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Rebirth of the Supreme Celestial BeingCh215 - Return Everything to You


Just when everyone’s attention was focused on this disciple, a young man wearing black clothes and boots silently stepped through the entrance of the array with a stiff expression and disappeared.

A garishly dressed but beautiful young man with a playful smile followed closely behind him, licking his lips as he watched the black-clothed figure disappear. He flourished his sleeves and also entered the Mysterious Land soon after. hdM94c

From beginning to end, these two people weren’t noticed by anyone, nor did the Mysterious Land block them from entering.

Inside the Mysterious Land.

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Lin Xuanzhi and others had just landed on the ground when they were hit by the oncoming downpour.

People screamed one after another. Many other disciples besides their group had also arrived in this region. AoOrvb

Several massive black clouds were floating in the sky, looking like the gaping jaws of a monster. The rain poured down on everyone, and people felt a slight stab of pain when the raindrops hit them.

Shen Rubing hurriedly propped up a Qi wall to block this rain, but she soon found that the rain here differed from the rain outside and simply couldn’t be blocked, even with her cultivation level!

“Really bad luck to have been transported to such a place.”

“Yeah, it hurts quite a bit when the rain hits me. I don’t know whether it’ll corrode our skin or not.”


“Ah! How terrible!”

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“I heard my mother say once that some alchemists can refine poison pills. If even a small amount touches the skin, it’ll rot away your skin. I don’t know if this strange rain is the appearance the poison pill takes after turning into a liquid.”

These words immediately caused a riot. These disciples had already felt the uncomfortable feeling all over their skin, but now it was as if they’d already seen themselves rot.

Many people were starting to consider escaping this place. E8HgWs

Bucketfuls of rain poured down. Cloud Jade Sect’s female cultivators were all so anxious that they couldn’t escape quickly enough. They were the ones who were most unable to bear seeing themselves turn ugly!

Qiu Lu, who had entered soon afterward, led several Cloud Jade Sect cultivators towards Shen Rubing.

Qiu Lu’s expression wasn’t very good. She squinted her eyes to prevent rain from entering them. “Shijie, should we find a place to hide from the rain first?”

Shen Rubing clenched her fists as she asked Lin Xuanzhi, “Xuanzhi, do you have any magic treasures that can shelter one from the rain? Why don’t you try them out?” WvbZDw

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Lin Xuanzhi nodded. “Precisely my intention.”

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After the pleasant surprise, people began to follow suit, one after another, but even if some people had brought umbrellas or covers with them, those items were still uselessly punctured by the heavy rain. fkT0sn

A joyful expression appeared on Shen Rubing’s face. “Xuanzhi, may I borrow this umbrella?”

Lin Xuanzhi said lightly, “There is only one umbrella.”

Shen Rubing bashfully replied, “Then we might as well share one.”

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Duan Yuyang clicked his tongue in disapproval, “Woman, you really are good at taking the initiative. Xuanzhi’s younger brother hasn’t even spoken yet.” QLcsKu

Yan Tianhen looked on coldly and spoke in a fit of anger, “As if I’d want to use his stuff. Let Big Sister Shen use it!”

Lin Xuanzhi was exasperated by that sentence “I won’t use his stuff.” He swept Yan Tianhen a glance and finally spoke to him for the first time today.

“Your clothes, the accessories you’re wearing, and even what you tread on under your feet are all things I gave you. You dare say you don’t use them?”

Yan Tianhen was beside himself with anger. “Precisely! I disdain even using them. Wearing them makes me sick! What kind of trash are these? No one will want them even if this rubbish was thrown out onto the streets! Do you think I care about these? Little honourable me won’t humor you anymore!” bqczGj

Having said that, sorrow sprang up from within Yan Tianhen’s heart. He directly started to calculate which magic treasures on his person came from Lin Xuanzhi.

A human needed face, just like a tree needed bark. Today he was determined to not be obedient or lovable, and he was set on willfully throwing a temper tantrum!

