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Rebirth of the Supreme Celestial BeingCh184 - Baili Yunhua


Translated by: Zryuu

Edited by: Butter 3vZgbq

Baili Yunshan revealed a sneer that didn’t match his age once he heard that. “Him, from the Bai family? Watch how Xiao Ye screws him over later.”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Lin Xuanzhi, “…”

This hostile look seemed a bit off. Doesn’t Baili Yunshan’s elder brother want to help him go through the backdoor and send him to study under one of the Bai family’s elders? uKGLhp

“Why does Baili Yunshan look so unfriendly when it comes to the Bai family…”

Lin Xuanzhi pondered for a bit, then said, “Make sure to put on a good display during the competition later. A few of the Bai family’s elders from Sky Peak Sect are watching from the seats, so one of them may discover your potential and be willing to accept you as a disciple.”

Baili Yunshan almost jumped up. He said angrily, “That’s my Second Brother’s own wishful thinking. I didn’t want to put him in a spot, so I didn’t oppose it when he talked about it to you that day. But I’ll tell you the truth; I’ve never intended to become a disciple of those Bai dogs!”

Lin Xuanzhi could confirm now that Baili Yunshan wasn’t targeting anyone from the Bai family specifically, but rather the entire Bai family. Th6oiM

However, his Second Brother was quite insistent on sending this Third Brother to study under the Bai family. This contradiction is a little interesting.

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Lin Xuanzhi said, “Do you have some sort of misunderstanding about the Bai family?”

“Their family’s just trash.” Baili Yunshan scolded with much disdain, “I came today to give the Bai family a good, harsh slap in their faces. It would be best if I could make it such that they will never be able to make a comeback forever!”

Lin Xuanzhi, “…” That may be a little difficult. 31j2nb

Baili Yunshan was even prepared to pull Lin Xuanzhi to his side as an ally. “Lin Dage, if you can get rid of all those people from the Bai family, I’ll be your little brother!”

Lin Xuanzhi smiled lightly. “Okay, what’s difficult about that?”

“It’s a promise then.” Baili Yunshan’s eyes were particularly bright.

“It’s a promise.” Lin Xuanzhi thought that the Baili family must have spoiled this third child quite a bit. AxirgO

On the other side, Bai Susu, who was standing beside Bai Honghu, glared harshly at Lin Xuanzhi. She said to Bai Honghu, “Honghu Gege, the one opposite is Lin Xuanzhi. Yanhui Gege and Hongfei Gege got into trouble because of him.”

Bai Yanhui and Bai Hongfei were Bai Honghu’s biological younger brothers. They were supposed to participate in this competition as well, and the three of them had planned to soar to fame here and become the focus of everyone’s attention.

But now…all of that had been ruined by Lin Xuanzhi.

Bai Honghu narrowed his eyes and said menacingly, “Don’t worry, I’ll definitely show him who’s boss.” IiUEs9

Bai Susu warned, “But Lin Xuanzhi won’t be easy to deal with. He has a lot of tricks up his sleeves, you must be careful.”

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Bai Honghu sneered, “Do you think I’ll be afraid of him? Watch ba, I’ll make him lose face for sure.”

Djlil ojwlis.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Baili Yunsong looked at Baili Yunshan on the stage, who wasn’t behaving himself properly as he kept chatting with Lin Xuanzhi and waving his fist at the row of Bai family members opposite, then looked over at Sky Peak Sect’s side. He couldn’t help but let his mouth twitch and say to the one beside him, “Lao San is too unaware of the ways of the world. If he expresses his dissatisfaction with the Bai family so clearly, he will definitely be crossed out by the Bai family straight away ba.” Ba dun

“Then let them cross him out ma, what’s the big deal about that?” A family voice travelled over, and it even sounded a bit sloppy.

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Baili Yunhua patted Baili Yunsong’s shoulder, “One of my Dao friends who I cultivate with said that the Hundred Families Gathering started, which was when I found out that you guys actually came to Sky Peak City. Why didn’t you notify me of something so important?” GKXOsZ

“Isn’t it cause we were afraid of getting in the way of Dage’s cultivation?” Baili Yunsong laughed. He was in a good mood after seeing his elder brother.

Baili Yunhua squinted at Baili Yunshan, whose side was facing him, and smiled, “Within the blink of an eye, Yunshan has grown up too. He still had a chubby little face the last time I saw him.”

