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Rebirth of the Supreme Celestial BeingCh261 - The Other “Mother”


After closing the door, Su Mo first discussed the two families’ joint business ventures with Lin Xuanzhi. After he had answered Lin Xuanzhi’s questions and cleared away his doubts regarding these family matters, Su Mo somehow changed the topic to Lin Xuanzhi’s private affairs.

Su Mo candidly asked, “Are you and your Didi together now?” K932Xg

Lin Xuanzhi wasn’t very surprised that Su Mo could see this. After all, he and Yan Tianhen had not hidden anything these past few days, or, to rephrase, he intentionally hid nothing. He hoped that those who should see it would see as soon as possible and have time to digest first to save him the trouble of having them say anything inappropriate in the future.

Furthermore, they couldn’t hide something like two people in love even if they wanted to.

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As long as two people had an affinity with each other, even if they simply stood side by side, their auras and gazes would still be different from other people’s.

Lin Xuanzhi nodded and confirmed with especial calmness, “That’s right, we’re together.” 9aBWhC

A somewhat worried expression appeared between Su Mo’s brows. He hesitated for a moment, “How much do you know about your own background?”

Lin Xuanzhi paused slightly. He thought that Su Mo would ask whether he knew about Yan Tianhen’s background and origins, but he didn’t think that Su Mo would mention Lin Xuanzhi’s own background instead.

Lin Xuanzhi paused for a while. He naturally understood that the background Su Mo was asking about didn’t refer to the Lin family’s side of his parents, so he answered, “I only know who my dad is, but I don’t know who my mother is. My dad never mentioned my mother either.”

“En.” Su Mo’s train of thought seemed to be drifting away. “Your dad……actually, your dad should also be considered your mom as well. Back then, we each took one Pregnancy Pill; he actually gave me the one that I had — sigh, now that I think about it, this Pregnancy Pill isn’t an item that’s easy to get. It was extremely rare, even in the Nine Lands.” S8Lo90

Lin Xuanzhi digested this information for quite a while. He wasn’t really surprised that Lin Zhan was his mother. Instead, he was surprised that, even with a temperament like Lin Zhan’s, he was still perfectly willing to be pressed down by someone. Suddenly, he was a little curious about the “father” whom he’d never seen before.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Exactly what kind of man could enter Lin Zhan’s eyes and make him happily willing to birth that man’s child?

Lin Xuanzhi soon snapped out of his thoughts and looked at Su Mo. “Uncle Su, I heard Fourth Elder say that you’re the person who witnessed my birth into this world. I’m afraid that you probably know more about my dad and my other biological father than I do, right?”

Su Mo gazed at the youth whose appearance looked practically the same as his biological father and sighed involuntarily in his heart. kRDuYU

“Back then, I was young, frivolous, and reckless. Your dad and I flocked together like birds of a feather, partners in crime. We feared nothing in heaven or earth and hit it off right off the bat. By accident, we chanced across a teleportation array left behind by some great power, let it transport us at will, and actually ended up directly in the Nine Lands.”

Lin Xuanzhi was slightly stunned, his eyes lighting up.

“I know what you want to ask.” Su Mo shook his head and sighed, “Unfortunately, that transportation array must be combined with certain talismans and magic treasures and will be destroyed after a single use. Furthermore, even if I still had methods to go to the Nine Lands, I would never disclose it now. Fundamentally, the Nine Lands isn’t a place that people like us can go — especially with our current cultivations; going to the Nine Lands right now is the same as walking to our deaths.”

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Lin Xuanzhi indeed was somewhat disappointed, but he understood that the time wasn’t yet ripe.

Lin Xuanzhi was more concerned about the matter regarding Lin Zhan.

“Uncle Su, I don’t know what you and my dad experienced in the Nine Lands, but I heard that when my dad was in the Five Continents’ mainlands, he was also a proud and arrogant son of heaven. But when he returned from his travels, it seemed as though he had a change of heart, and his cultivation also fell greatly.” Lin Xuanzhi paused, then continued, “Uncle Su, you must know my dad the best. Can you tell me about my father’s past?”

Although Lin Xuanzhi had lived for a thousand years, he was still like a child when Lin Zhan was mentioned. UvQWfV

When Su Mo heard Lin Xuanzhi’s words, his heart immediately ached for him.