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His words scared Duan Yuyang. He had dragged Yan Tianhen along, following after Lin Xuanzhi, and originally just wanted the two to take the chance to reconcile, but he hadn’t expected for Yan Tianhen to have a donkey’s temper. Once his little temper flared, he began to speak without restraint, saying whichever words would hurt the most.

“Henhen darling, you can’t do this kind of thing that pains your close friends and brings joy to your enemies.” Duan Yuyang dissuaded, “Furthermore, these magic treasures are innocent and pitiful as well…” L9Xogi

“I just hate him!” Yan Tianhen’s childish temper flared again as he threw a bracelet to the ground mercilessly and stomped on it twice.

“Ah Hen, temper tantrums should still take the occasion into account. Enough is enough.” Lin Xuanzhi said coldly.

He looked at the bracelet that was stomped on and felt that it was his own heart being trampled on.

Yan Tianhen looked up at Lin Xuanzhi and saw the deep and cold pool in the other party’s eyes. WRT4a7

Yan Tianhen gritted his teeth, “I just won’t pick an appropriate occasion, I’m just disobedient like this. I’ll return everything to you!”

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Having said that, Yan Tianhen pulled out the jade hairpin behind his head and threw it towards Lin Xuanzhi with force.

Lin Xuanzhi raised a hand and caught it. However, Yan Tianhen’s actions shocked several female cultivators standing beside Lin Xuanzhi — one should know that this Mysterious Ice Jade hairpin wasn’t just a hair accessory; it was also a genuine attack weapon. If someone accidentally rubbed against it, then that person would have a visible wound deep enough to see bone.

Shen Rubing stared at Yan Tianhen coldly. “Your younger brother is truly too unruly. He’s so young, but his temper isn’t small. He even dares to attack his elder brother!” DFqMCK

Lin Xuanzhi felt annoyed by her words and was about to respond, but he heard Yan Tianhen contradict Shen Rubing, “And who are you to my elder brother, what right do you have to scold me?”

Yan Tianhen was truly extremely angered. He glared at Shen Rubing. “If you want to deal with me, talk after you actually marry into the Lin family first.”

These people finding fault with him one after another, did they really think that Yan Tianhen was so spineless? If it wasn’t because he didn’t want to cause trouble for Lin Xuanzhi and cause his attitude towards himself to worsen, Yan Tianhen would have already made some small moves behind his back to make those who insulted him suffer a little.

Shen Rubing’s expression became ugly, and her hands trembled slightly with anger. QuAeN3

“This younger brother, your words are too coarse and speak of a lax upbringing.” Another junior martial sister of Shen Rubing’s, Wu Shiyin, raised her shapely eyebrows as she spoke up, “My Shijie’s words are not without reason. Besides, as a man, do you not feel ashamed for bullying a girl like that?”

“What’s wrong with being a man?” Duan Yuyang was all smiles. “Men can’t tell the truth? Besides, Ah Hen darling is still a little boy right now, not a man.”

Wu Shiyin sneered derisively and said, quite disdainfully, “He’s already thirteen or fourteen and still dares to call himself a little boy. He really doesn’t know what shame is.”

Lin Xuanzhi’s thoughts suddenly jolted and his expression changed a little. 0UaAdQ

He’d always regarded Yan Tianhen as a child, but he had forgotten that in the mortal realm, boys thirteen or fourteen were already old enough to marry, and some thirteen or fourteen-year-old girls had already become mothers.

Because cultivators wanted their children to retain their purity and prevent Yin or Yang energy from mixing, the average age of marriage in the cultivation world wouldn’t be too young. However, if counting by actual years, then Yan Tianhen would become a real man soon…

Somewhat humiliated, Yan Tianhen clenched his fist and bit his lower lip like a small leopard who had been bullied. His sorry appearance pained people’s hearts. The ball of fire inside Lin Xuanzhi’s heart was gradually extinguished in the rain.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

In the end, Ah Hen still had a child’s temperament, and his body wasn’t fully developed yet. He wasn’t so impatient that he couldn’t wait for three or five more years. Del20S

Duan Yuyang had also realized this point, but his brain quickly came up with a response, and he spoke with a smile that wasn’t quite a smile, “If you really want to calculate this according to age, then you’d probably be an old woman. Where we’re from, we have a tradition: those who have yet to marry are all considered children.”

