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Rebirth of the Supreme Celestial BeingCh134 - Ah Hen’s Eating Vinegar


Translated and Edited by: DMlations


“Dage!” When Yan Tianhen saw Lin Xuanzhi, he immediately stood up.

Lin Xuanzhi’s gaze swept over Ling Chigu, who was obviously battle-ready, and closed the door, “Have you finished packing?”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Un un, I’m done packing.” Yan Tianhen nodded before frowning, “Dage, what should I bring along for Ah Gu?”

“I only prepared some magic treasures for him that can suppress his corpse Qi, but I haven’t chosen what weapon or clothes I should take for him. Why don’t Dage give me some advice?” QLKvGP

Lin Xuanzhi just felt a little stifled. Ever since Yan Tianhen carried Ling Chigu back from Mass Graves Ridge, he has always felt very protective of Ling Chigu like how a mother would care for her children, as if that corpse was his biological younger brother or son. He considered everything for the corpse thoroughly from head to toe and treated him even more meticulously than his own Dage, Lin Xuanzhi.

Lin Xuanzhi cast a glance at Ling Chigu and couldn’t hold himself back anymore. He said with slight jealousy, “Ah Hen, you seem to think more about this corpse than Dage.”

Yan Tianhen was stunned, and feigned innocence as he blinked. He lunged into Lin Xuanzhi’s embrace and said, “Of course not. The two of you can’t be compared. Ah Gu is my partner in battle. Since I pulled him out, I’m responsible for him, but Dage is the person closest to me. So I think about the two of you in different ways.”

“What’s the difference?” Lin Xuanzhi asked. ta715v

“Dage is my most important person.” Yan Tianhen said without hesitation, “Ah Gu is my good friend.”

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Lin Xuanzhi was greatly satisfied and patted Yan Tianhen’s head, “Your words have always been sweeter than candy.”

Yan Tianhen chuckled and scratched his head, “Daddy used to say that too.”

Lin Xuanzhi’s line of sight fell upon the motionless Ling Chigu, and after a moment, he said, “Ah Hen, although my clothes can cover his body, it has no other additional effects. I have already refined a set of clothes suitable for Chigu, you can treat it as my first meeting gift for him ba.” LmZ2qE

Yan Tianhen’s eyes lit up at once, “Really? Dage you’re too great!”

Lin Xuanzhi smiled and took the clothes out of his storage bag and threw it to Ling Chigu.

Ling Chigu raised his hand and caught the clothes.

Yan Tianhen said excitedly, “Ah Gu, go and try them on.” TUvHYs

Ling Chigu didn’t say anything and took his clothes off straight away. Although his movements weren’t very smooth, he didn’t have much of a problem, so his movements would likely become smoother after some time passes.

Lin Xuanzhi was struck by a sudden impulse to hold his forehead. Yan Tianhen also realised that it seemed a bit wrong, so he quickly continued his orders, “Ah Gu, change behind the screen.”

Although Ling Chigu was somewhat confused, he still took the clothes and went behind the screen.

Yan Tianhen stuck his tongue out and said, “Ah Gu is that simple and naive. Do pardon him, Dage.” f9oYmR

Lin Xuanzhi cast a glance at the screen, “Have you heard any news regarding Duan Yuyang recently?”

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Yan Tianhen paused, then shook his head, “I haven’t heard from Yuyang Gege in a long time. I didn’t see him when we went to the auction house last time either. Yuyang Ge should have also entered seclusion ba?”

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Speaking of which, Lin Xuanzhi really was a bit worried about Duan Yuyang. 6kqYTz

Not long after, Ling Chigu had changed into his new set of clothes and walked out from behind the screen.

Yan Tianhen took a look at Ling Chigu and got stunned 一 those custom-made black robes of his were filled with low-key but luxurious patterns, and even though Ling Chigu had not yet resumed cultivating, Yan Tianhen could still feel the auxiliary Qi emanating from the robe that was compatible with his Qi field.

On the robe, there was even a grave jade ring filled to the brim with Yin Qi sewed onto its wide belt; clearly, it was added so that Ling Chigu would be able to more smoothly stimulate his Yin Qi during battles and enhance his combat abilities.

