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Rebirth of the Supreme Celestial BeingCh5 - Who’s fighting?



“Are you hurt?” Lin Xuanzhi asked. w Bku8

Yan Tianhen quickly shook his head, but after he shook a few times he realised that Lin Xuanzhi might not be able to see him. He was about to speak when he heard Lin Xuanzhi say, “Since you’re not hurt, then I won’t continue to pursue the matter today. But if there’s a next time, then it won’t be settled this simply again.”

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Lin Xuanzhi’s words made Yan Tianhen stare agape. This, this is the Dage that had always looked at him with icy cold eyes?


That warning…shouldn’t have been for him right?

“Who’s fighting at the entrance?” a serious voice travelled over from within the doors that brimmed with authority and made people’s hearts tremble. ydqZA

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Yan Tianhen immediately tensed up, he was familiar with this voice. It belonged to an impartial Lin disciple who was part of the Lin family’s law enforcement hall, named Lin Zhantian. He was famous in the Lin family for his impartiality, and he was especially vicious, especially merciless and especially strict!

“Me!” Yan Tianhen crawled down the carriage again. He nervously gulped down his saliva, looked at the tall man standing within the doors and said, “I was fighting.” kJ3U P

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Lin Zhantian’s pitch black eyes glanced over the doorman who had been smashed to death with a hammer, then his line of sight fell upon the hammer that had smashed its way through his head.

The hammer contained one attack from a Duangu realm expert1, and it was unclear how many of those attacks were saved up in that one hammer. wMLdjJ

A hint of surprise flashed through Lin Zhantian’s eyes, but it was immediately retracted. He looked towards the carriage and said, “Covering up for the perpetrator is also a crime.”

“No fight occurred here.” Lin Xuanzhi’s voice rang out again. ioTcQP

He didn’t leave the carriage and show his face because, based on his current situation, he could still bluff his way through behind the curtains, but once the curtains are drawn then he wouldn’t be able to conceal himself anymore.

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At these kinds of times, it was more important to maintain some form of deterrence. 6UPXu9

Lin Zhantian narrowed his eyes and coldly said, “Do you think I’m blind or an idiot?”

Lin Xuanzhi said, “Neither, but if you insist on a definition, then it should be a one-sided killing on my part.” kOrPpW

Lin Zhantian was taken aback, he frowned as he said, “Lin Xuanzhi, you should know what the Lin family’s rules are. Even if you are the Lin family’s young master, you can’t arbitrarily murder the Lin family’s servants!”

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Lin Xuanzhi said, “You are part of the law enforcement hall, so naturally you would be more familiar with the rules than I do. But, there is one question I would like to ask. If a servant were to treat their master with disrespect and rebel against their orders, and even slander their master, is their master allowed to punish them?” nJxgc2

Lin Zhantian placed both his hands behind his back, then lifted his chest and said, “Of course, masters and servants have different standings, servants should behave like servants do.”

Lin Xuanzhi lightly said, “Then I’ve finished what I wanted to say.” UWviCl

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Lin Zhantian, “……”

This wasn’t just a punishment, this was just straight out murder! kOH SF

Lin Zhantian pondered for a bit, then said, “Even if so, his crime did not warrant death.”

He had just spoken when he felt a hidden weapon rushing towards him. VpJdrL

He abruptly stretched out his hand to catch the weapon.

It was a mirror about the size of a palm, but upon closer inspection, it was actually a magic tool that could be used to record sounds. BJTaRp

It began to play a recording —

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“Don’t tell me it’s our family’s young master Lin Xuanzhi? But why do I recall that he’s already turned into a useless piece of trash? Lin family has their own rules, useless trash and dogs aren’t allowed through the main entrance.” YA0Qem

“So, is Lin Xuanzhi young master’s bed comfortable? Even the dog he raised knew that it had to wag its tail in front of others to beg for pity, why are you still so hell-bent on following him? Looks like he’s not too bad in bed eh.”

1. When one reaches the Duangu realm, (锻骨境), their Qi will circulate through their bones and their bones will become very strong VpvYAx

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