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“Dage hadn’t come home for too long.” Baili Yunsong said.

“Yeah.” Baili Yunhua thought about it for a bit and said with some dismay, “If we were to count it, it should’ve been about three years.” 2dB gc

Baili Yunsong looked at his Dage, who was so skinny he looked just like a rack of bones now, and felt quite sour. He pondered, then said, “Dage, that guy from the Bai family paid us a visit a few times in the past two years as he wanted to find you, but you weren’t around, and you weren’t contactable either.”

Baili Yunhua paused. He looked at Baili Yunsong, “You’re talking about Bai Cangshu?”

“Yeah.” Baili Yunsong nodded. “Who else could it be aside from him?”

“He’s pretty persistent ah.” Baili Yunhua couldn’t help but click his tongue. mnaQ9N

Baili Yunsong asked, “Dage, you really don’t intend to see him?”

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“What’s there to see? We already fell out so badly the last time. We might really end up fighting again if we were to see each other again.” Yet Baili Yunhua smiled lightly, “After all, I can’t return him a younger sister no matter what. If our parents are willing to give birth to another younger sister, I would be willing to marry her off to him in a decade or two.”

Baili Yunsong couldn’t hold it back; the corners of his mouth twitched violently.

“Dage, although he just leaves without saying anything every time he comes, I could sense that he wasn’t there to collect debts or for a younger sister.” Baili Yunsong said out of fairness. R02eJd

“Then what did he go over for?” Baili Yunhua frowned, “Don’t tell me he wanted to hit me out of anger?”

“Dage, could you dare to be a little more positive? He travelled thousands of miles to get to the Baili family, do you think that he did that just for a fight?”

“Why couldn’t he?” Baili Yunhua said with great emphasis, “That pervert is too terrifying, you can’t know what he’s thinking about at all.”

“Dage…” dnk7 W

“If he appears at our house again in the future, just close the gates and don’t let him in.” Baili Yunhua earnestly instructed, “Craftsmen can’t be provoked, and Bai Cangshu is the most outstanding one to boot. I don’t get why you want to let such an obedient child like Yunshan mingle with the Bai family.”


“Don’t mention him anymore, otherwise I might get nightmares at night.” Baili Yunhua patted his chest.

Baili Yunsong looked at the tall and handsome man behind Baili Yunhua, whose expression was as cold as frost, and suddenly felt like the world may be ending soon. He kept tossing Baili Yunhua gazes again and again, looking as if he couldn’t bear to continue watching any further. pdEIKy

“You’ve dreamed of me?” The man spoke.

Baili Yunhua was stunned. He glared at Baili Yunsong, “Why didn’t you tell me?”

Baili Yunsong felt so wronged. “Did you ever give me a chance to talk??”

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Baili Yunhua glared at him harshly, tossing him a ‘I’ll settle this with you next time’ gaze, before putting on the most sincere of smiles on his face as he turned around to face Bai Cangshu, who was half a head taller than him, “Craftsman Bai, long time no see.” SeJawd

Bai Cangshu’s expression was as cold as usual. He stared at him, “You should call me Elder Bai now.”

Baili Yunhua’s eyelids twitched. “We haven’t met for just three years, and yet you’ve already turned into an elder now?”

Un.” Bai Cangshu said, “You lost this time.”

“…” Baili Yunhua wanted to scold someone, but after thinking about it, there wasn’t anything worth scolding. He smiled kindly and said sincerely, “Congratulations, Elder Bai. Ever since the first day I met you, I knew you were someone with boundless prospects. You’re probably the youngest elder ever in the history of Sky Peak Sect, right?” lJgUER

“Yes.” Bai Cangshu nodded slightly. “If you had been in Sky Peak Sect for the past three years, then it would’ve been difficult to tell who would have won or lost between us.”

“I’m much worse compared to you.” Baili Yunhua smiled, “My cultivation hasn’t improved much these years, and I probably won’t be able to match up to you in the future either.”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Bai Cangshu’s gaze had already shifted from Baili Yunhua’s face to the competition venue. “The craftsmen competition has already begun, watch seriously ba.”

Baili Yunhua replied, “There are so many rising stars in the Bai family, there are actually eight participants from your family this time.” xk9Z4W

Bai Cangshu looked at the third child from the Baili family, then spent a long time looking at Lin Xuanzhi. “Not many are worthy. Even all of them added up together can’t compare to that young man from the Lin family.”

