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Rebirth of the Supreme Celestial BeingCh131 - Tiger Roar Heard Through the Forest


Translated by: Sunny
Edited by: Butter and Zryuu

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Ling Chigu’s four limbs seemed to be as stiff as rocks as he used both hands and feet to climb out of the tub in an extremely uncoordinated manner. During which, he even slipped and lost his balance once, only for Lin Xuanzhi to effortlessly steady him. Ling Chigu sluggishly raised his head and met Lin Xuanzhi’s eyes with his lifeless ones.

Lin Xuanzhi’s pupils were very light, and it was impossible to tell how deep they were.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Yan Tianhen blinked a few times, looked at the well-proportioned, muscular and sturdy body of Ling Chigu, and enviously said, “I wonder when I’ll be able to have such an amazing figure myself”.

Lin Xuanzhi swept him over with a glance, “It’s time for him to put on some clothes.” vzqd3n

Yet Yan Tianhen continued looking Ling Chigu over with stars in his eyes, even licking his lips, “He has a really, really good figure ah.”

Lin Xuanzhi, “…”

This is getting a bit unbearable now.

Lin Xuanzhi thought for a bit, “To tell the truth, your brother has a rather good figure too.” zdYJav

Yan Tianhen was shocked out of his thoughts. When he raised his head, he saw Lin Xuanzhi taking off his own clothes to put on Ling Chigu.

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Yan Tianhen, “…”

To be fair, he and Lin Xuanzhi had spent a good amount of time together, even sleeping in the same bed. It’s just that, only when he’s not sleeping properly, he’d sometimes accidentally touch Lin Xuanzhi’s body, that’s it. He has never had the chance to see Lin Xuanzhi’s naked body before.

It’s hard to conceive, according to Lin Xuanzhi’s words, does he intend to let him… ES8Gj1

Yan Tianhen suddenly felt embarrassed to the tips of his ears. Compared to looking at Ling Chigu’s body, he felt a hundred times, a thousand times, ten thousand times more embarrassed. But Yan Tianhen had no idea where this kind of strange feeling came from.

Forget it, never mind, this kind of thing shouldn’t be thought about.

Without Yan Tianhen moving a finger, Lin Xuanzhi finished dressing Ling Chugu

Throughout the process, Ling Chigu continued looking dazed and spiritless. 0VRszx

Yan Tianhen looked at Ling Chigu, sighed, and said, “This person is also very pitiable”

Lin Xuanzhi squinted his eyes, “I’m afraid that we’re going to have to use a certain level of disguise in regards to his identity, to make sure no one else knows his origins.”

Especially regarding such a place as the Royal Heavenly Capital, even in the Nine Lands, it was a restricted place that couldn’t be talked about.

Yan Tianhen nodded his head, “Dage doesn’t need to worry about that, don’t just look at how he seems now – you can still tell what his original appearance is, but as time goes on his face, skin color, and even bone structure will change; he’ll no longer look like a living person. Only then will he be considered a true corpse general.” yQtka

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Ling Chigu stood there with his eyes downcast, as if mimicking a piece of wood. Yet surprisingly, when Yan Tianhen gave him some of the most basic and simple commands, he was able to accomplish them.

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Before leaving Lin house for the Hundred Families Gathering, there were still a lot of magical tools that Lin Xuanzhi wanted to refine. It’s just that if someone from the outside saw this, they would surely think that Lin Xuanzhi had gone crazy. D7sEBX

Cultivating in a smooth and steady manner, the disciples who had been chosen were taking advantage of every minute and second of these two months till the gathering to cultivate and advance their level, out of fear that they will lag behind and thus lose the opportunity to go. With everyone rushing to cultivate, the Lin family seemed to have a happy and cooperative spirit.

Yan Tianhen continued to be unable to produce medicinal liquid. He’d try and try again, only to fail time and time again. Even Lin Xuanzhi was unable to wrap his head around the reason for failing.

But even so, Lin Xuanzhi didn’t let Yan Tianhen slack off on refining medicine. After all, even if he never succeeds, the hand seals and magical seals are all real. In a pinch, they would be able to hide his demonic cultivation from outsiders.

