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Rebirth of the Supreme Celestial BeingCh165 - Suspiciously Probing


Translated by: Ea

Edited by: Butter o6fZWb

Yan Tianhen stared at Lin Yurou with displeasure, “My Dage has a clean reputation — he’s clearly not a person who practices the evil arts. Don’t fan the fire and add oil to the flames here.”

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“Alright, let’s all say less.” A clear light flashed through Lin Liuchun’s eyes, which had always seemed so sleepy and lazy before. He suddenly reached out a hand and grabbed towards Lin Xuanzhi, “I’ve offended you.”

Lin Xuanzhi resisted throwing his sleeve back. Suddenly and without warning, Lin Liuchun changed his direction in midair and reached towards Yan Tianhen’s wrist! 1dD3Me

“Ah Hen!” Lin Xuanzhi’s expression instantly changed and he stretched out his hand to pull Yan Tianhen back.

However, Yan Tianhen was already pulled to Lin Liuchun’s side. Lin Liuchun clasped Yan Tianhen’s wrist with one hand and held down his slender neck with the other. His spiritual Qi circulated, then sank into Yan Tianhen’s body.

“Don’t move.” Lin Liuchun glanced at Lin Xuanzhi’s eyes, which were full of untold threats.

Lin Xuanzhi clenched his fist as his fingers twitched. His expression was as cold as ice. YHNRUV

The sudden scare seemed to have stunned Yan Tianhen, who stood motionless in the distance and allowed Lin Liuchun to scan him as he pleased.

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Moments later, Lin Liuchun suddenly released his hands.

He couldn’t detect even a trace of demonic Qi. Even though Yan Tianhen’s constitution meant that his entire body emitted cold and Yin Qi, it was still far from the energy emitted by true demonic cultivators.

It can’t be…They had all guessed wrong? 2C vk6

Lin Liuchun had always believed in his own judgment. He was already a primary-level cultivator and was only a step away from the Profound Realm. Therefore, Yan Tianhen, a youth who hadn’t even reached the Foundation Stage, couldn’t possibly disguise himself successfully in front of Lin Liuchun.

“Don’t know if Fourth Elder found anything suspicious?” Lin Xuanzhi asked coldly.

“This…” Lin Liuchun thickened his skin and smiled, “I didn’t find anything suspicious; however, Tianhen is actually a Refining Qi Sixth Layer cultivator already. It seems that he did not slack off these days.”

Lin Xuanzhi pulled back Yan Tianhen, who had obviously not yet understood the situation, and spoke to Lin Liuchun, “Fourth Elder, if you have any problems, you can direct them at me. Ah Hen is young and doesn’t like to argue with others. He’s innocent, naive, and simple. Don’t frighten him.” tD6WM4

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“This won’t happen again.” Lin Liuchun left with an awkward haha.

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“I think Lin Yangzhi’s prior discovery of the Yin corpse planted a seed inside the Fourth Elder’s heart. A few days ago, when Divine Devils coincidentally appeared, you and I came back from Yudai mountain and slept for three days, which made him even more suspicious.” AaE4ZB

Lin Xuanzhi put the purple ring in his hand, which was only as thick as a thumb, next to Yan Tianhen’s ear and scrutinized it. “Ah Hen, in the future, take this with you no matter where you go.”

“Okay, it’s really pretty.” Yan Tianhen observed the intricately-carved earring and blinked a few times. “Dage, what kind of treasure is this then?”

“It’s called Deceiving Heavens Ring. It can block the demonic Qi whenever you cast a spell. Other people will only see what they want to see.” Lin Xuanzhi opened the Deceiving Heavens Ring and clasped it on Yan Tianhen’s right ear.

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It looked like a simple earring that only held decorative value, but in reality, this hidden treasure tool was the most valuable and precious item on Yan Tianhen’s person. 8WKdUQ

Yan Tianhen excitedly rushed over to the mirror and stared at his reflection for a long time.

From when Lin Xuanzhi first started refining magic tools till now, he had already gifted Yan Tianhen with countless treasures. Even his hairband had been personally crafted by Lin Xuanzhi and was a defensive item that could enhance the damage of fire elemental attacks.

Sometimes Yan Tianhen couldn’t help but think — maybe one day, he wouldn’t even need to use any skills when fighting against others and could just use all his treasure tools to directly smash them to death.

“What did you feel when Fourth Elder scanned your body?” Lin Xuanzhi asked. 4k5swD

Yan Tianhen shook his head, “I didn’t feel anything. I could sense his spiritual Qi flowing within my body, but it left after only circulating once.”

Yan Tianhen was extremely puzzled. “But this isn’t normal. I can already be considered a demonic cultivator. I always felt that his spiritual Qi should encounter blocks if it entered my body.”

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Lin Xuanzhi was also puzzled. If it weren’t for Yan Tianhen cultivating the alchemist path as well, then he would already be considered a pure demonic cultivator. Of course Yan Tianhen didn’t know of any methods to conceal demonic Qi. Furthermore, he met Lin Liuchun, whose cultivation was several realms higher than his, so it was impossible for him to slip through the other’s detection.

Lin Xuanzhi thought for a moment and hesitated, “Then, the sealing formation within your body most likely worked to disguise you and fool Fourth Elder’s senses.” cg9R8x

Yan Tianhen thought about it, felt his face, and smiled indifferently, “If that’s the case, then it seems that this thing on my face isn’t without benefit.”

Lin Xuanzhi pinched his small face and smiled, “You’re really good at looking on the bright side.”

Yan Tianhen shrugged his shoulders, “It’s no use even if I don’t look on the bright side; it is what it is.”

