhi, for him to have come this far, who do you think it was for? Everyone in this world can hate him, look down on him, or even want to kill him, but only you – have no right!”

Many things happened after that. Lin Xuanzhi closed his eyes, he didn’t want to think about it anymore.

If it wasn’t for Duan Yuyang, Yan Tianhen would probably have died even earlier than he did in the past life. If it wasn’t for Duan Yuyang, Yan Tianhen would have inevitably become a loner. For a kid like him who loves lively places, if there wasn’t a single friend by his side or someone who understood him, how pitiful, painful and lonely would that have been.

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Lin Xuanzhi was genuinely and sincerely grateful to Duan Yuyang from the bottom of his heart. ZohAC4

You could even say that the debt he owed Duan Yuyang was as heavy as a mountain.

In the past life, Duan Yuyang had come to his end because of physical limitations and couldn’t live past the age of 200. And in this life, Lin Xuanzhi plans to lend him a helping hand. At the very least, he had to help him see through the plots of the people around him earlier and get rid of the strong poison within him in order to resolve the greatest limitation to his cultivation.

T/N: The words DYY said to LXZ in their past life hits me hard……… ;_; tomorrow I’ll only be uploading one chapter cuz it’s 3k words alone. I usually try to upload about 3k words per day, so if I upload 3 chapters at a go it’s cause they’re about 1k words each


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