Lin Xuanzhi went out a few times in this period. Half the time was to do business with the Heaven and Earth Winery’s boss Fu – sending him some specially refined wine cups. The other half of the time he spent buying materials he would need to refine the furnace. After buying enough forging stones, he would return to his room to continue cultivating. dUS06J

He auctioned off some magic tools and did steady business selling wine cups, which let Lin Xuanzhi make a small profit. Even though refining magic tools used up a large amount of materials, those finished goods could all be sold for money, and that was why Lin Xuanzhi’s investment in tool making has always been very heavy handed.

Two months flew by.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

One evening, Lin Xuanzhi was refining magic tools in his room when someone suddenly knocked on the door, making a large noise.

Lin Xuanzhi forcefully retrieved his hand and opened the door with a wave of his sleeve,only to see Yan Tianhen running in with a face full of anxiety, worry, and horror. vjNcQV

Lin Xuanzhi’s expression changed very slightly. He disregarded the pieces of trash that the magic tool he was refining had turned into. He hurriedly stood up, “Ah Hen, what happened?”

“Dage!” Within Yan Tianhen’s voice was the sense that he was holding back tears, “I just received a cry for help from Ah Bai, he says that Hu Po has been struck down a cliff, and now they can’t find him!”

Lin Xuanzhi’s eyes turned cold and he took a hold of Yan Tianhen’s palm. “Don’t panic, we’ll go right now and figure out what’s going on.”

Ah Bai and Hu Po have indeed been spoiled rotten by them, and Lin Xuanzhi knew in his heart that the only way to awaken the spirit beast inheritance was for the two of them to experience blood. It’s just that he had never thought that when it came to the education of the young, the extremely experienced Golden Leopard would actually place Hu Po under the knife! Wij5qg

Lin Xuanzhi squinted his eyes, kneaded the forging stone in his hand a few times, and leaped straight to the Beast Academy.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Aoooo–” In the distance, Lin Xuanzhi and Yan Tianhen could hear heartrending and mournful tiger cries.

A strong and chaotic Qi rushed forward to greet them. It appeared as if the entire Demonic Beast Institute was experiencing some kind of catastrophe.

Lin Xuanzhi and Yan Tianhen’s eyes met, “Ah Hen, you should stay here and wait for me” RM03yp

Yan Tianhen looked slightly perturbed, “No, we should go together. Ah Bai is my contract beast after all, I can’t let anything happen to him”

Lin Xuanzhi was afraid that the beasts would lose control and end up hurting Yan Tianhen, but seeing Yan Tianhen’s current frame of mind, it didn’t seem like it would be possible for him to obediently stay here and wait for the results.

Lin Xuanzhi slowly said, “Ah Hen, no matter what happens, you cannot get emotional and act recklessly.”

Yan Tianhen’s eyes filled with a shiny liquid. He sniffled, “Dage, are you saying that because you think that Hu Po might have already fallen to his death?” 3sdV2A

“…” Lin Xuanzhi was silent before saying, “The possibility of that isn’t large, after all, Hu Po is still a spirit beast. A normal cliffside is not able to cause him to fall to his death”

Yan Tianhen nodded his head and readjusted his spirit, then followed Lin Xuanzhi inside.

Within the Demonic Beast Institute.

Over a dozen beasts stood at the gate. They shook as they gazed at the forest not far from them that was currently being destroyed. P8jYh2

“Those two tiger brats, could they have been purposefully pretending to be clumsy and useless? Could they have been lying to us all this time?”

“Who-who knows? Just then, if it weren’t for the fact that I could run fast, I would have long been turned into meat paste.”

“In the past I even made Ah Bai and Hu Po clean my nest!”

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“Ah! I even beat up Ah Bai once!” qriwCy

The Golden leopard walked over, looking like he was limping a bit.

Following behind him was Qing Yuege.

Qing Yuege had some lingering fear in the pit of his stomach as his gaze swept through the dozens of beasts, “Are we missing anyone?”

“We’re not missing anyone, it’s just that the wolf demon who only knows how to court death had been heavily injured, so we had to drag him out of the danger zone. He’s still unconscious right now.” A crane demon said with lingering fear CAPRx7

The snake demon stuck out its tongue and curled up into the shape of a plate and despaired, “Fuck. This old lady also bullied those tiger cubs in the past, won’t I become food for them soon in the future?”

The bear demon looked at its two giant paws and cried, snot dripping down its nose, “Those two tiger cubs have had to worry about my paws and my dumb anger for a long time now. Now that they are so powerful, it’s definitely impossible for them to forgive me.”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Wu wu wu me too…”

Qing Yuege looked at the downtrodden beasts, who had huddled into a circle to cry, and felt a headache on-coming. TK7q45

In the past, he was always against these beasts ganging up to bully Ah Bai and Hu Po in every way they could. On the one hand, it was because he pitied the tiger cubs, but on the other hand, it was also to avoid a scene like today.