In his eyes, Lin Xuanzhi was still a youth, even if he was steady, calm, and mature. Compared to him, a brat like Yuan Tianwen, who didn’t suffer many hardships and had both parents to protect him, really was much more fortunate.

“About your father’s identity, I once swore to Lin Zhan that I wouldn’t reveal a single word, so I can’t tell you. However, if someone from your father’s side comes to take you back one day, you should be wary of them.”

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Lin Xuanzhi blinked. “I’m afraid that the father I’ve never seen before is also from the Nine Lands?” Ja s5Y

“That’s right.”

Lin Xuanzhi sneered in his heart while he said lightly on the surface, “Then he shouldn’t have the leisure time to come find me.”

In the thousand years in his last life, he had never heard any news about this “father” of his. Naturally, no one came to the Five Continents to look for him either.

Lin Xuanzhi couldn’t describe his mood right now. In fact, his desire for his “mother” had long since disappeared when that person wasn’t there for him every time he needed a mother. 70w16e

It was the same now that the mother changed into father.

In the end, Lin Xuanzhi was a cold-blooded person. He wouldn’t return others’ evil with kindness. If other people wronged him, then why should he care about them?

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

At best, Lin Xuanzhi was just curious about what kind of distinguished and handsome person this father of his was, so much so that Lin Zhan couldn’t forget about him.

He trusted Lin Zhan’s judgment and believed that the man who could make Lin Zhan serve him was bound to be an extremely powerful and brilliant figure. MH8Iyr

Faced with Lin Xuanzhi’s rejection, Su Mo shook his head. “That’s not certain. He didn’t actually know that Lin Zhan was pregnant when Lin Zhan left him. With that person’s tyrannical bearing, he wouldn’t hesitate to use everything at his disposal to find you if he’d known that his flesh and blood was outside. Moreover, he still held some deep feelings of affection towards your dad, although I don’t know exactly how much.”

Lin Xuanzhi held some disdain for that father of his — some, though it was not wholehearted disdain. However, since Lin Zhan could bear to fall out with him and run back home even when he was pregnant, he must have suffered grievous wrongs. Just on this alone, Lin Xuanzhi held some complaints towards this so-called “father” of his.

“Ah Hen’s identity is even more special and also a matter of critical importance. Back then, my friend from the Nine Lands originally wanted to entrust Ah Hen to me, and I was also prepared to adopt him.” Su Mo frowned and continued slowly, “However, when your dad and I went up the mountain to ask for a divination for Ah Hen that year, the prophet told us that the fated connection between Ah Hen and you couldn’t even be cut apart by Heaven itself. He said that if we want you and Ah Hen to both live well in the future, we should nurture your feelings for each other from childhood. After discussing with Lin Zhan, we finally decided to let him adopt Ah Hen.”

Lin Xuanzhi didn’t expect that such a matter happened before. However, when he thought about Feng Jingyu mentioning that Demon Venerable You Ming entrusted Yan Tianhen to a friend, that friend was probably Su Mo. iO6czI

Lin Xuanzhi asked softly, “What’s Ah Hen’s identity then?”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Su Mo looked at Lin Xuanzhi with complicated eyes. “His dad is Demon Venerable You Ming, a prince of the devil kingdom. His father is the prince who holds the most authority in the Royal Heavenly Capital. Ah Hen has half immortal blood and half Divine Devil blood inside his body.”

This was almost the same as what Feng Jingyu said.

Lin Xuanzhi’s eyes drooped. His long eyelashes covered his eyes, making it so that people were unable to make out his expression. EdTcPB

Su Mo thought that this news was really too shocking for Lin Xuanzhi, so he let him digest it for a long time before continuing, “Back then, the prophet asserted that you are the Star of Salvation while Ah Hen is the Star of Destruction. There will inevitably be a final battle between the two of you, and only one can survive — if not your death, then his destruction. Between the two of you, secular ethics and rules don’t matter anymore. I came today to ask you: if you know the conclusion to your fates perfectly well, will you still insist on staying together with Ah Hen?”

Lin Xuanzhi thought about his and Yan Tianhen’s ending in their previous life.