“You–You actually dare to call me an old woman!?” Wu Shiyin’s face was very pale. She immediately brought out a pipa and wanted to attack Duan Yuyang.

Yuan Tianwen took a step forward, holding the Tianwen sword in his hand. His expression was indifferent, his manner imposing and oppressive, resembling a sharp sword. He stood upright beside Duan Yuyang, willing to slay gods, Buddhas, and demons alike if any dared to harm Duan Yuyang.

Wu Shiyin immediately felt terrified. She had forgotten that this Yuan Tianwen had chased Duan Yuyang inside. wCItuj

Wu Shiyin couldn’t help but secretly hate. She didn’t know what was so good about Duan Yuyang, to actually make this Yuan family young master so hellbent on cherishing him that he’d even throw away his own face.

The downpour gradually became heavier. Shen Rubing was completely drenched. Her slender and wonderful figure was faintly discernible under the wet clothes clinging tightly to her body. Cloud Jade Sect had always been famous for its light, thin, and transparent clothing. Once these clothes became wet, they could no longer cover up anything.

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Cloud Jade Sect’s female cultivators all turned around with embarrassment on their faces, but many male cultivators still cast glances in their direction and on Shen Rubing in particular. Many ill-natured gazes fell on Shen Rubing’s body.

Shen Rubing expression became uglier and uglier, especially when she saw that Yan Tianhen’s clothes were still dry despite the rain. She felt even more certain that Yan Tianhen was simply taking advantage of Lin Xuanzhi for his own benefit. H6IE7B

Shen Rubing’s secret contempt for Yan Tianhen grew even more. In order to show her own generous and magnanimous nature, she spoke lightly, “We just entered and already want to attack each other with weapons. How will we be able to get along for one month? Shiyin simply cared about me and momentarily felt anxious. I apologize to everyone in her stead and ask everyone to forgive her.”

Duan Yuyang nodded. “Not a problem, I’ll naturally listen when a beauty speaks.”

Shen Rubing disdained to humor such a playboy like Duan Yuyang. Her purpose had always been Lin Xuanzhi.

However, Lin Xuanzhi didn’t go along with her words and criticize Yan Tianhen’s faults. He only responded breezily, “When my family’s Didi has done something wrong or said something unpleasant, I will naturally discipline him myself. There is no need for outsiders to meddle in others’ affairs.” IT7PSD

Shen Rubing’s expression sank. She heard Lin Xuanzhi’s reproach and bit her lip, looking wronged.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Lin Xuanzhi ignored her. Instead, his gaze became quite soft as he spoke to Yan Tianhen in a voice filled with slight helplessness and indulgence, “Your clothes, you can take them off and store them for the time being. This rain is different from normal rain, for you…”

“Who cares about your ragged clothes!” Yan Tianhen suddenly shouted and blocked out the rest of Lin Xuanzhi’s words.

Lin Xuanzhi stared blankly, then wanted to explain, but saw Yan Tianhen’s resentment soar as he directly tore his clothes off and made to throw them to Lin Xuanzhi, his mouth even uttering, “I hate you. I hate you the most!” Tn6W1i

Duan Yuyang was also shocked. He grabbed Yan Tianhen’s hand, which was trying to tear off his own clothes, and narrowed his eyes as he fixed Lin Xuanzhi with a death glare. “You’ve gone too far. No matter how angry you two are with each other, you still can’t go so far as to make your anger this obvious. Lin Xuanzhi, Ah Hen is still your younger brother.”

Editor’s Little Theatre:
Butter: Uh… am I the only one confused about how what LXZ was saying became words of anger at the very end??
Butter: I mean, I know he’s selfish and stuff… but those words didn’t seem angry? It even said indulgent!
Butter: Author, I demand an explanation!


Translator's Note

Chinese lute, 4 strings, has a pear-shaped body

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