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Rebirth of the Supreme Celestial BeingCh144 - Huangfu’s Young Lord


Translated by: Zryuu

Edited by: Playerprophet M XE81

Huangfu Liyang, who had been called, revealed a helpless expression and shrank back.

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He wasn’t someone who had no judgment at all. In any case, Lin Xuanzhi’s side seemed to have the upper hand in terms of combative strength! Although the Huangfu family still had someone overseeing them, the overseer was the type to look down upon people like them who behaved like sons of the rich, so they probably wouldn’t get involved.

Huangfu Chengxuan uttered a pei, then said in a soft voice, “Coward.” iklXWp

Huangfu Jin cast an indifferent glance at him, and Huangfu Chengxuan immediately shut up, pretending that he hadn’t said anything.

“I would like to invite Young Master Huarong to the Huangfu family under my name. What does Young Master think about that?” As soon as Huangfu Jin said this, his words instantly caused a huge sensation amongst many people from both the Huangfu and Lin families.

This person was Huangfu family’s young lord, and Huangfu Jin’s name was much more renowned than Lin Xuanzhi’s.

Huangfu Chengxuan was stunned and stared at Huangfu Jin in disbelief. “What are you trying to do? He’s from a mere third-class family, how could he have the right to pass through our Huangfu family’s gates? Also, this kid had just humiliated me! Lao San, have you gone crazy?!” 8AyYvP

Huangfu Liyang looked puzzled as well.

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Lin Xuanzhi was slightly taken aback, “No need. If there’s ever a chance in the future, I’ll pay your family a visit.”

Huangfu Jin has an extraordinary appearance; his long eyebrows extended to his temples, while the outline of his jaw seemed like the Heavens had personally crafted it — its lines were both obvious and perfect. No flaws could be found in his facial features as well. What’s more, he possessed the natural air of a leader, yet it was not particularly revealing, and instead made him seem to have a stability that was subtle and reserved.

Huangfu Jin was slightly dissatisfied with Huangfu Chengxuan’s remark, but since he’d been rejected, his pride wouldn’t allow him to ask a second time. N07d2D

Thus, Huangfu Jin calmly regarded Lin Xuanzhi and said, “In that case, Young Master Lin, you’ll have to fend for yourself.”

After saying that, Huangfu Jin whipped his unicorn, which immediately kicked out with all four of its feet and jumped hundreds of meters high, as if it was soaring into the sky. It passed by the Lin family’s convoy, landed in the Yudai Mountain, and disappeared.

Since Huangfu Jin had already left, the rest of the Huangfu family wouldn’t go against their young lord’s wishes and continue making things difficult for the Lin family.

Huangfu Chengxuan said coldly, “Don’t think that you can rest easy just because you’re on Lao San’s good side. I’m warning you, after entering Middle Continent’s Sky Peak City, you better tuck your tail between your legs. Otherwise, honourable me will kill you one day!” yd1Qrh

Lin Xuanzhi said, “No need for the trouble. Talk after wiping your own butt clean first ba.”

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The rest of the Huangfu family rode their demonic beasts one by one to fly over the heads of the Lin family’s convoy, and quickly vanished without a trace.

Only a huge pit remained in the ground, and it looked terrifying.

The Lin family’s people, who had not come out of the carriage, now took their turns emerging one after another.

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Lin Zezhi looked at Lin Xuanzhi and said, a little uneasily, “Xuanzhi, do you think those people will bear grudges? They won’t take their revenge now, but maybe they’re just waiting to make things difficult for us in all sorts of ways the next time we see them?” 1iePQd

Although Lin Xuanzhi looked as calm as ever, it appeared as if he didn’t hear what Lin Zezhi said to him at all, and didn’t answer his question.

Yan Tianhen thought it was a bit strange. He looked at Lin Xuanzhi, tugged on his sleeve and asked, “Dage, what’s wrong?”