No matter how much bullshit he thought that the prophet’s arrogant words were, he had no choice but to admit that in the last life, Yan Tianhen had died while he lived. Their mutual killing began after Lin Zhan’s death and continued without end for many years; neither of them could free themselves from this entanglement…

No, it was more accurate to say that he was the one who chased Yan Tianhen and wanted to cut him down while Yan Tianhen only ever accepted it and never gave any explanation for their misunderstanding. Not every prophet was mediocre. After all, the family of prophets was one of the biggest families in the Nine Lands, with ten thousand years of history. They’ve divined many important future events without any deviation, so they naturally had their own talent. 765Uhm

Fate truly was strange.

Lin Xuanzhi calmed down and lightly replied, “If the Dao of Heaven insists on stopping us, then I don’t mind going against the Heavens.”

If ordinary people heard such world-shocking words, they would certainly be appalled.

However, Su Mo was most definitely not ordinary. X6fYD0

He clapped and smiled, looking at Lin Xuanzhi with an admiring gaze. “Actually, I came today just because I was waiting to hear those exact words.”

Lin Xuanzhi looked at Su Mo, gloomy.

Su Mo spoke with a relaxed tone, “What are you so anxious for? There are countless worrisome matters in this world. Plus, those fake diviners from the prophet family might not necessarily be entirely accurate either. What Star of Destruction, Star of Salvation; they simply don’t matter at all.”

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“Uncle……” Lin Xuanzhi couldn’t help laughing when he heard these even more shocking words. pC04M

“What, it’s not like you can give up the person you like so easily just because of a few words from those fake diviners, right?” Su Mo waved his hand. “Only people with a hole in their brain would do that.”

Lin Xuanzhi didn’t know what to say.

Su Mo firmly said, “Xuanzhi, you must remember that while the Dao of Heaven has its own plans, individuals can achieve anything with enough effort. Although some things are predestined, the Dao of Heaven is also incomparably merciful. The Dao of Heaven will always leave a path for people in the dark to walk on. The important thing is whether or not you can find this path and seize the opportunity.”

Lin Xuanzhi was moved. His fingers quivered slightly, and he nodded heavily, gazing at Su Mo gratefully as he spoke sincerely, “Xuanzhi has received this lesson. Many thanks for Uncle’s guidance.” HlrdJ8

“I wouldn’t go so far to call it guidance; it’s just some personal ideas that I comprehended from my experience.” Su Mo smiled. “Alright, you have your own opinions. I won’t say more about this. Oh right, I heard that you want to expand your business line. How about it, do you have any ideas?”

Before Lin Xuanzhi left Sky Peak City, he found several families’ young masters to discuss this matter with them and also mentioned a few words of this to Yuan Tianwen. However, it’s just that back then, Yuan Tianwen and Duan Yuyang’s relationship were still in a state of collapse, so Yuan Tianwen didn’t tell other people about Lin Xuanzhi’s business plans. From the looks of it now, Yuan Tianwen had spoken to Su Mo about it.

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Lin Xuanzhi nodded. “I have this intention. I plan to start from Qing City, where the Lin family is located, and Profound City, where Profound Sky Sect is, then slowly develop elsewhere afterwards.”

Su Mo nodded. “The vast majority of us cultivators say some nonsense about not touching the secular world’s smelly copper, but what they don’t know is that this smelly copper is the foundation of a family’s prosperity. Buying medicinal pills, getting magic treasures, and finding cultivation techniques — which of this doesn’t require money? All the mouths in the family cry piteously for food. If we didn’t make money for them, wouldn’t they starve to death?” 4E28Qg

Lin Xuanzhi also smiled. He knew that in the past few years, countless people had secretly ridiculed Su Mo, saying that he made cultivators lose face. Thus, Su Mo’s arguments naturally contained some dissatisfaction and disdain. Being rich was always better than being impoverished.

Editor’s Little Theatre:
Su Mo: Being rich is always better than being poor!
Other Cultivator Familes: Eww, non-cultivators are stinkyyy
Also those families: Su Mo, please grant us a stack of gold
Su Mo: I am the Lord Supreme! Bow to me!
Families: All hail Su Mo and his Endless Coffers!
Butter: I want endless coffers QQ

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