Yan Tianhen couldn’t help click his tongue, “Dage, you must have spent a lot of effort in crafting this set of clothes ba?” bFAEjG

Lin Xuanzhi nodded, “I didn’t spend too much time on it, just about ten days to half a month.”

“What? Ten days to half a month?!” Yan Tianhen’s eyes widened, “Dage, didn’t you work a bit too hard on it?!”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Lin Xuanzhi glanced at him with a meaningful look, then smiled slightly, “Chigu is a one-of-a-kind treasure after all.”

Yan Tianhen, “…..: 31YmlZ

He felt like Lin Xuanzhi’s words and the fact that he especially crafted a robe for Ling Chigu seemed a bit off somehow?

Lin Xuanzhi didn’t give him the chance to think it through before saying, “I’ll go pack up a bit. Let’s go to the Demonic Beast Institute in awhile to fetch Ah Bai and Hu Po.”

“Oh, okay.” Yan Tianhen was still a little dizzy.

After Lin Xuanzhi left, Yan Tianhen stared at the beautiful Ling Chigu who has an excellent figure. iATkJI

Yan Tianhen suddenly realised where the problem lay.

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He couldn’t help but say out of jealousy, “Dage actually crafted a robe just for you when he hadn’t even made clothes for me yet. Why is Dage caring more about you than me?”

The more Yan Tianhen spoke, the more he felt sour in his heart. He couldn’t help but purse his lips and glared at the expressionless and innocent Ling Chigu, “Take those clothes off, I won’t let you wear them anymore!”

Ling Chigu innocently reached out to untie his clothes straps, appearing quite baffled. Ok9S8C

Yan Tianhen knocked himself on his head and said apologetically, “What am I getting angry at you for? You don’t understand anything, yet I’m bullying you like this… ai ai, forget it, just wear it ba. My Dage might have just made you those clothes for my sake anyway.” Although that was what Yan Tianhen said, he still muttered to himself in his heart — if Dage cares more about me, then why didn’t he think of making clothes for me first?

Yan Tianhen thought about it carefully for awhile with a stifled heart, but he couldn’t think of any reason, so he went to look for Lin Xuanzhi while feeling slightly despondent.

After they left, Lin Xuanzhi and Yan Tianhen made their way to the Demonic Beast Institute together.

Just as they arrived at the gate of the Demonic Beast Institute, Lin Xuanzhi heard the loud roar of a tiger. I074JA

Two furry balls rushed towards them one by one from the institute, followed by Qing Yuege and the Golden Eyed Leopard.

“Ah Bai, Hu Po!” Yan Tianhen grinned widely as he hugged the two cubs in his arms.

Ah Bai excitedly stretched his tongue out to lick Yan Tianhen.

The Golden Eyed Leopard strode out with steps that didn’t seem too elegant with an expressionless face. FxUjdB

“Are you guys here to pick them up?” The Golden Eyed Leopard asked with some nervousness. He was really yearning for them to do just that — hurry and bring these two ancestors away ba. If they continue to stay, all the students in his Demonic Beast Institute will go bald from depression!

“Yeah, we’re about to leave Qing City, so we need to take the two cubs away.” Yan Tianhen nodded.

Qing Yuege followed along, and he looked like a huge burden had just been lifted off his shoulders.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

After so many days, he finally managed to hear this one great news. sWKNQt

The Golden Eyed Leopard breathed a sigh of relief too, “I’ve already helped your spiritual beasts advance in accordance with our agreement.”

Yan Tianhen gratefully said, “Thank you very much.”

The Golden Eyed Leopard swept a glance over the tiger cubs that brought him quite a bit of trouble, “If you really want to thank me, then don’t send those two tiger cubs here anymore. Get them to harm other Demonic Beast Institutes instead. Better yet, if you guys don’t really understand, I have a list here that I can recommend to you.”

Yan Tianhen, “……” DnaN0b

Were his family’s Ah Bai and Hu Po disliked by their instructor? But his family’s Ah Bai and Hu Po are obviously so cute, meng, and obedient ah QAQ!

Hu Po stood on top of Yan Tianhen’s head and bared his teeth at the Golden Eyed Leopard, and even straightened his tail.

