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Rebirth of the Supreme Celestial BeingCh35 - Hand Seals for Flight



Lin Xuanzhi said, “The ‘Arabian Crafting Manual’ I took out awhile back has a section that mentions how craftsmen cultivators can utilise the absorbed spiritual Qi in forged stones to fly. I’ve tried a few times, but couldn’t grasp the method behind this trick. Do you know if there’s a knack to it?” qAUJ1g

When the soul plate heard those words, he didn’t even think before saying, “Isn’t it just because your soul force hasn’t undergone enough cultivation and is too low-leveled, so you couldn’t grasp how to absorb and utilise the forged stone. This depends on on your level of comprehension, there are some craftsmen who can reach the earth level without understanding how to use forged stones, while there are craftsmen who are only at the Refining Qi stage seventh layer when they figure out the trick to it.”

The soul plate made it sound really complicated, but simply put, it could be summed up in one word — talent.

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Lin Xuanzhi didn’t waste any more time. He pinched a piece of forged stone, formed his word and hand seals, then borrowed the power of the spiritual Qi within the forged stone to help his body attain flight.

But he hadn’t even lifted half a metre off the ground before he tumbled back down. d7n61K

Half the forged stone turned gray.

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After he fell a few times, when Lin Xuanzhi was about to take out a few more forged stones, the soul plate finally couldn’t take it anymore and cried, “Idiot, you’re really idiotic! Those hand seals that you’re forming are wrong in the first place, don’t tell me you can’t even figure that out?”

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Lin Xuanzhi heard his words and thought to himself, I knew it.

He had already discovered beforehand that his hand seals resemble the crafting hand seals and it was likely wrong, but the problem was, if he were to go search for the correct hand seals himself, it would waste a lot of time and wouldn’t be worth it.

The edges of Lin Xuanzhi’s lips curved up slightly and he said, “Then what’s the correct set of seals?” HQNMU8

The soul plate was incensed. He really didn’t want to help this little bastard who keeps threatening him, but he couldn’t bear to keep watching Lin Xuanzhi continue wasting forged stones, so he instructed in a harsh tone, “Your previous set of hand seals, start from the middle, form the seal after it, then form the one before it to try.”

Lin Xuanzhi listened carefully and followed his instructions.

He saw his body steadily rising from the ground and it only stopped when he was ten feet from the ground.

Lin Xuanzhi was stunned, and he was about to pinch a second forged stone to continue rising up when he was stopped by the soul plate — kfenC7

“For your level right now, that’s the highest you can go. If you go any further, it’ll be very hard for you to stabilise yourself.”

Lin Xuanzhi slightly narrowed his eyes, then pinched the forged stone and smoothly landed on the ground.

The feeling of soaring into the sky made Lin Xuanzhi feel incomparably thrilled.

He looked at the forged stone that had turned into ash in his hands, then turned his hand over and let the ashes scatter into the air. YK1B8t

The soul plate was slightly surprised and said, “Why aren’t you the least bit excited? You must know, in the present age, you’ll definitely be the top craftsman sooner or later. There has never been a person who could grasp the trick to flying with forged stones when they were only of a Refining Qi stage second layer cultivation.”

Lin Xuanzhi said, “Then why aren’t you surprised?”

The soul plate sneered and said, “In the era where Benzun was born, there were genius craftsmen everywhere. There were some whom could even use forged stones to fly the moment their feet touched the ground. Benzun has such extensive experiences, what kind of genius have I not met? Getting worked up over nothing is something an ignorant cultivator would do.”

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Lin Xuanzhi nodded, “I think so too.” kezFf6

Soul plate: “……”

Lin Xuanzhi looked towards Glittering Jewel peak. He meditated for the whole night and only stopped right before daybreak the next morning. He relaxed his hands that were forming Qi seals, got up, and went down the mountain.

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