Lin Xuanzhi snapped out of his daze. He looked at Yan Tianhen, then said to Lin Zezhi, “I can’t say about the others, but since Huangfu Jin had spoken up front, the Huangfu family wouldn’t go against him and retaliate against us.”

Lin Yan said, “From the looks of it, you seem quite familiar with Huangfu Jin, as if you knew him. He hid so far at the back, yet you managed to find him with just one glance.” INfcGt

Lin Yan’s words, though unintentional, had sent an inexplicable surge through Lin Xuanzhi’s heart.

Huangfu Jin was indeed an old friend of his, and they were deeply entangled with each other.

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He had long thought that when they came to Middle Continent’s Sky Peak City, it was inevitable for him to meet Huangfu Jin. He never thought he would meet him so suddenly, without warning.

Lin Xuanzhi shook his head. “I’m not familiar with him. I’ve just heard about his character from others.” B0sceF

Lin Dong was terrified. “The Huangfu family actually travels with demonic beast mounts, and they’re the hegemon of Sky Peak City as well. We shouldn’t have provoked them just now!’

“I’ve heard before that there used to be a second-class family in the Middle Continent, and because they said something unpleasant in front of Huangfu Jin, the entire family was massacred in less than a month!” Lin Yao’s face was pale and he looked like he was on the verge of collapse. His frame of mind was actually unstable.

Lin Xuanzhi said, “You believe in such hearsay?”

“It may be false, but I’d rather err on the side of believing it. That second-class family did disappear, and the Huangfu family is the powerful and capable hegemon of Sky Peak City!” JcM3IX

Lin Yurou looked at the two white tigers that were swaying their heads from side to side. They didn’t look too good. She bit her lower lip and complained, “These two tiger cubs who never grow up, no matter how long they’re raised for, are only good for causing trouble. If it wasn’t for them, we wouldn’t have offended the Huangfu family.”

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“Now that’s just unreasonable.” Yan Tianhen said unhappily, “Don’t tell me that my family’s tigers should just lie down and take the attacks from that baddie Snow Eagle without putting up any resistance? They were obviously the ones who were causing trouble by attacking first!”

“But, but…” Lin Yurou’s eyes were filled with tears of grief, “Why indulge in such momentary gratification? If we were to get targeted by the Huangfu family now, we might get strangled to death by those families in the competition!”

“Enough.” Lin Liuchun’s lazy voice travelled out from the first carriage. He said unhurriedly, “it’s just a few brats, and yet they managed to scare you guys like this? You’re really all kids who haven’t seen much of the world yet. Although our Lin family can’t match up to the Huangfu family, we aren’t a family that will get bullied and slaughtered by just anybody on a whim. Even if the sky falls down, I’ll still be around to hold it up, so what are you guys so afraid of?” lm29FM

When Lin Yurou heard that, she clenched her fist, turned around, and got on the carriage.

Lin Xuanzhi looked at Lin Zezhi. “We’ve delayed quite a while, let’s continue with our journey, ba. I’m the one who started the fight, and I’m the one who hurt their people. If they were to come look for us, then let them look for me. It has nothing to do with the rest of you.”

Lin Zezhi gulped and cast a glance at Lin Xuanzhi. “What are you acting like a hero for? Everyone’s on the same boat, and now you’ve cast the spotlight on the Lin family.”

After he spoke, Lin Zezhi got into the carriage and said nothing else. xaRruE

Lin Xuanzhi’s lips curved up slightly. It was the first time Lin Zezhi expressed his dissatisfaction with him.

However, it could be considered a kind of improvement. Compared to his hypocritical front and scheming mind, this side of him was much more pleasant to look at.

Lin Liuchun said, “Xuanzhi, come to my carriage.”

Lin Xuanzhi, “Okay.” s4QNPw

The Lin family’s convoy bypassed Yudai Mountain, taking the long way around, and made their way quickly to Sky Peak City.