It should be said that once a spiritual beast awakens their inheritance, overwhelming strength will immediately follow. Not to mention spiritual beasts of the same level, they’ll pick fights with normal demonic beasts of higher level as well and overwhelm them.

Qin Yuege really felt like his head was going to explode.

He was afraid that if this were to continue, the entire Demonic Beast Institute would end up destroyed. FHwvL7

Right at this moment, two figures landed in front of Qin Yuege.

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The Golden Leopard looked awkwardly at Lin Xuanzhi and Yan Tianhen, “You two sure showed up quick.”

Yan Tianhen said with a black face, “You threw my family’s Hu Po off a cliff? Go down and look for him! If you can’t find him, or if it turns out he’s dead, I’ll burn down your entire academy!”

Qin Yuege smiled bitterly, “These two gentlemen, don’t panic. It is true that Hu Po being pushed down the cliff was due to our negligence and lack of care, but… Hu Po already climbed up the cliff on his own, and both he and Ah Bai have awakened their inheritance” pQEcn5

“They haven’t only awakened, they are now also brazenly venting their emotions.” The Golden Leopard said expressionlessly.

Lin Xuanzhi gazed at the forest that looked as if it had been struck by lightning. Thundering sounds came from the trees being knocked down again and again. He slightly raised his eyebrow, “You’re saying, Ah Bai and Hu Po awakened at the same time?”

The Golden Leopard responded, “What a useless question, if it weren’t the awakening of spiritual beasts, who else could cause such destruction?”


Lin Xuanzhi’s expression turned slightly more subtle, “Did Golden Leopard teacher not go forth and stop them?”

The Golden Leopard’s lips twitched at the corners, “I’m no idiot, it’s obvious that right now those tiger cubs are just releasing some anger. Even if I went down to stop them, it would only end with them bearing a grudge against me. It’s not worth it.”

To hold the grudge of an awakened spiritual beast would mean that the Golden Leopard would never be able to sleep soundly again.

Qing Yuege had a face of regret, “This situation came from us having made a mistake with teaching, but if this continues, the beasts on the mountain might get implicated. This might even end up with those beasts all getting slaughtered. Since it’s like this, and it looks like you have a special connection with the spirit beasts, would you be willing…” CQV2qz

“Then before this, what have you been doing?” Lin Xuanzhi lightly asked.

Qing Yuege smiled bitterly, “I’m no match for them, truly, I’m no match at all.”

Lin Xuanzhi looked at Yan Tianhen, who’s small face was still black, “Ah Hen, I think you should tell Ah Bai and Hu Po to stop now.”

If you're reading this, this translation is stolen. Please support our translators at chrysanthemumgarden.com

Yan Tianhen was full of reluctance, “Ah Bai has such a good temper. For him to become like this must mean that he was harshly bullied in the past. Additionally, they even harmed Hu Po. If I were Ah Bai, I would surely destroy this place as well and flip it on its head.” ay4TMi

The Golden Leopard couldn’t prevent the corner of his mouth from twitching.

Qin Yuege also had a face full of helplessness.

Lin Xuanzhi glanced at Qin Yuege, who stared at him in a beseeching manner, and said with a smile, “Ah Hen, we should forgive people where we can, no need to hit someone when they’re down, even if they’ve wronged you before.”

Qin Yuege repeatedly nodded his head, “Young Master Lin is right.” NKwtsW

Yan Tianhen’s bottom lip started wobbling. “Why didn’t they think about that when they were bullying Ah Bai and Hu Po? If I repay cruelty with kindness, how should I repay kindness in the future?”

Lin Xuanzhi slowly and methodically said, “Just let them stop for now. If this situation gets out of hand, it will also be bad for Ah Bai and Hu Po. But I never said that we would take them home with us afterwards.”

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Lin Xuanzhi swept his gaze across Qin Yuege and smiled slightly, “I have a pretty good impression of the Demonic Beast Institute.. I’m not against letting them stay longer to let them restrain their tempers.”

Qing Yuege “…” IotQlY

Those cubs were already this terrifying, yet they didn’t want to take them home? Do they want to just leave them here to frighten the other demonic beasts?

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