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Rebirth of the Supreme Celestial BeingCh7 - Suspecting Possession, Tianhen’s Awkward Incident



The carriage swayed its way to Lin Xuanzhi’s residence. gJAMca

This yard was located in a remote area, it wasn’t one of the sky-level rooms that could be found amongst the Lin family’s thousand over buildings. When Lin Zhan went missing and Lin Xuanzhi turned into a good-for-nothing who was driven out of Profound Sky Sect, Lin Xuanzhi and Lin Zhan’s rooms had fallen below the standards of sky-level yards.

And this yard was at most an earth-level yard.

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However, a remote area comes with its own advantages, at least there weren’t many people here so it was quiet. Usually no one would come bother them either, and it was quite a distance from the Lin family’s central area so they wouldn’t need to see the other Lin family disciples often. Like this, Lin Xuanzhi would be able to plot his big schemes in peace.

The carriage stopped, Yan Tianhen said from the outside, “Dage, we’re back.” Bwd4n9

Lin Xuanzhi propped himself up, drew the curtains and alighted the carriage.

Yan Tianhen was shocked and he quickly went forward to support Lin Xuanzhi, but instead Lin Xuanzhi held his hand.

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“P’nf mbcrewfv bcf Efqjlg Dbvs qlii, rb ws ybvs kbc’a yf wemt bo j agbeyif cbk.” Olc Wejchtl rjlv.

Tjc Kljctfc kjr ajxfc jyjmx lc regqglrf jcv rjlv, “Efqjlg Dbvs qlii? Gjuf, lr la atf bcf atja Gjvvs ifoa yftlcv?” PoAbGD

“Pa’r atf ybaaif atja Gjvvs ifoa yftlcv.” Olc Wejchtl rwlifv rilutais ja Tjc Kljctfc.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Yan Tianhen was dumbstruck, he was almost blinded by the brilliance of Lin Xuanzhi’s smile.

Dage smiled at him? The Dage who was always showing him a black face, actually smiled at him?!

That was definitely a smile and not a sneer right? AEmyzO

Was he hallucinating?

He……he felt like something was off!

Lin Xuanzhi waved his hand before Yan Tianhen’s eyes, and said, “Why are you in a daze? I know your heart aches for these medicinal pills. Even though it’s a waste for me to consume the Repair Body pill for this kind of injury, the situation was urgent just now. If I hadn’t consumed the medicinal pill and made my body recover rapidly, you would’ve had to suffer.”

That was what had happened in his past life. He was lying in that same carriage. He felt resentful that Yan Tianhen had used that kind of low-class carriage to drive him back to the Lin family and even went through the main entrance which made him lose a lot of face, so he just coldly watched from afar as Yan Tianhen got into a fight with the doormen. xeHIvV

The Repair Body pills that Lin Zhan had left for him were all top-grade medicinal pills, each pill was worth a thousand gold. A normal cultivator wouldn’t easily consume this kind of pill unless they were at death’s door. After Lin Xuanzhi had turned into trash, he had to rely on this kind of thing to survive, so naturally he wouldn’t easily consume it as well.

Yet the injury that he had suffered were all minor injuries that would have recovered after a period of rest, so consuming the Repair Body pill was a huge waste of Heaven’s gifts.

But the Lin Xuanzhi today didn’t mind these matters at all.

He just didn’t want to see Yan Tianhen being bullied, everything else were merely wordly possessions. ap3znO

Yan Tianhen snapped out of his daze, and was even more surprised to find that Lin Xuanzhi was actually explaining himself, and his words were all filled with concern for him!

Yan Tianhen immediately thought ‘oh no’, was his Dage possessed by some weird or strange thing?

Originally he thought that when Yan Tianhen heard his explanation, he would be a bit happier, but Yan Tianhen actually seemed to be even angrier than before.

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Lin Xuanzhi thought for a bit, before he continued to console him, “Don’t feel bad, Dage has already found other ways of earning money, next time you definitely won’t lack money to spend. No matter how many Repair Body pills you want, Dage will buy them for you.” 7LlSgB

Yan Tianhen hesitated for a moment, stretched out his other hand that wasn’t held by Lin Xuanzhi and touched Lin Xuanzhi’s forehead.

“You…you don’t have a fever.” Yan Tianhen said, then carefully looked at Lin Xuanzhi’s eyes for awhile before he said worriedly, “You weren’t possessed either right? How about Dage you show me a little proof that you’re still you, or else my heart will always feel uneasy.”

Lin Xuanzhi, “……”

Lin Xuanzhi didn’t know whether or not to cry or laugh, but after he thought for awhile, he still said, “I remember Dad said before, when you had just joined our family, you didn’t dare to leave your room alone at night so you laid in bed and held it in. The next morning when you awoke, you realised that you had already wet the bed.” DGElqo

Yan Tianhen, “……”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

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