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Rebirth of the Supreme Celestial BeingCh10 - Demanding for Tiger Cubs



Lin Xuanzhi took out a one-foot long jade-coloured raw material for crafting from within the “Arabian Crafting Manual”. kfX96r

This was another unique feature of the “Arabian Crafting Manual”. The bigshot who wrote this manual actually used some special technique to seal a lot of precious and rare treasures in it. If a cultivator could master one of the techniques in this manual and trigger one of its secret seals, a rare treasure may just drop out.

In his past life, Lin Xuanzhi couldn’t get his hands on this piece of Mysterious Ice Jade. Firstly, it was because he was eager for success, so before he had sufficient practice he proceeded to the next step; secondly, it was because he didn’t bear to abolish his roots and restart cultivating through the path of a craftsman, so he had missed his opportunity.

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Lin Xuanzhi sized up this whole piece of Mysterious Ice Jade that could be sold for ten thousand gold. His line of thought changed and his eyes stared affixed, it looked like he had thought of something as the edges of his lips curved up into smile.

He took out a foundation stage pill that Lin Zhan had left behind for him from a spatial storage bag and consumed it, then quickly began to form hand seals with both his hands. RzyeLY

Craftsmen’s hand seals were typically much more complex than that of alchemists’, and a tiny lapse could snowball into a much more serious consequence. If he was just a little bit careless, all his previous efforts would be wasted – he couldn’t lack either adequate heat control or one hand seal.

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But this set of hand seals that Lin Xuanzhi is performing to kickstart his path to becoming a craftsman had been practiced by him for at least ten thousand times, so his crafting speed was extremely fast.

Ktf vbhfc obgufv rabcfr atja tjv yffc qlifv eq lc ogbca bo tlw yfujc ab oibja jr la obiibkfv atf oibk bo Hl mlgmeijalcu jgbecv tlw. Ktfs kfgf fnfcis vlraglyeafv jgbecv Olc Wejchtl’r ybvs jcv obgwfv j mlgmif, atfc atfs yfujc ab gbajaf jgbecv tlw.

Olc Wejchtl’r gluta tjcv jqqfjgfv ab tbiv eq atf Zsrafglber Pmf Ajvf klat rbwf rqjmf lc yfakffc ktlif tlr ifoa tjcv qfgobgwfv tjcv rfjir; wfjcktlif, tf kjr mbcalceberis eaafglcu kbgv rfjir. bewk6X

The spiritual Qi in the surroundings began to rush towards Lin Xuanzhi’s room.

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Yan Tianhen was pacing up and down within the yard; he walked from one side to the other, then from the other side back again.

The sky had turned bright, but there were still no signs of any movement from Lin Xuanzhi’s room. ps4X C

Yan Tianhen wanted to open the door, but he was a bit afraid of doing so.

Lin Xuanzhi hated it when he appeared in front of him, and he was especially unwilling to let him into his room.

Lin Xuanzhi had already been inside for one day and one night without coming out.

Yan Tianhen’s small little face was going to crunch up, should he go in to see how Lin Xuanzhi is doing? hpD7ZQ

“Hey Ugly, where’s Lin Xuanzhi?” a female voice rang out from the yard entrance. Yan Tianhen looked towards her direction and his small face immediately crunched up.

This young lady who was wearing a pink Luosang1 was the eldest daughter of the Han family – one of the three big families in Qing city – Han Yanran. She was extremely haughty, and she especially loved to bully Yan Tianhen. When she comes over to humiliate Yan Tianhen, Lin Xuanzhi will stop her once in awhile when he feels like she’s crossing the line, but most of the time Lin Xuanzhi is absent.

Yan Tianhen was not too repulsed by this big missy, after all, Lin Xuanzhi’s fiance is her brother, Han Yuran.

At this time, the Han family had not yet broken off their engagement. Han Yuran had not given up on Lin Xuanzhi after he had fallen to the bottom, and would even come over to visit him once in awhile and bring over supplements, so Yan Tianhen didn’t really dare to offend the Han family and give them a good reason to break off the engagement. sMVuCv

Yan Tianhen said, “Dage is in seclusion, no one’s allowed to disturb him.”

Han Yanran’s eyes flashed with disdain and said, “What seclusion, his dantian is already destroyed, going into seclusion is just a waste of time, just call him out.”

Yan Tianhen’s attitude became tougher, he coldly replied, “I already said that no one is allowed to disturb Dage. Whatever you want to do, I’ll deliver the message to him.”

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Han Yanran looked at Yan Tianhen’s face and only thought that this sight stung her eyes. She glanced over the rundown yard and rooms with scorn and couldn’t wait to immediately run out of this place. PpiZQA

She had a noble status, stepping into this yard was lowering herself.

Han Yanran was too lazy to wait for Lin Xuanzhi to come out, she looked elsewhere and said, “He previously promised my Gege to give him that pair of amethyst white tiger cubs, I’m here to retrieve those tiger cubs.”


1. Luosang: qZVKIs

T/N: Ah, the irritating Hans. If you think Han Yanran is bad, Han Yuran is x999999 worse

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