If you're reading this, this translation is stolen. Please support our translators at chrysanthemumgarden.com

Ah Bai whined a few times, appearing a little unhappy.

Yan Tianhen stroked Ah Bai’s head to comfort him, then said to Qing Yuege, “Weren’t our family’s Ah Bai and Hu Po obedient and cute?” nj3HIk

Obedient? Cute?

Hehe, those qualities were nonexistent.

Qing Yuege smiled but didn’t say anything in response. In front of their master, there were some things that he could only think in his mind but not voice out.

When Lin Xuanzhi saw this, he said, “What did they do during this period?” 13aRg7

The corners of Qing Yuege’s mouth twitched, “Every morning, they would first grab the demonic beasts from their nests one by one for a fight. After they knock the demonic beasts down, they would make them find food as tribute, and get other demonic beasts to help them clean up their nests. If they were in a bad mood, they would throw the demonic beasts off the cliff one by one and catch them before they land. During this period, aside from the perpetrators Ah Bai and Hu Po, no other demonic beast in the institute could enjoy a good night’s sleep, and there were even some whose cultivation levels dropped out of fear. There are many demonic beasts who would shiver just at the sight of Ah Bai and Hu Po, these two devil incarnates. But actually, Ah Bai and Hu Po can’t be blamed for being so aggressive and unbridled. After all, they were the ones who were being bullied in the beginning.”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Life truly has its ups and downs ah!

Lin Xuanzhi nodded, “Since that’s the case, I feel more at ease now.”

Qing Yuege, “……” 0tmynL

So why did he even try to lodge a complaint again?

Ah Bai’s purple grape-like eyes stared at Lin Xuanzhi all innocent and simple-looking, as if the tiger cub that Qing Yuege had just described wasn’t him.

Lin Xuanzhi smiled lightly, “That’s right then. If they get bullied, they would have to find ways to get back at their bullies.”

Ah Bai and Hu Po nodded their heads at the same time. MFDxP5

The Golden Eyed Leopard’s head was splitting. He turned around and used his butt to face Lin Xuanzhi’s annoying family and said in a bad tone, “Hurry and leave ba, don’t stay here anymore.”

Lin Xuanzhi didn’t mind either. He smiled, “Thank you, Golden Eye instructor, for all your care these days. We’ll take our leave first.”

After he spoke, Lin Xuanzhi took out a bag of demonic delight fruits from his storage bag, as well as a set of magic treasures that seemed slightly strange.

Qing Yuege paused, “What’s this?” g5 sWa

Lin Xuanzhi said, “A horn-shaped ornament. It’s a set with these rings that can be fastened onto the feet of demonic beasts. If you fasten the rings onto demonic beasts while you carry the horn ornament around with you, you would be able to clearly determine their location, so it would be convenient for you to look for missing cubs.”

Qing Yuege’s eyes lit up as he accepted the set of magic treasures with seventy to eighty rings, “In that case, I’ll humbly accept it. Thank you.”

Although the Golden Eyed Leopard still looked as cold as ever, when his line of sight fell upon those magic treasures from time to time, one could clearly tell that he looked very interested in them.

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Lin Xuanzhi smiled lightly, then took Ah Bai, Hu Po and pulled Yan Tianhen away as they left the demonic beast institute. nFJO14

After the two humans and two tigers left, Qing Yuege stood within the institute’s prohibition array and said, “Looks like that Lin Xuanzhi really knows how to conduct himself.”

The Golden Eyed Leopard placed one of the rings on his front foot, “One look at him and you can tell he’s not some benevolent saint. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have been able to raise such tiger cubs who would dare to turn the world upside down.”

Qing Yuege smiled, then said in a relaxed tone, “Ah Bai and Hu Po have finally left. But they really were quite lovable.”

Golden Eyed Leopard cast a glance at Qing Yuege, “In what way were they lovable?” wgeFdO

“At the very least, after I told them that they couldn’t kill any demonic beasts, they really didn’t kill even one of them ah.” Qing Yuege sounded very comforted.

Golden Eyed Leopard, “……”

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Really, their expectations towards those two little devils who had something against the heavens, earth, and air, were falling lower and lower.

Author’s notes: dVkyAX

Ah Gu: What did I do wrong QAQ

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