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Rebirth of the Supreme Celestial BeingCh275 - Master Gifting A Sword


Esteemed Lan Yue did not necessarily understand Lin Xuanzhi’s character, however, he certainly understood the obsession sword cultivators had toward swords and exactly how much one treasured their own sword.

Therefore, Esteemed Lan Yue nodded understandingly, “So be it, then I will not be superfluous. I can only send you another meeting gift.” KdrxlS

He looked towards Bei Shitian as he spoke. Although his eyes were dull and dark, the meaning was clear at a glance.

Bei Shitian had a premonition in his heart and pursed his lips. He had already known what Esteemed Lan Yue was going to gift Lin Xuanzhi.

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“You should have returned Lianlian to me earlier.” Esteemed Lan Yue continued, ”Since it is useless to you, give it to those who need it more.”

Although he had a hunch, when he really heard Esteemed Lan Yue’s words, Bei Shitian was still stunned. Momentarily he went silent, feeling helpless and bewildered, like a child who can’t find his way. 9qPMDI

He had yet to respond when Wan Yitong, who was standing beside him, strongly opposed and spoke loudly, “Master, are you joking? Lianlian has already recognized Bei Shitian as its master, besides, it has been stained with blood and murderous aura. It’s completely inconsistent with Junior Martial Brother. If you give that sword to Junior Martial Brother, wouldn’t it harm him? Moreover, Lianlian has been used by such a person, it is not worthy of Junior Martial Brother. I think–“

Esteemed Lan Yue narrowed his eyes and his gaze turned slightly cold. Wan Yitong immediately closed his mouth when he saw this.

“Okay, okay, you are the boss, you have the final say.”

No expression remained on Bei Shitian’s face after the initial fluctuations! OdC1UH

He took Lianlian out from his storage ring and walked toward Esteemed Lan Yue. The distance was no more than ten-twenty meters, but he walked very slowly. He carefully held the sword, gently rubbing the hilt with his fingers, as though hoping the road would never end.

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Wan Yitong looked at Bei Shitian’s desolate back, a sudden sour feeling rushing into his heart. He clenched his fist, gritted his teeth and lowered his eyes, unable to bear to look anymore. 

No matter how much he enjoyed taunting Bei Shitian, it was only verbally, he would not bring any excessive harm to Bei Shitian. But Master took away Lianlian; for a sword cultivator, this would definitely cause a heartache.

Zhan Fengting wanted to say something, but with one glance from Esteemed Lan Yue, he could only sigh. e6FRDb

Bei Shitian stood beside Esteemed Lan Yue and with both hands, he handed Lianlian to him.

With one hand Esteemed Lan Yue took back the sword. While rubbing the sword, “Lianlian is a sword that I retrieved from the easternmost part of the East Continent. This sword is gentle and elegant in nature, naturally, it can’t compare to your Zhige. But for you today, it can still be used. You are a sword cultivator, it’s impossible for you to go without a sword. Today, I entrust Lianlian to you, I hope you can your condition back soon.”

Lin Xuanzhi took Lianlian with both hands and felt a fierce baleful and murderous aura. Inside the scabbard, Lianlian was trembling as if wailing, wanting to break out the sheath to kill everything.

This sword had become a sword of slaughter. yN0zjp

Even Lin Xuanzhi couldn’t help but look at Bei Shitian.

With an appearance that was somewhere between youth and teenager, and only a few years older than him, such a person unexpectedly had both of his hands stained in blood; who knew how many lives he had taken.

Those that he killed, no matter good or bad, whether humans or beasts — in the end, he still killed too much, the bloody aura around him was too heavy, which would cause nothing but damage to his future cultivation.

He could also felt Bei Shitian’s repression, hatred, and pain from Lianlian. Lin Xuanzhi did not know where these emotions came from, but the sword couldn’t lie; Bei Shitian must have an unknown past. UkrmX8

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Lin Xuanzhi’s jade-white slender fingers gently stroked the body of the sword, using his aura and warmth as a sword cultivator and his own unique method to appease Lianlian.