Anyways, Yan Tianhen’s current goals were very simple. He only hoped that he wouldn’t attract trouble for Lin Xuanzhi and that he could steadily improve his strength to become someone who could actually protect Lin Xuanzhi. 2zYgNe

As for the rest… Even if he incurs everyone’s hatred, nobody can stop him.

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On the second day, the Hundred Families Gathering arrived as scheduled.

A hundred families simultaneously headed east toward a large plaza at the foot of Sky Peak Sect.

The eastern part of the city was home to the city lord’s mansion and also right in front of Sky Peak Sect. The terrain was already relatively high to begin with, but the large plaza was built halfway up the mountain so that one could see the rolling sea of clouds from the plaza. The East Plaza also covered a vast area. aKPArW

Lin family’s pupils followed Lin Xuanzhi up the mountain to their designated location and looked around in wonder.

“Where’s Yanyan?” Yan Tianhen asked.

“He entered closed-door cultivation for a short period.” Lin Xuanzhi replied, “He should be here soon.”

As soon as his voice fell, Lin Yan ran up the mountain in a hurry. hGoi42

Lin Yan explained sheepishly, “I entered closed-door cultivation for too long and forgot the time.”

Lin Xuanzhi nodded, not minding it, and asked, “How’s the result?”

Lin Yan’s eyes flashed with excitement, “Fortunately, at the last moment, I broke through to the third layer of Burning Heart Secrets. Even though my overall cultivation didn’t improve, my combat effectiveness has increased by leaps and bounds.”

Lin Xuanzhi nodded in satisfaction, “It’s enough if you’ve made progress.” 13fJaY

Lin Yan greeted Yan Tianhen and moved closer to Lin Xuanzhi. He frowned, “Brother Xuanzhi, when I was going up the mountain, I met Lin Yangzhi and Lin Yaer. I asked them to come with me, but they simply said that they were only competing as Lin family members and refused to walk together with the Lin family.”

Lin Xuanzhi nodded, “Within expectations.”

Lin Yaer and Lin Yangzhi most likely didn’t even see themselves as part of the Lin family and, in their hearts, probably even looked down on the Lin family and were closer to Sky Peak Sect.

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Yan Tianhen frowned, “But Lin Yaer’s actions are clearly a slap to Dage’s face. Others will see this and say that Dage’s reputation in the Lin family is not high enough, since even Lin family’s pupils are unwilling to listen to your arrangement.” 21bdfZ

“Every person has their own ambitions and cannot be forced.” Lin Xuanzhi said lightly.

“Lin Zezhi is also not here.” Lin Yan looked around and found that Lin Zezhi was not present either.

“He went to live with the Bai family for a while. He should be here in a few minutes.” Lin Xuanzhi replied.

As soon as the words left his mouth, Lin family’s pupils saw Lin Zezhi walking over from a distance. However, he was also followed by several of Bai family’s craftsmen. DCb k4

“Xuanzhi Tangdi,” Lin Zezhi walked over with a smile on his face. “These are my cousins. They insisted on coming with me to see you for themselves, so I brought them over.”

Lin Xuanzhi nodded indifferently, “How has everything been during your stay at the Bai family?”

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A touch of embarrassment flashed through Lin Zezhi’s eyes but he still smiled, “It’s quite good. The Bai family is very considerate.”

Next to him, a young pupil of the Bai family spoke impatiently, “You are Lin Xuanzhi? You don’t look very strong. I heard that you and the Bai family’s young master know each other. Did he give you the answers in advance at the Treasure Appraisal Convention that day?” vLB3GZ

Yan Tianhen observed this young man who looked taller and stronger than him and responded crossly, “Don’t throw baseless accusations around. My Dage never cheats.”

Tch, who knows.” Another pupil laughed derisively and swept a glance over Yan Tianhen, “You’re that crippled, ugly, narcissistic eyesore that my cousin mentioned before who freeloads off the Lin family? I didn’t expect that my cousin was still kind-hearted. After seeing you, I’ve found that you’re 100 times uglier than what she described.”

“Cousin Yanhui, Cousin Hongfei, who taught you those words?” Lin Zezhi’s expression changed. He didn’t expect that the cousins who had said that they’d like to meet Lin Xuanzhi due to worshipping him suddenly changed their entire attitude and became so vitriolic.

Bai Yanhui, the second Bai family pupil who spoke, smiled scornfully, “Cousin Zezhi, you can’t really believe that our elite first-class Bai family would put your third-class family in our eyes? Only by cheating and colluding with that wheelchair-bound cripple were you able to take a few materials. You really think you’re a treasured genius?” THD9bJ

Bai Hongfei also narrowed his eyes and stared at Lin Xuanzhi, “If you’re smart, then you’ll send those materials back intact. Or else, in the coming competition, I’ll let you taste what it means to be a disgrace!”

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Ao ao ao……” Two tiger pups that hadn’t appeared for a long time followed Lin Xuanzhi and Yan Tianhen’s scent as they bounded from the bushes to Lin Xuanzhi’s side, running around Yan Tianhen and howling incessantly.

Lin Xuanzhi couldn’t help but laugh coldly, “Does Bai Young Master know what you’re saying about him behind his back?”

“So what if he does know? Don’t tell me that if he knows, then he won’t be a wheelchair-bound cripple anymore?” Bai Yanhui smiled coldly back. ceknDl

“He is not someone you can insult.” Lin Xuanzhi replied quietly. “Today, I will make sure to teach you a good lesson in Bai Young Master’s place.”

Editor’s Little Theater:
Bai Family Pupils: I’ve come to have my face smacked!
LXZ: You should’ve prepared more face


Translator's Note

means he’s gonna do something offensive but is just saying “I’ve sinned against you” in advance; not to ask for forgiveness, but just as an acknowledgement that what’s he’s about to do will offend

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