In the first carriage, Lin Xuanzhi sat cross-legged on the far side of the couch as he looked at Lin Liuchun, who stretched lazily on the opposite couch as he teased his blue Luan bird. “Fourth Elder, is there any advice you would like to give me?”

Lin Liuchun raised an eyebrow and cast a glance at him. “Just now, I realised that you were so courageous that it was frightening.”

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Lin Xuanzhi, “Is Fourth Elder blaming me for my reckless actions?” LDYJ53

“I didn’t say that.” Lin Liuchun looked at him. “I just sort of understood why Lao Wu wanted you to be the next head of the Lin family. There are many brave people, but they may not necessarily be cunning. There are few cunning people, but most of them don’t have the guns. So you can be considered one who has both courage and knowledge.”

Lin Xuanzhi said, “Fourth Elder, you flatter me.”

Lin Liuchun laughed and stroked his bird. “However, you didn’t say what that Huangfu Jin’s cultivation level was. That gang of Huangfu family people didn’t take a strong fighter out with them not because they were being overconfident, but because Huangfu Jin is strong enough to protect them all. Everyone in their group was relying on Huangfu Jin alone.”

Lin Xuanzhi looked at Lin Liuchun’s narrow and languid eyes. “Young Master Huangfu is merely 28-years-old, yet he’s already a primary-level cultivator.” TgCh4z

Lin Liuchun was slightly surprised and raised an eyebrow, “You can actually tell? He had suppressed his cultivation level to a Foundation Stage as a front.”

“Fourth Elder, don’t forget. I’m a craftsman.” Lin Xuanzhi smiled slightly. “I do have a few magic treasures on me that can break through other people’s disguise of their cultivation level.”

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Lin Liuchun couldn’t help but laugh. He smiled as he said, “Kid, you do have the capability to be that fearless after all. That Chaotic Sky Bell really stunned them senseless. However, can that Chaotic Sky Bell absorb the energy from a Hardened Body cultivator? He, I doubt so, ba?”

Lin Xuanzhi didn’t exhibit the slightest bit of embarrassment or awkwardness from being exposed, and said calmly, “That’s right. At most, it can only absorb the energy from a Foundation Stage third layer cultivator. Also, there’s at least a two-hour downtime before the bell can be used again.” jrgvLT

Lin Liuchun, “…”

Lin Liuchun didn’t know if he should scold Lin Xuanzhi for being audacious, or say that he was both brave and careful. In this way, the amazing treasure tool had already turned into a mere magic tool, and it was at most an imperfect top-grade magic tool. That kind of difference was akin to that between the heavens and earth.

Lin Liuchun laughed as he scolded, “Lin Zhan was such an honest person, yet he managed to give birth to a son as scheming as you, that’s not an easy feat at all. Kid, aren’t you afraid that the Huangfu family’s young master would fight to the death with you?”

“But don’t we still have Fourth Elder to back us up? Fourth Elder, don’t tell me you’re afraid of a brat who had just entered his primary-level?” Lin Xuanzhi smiled calmly. kDVSpT

Lin Liuchun was speechless. “You’re the one in the right no matter how you say it. Your father was an extremely obedient person, you know?”

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Lin Xuanzhi smiled. “Fourth Elder seems to have forgotten that my father has a nickname outside — Clever Zhan.”

Lin Liuchun: “…”

Lin Liuchun pondered for a bit and said with slight suspicion, “Why do I remember that your father’s nickname was Smiling Fox?” 9kTzQd

“That’s true as well.” Lin Xuanzhi nodded. “Later on, these people thought that ‘clever’ wasn’t enough to describe my father’s characteristics, so they changed it to a more direct and clear nickname for him.”

Lin Liuchun: “…”

Okay, so, a big fox gave birth to a small fox. When the big fox left, the small fox came. The fox family was truly endless!

Author’s notes: h1BfPj

Un, Xuanzhi’s ex-boyfriend is making an appearance soon.

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