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What Bei Shitian did not know was that the Zhige sword that Lin Xuanzhi used before had an even more eccentric temper, so much so that it could be claimed as stubborn and obstreperous. To deal with this type of “disobedient sword”, he naturally had his own methods.

Moreover, even if he did not have Zhige now, his body still had the aura that Zhige left behind. Zhige ranked much higher than Lianlian. When Lianlian felt the aura of a higher-ranked sword from his body, it could not help but submit in recognition.

Lin Xuanzhi held Lianlian and said, “Thank you, Master, for gifting this sword.”

Esteemed Lan Yue nodded with satisfaction, perfectly contented, then turned around and walked away. m gDz8

When passing by Wan Yitong, Esteemed Lan Yue stopped, “How tomorrow’s punishment should go, you know it yourself.”

Wan Yitong hung his head dispiritedly and weakly nodded his head. 

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After Esteemed Lan Yue left, Wan Yitong glared resentfully at Bei Shitian, “It’s all your fault.”

Nevertheless, Bei Shitian stayed motionless. After a while, he merely spoke a few words to Lin Xuanzhi, “Treat it better.” 3jbMH2

Lin Xuanzhi nodded, “Naturally.”

Although Lianlian was now in his hand, it did not necessarily have an affinity with him. The sword and him really weren’t suitable, but after thinking of Esteemed Lan Yue’s collections, there was no other suitable sword.

Bei Shitian took a deep look at Lin Xuanzhi, then turned around and walked away. 

Wan Yitong called out to Bei Shitian, who was ignoring him, “Hey hey, you wouldn’t be looking for a place to snivel right?” YjkhaJ

Bei Shitian turned around the corner and disappeared into the midst of flowers. 

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Wan Yitong leaned on the door, curled his lips, and sighed, “Age is still small, but the temper is not.”

He was older than Bei Shitian, but just because he entered the sect a few days later, he became the Junior Martial Brother. But Wan Yitong never regarded Bei Shitian as Senior Martial Brother. 

Wan Yitong’s head was slapped from behind.  7JR5t1

“Ow!” Wan Yitong shouted as he turned and looked sadly at Zhan Fengting. 

”Who let you go crazy!”

Wan Yitong muttered, ”Wasn’t it because I was drunk?”

“Drunk?”, Zhan Fengting coldly laughed, “Keep lying to yourself.” ZYtgOT

Wan Yitong shrugged helplessly.

“Next time I see you bully Ah Tian, you just wait and see.” Zhan Fengting was really so angry that he even used threatening words. 

After letting out those severe words, Zhan Fengting flung his sleeves and walked away. Hai Kuanglang raised an eyebrow at Wan Yitong, rejoicing in his misfortune. Wan Yitong pulled back the corner of his mouth and gave him the middle finger.

Hai Kuanglang went and chased after Zhan Fengting, leaving only Lin Xuanzhi left inside the room. dBz0GH

When Lin Xuanzhi was going to put Lianlian away, he heard Wan Yitong exclaim, “Wait a moment!”

Wan Yitong rushed over, took Lianlian, and carefully stroked it for a while as though feeling it.

“That lad especially likes Lianlian.” Wan Yitong continued, “Right now I’m sure he is hiding in a place crying. This kid, he has been like that since he was a little boy, sigh….”

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Suddenly Lin Xuanzhi knew that the person that he was talking about was Bei Shitian. UBwEGp

It’s just that, he could not figure out Wan Yitong’s exact feeling towards Bei Shitian. Just now he was still shouting and killing, yet now spoke of him with a gentle tone.

“Just now, when I saw you harass Senior Martial Brother Bei, I thought that you and he had a deep grudge.”

Wan Yitong laughed and his pair of peach blossom eyes was more fascinating.

“You are right, we have an irreconcilable hatred as deep as the sea.” Wan Yitong blinked and his smile didn’t reach his eyes, “You can know this kind of thing by asking Bei Cangmo, but whether he will say depends on how good your relationship is. I think, after you took his Lianlian, he doesn’t know how to evaluate you in his heart, but for sure it won’t be that high. However, I suggest that you don’t ask too much about these things, lest you court death.” Pe8hwG

After Wan Yitong finished speaking, he handed Lianlian back to Lin Xuanzhi, “I’m sleepy, so I’m going back to sleep. Oh right, tomorrow at sunrise, I want to see you on time at the training ground, you are not allowed to be lazy.”

