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Rebirth of the Supreme Celestial BeingCh49 - Grievously Harm a Fellow Disciple



The Lin Xuanzhi who was meditating in the mountains suddenly heard the cry of a crane, so he instantly opened his eyes and quickly flicked a forged stone towards the sky. pwx3uv

The penta-coloured crane avoided the forged stone, but one of its red features was burned off by the tyrannical spiritual Qi stored within the forged stone. This angered the penta-coloured crane so much that it couldn’t stop crying out in anguish; it really wanted to scratch off that asshole’s face!

“Chi Xiao, you’re not allowed to attack.” Yuan Tianwen landed on the ground, then scolded the penta-coloured crane that had opened up its wings and was preparing to fight with the tiger cub that had rushed out from Lin Xuanzhi’s side.

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The penta-coloured crane folded its wings upon command, then walked over to a side with haughty and elegant steps. It lifted its long neck and looked up at the sky, obviously not wanting to bother with this a low-class race like Ah Bai.

But Ah Bai looked as if he had discovered a new mainland. He ran towards the penta-coloured crane and chased after the feathers on its butt by jumping and trying to bite it wherever it swayed, which irritated the penta-coloured crane so much it couldn’t stop flapping its wings to retaliate. zNpABc

Yuan Tianwen had no time to bother with Chi Xiao anymore; he stared with a face full of shock at the Lin Xuanzhi whose lapels were fluttering in the wind, “Your Dantian wasn’t destroyed?!”

Lin Xuanzhi lightly said, “Are you blind or has your cultivation level regressed?”

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Yuan Tianwen looked up abruptly and asked in astonishment, “You’re a craftsman?”

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“As you can see.” Lin Xuanzhi said.

Yuan Tianwen couldn’t even say a word for quite awhile. He sized Lin Xuanzhi up with incredulous eyes as numerous thoughts ran through his mind.

“Since you’ve already become a craftsman and can cultivate through the equipment path, why didn’t you return to the Sect?” Yuan Tianwen furrowed his brows and asked. YDdQ6g

No matter if one cultivates through the equipment or magic path, it’s still cultivation all the same. Although, due to Lin Xuanzhi’s peculiar situation, there might be some limitations, but if their Sect knew about his current situation they definitely wouldn’t give up on him.

All sects, no matter big or small, will give craftsmen special treatment. They definitely wouldn’t reject a craftsman at its doorstep.

If Lin Xuanzhi returned to Profound Sky Sect, he would definitely be favoured once again and gain better prospects and resources than if he continues staying in the tiny Lin family.

Yet Lin Xuanzhi only gave him a light, cold laugh and said, “It was the people from Profound Sky Sect who landed me in such a plight, don’t tell me you want me to return to that place to court my own death?” zQ9K6l

Yuan Tianwen tightly furrowed his brows then said, “But why did I hear that you were injured by the demonic beasts in Yunqi grotto-heaven?”

Pft——” Lin Xuanzhi only used a scoff to express his disdain.

Yuan Tianwen’s face sunk, he couldn’t stand this kind of underhanded means the most.

He had always been engrossed with cultivation and his sword, and since he was born in a first-class family, there were many Yuans in Profound Sky sect. Ever since he embarked on his path of cultivation, he had never personally seen this type of underhandedness in play, and after he entered the Sect, he had never been involved in any internal strife either. Thus, the moment he heard Lin Xuanzhi’s words, Yuan Tianwen’s first reaction was to ask—— VBFRLr

“Who did it?’

Lin Xuanzhi’s lips curved up. He fixated his pair of eyes that looked like Submerged Magnetite1 on Yuan Tianwen and said, “It’s better for you not to know.”

The crease between Yuan Tianwen’s eyebrows grew deeper.

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He didn’t like to partake in conspiracies, but it’s not like he didn’t know the gains and losses involved in one. Fk85OZ

He suddenly thought, with Lin Xuanzhi’s status within Profound Sky Sect and his extraordinary cultivation level, if someone really wanted to conspire against him, that person definitely wouldn’t be simple.

Also, Lin Xuanzhi was gravely injured in Yunqi grotto-heaven, and at that time, there were at most only ten people who had the right to enter Yunqi grotto-heaven – and these ten were all core disciples who had been handpicked with utmost care!

Yuan Tianwen thought about it again, after Lin Xuanzhi turned into a good-for-nothing, no one tried to exact justice for him. Profound Sky Sect didn’t even bother leaving him some face and directly sent him back to the Lin family…….

This conspiracy, doesn’t appear to be as simple as it seems. W31L9M

Yuan Tianwen asked again, “Who was it who dared to grievously harm a fellow disciple.”

1. Magnetite: 

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

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    • you, you are a very strange man my friend. so many good points but such damning flaws

  1. Dude, stop pretending to be a decent person. You not only stole someone’s fiance, you also tried to blame the innocent party.

  2. this Yuan Tianwen has grievously few brains, but at least he’s an upright and moral man… Maybe he would be a good match for a certain someone with more people smarts ha

  3. Umu, yo también quiero saber quien conspiró en su contra, al punto de que lo corrieron como si nada.

  4. well…at least he is really upright in matter between fellow disciples.