Baili Yunhua had just arrived at Sky Peak City, so he knew nothing about what had happened beforehand.

Nevertheless, to receive such praise from Bai Cangshu made Baili Yunhua extremely curious about him.

“The one from the Lin family?” Baili Yunhua had seen Lin Xuanzhi as well. “That should be the one that used to be called the top cultivator in the past and future five hundred years by Profound Sky Sect, Lin Xuanzhi, right?” ZnrLsb

“You know him?” Bai Cangshu asked.

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“How could I? I’ve never been to the East Continent, so I couldn’t have had the opportunity to get to know him.” Baili Yunhua squinted and studied Lin Xuanzhi appreciatively, who was crafting skilfully, “He’s too well-known. Do you still remember when we heard of the name ‘Yu Huarong, making one forget immortals with just one look’? We even discussed how good-looking and outstanding this person could be– He, and now I’ve seen it for myself.”

‘Making one forget immortals with one look’ indeed. Even if one has never seen Lin Xuanzhi before, one would know who he is with just one glance at him.

Baili Yunhua frowned again and said, puzzled, “Isn’t he a sword cultivator? Why did he change his profession and started crafting instead?” vWPt6w

Bai Cangshu’s gaze darkened slightly. “Have you really been isolated from the world for the past few years?”

“Yeah. I’ve been cultivating arrays in an old forest deep in the mountains and rarely left, so I know nothing about what was happening outside.” 

Bai Cangshu only said after a long while, “Lin Xuanzhi’s Dantian was destroyed. He awakened his craftsman soulfire, so you could say that he had started halfway.”

Baili Yunhua’s eyes widened, “He’s that amazing?” BAwXaF

Bai Cangshu nodded, “Very amazing.”

Baili Yunhua glanced at Bai Cangshu askance, “No matter how amazing he is, he shouldn’t be able to match up to you ba?”

“That’s hard to say.” Bai Cangshu turned his head sideways and looked at Baili Yunhua, “If you was his younger brother, then you’d understand how terrifying his crafting skills now are.”

“His younger brother?” Baili Yunhua asked, “What does his younger brother have to do with crafting?” tga 0r

“His younger brother is equipped with at least 12 high-grade or top-grade magic tools.” Bai Cangshu paused, then looked at Baili Yunhua, “Just like you in the past.”

Baili Yunhua was stunned at once.

He opened his mouth and wanted to say something, but Bai Cangshu had already turned back to continue spectating the competition. Evidently, he had no intention of continuing the conversation.

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Baili Yunhua couldn’t help but want to laugh bitterly. In the past– he was also equipped with at least a dozen of high-grade and top-grade magic tools that Bai Cangshu had personally crafted. uPDBQS

Within the blink of an eye, three years had passed.

Although he had never seen Lin Xuanzhi’s younger brother before, Baili Yunhua thought that Lin Xuanzhi must love him a lot.

On the stage, the crafting competition was in full swing.

The craftsmen competition rules were extremely simple. There was no elimination round, only rankings would be determined. After all, every craftsman, no matter their level, was an existence that people respected and yearned for. They couldn’t even wait to ingratiate themselves with a craftsman, so no one would even think about eliminating any of them. rfF3VI

In the first round of competition, they had to use the materials that were presented to them by the attendants. Craftsmen needed to select from no less than ten kinds of materials  that could be crafted into equipment, and then craft a magic tool.

To ensure that a situation in which crafting would take seven or days would not occur, materials given by the competition each time wouldn’t be too high-levelled, but it would be more strange and odd than usual. They would turn into ash if they were just slightly careless, and it was very easy to test how much control craftsmen had over their crafting process.

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Lin Xuanzhi just took one look at his materials before he knew that they were used to craft a compass auxiliary tool used to break through hallucination arrays.

No one knew who came up with the theme. But in any case, out of the 25 participants, at least half of them didn’t know how to craft it. XjzcKr

Author’s gossip:

Baili Yunhua and Bai Cangshu are two supporting characters with heavier roles towards the end, just taking them out for a walk first.

Editor’s Little Gossip:
Anyone else think Baili YunHua is Bai Cangshu’s most-beloved-person-under-the-universe? l8Cqxr

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