Lin Xuanzhi looked at Lianlian thoughtfully. He couldn’t make heads or tails of the matter and was thinking to choose a day to find Bei Cangmo and ask around. That year, Bei Cangmo seemed to have brought Bei Shitian running away from North Continent to East Continent. It’s just that they were taken in by different Peaks. Bei Cangmo had never mentioned his past, and Lin Xuanzhi had never asked. However, this time, he found out that Bei Shitian’s mental state seemed extremely dangerous.

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This was not a good thing.

After Lin Xuanzhi washed his face, rinsed his mouth, and laid on his bed, he couldn’t help but start thinking about Ah Hen’s situation. dRdBJj

What happened to Ah Hen now?

“What kind of useless thing did you eat; how come we still can’t see the road?” Feng Jingyu poked his head out from Yan Tianhen’s chest. He had followed Yan Tianhen, circling around in this fog for at least 10 hours!

The two tiger cubs could only follow Yan Tianhen closely. They were afraid that if they blinked, they would be separated from Yan Tianhen.

Yan Tianhen’s heart also felt so miserable that he wanted to cry. AlcJW8

Didn’t they say that after eating the medicinal pill, he would be able to see the real pathway and walk out?

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But nobody told him that the pill’s efficacy would last for only an incense’s worth of time!

As a result, Yan Tianhen was confused and disoriented in the dense fog, trying to find his way out. 

Not only could he not see far because of the fog, but there were also many trees here that made it easy to confuse people. 0S1Tt9

Yan Tianhen was not stupid, he tried to think up every possible method and left markings on these trees and consciously tried to avoid repeating his paths. But the painful lesson of the past four hours told him that it was useless. When he marked a tree, like a mirror, an identical mark would show up on another tree.

Yan Tianhen was panting and gasping while leaning against the tree, “I can’t do it anymore. So damn tiring, this mist and woods must be part of the array to confuse people. I don’t know anything about illusion arrays, how can I go out?”

Feng Jingyu resented this lump of iron for not becoming steel faster, “Your Dage gave you so many magic treasures, take it out and use it!”

“I also want to! But the level of this illusion array is too high, those magic weapons don’t work!” Oyt27U

Feng Jingyu sighed and ridiculed, “Your Dage is really unreliable.”

When Yan Tianhen heard someone bad-mouthing his Dage, he immediately replied with a serious expression, “My Dage is the most reliable person in this world. He certainly didn’t anticipate my current situation, otherwise, he would have refined a better magic weapon to break the illusion array.”

Feng Jingyu made a disdainful noise.

Although Ah Bai and Hu Po were Seven stars Infant Stage demonic beasts, they couldn’t help but feel frightened. x0EdOF

The two tiger cubs couldn’t wait to stick themselves firmly to Yan Tianhen while following closely behind him. When Feng Jingyu saw this, he couldn’t help rolling his eyes — if those white tigers in the Southern Land knew how terrified their younger generations were, they would probably be so furious that they would directly come and throw the two tiger cubs into the beast taming forest.

It was such an embarrassment for the White Tiger Clan!

After resting for a while, Yan Tianhen pulled himself together and continued to fumble through the fog.

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However, after exhausting all kinds of methods, Yan Tianhen still couldn’t find the way. 4LqrfY

When Feng Jingyu saw that he was extremely exhausted, he said, “How about you use the Voice Transmission Bell and tell your Dage the current situation. And let’s not come to this dump of a place anymore. I feel that that Esteemed Huai Yu or something was not really sincere in accepting you as a disciple; otherwise, why would he torment you so much? Following your Dage as a servant boy is much better than enduring these hardships.”

Calculating the hours, he was afraid it’s already been a day. Who knew if there were any other strange things in this fog, which made Yan Tianhen’s strength and Qi loss extremely serious, to the extent that he was breathing heavily and coughing just for walking one step.

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