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Rebirth of the Supreme Celestial BeingCh6 - No One Dared to Stop Them



These few sentences repeatedly sounded next to Lin Zhantian’s ear. The arrogance and sarcasm within its tone made Lin Zhantian, someone who wasn’t involved, feel like he couldn’t listen to the recording any longer. Tcyg4j

Lin Zhantian’s expression stiffened, his eyes dangerously narrowed into slits. For such derogatory words to leave a servant’s mouth was naturally a huge taboo. If so, then it would be understandable for Lin Xuanzhi to have killed him.

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Lin family doesn’t need this kind of bully as a servant. iUdWq0

Maybe it was better for this kind of troublemaker to die, it saved him the trouble of finishing him off himself.

Lin Xuanzhi’s side turned silent and calm. QYr9 i

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Yan Tianhen clenched his fist and grinded his teeth as he said, “They slandered my Dage so shamelessly just now, don’t they deserve death?”

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“I’ll leave the evidence, but I’ll be taking away this other one first.” Lin Zhantian took a look at Yan Tianhen, kept the Recorder Mirror, and said without sparing another glance at the doorman who was paralyzed with fear on the ground, “Next time when you want to teach the servants a lesson, don’t do it at the main entrance.” wb2T5s

“Thank you.” Lin Xuanzhi said.

Even though he was about the same age as Lin Zhantian, they rarely interacted with each other before. But this guy was someone who would stick to his principles, both in his past life and his present Lin Zhantian had not tried stepping all over him when he was at his lowest. He was someone who could be worth it to make friends with. gxG1mB

After Lin Zhantian brought the other doorman away and left, Yan Tianhen skipped over to the corpse and picked up the relatively clean hammer, then returned to the carriage.

“Dage, your hammer.” Yan Tianhen rubbed it with his sleeves, then said, “There’s nothing dirty on it, but I should still bring it back to clean it first before returning it to you.” 4oiUV0

“Ok, then I’ll have to thank Ah Hen for that.” Lin Xuanzhi said.

If you're reading this, this translation is stolen. Please support our translators at chrysanthemumgarden.com

This Ground Splitting Hammer wouldn’t be tainted by anything, but since Yan Tianhen had the intention to clean it, Lin Xuanzhi naturally wouldn’t refuse him. LdM2gH

He liked it when Yan Tianhen helped him arrange his matters.

Lin Xuanzhi’s heart felt warm and pleased, Yan Tianhen’s speech and actions were still as considerate of him as before. This hammer actually has the ability to return automatically, but when Lin Xuanzhi threw it, he had used up all of his residual Qi and strength, so he couldn’t call the hammer back. UT50de

But he didn’t expect Yan Tianhen to be so conscious of him.

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Yan Tianhen turned around and asked, “Dage, if we go in now, would someone stop us?” 9va0bX

Lin Xuanzhi said, “Unless they want to have a taste of the Ground Splitting Hammer in your hands. Ah Hen, if anyone dares to talk down to you or offend you, then you can just throw the hammer you’re holding and feed it to him to have a taste.”

Even though two doormen had left, there were still guards that had remained at the entrance. They heard Lin Xuanzhi’s steady voice, and a sudden fear arose in their hearts. DquLSN

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Even though Lin Xuanzhi had fallen into the abyss from the heavens and had turned into a good-for-nothing loser, they were still unable to handle the exceptional magic tools he held in his hands.

“Yay, then we can go in now!” Yan Tianhen excitedly waved about the whip in his hands, then drove the carriage as he shouted, “Jia jia jia!”1 6t7K81

His voice didn’t really sound like a child’s voice, but rather quite coarse and unpleasant.

The past Lin Xuanzhi hated it when Yan Tianhen opened his mouth and spoke, and had even casted a Speech Prohibition curse on him before. But now, Lin Xuanzhi thought that this voice was even more moving than the call of a phoenix — NqcG7S

It was practically the most pleasant-sounding voice in the world, coming from the cutest person in the world.

Lin Xuanzhi’s heart softened as he laid in the carriage and closed his eyes to rest. FpZjnE

This time, no one dared to stop the carriage.

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1. This is what ancient Chinese would say when they drove horses. It’s the Chinese equivalent of “giddy-up!” DLHQYU

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